DINGDONG DANTES and MESA's Road to 100!

Monday, October 31, 2022

Stalwart of Filipino food and dining authority MESA just got actor Dingdong Dantes renewed as their brand ambassador just a few days ago at their Powerplant Mall branch in Makati City. Present during the occasion were Father and Son owners Rikki Dee and Eric Thomas Dee of FooDee Global Concepts, their Director of National Operations Raymond Federigan, and Dingdong's Manager Perry Lansingan.

Aside from the contract renewal, they unveiled their gigantic billboard which they installed on top of MESA Headquarters along EDSA in Mandaluyong City. They also divulged their goal of putting up 100 stores by 2025 or earlier to expand their current 70 strong stores nationwide and reach even more families who prefer familiar flavors innovated and served. You can expect Dingdong to still be in marketing collateral right in front of stores to greet guests with that signature smile of his that have charmed a lot of people. If you want to know, his favorites include the Pomelo Salad, Laing 2 ways, Crunchy Pork Sisig, and MESA's world renowned CRISPCHON.

It's recognized by Taste Atlas as Best Crispchon in the World. It's a young pig that has been deep fried to perfection, sliced then served in a Malunggay Crepe and slivers of cucumber, leeks, wansoy and own made sauces. You can just imagine how good this tastes like, so make sure you get your reservations done days ahead!

Here's what happened during the press conference:

Dingdong even went ahead and said he's raring to have one branch particularly #88 to be his very own soon. He also said he'd be glad to gift his wife gorgeous Marian Rivera her own restaurant too. Cheers and congratulations to the men and women who built MESA how it is today. It'll surely be a challenge but even after the pandemic, you have proven how hard work and dedication pays off.


KELVIN MIRANDA Set to Release Single Called "Sumayaw" Soon

e's one of the coolest looking guy in GMA's stable, and this time he's raring to release a new single under GMA Music. We got first dibs about his latest venture into singing and it'll be called "SUMAYAW" for one or more reasons. It's also his next level foray into his singing career which he'd love to continue especially these times when he can make a track in between shows.

Kelvin says "I've been busy working on this new single "Sumayaw" lately, and this was made specifically for those who are undergoing challenges in life. It's about not dwelling on the problems and concentrating on moving forward instead. It's not about dancing per se, but a metaphor of being carefree despite life's setbacks, to go with the flow even if it feels the world is about to end. It also is about living in the now, which we tend to forget a lot these days. We need to give time for ourselves, for the things that make us happy. This has a faster tempo than my previous single.

SUMAYAW will be released this coming November 18, and he's as excited as you are so make sure you follow GMA Music's social channels to get updates about the good looking guy. 


UNBOXING: OPPO Enco Air2 Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Having a dependable audio device these days is but a necessity especially when we're either at home or traveling to a destination. The call to work happens in the not so opportune times and we can't blame time management alone for that. Meetings, press conferences, I've been there, and as funny as it sounds, I usually have to get online to ask questions live on broadcast TV for that. Gone are the days of wired devices that doesn't do so much for the noise we get outside. Coffee shops, traffic, even barking dogs at home, we find ourselves in lots of disturbances when we're talking to people and can't do anything about it. That's where the OPPO Enco Air2 Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds come in to play.

This very portable (it fits in my pocket), nicely shaped audio device has been making my life easier even if I'm in the restaurant having a cup of coffee, while it's crowded inside. It takes the noise out of the equation, much that it wouldn't be heard that much in meetings and conferences like what I did this week. The clear vocals was evident and I could transcribe speeches quite easily. Aside from that, even if it's raining outside I didn't quite worry because it's IP54 standard Dust and Water Resistant. As a casual gamer, I've used it for online games on my phone and see quite low latency, so no worries about delays of when you're in a tough round. It easily pairs too when once you've already established connection with it the first time. The controls are also easy to do as it just takes a few taps to control music or turn the noise cancelling feature on and off. The battery is also quite good because it lasts 28 hours, so a normal work schedule can be covered. It's also smart as it detects when it's on ear or not and pauses music when you're playing something on it. 

Here's a rundown on how we unboxed it this weekend:

If this rocks your boat, the OPPO Enco Air2 Pro is available in Shopee and other online stores. You can buy them HERE.


PUREGOLD Shows Stories of Triumph in "Nasa Iyo Ang Panalo!"

After doing a few highly successful series on their YouTube channel, here goes PUREGOLD showcasing another called "Nasa Iyo Ang Panalo" aimed to inspire even more Filipinos here and abroad. It's about 6 people who have all been able to weather through adversities to achieve their dreams in the fields of entertainment, music and sports. It's going to tell much of how they were able to win in their respective lives and get to where they are today. PUREGOLD Price Club President Vincent Co attributes their success to their customers especially on their 25th year, and they are presenting these stories so Filipinos would be able to know that success if possible for them too. The series will feature Justin of SB19, actress Francine Diaz, Luis Manzano + Jessy Mendiola, world champ pole vaulter EJ Obiena and TikTok's Reyna Batangueña Queenay Mercado. 

Make sure you subscribe to PUREGOLD CHANNEL on YouTube so when they release episodes, you get first dibs. You can also follow their social channels @puregold.shopping on FB or @puregold_ph on IG and Twitter as they update it regularly when episodes come out.


Discounts and Promos as "Beko Sends Love This Christmas!"

Thursday, October 27, 2022

I just had so much fun over at the BEKO event as they announce their plans this December when "Beko Sends Love This Christmas". They were so proud of having Judy Ann Santos as their first brand ambassador this year and surely, people trust her a lot, they're putting the cherry on top by giving various promos and activities to make sure you get special discounts and free home appliances from Beko, Europe's number one appliance brand.

Beko knows how Christmas is very important for Filipinos so this season, they're making sure those items on your Christmas wish list will be in stores this 2022. From freezers with MinFrost Technology, to Split Type Airconditioners that's got wifi connection and control, to HarvestFresh enabled refrigerators, and the new vacuum cleaners and washing machines, there's a perfect Beko model just for you!

With purchases made on Beko products, you can stand to win in raffle prizes like Fuel Cards or a Family Vacation to a Philippine destination like Coron, Boracay or Davao. 5 winners weekly will get free fuel cards worth 5 thousands pesos, I'm sure every person with a car would certainly appreciate. If you purchase 10-26K, you get 1 raffle ticket. If you buy more than 26K til 40K, you get 2 raffle entries for that. Anything above 40K will get 3 raffle tickets, make sure you register this via bekopromos.ph and read the fine print. Who wouldn't love that Beko love!

Trusted by homes in over 140 countries, Beko is just starting to make Filipino lives better. You may also see information about this on @bekoph social channels, make sure you follow them there too!

Congratulations Beko, you've done remarkably well in the last few years and have a lot of time ahead of you to grow in the Philippine market. Thank you to the nice people who included us in your celebration a few days ago, I can't wait to see how people will react with the few more appliances you plan to launch very soon!


Ria Atayde Made Heads Turn at MIPCOM Cannes

When I first interviewed her a couple years back, I felt like I was just taking to a long lost friend/family. There are few instances when I genuinely feel that connection especially when talking to artists in this industry. She's very beautiful and you could see how much passion she pours in for her craft. She's the gorgeous Ria Atayde and I couldn't be more proud of her recent achievements.

She's made heads turn and taken the spotlight during the MIPCOM Cannes event they attended for Cattleya Killer, to showcase the film to decision makers and international distributors. She's done the legwork of doing several hit shows and done different characters, positioning herself as one of the most spirited actresses of this generation. She has also donned several magazines, a trusted woman for endorsements, also has become the exemplary face of body positivity while doing charity work closest to her heart.

This big project which Ria is a huge part of is Directed by famed film maker Dan Villegas. The story concentrates on a supposed copycat killer which happened in Manila during the 90's which spooked the nation of a serial killer. It's composed of a great cast and her brother Congressman Arjo Atayde portrayed the lead role. It'll be interesting to see how the international audience would react on how Filipino films are made. Ria is also involved and supporting Nathan Studios instrumental to create world class Filipino content for the world stage. Ria is definitely inspiring a lot of people with her line of work, brought upon by her innate hard work, dedication, tenacity to a craft she loves.
Ria is going to make waves internationally, I could feel it. A woman who has done remarkable work and continues to inspire others, she deserves all the accolades and achievements she's getting now. If you want to know more about her and Cattleya Killer, follow Ria Atayde on IG @ria and @nathan.studios. They'll be posting updates about the film in the next few months so stay tuned!


Century Properties Launch "Century NULIV"

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Taking on a different outlook and listening to buyers, Century Properties knows what people need these days. With the clamor to have more space indoors and outdoors, they answer back with a new business called Century NULIV still under the Century Properties Group.

This means they will be growing the company with emphasis on low rise developments at a per project basis which would pose less risk these days.

It's a new residential concept that upscale and premium villas, homes and properties located in up and coming areas boasting innovative architectural designs fit for those who would like to invest in real estate. They're starting off with a townhouse community called Century NULIV Acqua which is a 22 multi storey home accessible via an exclusive road right behind Acqua Private Residences. This offers safety, convenience and comfort plus a generous indoor and outdoor space which is not quite a norm in projects located in Metro Manila. It's well planned, made to see lots of natural light, and space to transform into gardens, a patio or used for parking space (or could be anything you would want it to be). The three storey Rhine and four storey unit Seine are priced from 40-60 Million. Investors should take advantage of it as property value is expected to increase in the next few years. It will be available for sale soon. After this Mandaluyong project, they are doing these concepts in next planned villas at Azure North, San Fernando Pampanga soon.

President and CEO Marco Antonio says "We've given Filipinos comfort, luxury, value in this side of the world. Our vision remains to make the country a residential destination. This will help us carry the company into different market segments, like low density low rise projects, a lot different from our existing condominium properties."

Century NULIV President Monica Trajano adds "Our projects aim to be best in class. Digitalization made us make a new business model where we re-discovered our new brand, Century NULIV. It's a new way of living as it's spacious and modern, with life's essentials that the new generation aspires to have. These homes will be in key growth areas, with innovative design  and will be available in a new platform. The first is NULIV Townvillas at Acqua. It's in the middle of Mandaluyong and Makati. It's for the doers and dreamers, it's for the new generation of home owners."

Make sure you visit centurynuliv.com for more details about the property. 



Tuesday, October 25, 2022

For those of you who don't have plans yet for kids this Halloween, you might want to visit Araneta City on October 30 at 2pm.

The different malls in this place will be having different activities for families including costume contests, a full blown Circus Parade, Trick or Treat in different shops, a Magic Show, fun and surprises too. You must also wear your spookiest costume to win prizes and dining rewards that will be given to lucky patrons, so go check out Araneta City's social channels and the individual mall pages to see what they have in store for you!

See you at Araneta City's event! I'll be there!


CINDYS Raring To Expand Business on their 50th Year!

Monday, October 24, 2022

My memories of Cindys has always been awesome. With their foray into the fast food market (largely popular in the 80's), they've captured the hearts of Filipinos nationwide. I remember eating Chicken Barbecue and Palabok when Mom took me in Cubao when I was a kid. They've slowly gone in the shadows, but nope, contrary to rumors, they were never gone or closed business. They've concentrated their business in their core strength, their bakery and restaurant business which started in Tarlac City in 1972. Actually, I went there and I took home a lot of products home with me for pasalubong.


Yes folks, they are celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary! They made us feel we're part of the celebrations a few days ago, and memories came crashing back to me. This time, they're call is to "Savor Great Moments" as they begin expanding this year with branches in Luzon, Metro Manila . 

I am so happy they're donning the new look and I hope I would see them near my hood so I could enjoy the good baked and savory products served at their restaurant again. They may have been in the business for half a century, but they're just starting to put a foothold on the new market with these well loved items. If you're in Manila, they have one in Blumentritt and Karuhatan in Valenzuela City. You may visit their site CindysBakery.com and Facebook.com/CindysBakeryRestaurant if you want to know more where you can get those lovely ensaymadas, brownies and Taisan which I enjoyed last week. 

Here's a toast to a classic, congratulations to Cindys on your 50th year!


Ian Veneracion Goes International with ONE GOOD DAY on Amazon Prime Video

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Last night we went to Seda Vertis North for the press conference of One Good Day, a film by Studio Three Sixty to be shown on the Amazon Prime Video platform. This is directed by Lester Pimentel Ong who did Panday, Lastikman, Imortal, La Luna Sangre, Bagani among others. He says "This has been something I have been fortunate to do with Ian Veneracion as he's not just a good looking man, but a martial artist and a real athlete."


As mentioned, this is Ian Veneracion's foray to something that will be internationally released. The film is going to be released in 10 countries (maybe even more later on). As this is acquired already by the Prime Video platform it would be accessible to the market they intended this to be shown to. Direk Lester mentioned that there's millions of audiences waiting for a glimpse of what Filipino action films are. There's certainly a lack of it, but if there's someone who would be nice to see out there, Ian Veneracion would be a sight for sore eyes. For those who don't know, he's done a lot of action films in the late 90's and 2000's. He's not new to the genre, and he didn't stay away from doing physical training for it because it's part of his lifestyle to shoot, do martial arts and spar every once in a while. He was excited to do this when news came about this project. Here's part of the interview we had with him last night.

The talk also delved on the latest brouhaha about banning KDrama in the country, here's what he said about the issue.

Ian Veneracion is also celebrating his 40th year in the industry, proof that vampires exist!


Other artists that will also be part of this movie include Rabiya Mateo, Andrea Torres, Aljur Abrenica, Kyzer Catillo, Justin Cuyugan, Nicole Cordoves, Pepe Herrera, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and others. This will be shown November 17, 2022 and will be in 6 parts on Thursdays thereafter. These are certainly exciting times for Filipinos to showcase how we do it in our part of the globe. Ian also says "I hope this just opens opportunities not just for me, but the talented Filipino actors that we have in the country." and by the looks of it, it's quite possible to happen soon.


Ataydes in MIPCOM Cannes for Cattleya Killer

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Shining brightly in the French Riviera are the Ataydes. Businessman Art Atayde, Award Winning Actress and iconic Sylvia Sanchez, the young and stunning actress Ria Atayde and Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Actor and Congressman Arjo Atayde took the trip to France for the international premiere of CATTLEYA KILLER slated today October 19 at 10:45AM in the Palais Auditorium. For those who don't know, Marché International des Programmes de Communication is known as the largest content market in the world wherein it would be screened by an international audience and decision makers to connect with partners for global distribution.   

The story delves on a slew of crimes committed in Manila in the late 90's dine by a copycat serial killer. The series is directed by Dan Villegas and produced by ABS-CBN International Productions in cooperation with the Atayde's Nathan Studios Inc. The latter also produced Ice Seguerra's recent concert "Becoming Ice" in celebration of her 35th anniversary. Cattleya Killer is just one of many that they plan to show in different territories by next year together with several projects they already have in the pipeline. The event was also graced by ABS-CBN International Productions and Co-Production head Ruel S. Bayani.

Gorgeous Ria Atayde

Aside from the Best Actor award Arjo won in 2020,  he's working very hard representing District 1 in Quezon City and is pushing for the approval of HB 457 to make QC the Film and TV Arts Capital of the country. He is also doing HB 459 which posts stricter occupational safety standards for movie and TV workers. I don't know how you would call this, I think this is clearly passion for the arts. I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished and seeing them in the international stage is what dreams are made of. I can't wait for what the future holds for the other series and films they plan to do. By the looks of it, the future looks bright!


PHILUSA Corporation: Caring for Filipino Families for 65 Years

Saturday, October 15, 2022


One of the most recognized household companies in the country is celebrating their 65th year. From consumer goods and pharmaceutical products, they have been able to establish iconic brands such as RHEA, Babyflo, Cleene, Mediplast, Albatross, Apollo and a multitude of other products worldwide. It's homegrown and has been a part of Fillipino lives when it comes to hygiene, health, and recently has launched their "Katuwang ng Tahanang Pilipino" campaign. As the term implies, they are supporting communities like Luwalhati Maynila in Marikina City. It's a home for the aged providing shelter for over 400 senior citizens of which they helped to get kitchen equipment, groceries, household products hygiene kits, med kits and a lot more. Their recent activity was led by the PHILUSA Family Council and bids this as a meaningful way of bringing impact to through their social efforts and initiatives.

They have been helping different sectors over the years and encouracge volunteerism in the company. They will be your partner in health, wellness and environmental actions (for sustainability). They will continue to do these especially the hygiene related activations to make sure Filipinos get educated about matters concerning health. If you want to be part of their movement, just go to Philusa Corporation's social channels and their website philusa.com.ph.
 It's time to walk the talk.


Gary Valenciano Entertains West Coast

f you haven't watched a Gary V concert, you're definitely missing out. He just did 4 cities in the US' west coast particularly in Pantages in Seattle, Cache Creek in Brooks, Pechanga in Tememcula and at the Royce Hall in UCLA. He's also sold out two venues and showcased his percussion and dance supremacy in his opening numbers, proving why he's called Mr. Pure Energy this side of the globe.

He also performed with his equally talented daughter Kiana (who by the way has her newest single Heartbeat on Me) to the delight of onlookers plus his other acts like Al Jarreau's Spain and his original songs that's well loved by generations. Rockstar Princess Yeng Constantino was also in these performances doing their versions of Ikaw, Hawak Kamay, and Babalik Ka Rin while Gary sang and played instruments, knowing how talented he is.

Gary also was surprised by action star Coco Martin in his LA concert when he walked on stage to thank him and his contributions on hit show Ang Probinsyano and his other soap operas where Gary's song was a staple. Coco also went to Gary's Antipolo home when he was recovering from kidney cancer nephrectomy surgery, the audience was touched and surprised when they saw him walk in. Donita Rose and her husband Felson Palad, Sean Chambers, Faith Bautista, Chris Do, Cecile Azarcon, Pinky de Leon, Jennifer Cortez and other celebrities of Filipino descent were also in the audience to show support for Gary.

He also did Texas Hall yesterday, but still has Alaska Center for Performing Arts this October 21st and Town Hall in New York on the 23rd, so if you haven't been to a Gary V concert, this might be the opportune time to do so. His US Tour is sponsored by Philippine Airlines, Tancinco Law Office, and the Belo Medical Group. Promotion is courtesy of Star Media, Manila Genesis, Zion Agency, Music Arts International, Jeepney Production, Relion, Jak 'N Poy and JP3 Marketing and Production. Make sure to be there when Mr. Pure Energy performs on stage, and it will be one epic night!


QC's Belmonte and Arjo Atayde Opens 1st District Office

Friday, October 14, 2022

Quezon City's Councilor Charm Ferrer, Art Atayde, Sylvia Sanchez, Mayor Joy Belmonte, Representative Arjo Atayde and Councilor Doray Delarmente 


It's a bit sad to see that some cities don't actually have offices for local government units. It irks me much because people don't have a place to go to, to look for their respective government officials to look for help with their concerns. Things have changed in Quezon City's 1st District as Congressman Arjo Atayde and honorable Mayor Joy Belmonte just opened a new multi function space at West Avenue, Quezon City. This will be dedicated to Arjo's constituents specifically to hold important events, medical missions and a hub for Congressman Atayde's administrative staff.

The blessing of the property was witnessed by various Barangay officials from Quezon City, fellow district members, Councilors Calalay, Ferrer, Delarmente and several of Atayde's Team Aksyon Agad. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of the office of Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte who also lauded the young Solon for his recent projects and services. Add to that the different long term assistance programs they put up that's proven to be sustainable during these times. Congressman Arjo Atayde was also flanked by his parents, multi awarded Actress and iconic Sylvia Sanchez and Businessman Art Atayde.

Arjo says "This office will be oen for everyone in my community and we will work hard to make all our plans for District 1 happen in the coming years. We would need your help in making sure we keep our promise, we'll make District 1 stronger, and thrive more than ever!"

This is a win for District 1 now that you've got a venue to go  to when you need help from your elected officials. Here's hoping you wouldn't need to, and just help other community members in your own capacity.


Sustainable Tourism Thrives at Hamilo Coast

I've been to Hamilo Coast quite a number of times for family and events. It's actually a really good destination to do pretty much anything you put your mind into. The property sits in a 5,000 hectares of prime land managed by SM Prime under Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. It's a mix of residential, mid rise leisure driven resort with rooms that have spectacular views which you don't see much in the south. The development is well thought of and if you stay for a while, you could see how they put together the best elements you could ever ask for in a property. The convenience of modern facilities; and a heavenly landscape, the enjoyable outdoors where flora and fauna roam freely.

See, Hamilo Coast takes this to heart. They partnered with WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines. True to their word, this has been going on for 15 years and through this, they work on effective and sustainable tourism programs in the areas of coastal resource management, Solid Waste work, active mangrove planting, sourcing renewable energy and environmental awareness communication to affect a lot of people. The environment is riding on this which is why they are continuing to pursue world class and standardized eco tourism processes that takes leisure property management a notch higher.

CDHI's Hamilo Coast brings forth a beautiful community that doesn't forget to be responsible. As one of the most coveted properties in the region, they make sure to address matters that would be harmful for nature like solid trash and wastewater, and put proper plans in place. Both organizations have been working on programs that puts the importance on environment and build sustainable communities that make the right choices for their own and others. Their overall environmental management plan should be lauded and aside from the programs they have in place, should continue the coastal cleanups and the annual Earth hour which they celebrate in this property. Together with WWF, the Hamilo Coast management and the community, they can spark change and inspire more people. The Pico and Santelmo Beaches, the whole estate would be enjoyed by generations to come. It starts here, and it starts now!

Make sure you visit their social channels to get updates on activities and know more about what Hamilo Coast is all about.


Say #IAmFortified with Poten-Cee Forte

Thursday, October 13, 2022

hese days, diet and exercise ain't enough to provide you the nutrition you need. You also put yourselves out there for work. Even though the pandemic still exists, the people you know, friends or family turn need all the protection they can get from the dreaded COVID-19, boost their immunity in all fronts so they don't wake up one day and catch it. Even if restrictions have been relaxed, we don't need to be complacent. It's important to make our bodies stronger and this is where Poten-Cee can step in.

The Vitamin C makes the body's immune system perform at its peak, and benefit it if you take it for a longer amount of time. Because it's Poten-Cee Forte, it takes bout 8 hours to get released fully, which means you get the protection you need all throughout the day. Poten-Cee Forte makes your body stronger, with their new campaign called #IAmFortified you'll get the extra protection you need so you don't get sickly.

People who have Vitamin C deficiency are prone to skin, gum and teeth problems. If you don't want to be part of the statistic, get Poten-Cee Forte on drugstores and supermarkets where available. 

It's also on sale with 20% OFF as part of "Tulong sa Kalusugan". This discount is applicable til the 30th of this month. Follow Poten Cee on social channels for more details.