Say #IAmFortified with Poten-Cee Forte

Thursday, October 13, 2022

hese days, diet and exercise ain't enough to provide you the nutrition you need. You also put yourselves out there for work. Even though the pandemic still exists, the people you know, friends or family turn need all the protection they can get from the dreaded COVID-19, boost their immunity in all fronts so they don't wake up one day and catch it. Even if restrictions have been relaxed, we don't need to be complacent. It's important to make our bodies stronger and this is where Poten-Cee can step in.

The Vitamin C makes the body's immune system perform at its peak, and benefit it if you take it for a longer amount of time. Because it's Poten-Cee Forte, it takes bout 8 hours to get released fully, which means you get the protection you need all throughout the day. Poten-Cee Forte makes your body stronger, with their new campaign called #IAmFortified you'll get the extra protection you need so you don't get sickly.

People who have Vitamin C deficiency are prone to skin, gum and teeth problems. If you don't want to be part of the statistic, get Poten-Cee Forte on drugstores and supermarkets where available. 

It's also on sale with 20% OFF as part of "Tulong sa Kalusugan". This discount is applicable til the 30th of this month. Follow Poten Cee on social channels for more details.


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