Congratulations Mela!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good morning! I am really excited on what will happen today. My good friend Mela is gonna be married with a guy I haven't met before. But I'm sure he's gonna be a good one since Mela is too. My twin sis is going to be a part of the entourage and she was conscious about her dress and I told her not too because she is too thin in my standards. It is going to be nice. My best friend will pick me up later at a coffee shop so we can go there together, he ain't into parties I guess.

Hmmm... well this is too early for me. I think I should get some more sleep. Imagine I woke up around 4am because of my writing itches. I really can't help telling stories huh?! LOL Well I am living my life on am edge and I hope I don't fall off. The one above there is helping me obviously and I am enjoying my ride. I hope this will be another wonderful day just like the other ones before this. =)

Maybe if I think of another thing to do I'll be making good girls go bad later this evening. Ha-ha!

With those parting words, I wish Mela and her husband a wonderful life together! Congratulations!


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