Moving On by Moving

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's been a while since I have written about family members in the US because they have been aloof or quite busy these past few months. The last time was when my Dad's sister passed away and the reasons why we were not able to go to Santa Clara and Daley City at that time. I have some reservations about that but I heard from them this morning. The subject we had to discuss then was all because they had to get her things from town and put them into another Aunt's place so they could sell her property. More local companies can do just that and I hope they can serve people from other counties.

It was nice to hear that people are moving on and see they have recovered from the distraught this has brought to us. They will be still using some of the appliances but for those things which would not fit on their house will be sent to charity. This is a fitting place to get those things so at least it could help other people. I wish them well there and when they get back to the Philippines come December, I would like to make them feel at home. I did not know moving would do a lot of things and start wonderful things for us.


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