Amaia Steps Novaliches Scenic Views and Amenities

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Living in a thriving community should always feel like you are living in a clean, secure and fun environment. That’s what Amaia has been delivering in different parts of the Philippines, but it always has to be more. Amaia Steps Novaliches for example has never shortchanged in preparing their grounds so homeowners would be getting more than what they pay for, because they know it comes your hard work and you want to make sure your family gets the amenities that stand out compared to other communities.

Amaia Steps Novaliches is located at Susano Road Brgy. 170 and Brgy. San Agustin in Quezon City. Condo dwelling has never felt better as they’ve planned well the structures, walkways, patios, linear parks, the atrium, the huge lobby, awesome looking swimming pools, funky outdoor basketball courts and a clubhouse where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

It is also near public transport hubs, schools, churches and even malls so you never run out of things to do. As of now there are only 22 units left in Amaia Steps Novaliches so if you are looking for a place to live or make an investment, you may checkout or their page so you get options how to get one through straight cash, deferred payment or bank financing.

Maybe it’s time for you to think about it.

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