Save Water

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A widespread information campaign has been sought by Malacanang because we need to save water in the event EL NINO phenomenon hits the country this year.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said that President Arroyo has directed Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) to finish the projects in preparation for Summer. I am quite afraid to have to make rounds again just to have ample amount of water for taking a bath. I need a lot of water most of the time that is why I take almost an hour inside the shower.

We need to make sure there is ample amount of supply of water for drinking in Metro Manila and urban cities. The water level in Angat Dam which supplies most of Manila’s water is 19 feet below the expected level and it will be hard to expect rain in the beginning of 2010.

MalacaƱang also hurried the water projects in the provinces so that there would be no problems with farming since we are importing most of our rice supplies from Thailand still.
There also should be some way they can repair dams that have leaks. A lot of them just go to waste and will not end up on our homes. I hope it does not happen!


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