Take Another Look: Heritage Hotel's Riviera Café

Saturday, October 08, 2022

The Riviera Cafe has a selection of dessert items, the Mango Graham is highly recommended!

Heritage Hotel has been something that I usually just pass by going to and from other landmarks like Mall of Asia, MOA Arena or hotels in the area. This 4 Star hotel sits at the corner of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard which is a prime location. Back in the 90's they've had the privilege of being the primary destination for food adventures since the buffet here is legendary, probably one of the firsts who have done it in Pasay City. This is my first visit inside the hotel. I haven't thought about this being a dining destination because as a commuter, it's pretty dark outside. When I went inside, I was at awe of the interiors. To tell you honestly, I didn't know it was this nice. Heritage Hotel definitely deserves another look.

RIVIERA CAFE has been renovated and spruced up recently (and it's now open to the public!). Executive Chef Patrocinio Obia was mighty proud about how things have changed in recent months. For starters, the buffet used to be very dark and the renovations were pretty much a chance to brighten things up. Riviera Cafe will still be homey, very Mediterranean in style; but now modernized with a few light fixtures reminiscent of cafe's. Their menu now boasts of over 21 stations, bringing international flavors and Southeast Asian flair to the buffet. I could tell how passionate he was in making changes, and the other Chefs delivered quite well during service.

The spread was huge, and they've got plenty of dishes to choose from. I had a tiny bite of what I think would be good first before I concentrated on the best ones. Yes, I always had a gameplan when I visit buffets, and Riviera Café was absolutely lovely.

Salads stay cold and crunchy, served with different salad dressings on the side. Note how small servings they have on the station, they do that so you get food freshly cooked each time.

Fancy cheese? I like the funky smelling ones, don't judge!

The Grilling Station had different seafood and meat all skewered up

See that Beef Sate on the top left? They had to refill that plate because of me, it was that good! It was lightly grilled and smothered with peanut sauce that was a bit crunchy. It made a lot of difference!

The Laksa Station is something that you should take a vacation in. They make the Laksa from scratch, the shrimp flavor was intense and this was undoubtedly everyone's favorite that evening.

Carbs? They've got the pasta station waiting. Just let them know what sauce and pasta variety you want, they'll cook it right in front of you.

They've got Hainanese Chicken, I like the roasted one. You would need to put sauces on the meat if you choose the other poached or steamed variety.

They have Lechon and Crispy Pata, I would pass on the sauce as it was too livery (if there's such a term).

For those who love Japanese rolls, they've got a multitude of options laid on the mirrored plates. This was quite filling.

Dimsum had Chicken Feet, I like it.
Siu Mai was also freshly cooked, not overly steamed because it was probably made the same day.

I don't need to convince you with the Beef Sate, it was my personal favorite!

Finish the meal with some seasonal fruits, just to feel healthy about all the grilled food you ate lol!

Heritage Hotel's Riviera Café deserves another look, another try. With the changes they implemented on the buffet, the amount of people they can accommodate in the floor and guest rooms, this would surely be a good place to dine in for those special occasions and events. They're also HALAL Certified and has been the go to place of Malaysian and Indonesian Embassies for meals and meetings. If you want to reserve a table or their venues, call 0288548888 and press local 7355 or 7357. Trust me on the Beef Sate, it's one of my favorite places now to dine in. The buffet costs Php 1,188 and is currently open Thursdays to Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Lunch.

You can also stay in Heritage Hotel's many rooms. They are planning to renovate those as well. Now you've got more reasons to go there!


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