Ken Chan and Rita Daniela for My Special Love Concert

Monday, April 29, 2019

You miss Boyet and Aubrey? You bet you do! But don’t worry because Ken Chan and Rita Daniela won’t let you down as they do the “My Special Love” concert at the Music Museum this May 11 at 6PM. This is their way of thanking thousands of their fans + more.

Ken says “This concert will surely have our story on how we reached for our dreams, we’ll be doing it with our song numbers and people can expect a lot of throwback moments. Right now, I am getting ready for the release of my single “1 Like” which has been getting airplay in LS and other radio stations because starting April 30, it will be available on streaming stores and a brand new music video via the GMA Music Youtube channel too. You will see a different Daniela here because if you see her feisty on screen, she's even more than that in person. She's got more effort put in this than I do and I am a little terrified how I'm gonna look like and not just  a mall show Ken Chan LOL. I have always said Rita Daniela isn't hard to love, if she loves someone, he will be a very lucky guy, I see how she cares for me and she is not just girlfriend material, but wife material. Rita is like me, a female version of me.” 

Rita added “I’m really excited about the people we’re collaborating with. We’ll have guests who actually have autism and or intellectual disabilities, we believe they are part of our success so we want them to be a part of it. I also have a new single called “Florita” whom I co wrote with Randy Salvador. It will be under GMA Music and is already available in major streaming services worldwide! You don't prepare when you meet your supposed husband but I do make an effort, and I think he sees that. I also see how Ken takes care of his parents, I also see how he does so good in his craft and hopefully you'll see more of that in the concert. The set list is a story so you will be seeing 4 people in the concert, it's gonna be Rita, Ken, Boyet and Aubrey. We have also chosen a charity organization that will benefit from this and they will be part of the concert. You will be seeing some of our costars and also some singers who have given their time and effort for the cause too. I can confirm we'll have our next project and it will be with Ken again, it's something you all should look forward to in the next few months.”

In the concert, they will also be having guests from The Clash alumni Jong Madaliday, Garett Bolden and Anthony Rosaldo. For tickets, you can get them via (8919999) or the Music Museum Ticketron (7210635). Fall in love with BoBrey all over again, you should go!


IBC 13 Reboots Travel Show COOLTURA

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Looks like IBC 13 is changing their lineup of shows and it has already started about two months ago. This time, they’re doing a reboot on the show called “COOLTURA” a play on words from culture and making it cool. It’s got two hosts Kevin Lapena and Kris Tiffany Janson, one travel media pro and the other a beauty queen (Bb. Pilipinas 2014). It will premiere on April 30, 2019 and will be also streamed via the IBC 13 Facebook page.

Here’s our interview with the two new hosts:

Kevin Lapena added “Once we get our footing on how we work on the show, we might include things that are documentary style. Ideally we would have something like that. Our first feature is Tinipak, a destination in Tanay Rizal. We have shot 4, it’s going to be in Rizal and Laguna, Baguio and Baler, also Palawan and Batanes too. Our show is more banked on informing awareness of the place, their culture, less bells and whistles, less song and dance. I also produce travel content for other stations, but this is something that got me started. I am a man of opportunities, I’d be happy to do all”

Kris Tiffany Janson who also hosts the show says “I want to travel with someone like Jericho Rosales because he is sporty, very adventurous and if we have to go somewhere it would be Camiguin. I’ll try surfing if I have to. I was in Bb. Pilipinas and was introduced to the industry during that time. I am fond of experiencing new things, this will be a weekly program and simultaneously streamed in the IBC 13 Facebook page so it could reach more people, here and around the globe.”

Again, the new season of Cooltura will start on April 30, 2019 7:30pm and every Tuesday thereafter. They will also have replays of the episodes every Saturday at 9pm. If you’re itching to go places or interested in knowing more about the Philippines, Cooltura would be a good start.


Sharon Cuneta’s Brother Chet Tries To Fly Pasay City

Friday, April 26, 2019

I have been oblivious of what is happening in Pasay City for the last few years. I had to google who the current Mayor is and honestly someone has to step up, a man from the Cuneta clan is running for Mayor and has been supported heavily by showbiz icon and megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta.

Chet Cuneta introduced himself to us and he said “I am a pilot, been one for 33 years. Didn’t plan this but was urged by the President in Davao. I am married to Michelle and have 7 children. I am 57 years old and hopefully, be full time in serving the people of Pasay. I was in the private sector, didn’t push much in 1998 when I ran for councilor. My sister Sharon Cuneta, all the love and moral support, she gives me with no conditions. I am going to rehabilitate Pasay General Hospital, also Pasay Astrodome, and other structures. Being the 8th richest city in the country, Pasay can do it. Albeit having a lot of poor people, they need basic services. My friends who have retired, they happily fly but cry when they land, I want to make the best of my life by serving the people of Pasay. My Dad had 42 years of service to the country, I have seen the need to run the city properly. Health Care, Senior Citizens, Education, hopefully to build more hospitals because there is a need to do that. People here might not be able to live when they reach the hospital because it’s traffic. We need more for the other parts of the city, maybe 4 and rehabilitate the existing one. There is corruption, ghost employees in the past few years, we need to give jobs to people so they have dignity, ways to make their lives better. I want people to see the difference between us, we don’t want them to remove my tarps anymore because they pay people to do that. The reason some Barangay officials and city officials have been against me because they have been getting allowances.

I don’t want to play dirty politics, I want to be at par or push more projects like what my Dad has done for the city. I don’t want to tolerate any monkey business, I will audit these corrupt local officials, maybe do a lot of operations against drug offenders. I see how my Sister support and love me despite all these bad publicity against me, my tagline is “Bagong Umaga, Pasay Bangon Na!”. I do leadership by example, I can’t do this alone but it has to start with yourself, I hope they come and help me achieve this.

My Dad has been very helpful, I want to be as humble as he was, I want to be like him during his time, to be a strict one, a good example to them. I am strict by nature, to consider everything before flying, I check everything and make preparations before taking off. It will be a fair administration, I want them to love me like a father. Aside from basic services, I want the people of Pasay to have employment opportunities, to do training programs so they qualify businesses. There are places here that can have social housing, hopefully done in my term.”

The incumbent Mayor met with a Chinese businessman and wanted part of it to be his for his own retirement. The man went to the President - it’s why it went to the national government, more businesses means more money for the city. If you are asking me if I am for or against it, I can do either, we have no land or places to develop here, but if in case the airport is going to Bulacan, I want to maybe perhaps do something more useful with the land because the national government owns it, and because Pasay has jurisdiction over it. I also want better or easier means of doing business here, maybe 3 days, hopefully one day if it happens. I have to study all the possibilities.”

With the ways things are going, Pasay City has a lot of options and voters should study who can make their lives better. I am in no way endorsing him because I don’t live there, he proudly pronounced how he would do a better job than the incumbent and want you to vote only if you want the change. This interview should give you an idea about him.

You choose them for their merits - I hope. I’d do the same in my city.


Affordable Gaming Monitors from AOPEN

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gaming isn’t a cheap hobby, you can ask one and they’ll tell you a story. These days, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a monitor that cost an arm and a leg because if you’re looking for tons of features, or just the bare essentials, brands put their names on it and it’ll cost a fortune already. Newcomer AOPEN just released a few monitors in the Philippine market and they let us take a glimpse of it at 12 Monkeys in Ortigas.

From flat screens to curved ones, new gamers can now enjoy fully functioning gaming products without breaking the bank. Imagine my surprise seeing monitor prices as low as Php 3,400 up until Php 23,499 for the high end 32inch ones, with relatively nice performing hardware. Not bad, not bad at all. AOPEN is also co-owned by ACER so you really know someone is backing them up.

The 19CX1Q is a nice flat monitor, it can also be mounted on walls, 18.5 inch display, 1366x768 @60 Hz resolution, it’s also sold with a 3 year warranty. Their prime 32HC1QUR Pbidpx has a 31.5 display, 2560x1440 @144 Hz resolution, uses AMD Radeon Freesync Technology, QHD Resolution with Zeroframe design and has got Bluelightshield and Flickerless technology so you won’t get much fatigued if it happens. They’ve got more but they only displayed around 3 models during the event.

Ken Wan ACER AVP says “I was invited here to launch a few products and I am excited about this. AOPEN is an independent company in Taiwan and has been for 26 years. It has always been cheaper, business is changing, and their key products are signages, and has been seen with high potential. We want to optimize their key business so we are injecting a lot now that we have 40% stake. ACER will get to take care of marketing and after sales support. This is the relationship between the two companies. When I went m to the US, they told us this market is tough, it is shrinking, but gaming is not in the past years. Now we are creating more via Predator and for this, AOPEN is starting gaming display, a more young and energetic brand. You can tell by the features and design. While users buy AOPEN products, they get software support as well. If you play a video, your lighting will also follow, so will it follow character moves and life bars. Making it a better gaming experience even at an affordable price. AOPEN will not be one device, keyboard, mouse, monitors, a whole ecosystem very soon! Thank you for your support to make a big bang for AOPEN. Thank you!”

Michelle Leonardo the Product Lead for ACER AOPEN products says “HC1 series monitors will make game play smoother, full hd resolution and 6 axis color adjustment and a lot of other features. We have the ML1 series monitors that has got WQHD resolution, tiltable stand. We also have the MX1 series that is best for FPS games, 24/22 inch models that cost less than 8K. Consumer monitors CH1 series does Full HD 1080p costing only 4650 and 3,800 pesos respectively. The CX1 is our 19 inch model, only costs Php 3,400.”

Now go check their products out if you’re looking for gaming products that won’t hurt your pocket.

Maybe AOPEN is good for you. They have great options.


MALEDICTO Set To Scare You On May 1

Maledicto is coming up this May 1st, pretty close if you think about it. It’s the first production supervised by Hollywood giant 20th Century Fox and done locally by partner Cignal Entertainment, Fox Original Productions and Unitel. It stars Tom Rodriguez, Jasmine Curtis, Miles Ocampo, Ynah De Belen, Eric Quizon, Martin Escudero, Franco Laurel, Nonie Buencamino, Liza Lorena, Menggie Cobarrubias and a whole throng of character actors. A horror suspense genre based on a script made in 2015, a lot of things happened before this became a reality. Fox is glad this will show next month, a first locally made film with local actors, talking about the colorful and creepy world of exorcism in the Philippines.

SVP and GM for FOX Philippines Jude Turcuato says “Maledicto is a latin term from Male, for us this is a horror thriller after looking at a ton of scripts and we wanted to do if Fox can really produce a Hollywood pedigree film to be shown May 1st. I personally don’t get scared easily but when it is more real, then I’d be more convinced with the supernatural. A place where science and religion intersect, that’s where I am more afraid. This is part of the production lineup of 20th Century Fox. We needed to fulfill standards to make sure the staff and stars were safe, it’s what we did before we shot it all.”

Tom added “Father Xavi was a psychiatrist, but was groomed to priesthood. He wanted to understand why his sister passed and not just mental problems. I remembered shooting in an abandoned school that burned down but heard something cracked, a huge burned branch fell from out of nowhere and the trees were actually meters away from where the shoot was, that was weird.”

Writer John Guillermo said “I came up with Maledicto in 2015, way past when movies blew up in the west and here. We wanted to go in depth with possession, a horror flick but more procedural. I wanted them to see exorcism and an ancient phenomenon how to do this in this day and age. I want this to differentiate how this story is different from what the others have come out with. We realized for the characters to be compelling, we had to do research everything and go hispanic, even localize it further. When we got together, we still wanted it to be original, not strictly taken from Philippine folklore, but more based on our colonial experience as well. I am skeptic but when I was doing this I had to look for exorcism videos, the writing team felt freaked out about the unreal stuff we got. We took precautions before, during and after the shoot.”

Ynah de Belen “No I didn’t ask advice from Mom when it came to this horror thing. I have my own identity and didn’t want to live in the shadow of my folks. I was always called Anak ni Janice but hopefully after doing this I’d be remembered by my own name. I am playing the role of Mara, very close with Father Xavi and our relationship is a catalyst on how this story came out. I have heard of possession stories, but not first hand, but there are a lot of scary stuff out there.”

It made Tom wear charms and protection, scared people a bit while they were making this all. Now watch it unfold on May 1, it’s an in depth look at the process, while it may not be the exact prayers, it will make you think, or squirm in the dark corners of the movie house. Watch it if you like creepy stuff!


Watch For FREE: MovieMov Italian Film Festival Slated April 23 - 26

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bruno Gabriel and Ashley Ortega were guests at the MovieMov Italian Film Festivval

Got the chance to see one movie last night at the Moviemov Italian Film Festival in Cinematheque Theater in Kalaw, Manila. MovieMov happens in different countries around the world and is a FREE showcase of Italian movies aimed to promote their films around the world.

Italian Cinema Now, a call they will do in Manila from April 23-26, 2019. They brought in famed Directors and Producers from Italy and got us to interview some of them last night. I asked about how they want the audience to feel about their movie but they got back to me that they wouldn’t want to impose on things, as every culture reacts differently. They have seen this first hand in other countries and during the presscon, they made the impression of leaving it to the audience. True enough, I felt the movie I watched called Una Questione Privata (first movie to be shown for this festival) evoked emotions without too much camera work. Wide shots were impressive, didn’t depend so much with actor faces to tell the story because even if you are seeing them so small on screen, you can feel them, immediately.

Federica Sabatini says “It is a piece of art, I traveled in different places like Busan, and first time here.”

Mario Sesti says “I know how important it is to stress the closeness of reality and fantasy.”

Agostino Ferrente says “I’d like to give my thoughts to the victims of the earthquake.”

David Fabros represented Ms. Liza Diño Seguerra and he says “On behalf of FDCP, we welcome you to Cinematheque Manila. It cultivated the appreciation of Italian cinema in the Philippines, this year they brought 9 films. Aside from screenings, there will be two master classes from Sir Mario sometime during the week so for serious takers, take the time to attend these. Hope we foster exchange, thank you for bringing this to Manila. Gracci mille!”

From the Italian Embassy in Manila, they said “We are happy to see you all. Italian Cinema is underrated, so far away from our country, very old, very rich, but very innovative. Thank you for hosting this event, we hope the Filipino public will participate in great numbers.”

Lisandro Millani of the PIA says “We are happy to participate in this discussion about moviemov here in Manila. Ms Liza Diño and David Fabros, they worked very hard in making this happen. Yesterday, there was an earthquake, even today, no work supposedly but they opened for us. That is commitment. Ths PIA is glad to be a partner, cinema is an important part of our program, even our cultural programs and exchanges. It’s our 12th edition this year, thanks to our partners. We will also organize Philippine Euro Film Festival in Europe very soon, here’s to a more meaningful cooperation soon!”

Fabio Goudini says “I want to thank everyone especially PIA even on holidays. Everyone who accompanied me in promoting Italian film in Asia and South America. It’s our 5th edition, we realized this country is ready to receive new works from artists and directors, the selection here is something we will enjoy more. We are more interested now to offer you Italian Cinema, I ask you in the next evenings to come to give your votes so we know which one you’ll like. Thank you to the Godmother of this festival as well.”

Mario Sesti says “It’s an honor for me to introduce this film (UNA QUESTIONE PRIVATA). The outstanding quality of shooting at night time is something to appreciate, they called me and said good things afterwards. Our friendship with a songwriter in Italy, to speak here is touching, I am passionate about their work, filmed to show the 60’s and 70’s to show it is possible to handle the deep heart of cinema and political issues. Allow me to show you how important and exciting it is, it’s people and how they felt to transform the nature and control a lot of people like a melodrama. It’s like a dance, singing, and acting like in a theatre. It has a meaningful way of story telling, important to historical themed films during a difficult time in Italy, right after the fight with the nazis. The love, and politics, to keep them together like sides of a coin. The brothers started to film because they like the work of Rossilini, something who can link Italian people together, to fight facism, the chance to be free. I hope you enjoy the movie.”

This is all FREE, just go to the venue and ask for it. They brought 9 masterpieces for you to enjoy and they will be showcasing most of it in the coming days. Manuel, Saremo Giovani E Bellisimi, C’E Tempo, Il Cratere, La Paranza Dei Bambini, Selfie, Troppa Grazia and Bertolucci’s The Dreamers will have their screenings today and until the 26th. Make sure you visit Cinematheque in Kalaw to watch it, then vote why you would want the movie to win afterwards. There will be two masterclasses for film making, so if you are also serious about your craft, you may do it too with one of Italy’s famed Director Mario Sesti.


Sharon Cuneta For Horror Film “KUWARESMA”

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sharonians all over the world are thirsty for content especially from the one and only Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta.

She just got back from a successful 40th Year Anniversary Tour in North America and as soon as the plan landed, she had to run and shoot this film under Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios. It’s called KUWARESMA, the days of the Holy Week from the Lord’s death to his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It’s also an all out horror story from the handy work of Erik Matti, which he co wrote with Katski Flores.

This film required her to stay a whole month in Baguio City where this all happened. Ms. Sharon says “Erik Matti is a master of this cinematic language, horror is his domain and it is one of the most satisfying collabs that I have ever had. He has his own vision, even if it requires very physical and emotional dedication.”

Erik Matti says “When we thought of a movie for Mothers day, we needed someone iconic, it can only be Sharon Cuneta. The script was entertaining but complex, she needed someone who can do it so John Arcilla was the perfect fit. When you see the movie, it will bring a strong ensemble. Sharon is THE horror fan, she can quote scenes, digest everything because she knows what she is doing.”

John Arcilla also stars in this film and Ms. Sharon says “He is very reliable no matter what role he needs to do. He could be the hero one day and the other to become a villain the next. He can do it with a flick of a switch.”

John says “It was an experience to see her, I enjoyed her concert in LA. I remembered the 80’s, I was crying in the audience. I did Ekis and Dos Ekis, this was the third and we did it because Sharon said yes. When it was pitched to me, I was just waiting for her to say yes to it. We were praying, but Direk Erik told her about it in 10 minutes and she immediately said yes. When we were in set, we couldn’t stop sharing stories. The first time we met is the first scene in the movie. All you need and require as an actor, you can get it from her. Even Bagnet. Our director is equally fun, he danced, he sang, if there wasn’t background music, he did it all. I didn’t expect Sharon to be human, she was so nice to be with on and off the camera. When I watched the concert, it wasn’t just about the songs, sharon is the show. It was one of the best experiences I had, it was like a theatre play, in one act.”

Ms. Sharon says “I never stopped learning, Direk and John were like my teachers. When I got back to Korea, I felt sad because I was missing my Director. I couldn’t do scenes with him because I was laughing a lot. They went to my commercial, I was a bit humbled because they went out of their way to do it. The other film outfits didn’t push through, I got my schedules and we were already shooting. It was one of the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining film that I have ever done but it was the happy set, efficient staff and crew that made it better. I told Kuya Dondon that it was a privilege to work with Reality because of that shooting experience. Your whole crew and staff was impressive, I was at home because everything was efficient. It was like everyone was in character and I couldn’t say enough good things for them. If I don’t become an artist, I would want to work with them. I was a horror fan since I was a kid, so every scene we did I had a reference. I had to work with these two (kent and pam), I had to do exercises and make them really mad, they delivered. They were all in, no qualms, no problems and I felt like their proud Mom.”

The movie also features real life siblings Pam and Kent Gonzales. Albeit newbies, they showcased their acting strength and didn’t get intimidated with the megastar. Also Guila Alvarez is making a comeback, she says “I had to take a leap of faith, set leaves, because I was in corporate. Working with them was very nice, I thought it was a small movie but no regrets saying yes to that project over coffee. Thank you Direk.”

Sharon adds “This is my personal gift to my fans, followers and supporters as we continue to celebrate my 40th year in the industry. After watching this film, you will know why it is offered on Mothers Day.”

This film will show in theaters May 15, 2019. Watch it!


Of TPC, ALIF Causes in the Philippines

Monday, April 22, 2019

We sat down with people from TPC corporation, prolly the same individuals behind ALIF Partylist. I have not seen people mobilized and ecstatic about what they do, saying they have 3Million members that can put them in the league because they say, this is not different from what they are currently doing. Their rags to riches story can be implemented for others and see it as selflessness, this is their intention. They are made up of people from the indigenous sector, they are also dreamers and have already sent one representative in the past.

Agakhan Tomawis says “I know we all have our own responsibilities, our own work, but you have given time for our Father and President. In the 4 months that I have been with you, my life has changed, and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for the sacrifice, for all the things you’ll be doing in the last 21 days.”

ALIF Partylist is one of the hundreds of hopefuls that will vie for congress seats this coming election. Their current nominees include Lorenzo Rellosa and Agakhan Tumawis.


Tele Preneur Corporation is a 7 year multi level marketing firm. It has been in existence since August 24, 2012. All the people you see here are investors and leaders, they have lots of life changes, through guidance of executives, we have made their lives better and we hope to have that for everybody else. (I learned they are engaged in one phone load ALL system which they manage on their own)

They added “ALIF started in 2003, formed by former Congressmann Acmad Tomawis including former Senator Edgardo Angara. We believe in helping indigenous people, we are from Marawi City, we want to represent tribes from the region and elsewhere in the country. We have evolved into a more universal concept, for the Maranao, Tausug, Tasaday, Ilongot and other indigenous tribes.”

“We have been re-visiting the indigenous to be part of the law making process but we have not done enough in the past few years. “

Agakhan Tumawis says “63% of indigenous people are from Mindanao. When ALIF came about concentrated on road infrastructure, education, livelihood and projects. In rural areas, there are people who have to cross bridges with their bare hands through barbed wires. We need empathy, what do they do everyday? How do we form healthy solutions? We have to be there, we have had to visit 4 tribes and formulated projects which ALIF and TPC will help with. There have been a lot of laws already, we are into properly implementing it. To put up street lights in remote areas, mostly all in Mindanao. But not to forget the others, we have school building in Benguet, farm to market roads, medical assistance to indigenous people, giving them ambulance and structures to help live their lives better.”

Lorenzo Rellosa adds “Majority of our projects will be concentrated on livelihood, if you get them work and help them put food on their table. We have been doing it for 7 years and doing it in a wider scale is something that we would want to do.”

Their stand on Martial Law

In Mindanao, it has been able to benefit a lot of people in the region. We understand why you asked about it, it happened twice already and it’s been three years in Mindanao. It is a tool, if it is used for good, then it is good. Acbar Tomawis was on ground when the Marawi siege happened and by culture, Maranaos have held arms and people walk with it on streets. With Martial Law, the unscrupulous are scared to do that. Now there are people manning streets, people walk in streets safely, we feel it is benefiting us.

Displacement of Indigenous People

The talk on Ancestral Domain is a talk on commercialization. The parcel of land they live in, the ones they got from their family, they sometimes do not follow rules that they govern with in ethnic groups. ALIF wants to align this, for the Magna Carta for IP’s, to ensure there would be mechanisms for the sector we serve. We have members that are part of tribes, we want to further organize them to better support them.

Party lists represent a multitude of sectors, but they serve everyone. If you’re choosing one this coming elections, make sure it supports your ideals, it supports your beliefs and have proven track record of doing their job as law makers and enablers of existing laws. I am not in any way endorsing them.

Do your research and see what fits you.

Myke Celis Does TEDx Hong Kong and TEDxYouth Lucena City

It looks like Life Coach Myke Celis is in a roll. He did a few TEDx stints in Malaysia and just recently he did TEDxCUHK in Hong Kong last April 6, 2019 as part of the roster of speakers of the event.

He says “This really was a dream cone true and I had to even wear a Superman costume to prove a point. I discussed “STUCKcess: When Success Plateaus” and how we were all brought up to be invincible like him. But I digress, we all have a purpose and what’s important is how we all grew in the process, to be our own heroes and how we can become our #bestmeever.”

“There were about 500 people in the audience, it was the biggest I’ve ever done a talk in. It was life changing and I am so grateful even my co speakers messaged me and told me how they enjoyed the topic.”

He also did a talk in Lucena City via TEDxYouthLucena, he wanted to inspire more people and had to start them young.

Right now, he is still busy with his #BestMeEver Self Actualizarion Personal Breakthrough Program slated on May 3. If you want to collaborate or get in touch with Myke Celis, you may contact him via


EBC Films Does Guerrero Dos

After the successful staging of Hapi ang Buhay the Musical, EBC Films continues to produce inspirational and values based projects hence this new one called “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban”. If you remember Director Carl Cuevas did the first installment but people have clamored for a part 2, so they gave in and made this possible.

EBC Films is the film arm of Eagle Broadcasting System. Guerrero won Best Feature Comedy Film at the Amsterdam International Film Festival and Best Editing for a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival. They promise to make inspirational and values based films without making it so boring. Guerrero has also been screened in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and hopefully they would be able to make the same feat with Guerrero Dos or even surpass it.

Weng Dela Fuente the Eagle Broadcasting President says “How do we face life with lots of rumors around you. We did this with humor with our first project Hapi ang Buhay the Musical and this time we are doing a storycon of Guerrero Dos. Being a part of this is an honor and we are looking forward for more movies like these, keep up the good work and continue to make us proud EBC Films!”

Present also at the occasion was Stephen Cruz, Julio Sabenorio, Carlo Cuevas, Art De Guzman, Mia Suarez and Genesis Gomez.

Carlo Cuevas says “This part 2 will be starting with the story and struggles of Miguel Guerrero. It has a serious message but will have a light take on it. It will be shot mostly in the hospital. Mang Ruben will be pivotal, he will be there standing by another patient that will also be told in the story. His patient has depression, but will be cured by his faith. Miguel will be in a coming of age stage, so there will be awkward lines, but still in a positive vibe. It will be entertaining and hopefully touch more on his family story. He will be waiting for his brother to wake up so you will see that unfold.”

There you go!


Php 299 Buffet + Music at JKAS Place Congressional

In my side of town it's actually easy to do events, host parties or just have a good time because of my proximity to Tomas Morato, which probably has everything we need for anything under the sun.

In the North, not much, but I'm so glad to note that it is about to change with a new spot in Congressional Avenue. It's called JKAS Place at 618 B Congressional Avenue Project 8 Quezon City. It is a full blown restaurant, an events venue and a hangout place after office hours, my friend Rodel Flordeliz of introduced me to it. They are open from 11am to 11pm but the buffet pretty much starts in the evening, I couldn't believe they've even offered it for a measely 299 which is super affordable. We tried it out for change.

This place is huge, which pretty much could accommodate 200 people. It is divided into three sections, a restaurant cafe in one side, then a music lounge/events space in the other half of the ground floor. They also have function rooms upstairs for private functions and the place is pretty new, no signs of wear and tear, I would be surprised if they have lots of weddings and receptions held here. Though in this part of the metro, they don't do highway robbery and kept their food priced low which I think stemmed from their experience in the food business. You see, they started as a catering company for a couple of years and they know how to keep people coming back. Serving quality but affordable dishes must have been second nature for them.

The day we went there was special, Fridays at JKAS Place had us enjoy live bands namely G7 band and Plethora. The Wish 107.5 bus often also docks in this place so if you're raring to have a grand time with friends and family, maybe a short visit to Congressional Avenue should be done. Check out how fun it was being there during weekends!

They have tons of food for the buffet spread and a dedicated place for preparing your own "sawsawan". If you prefer ordering ala carte, that would be easy. If you are in groups, I would suggest you call in advanced and reserve a table via their phone number 728 22 98 or 09171005086. They do Asian Fusion dishes so if you are fond of the cuisine, they do those lovely spring rolls that are quite good. They also have a mean beef dish you should ask to recommend if you are there. 

You may also see their Facebook page for schedules and additional promos because it's all there! I had a wonderful time with my blogger friends, I would say, the journey there was surely worth it! The food was good especially for the price!

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