The Things You Need to Save Water

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is a shot I took in the LAMESA watershed.

I am really sad that the government has gone into the extent of warning people from the metro about saving potable water in the coming summer. Since it would be doubly hot and we would not be able to get rain from any source other than the storms which seldom happens at that time of the year; we would need to do whatever it takes to be able to survive that weather. I am keen on getting swppp services because of the things that they boast of. They have veterans in the Civil Engineering sector which is close to my heart since my own Grandfather worked for the Engineering Brigade for USAFE in World War II. They will help getting more water back to the reservoir since we really need it.

Seeing these men in action brings back memories; they come crashing onto you too when you least expect it. I maybe a Computer Engineer by profession but I also use software they heavily implement in their firm like Civil 3D and Photo shop which makes designing and getting the structure of the house, a cinch! World renowned industry experts and business managers would make you feel that your project is not a chore when you get to build yourself your own dream home. They can even prevent getting that crummy little dirt around storm drains come rainy season in June. If you get plans as big as this, you really need all the help you can get!


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