House Changes

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid things from happening it still becomes a reality. I do not really regret re-modeling the house but it has taken me quite a couple thousand bucks to have my room perfect to a tee. My beds spread are all new and I even bought pillows to match the comforter Mom bought last Christmas. I do not know interior design but I guess I know and appreciate good looking things when I see one. I guess when God spread blessings for aesthetics I think I have amassed a lot of it to say humbly. I would want to have my room to look perfectly finished and have a few pieces purchased for accent. Do I still have the same black and white palate from last year you ask?! Well let's just say I put in a splash of color here and there and I bought artwork to get the theme started. I do not want it to end up like a huge collage of fabric patterns which I think I did last year.

Today this is a huge step for me and the investment I did on the whole house is really worth it. I guess I learned to at least do less control over what I think is better for the place I stay in. I had doubts but I think even if other people do things in my place it was nice to see the result went pretty well. Believing in them may have gotten me somewhere and hey! It really is not that bad so if there is any consolation, I like it a lot just so you know! At least I get very good nights sleep!


The Killers in Manila

See I've shot famous bands already, like Bamboo and Rivermaya =)

I want to watch a lot of concerts this year and one of them is going to happen tomorrow. Yes ladies and gentlemen the KILLERS will be arriving later today. I want to get VIP tickets since I truly adore these guys and watching them a few meters apart would be really a dream for me plus the hope of bringing my camera in so I could shoot them up close. I wish I could capture their moment here in Manila. I wish people could be more forgiving with photographers like me because we are sometimes treated as terrorists when all we want to do is to take pictures. I really pity the people in the UK who are treated as such.

Anyway, enough of CNN. I will have to figure out a way of getting my camera in. Since I have done that in the last UAAP Season I think we can do it again this time. I just wish my camera would not be confiscated if they see me smuggling it inside hahah!

But darn it I really love THE KILLERS and I'll try my best to shoot them by hook or by crook! =)


Office Mishaps

I was making reports last Monday and I was really not in the mood. Imagine a whole month's worth of report needs to be merged into one. I also need to show the relationship of this current data from the previous ones in daily, monthly, yearly and fiscal granularity. I have taken extra Canon Printer Ink Cartridges from the Administration Department because I will be printing out almost a hundred pages and a couple more excel sheets. My boss will be surprised how big the document size is and considering the photos I have stored in the drive I might not be able to squeeze in this one unless I delete old ones immediately. I need major organization to happen too and I probably am able to do that via the date of modification. I wish I had more time.

I sent it but it was getting lots of errors even if I already divided the files by batch. I estimated around 6 huge ZIP files might be able to do the trick but there were header errors when I tried to open the attachments. My boss needed it within the day so I had no choice. I reconfigured connections on a fresh installed pc and it went through after a few tries. I was so elated my files reached him in time. I will prepare better before the next month's report so I won't go through the same ordeal again. Do you know anyone willing to help me with this?! Let me know!


Bounce Tonight!

Since its a weekend, I got my day off and spent it with friends yesterday til the wee hours of the morning. This was the same place we ended up but it was good that shows were quite nice in that place otherwise I would probably gone somewhere else in the fort. I don't know if I could shoot today because I still have a huge backlog of photos to edit but if it is just to party then I would probably do it tonight. I haven't seen the guys since a couple of weeks ago and I think we need to talk about business matters too.

We also have some mishaps with a friend we usually do shoots with. Long story but it just boils down to trust matters so if ever things may not be feasible anymore then we would need to find an alternative. As much as we want to keep em it would not be a good thing to do since we would jeopardize people from the actual group already and that would not be a pretty sight. We would be in the middle of world war III if that happens. Sorry I could not give you that much details because they might be reading my site too and I would not want for them to think I am creating trouble in that situation.

Since I have nothing to do today I will bounce with my photography friends tonight. I need a break and this would be one darn busy evening. I'll stay up late and get them needed break!


The Little Surprise!

It looks like I will be getting my paycheck early. I would really love to start looking for Valentine's Day Gifts now so to avoid the rush next month. I also need to keep this somewhere so it would still be a big surprise. I would not want to spoil that of course! I remember when I last setup a birthday party for her but when we did she found out from other friends about it and just played as if she was surprised on the day itself. She told me a few days after wards and I was not really happy about it. Maybe that big prank I was planning to do the other day would come into play ha-ha! That would really be fun!

I love Trish and I would like to see her feel special on this day. I will be taking her on a spin south of Manila and get overnight accommodations for two in a hotel. We will have breakfast lunch and dinner then I will give her that perfect gift I prepared for her. It is a good thing she does not drop by that often on my site otherwise I am spoiling my own little surprise. I called them this morning so I could also arrange horse back riding lessons for us since it has been ages when I last rode one. I hope everything goes smooth. For my friends who are subscribed to my site through RSS please have the decency to not tell her. You guys know how much this means to me and Trish; so please don’t tell on me got it?!


A Red Tribe Moment

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just this Thursday, my friends from the University of the East Red Tribe fought their hearts out in the recent B6BL Tournament. What does B6BL mean you ask?! It's below 6 feet basketball league so there is a height requirement to join these games. It was just the right venue to showcase the talents of my fellow tribe members and true enough they fared quite good in their first game. Although they lost, I am so proud of the guys because they gave every bit of their energy into the game.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. I hope I get their names right though LOL


Here are the highlights of the tribe at the venue. Photos are courtesy of DOC JAYZ and JULIE of the Red Tribe. Thank you guys and I hope next time we will get that coveted win in the B6BL Games! =)

I know this is just the start. I hope we win the next games and dominate the B6BL games!
Congratulations to the Red Tribe Cossack Blue Team!
The whole Red Tribe community is proud of you!

And I Love Her!

February is fast approaching and I saw that the malls yesterday have been changing their themes. Yes, one of the biggest, cheesiest occasions in the country is near and the changes are inevitable. Guys like me who spend January on a tight budget splurge out on valentine gifts this month with the thoughts of pleasing the one and only girlfriend. This is the day to make her feel special. When all the other dates you tend to forget in the calendar, this is not the sort of day I make an excuse for because otherwise; you know what will happen. Valentine’s Day is one of the most important events in the year and of which your loved ones look forward to.

My plans comprise of getting her that favorite perfume she checks out every now and then but never had the courage to purchase it because it is a little expensive. I do not really mind prices on these days since I really want to make her happy. Within the budget that I saved for the past few months I might get to squeeze in a bouquet of flowers for her too. That would really get her in the mood to cook dinner for the both of us. I like to have that day simple but memorable. I really do love her and the last thing I would probably ask for is her undivided attention. For me that would be the perfect gift any boyfriend would hope for. In our busy work schedules and family life it is tantamount to a couple of hundred bars of gold; maybe more!

February 14th has always been a special occasion to both of us. This is the time we get together aside from the usual monthly dates we have in posh restaurants in the country. Getting her a gift is a must on these days since she gives me happiness that equals anything priceless. I love my wife to be and these small gestures are nothing compared to what she has done for me and my family. She makes me happy and it is but right to return the favor. It is the right thing to do for a lady I love. Whenever I share the goodness in my heart I always end up winning because life is just like an echo; it gives back to me what I have given. I love you Trish!


Another Day of Diets

It is one of those days again where I am contemplating on planning my meals in the goal of keeping my food as healthy as possible. I just got a new suit and the measurement is quite strict as far as the look is concerned. The designer did cut off every corner that was not in line with the shape of my body so if you think about it, it will make me kind of skinny. A little thinner perhaps but not that skinny but hey give me a break!

Now, I am actually back to my old self again and with that comes taking out rice in my staple since that is the one I did remove from my plate when I started a couple of years ago. Maybe today I will be using all aspects of my workout regimen and cardiovascular activities in order to make the development faster when it comes to these. I was surprised because I gained weight again when i measured this yesterday. It makes me sad but I know I have to at least take steps to get back into fighting form. I am quite worried that the 2000+ money I spend every month for gym membership might go to waste if I do not get serious about this. I have to think of other ways I could get thin, and I probably need to do it fast!


Great Photo Printing

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My photography club is stepping up the plate and has just registered itself as a full time corporation. In the couple of months the guys and I have been shooting together, I have yet to see additional things that the NOCTURNALS will encounter this quarter. I have done events, fashion shoots and large cooperation with other clubs in Digital Photographer Philippines that have made a mark in the industry so I am quite confident NOCS can handle any other opportunities that may arise. Like the event I went to a couple of months ago with Melvin and the rest of the NOCS Crew; the one where Ink and photo paper were used with PIXMA Photo Printers so a souvenir would be given on the spot. That was one amazing idea and the people from the event enjoyed it. Exposure is one thing but being known for what your services are is another feather in the hat. That was really awesome that some of them asked for my services too after that gig. Even after a few stints the name of the corporation has grown a lot of attention and I am quite proud of that!

I will continue to work with the guys and make improvements on the current services NOCS handle. This hobby has indeed taken me places where I have never been literally; and with this other endeavor the team and I are heading to the possibilities which are still quite encouraging. I hope and pray that the NOCS will continue to grow in the coming months and be the largest night shift photography club in the Philippines!


Cab Driver Stories

I was late this evening because our mighty van broke down again and discharged its batter while on my way to work. Funny because that keeps on happening these past few weeks and I am literally fed up with it. Maybe it is time to sell the darn thing. I don't really know what to do with that. Anyway, this article is about a cab driver. I took a cab obviously to work, and what is funny is that we managed to squeeze in his life story in 20 minutes. Weird right? Lemme tell you about it then...

I was planning to just keep mum and think about the time I have wasted because of the van incident but this cab driver suddenly uttered a word, I could not understand it because I was busy looking for change in my bag so I asked about what he said since he probably did not know where I was asking him to drive to. He knows Eastwood but it is just the way I asked him to pass through that might be the question. But surprisingly he said, "yung kaibigan kong babae kasi tinawagan yung operator ko" (My girl friend called my operator) so I said to my self "oh! this is one of those cab driver stories again" so he won't fall asleep while driving since cab drivers here in the Philippines usually do it for 24 hours straight. I asked him why and so he went on telling me about this woman she slept with, she was calling his operator so as to force him to show up everytime she needs him. He told me that he's got a wife and kids too but they were already old enough that they do not meddle with his affairs anymore. His wife was menopause already too so if he philanders or not it was okay with them too. I somehow got that idea from him but I might be mistaken. Anyway, in the 3 years they were doing these things and that girl friend of his was doing other men too, she decided to name the kid she just gave birth to after him. He even asked her about who was the real father of the kid but she begged off, in the end she still got him declared as the father in the birth certificate. Might be because he was the one who showed up in the hospital and helped her get out of it too. I was really wondering why of all people this cab driver was opening up to me that much when in fact I was only there for 20 minutes, he was a little old and we kinda drifted off to other stories aside from that. Imagine I was just sitting there and he told me his life story in a couple of minutes... that was a treat...

Well at least he is doing his job of getting me to where I needed to go... alive! That is what's important... do you have your share of cab driver stories? Let me know!


Going Back Camping

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes you heard it right! I want to go back camping. It was about 2 years ago when I last did that. It was in ANAWANGIN Cove which is an island off the coast of ZAMBALES a province about a few hours south of Manila. Even if we only made makeshift outdoor grills that time, the food was awesome! Imagine how scrumptious the pork chops, hotdogs and salted egg with tomatoes turned out. It was a sight for sore eyes! I would really love to go back there a few weeks from now. I am planning to have my photography friends with me since they want to experience seascapes and landscapes this time. That would be the perfect destination.

Some drawbacks would probably be the amenities that are available there. They did not have decent comfort rooms I think because of the cove’s remote location. The care takers could only stay there for a while and take you from that place to the other islands in the morning. I need to plan this out as well with my peers since we would need tents to sleep in. There are no resorts or hotels there unfortunately but everywhere you look in that place is breath taking! I want to go back camping!

The question is; who’s coming?!



I really love Facebook now... imagine a long lost friend saw me on another friend's profile and easily added me up. Now we got to chat a little via PM and it was an awesome opportunity to reconnect with her after all these years. I was only taking a handful of stories from her brother who happens to be one of the greatest guys I have ever met in college; but now that we are officially friends in Facebook I think we will get to have a lot of time knowing each others activities through this medium and I really like this day OH GOD THANK YOU! Ate Lay which I fondly call her liked my portfolio too so she is planning to shoot with us soon, I will hook her up with the Nocturnals so she would have all the photos she wants heheh... right guys?! ^_^

Now there are also old classmates from elementary, high school and college reconnecting with me.... this is just too good to be true! I wish we could get to meet each other soon!

I have a lot of things to thank for in this world and these are one of them. The one above knows how to make me happy. I thank him and Saint Claire for their help, a lot of things are happening now and I hope these great things do not stop. Happiness and contentment.... my family and friends... and everything else I hope falls into place.... with that I will be truly happy with my life.


Learning from the Past

It is quite saddening to see that there is a rampant increase of road rage in the country. I saw 2 of them indicated in the news paper today and if you think about it, there are even a lot men and women too that are involved in car accidents each day. It is a nightmare to manage this in Manila because of the monstrous traffic that has horrified countless human lives but I already learned to live with it. You treat it as normal as possible so you would not go insane in these conditions. You are lucky if you have motor trade insurance but not everybody is blessed with that privilege. Sometimes I understand that only the rich can afford it in this country and I hope that situation takes a different turn this year.

If there would be something I would like to change in the current structure and system in this country I would like to start seeing us complying with international standards. Maybe make the newly elected President would take action on this after the May elections. Or maybe lessen the importations of second hand cars that would endanger us and help stick with what local producers can provide; because in the long run it would be beneficial for both us drivers and the riding public. I know it is an ailing industry and the time to make necessary action to improve things is now. I would not want my kid's future be controlled by a few rich businessmen who only want to earn a buck or two when car safety is on the line.

Accidents happen but if I know how to manage finances and pay for small insurance premiums that would get my family safe then I should never worry. If ever it occurs sometime in the near future, then I would save a lot from what could make me bankrupt in an instant. Third party liability types which are required now never meant that it would obviously cover everything so we have to think big. I want to feel safe and the last thing that I would want to hear is that I need to pay for something more because insurance did not cover it. An unfortunate incident did happen to me a couple of years ago; when I got my car 50% wrecked and I really learned a lot from it. You guys should too!


Medicol Advance... Thank you!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Left to Right the awesome people from Medicol and Starcom Ms. Ji Candelario, Ms. Lenni Balicud, Sir Avel Bacudio, Me and Sir Abdel aka Abbie @ the Bacudio Shop. They were all so nice and accomodating!

Opportunities come and go and I have learned a lot about that fact these past few months. I witnessed something new for my self, my site and there are things that the wonderful people from Medicol Advance gave me that I will never forget. Let me take you for a spin on my final fitting with the fabulous fashion designer Avel Bacudio.

Final fitting, I was with Avel Bacudio, Ms. Lenni Balicud and Mr. Jon Santos
(Medicol Advance, Starcom and Hwangs Inc.)

Sir Avel served us caviar and blue cheese... I actually love blue cheese but as they also said it was not a thing to eat while we were in a conversation LOL he even joked about it that it smelled like you know what! Haha! =)

We were also treated to a few short stories from his trips outside of the country, but that one is private too LOL

You probably have read my first encounter with the kind designer here and it was very nice for the people from Medicol Advance to hook me up on this day so I get to see his pad. Since I live just a stone's throw away from his condo unit, I met with Ms. Lenni Balicud and Mr. Jonnifer Santos (Starcom and Hwangs inc.) in Panay Avenue and proceeded to his place after wards. Of course I took pictures!


Avel showed us around his posh place. I noticed a few key pieces that he also is fond of. I like the geometric shapes he puts into thought when he designs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he is also a budding interior designer.


It was a whirlwind of events that happened in a few months, and this post was created to thank these people who made these great things possible! It was an awesome learning experience to attend the Medicol Advance the Nation Launch, I got a lot from their great speakers. I love the fact that I won an outfit too just because I wrote about it on my site. Thank you also to Ms. Kai Palileo also for coordinating the things needed to make this happen.

Now Sir Avel, Nuffnang Philippines and Medicol Advance got this awesome outfit for me. Now ain't that a sight for sore eyes! =)

This experience has taught me a lot about kindness, seizing opportunities and the value of having fun with life. Thank you Medicol Advance! It would never have been possible without you guys! So my dear readers from the US, The Philippines and elsewhere in the world, if you have headaches and pain you don't know how to handle; trust only Medicol Advance and they'll give you more than a cure... it's an experience you won't forget in a lifetime! I mean hey! I even popped a few when I got into the office because I had headaches from the lack of sleep and short rains in the afternoon; and that took care of it! Make sure you get one from your nearby drugstore and you probably would get the chance to win the things I have... you can never tell! =)


For those of you who wanted to see how I look like in the outfit, I decided to bite the bullet and pose for my co photographers this weekend. I'm not a model and don't worry I have not changed my mind about my photography, I'll still shoot!

Here's a sneak peek on what I look like with the outfit! Hahah!

I was so lucky!... Thank you Medicol Advance, Nuffnang Philippines and everyone who made this possible! Thank you so much for this! =)