Morning Coffee @ Gloria Jean's!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Here I am lounging on the coffee shop under my friend's office… I didn’t have the urge to go to Starbucks this time and decided to go for a fix of Gloria Jean’s Macademia thingy… this is a sweet tooth’s dream coffee drink but a dieter’s nightmare. Imagine the calories that went into a tall frapuccino like this and the tempting whipped cream on top. Geeze I wonder what I’ll fare in the scale later… LOL

Anyway, I’m actually just here to get some needed musing since I don’t have anything to write about that much. I am kinda still in the mood to check out the people passing by. I wonder why some of them don’t even make an effort to dress up, I mean this is a very high end place… people should always be wearing suits and jackets in daylight but none of these mongrels are LOL. Some of them are really hooked on smoking; well I do to but not that much. I get sick most of the time when I go out and smoke a lot so I try to cut down on that and liquor. Too much for a growing boy!

The music here is kinda nice even though it is Angela Bofill it’s quite good for the ambiance of the coffee shop. Although; there are no other customers around, but it’s just me sitting and looking at the peeps walking by. Oooh there’s someone checking me out! LOL that is a new thing I guess. I have got to cut down a little more in weight so I get to wear whatever I want on RTW. It’s really troublesome that I go the extra mile to get what fits me. I will eventually lose this but since I skipped gym this morning, I would really try to go there later… maybe on a different branch. Probably on ABS CBN since its very near where I live.

Please do pray I get to shed these off… I need to really do that for myself.


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Unknown said...

you wanna lose weight but you're drinking a "dieter’s nightmare"??? good luck bro! i hope you made it to the gym =)