House Changes

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid things from happening it still becomes a reality. I do not really regret re-modeling the house but it has taken me quite a couple thousand bucks to have my room perfect to a tee. My beds spread are all new and I even bought pillows to match the comforter Mom bought last Christmas. I do not know interior design but I guess I know and appreciate good looking things when I see one. I guess when God spread blessings for aesthetics I think I have amassed a lot of it to say humbly. I would want to have my room to look perfectly finished and have a few pieces purchased for accent. Do I still have the same black and white palate from last year you ask?! Well let's just say I put in a splash of color here and there and I bought artwork to get the theme started. I do not want it to end up like a huge collage of fabric patterns which I think I did last year.

Today this is a huge step for me and the investment I did on the whole house is really worth it. I guess I learned to at least do less control over what I think is better for the place I stay in. I had doubts but I think even if other people do things in my place it was nice to see the result went pretty well. Believing in them may have gotten me somewhere and hey! It really is not that bad so if there is any consolation, I like it a lot just so you know! At least I get very good nights sleep!


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Expanding Territories said...

Love the look John, it's so you! :)