CeleBright Christmas with Firefly

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It’s Christmas and we all know we have to put up our Christmas decorations. Have you thought about how much electricity people use for lights alone? Well we met with Firefly Electric Company executives this afternoon to see how we can save a lot if we get LED’s on our trees and just about any electric socket imaginable in your home. Do you know that even if an LED lightbulb cost 10-15 pesos more than the usual bulb, it actually lasts twice as much or even more? So you definitely get more than what you pay for.

Ms. Amby Molina the Marketing Manager of Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation says “We want to celebrate Christmas happy, peaceful and safe. Our LED Bright Christmas Lights that are safe, affordable and this year so Firefly Electric being in the market for 15 years, our core products would be perfect for your homes. Our LED Christmas lights now have green versions and transparent, and also dynamic lights now. Some customers want some in curtain lights or string lights. Almost all we have are around 4 meters. It is safe and use thick wires, this also does not heat up even if you use 15 connections. We are also certified by the DTI, so government testers go to our factories plus Meralco gave us an Orange tag, as we are the first branded Christmas lights manufacturer in the country. We guide our customers about what our products are, we have longer lines too and this is why Firefly Electric Corporation is the leading brand in the Philippines. We also have outdoor and indoor type, we also have tested it to last 3 years for 6 hour use everyday so this won’t be broken under normal circumstances. We also have a one month warranty. All our products are made with quality but affordable!”

Ms. Alice Mallari the Brand Supervisor adds “Over a decade ago we started these installations including this new 71 ft Christmas Tree. All the 40,000 bulbs and Meteor lights we used here are energy efficient, we also followed the Winter Wonderland theme of SM Mall of Asia. It took us 4 months to design and build it, this will stand on the SM By The Bay until Three Kings celebrations next year. We have all made this with our efforts, from ground up.”

So for your lighting needs, you may purchase Firefly in your leading hardware stores across the country.

You really get what you pay for. In their case, it may be even more!

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