Kelvin Miranda and Ally Gonzales for "Gusto Kita"

Friday, December 02, 2022

If you haven't heard "Gusto Kita" sung by Kelvin Miranda and Ally Gonzales, I suggest you do so on Spotify and other streaming platforms. We had the opportunity to talk to them a few days ago in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. It turned out to be very romantic that some of the press were wondering... if there's something else between the two artists. Or are they just friends?

Here's our coverage on video:


Ally says "I'd like to thank Mr. Gino Padilla for the wonderful song that we were able to collaborate in. Kevin is such a good person, very much a gentleman. He's also very fun to talk to, and I'm just grateful to have been able to work with him. Originally we were just looking for the song where Kevin and I would be able to sing together. We all liked "Gusto Kita" and we tried to revise it a couple of times to fit what we wanted to do because this wasn't intended to be a duet. I'm still very young, I just turned 18. I remember the days when my Mom used to teach me how to sing. I was also able to train with Coach Keith Martin and his wife. I was put under the wing of Vehnee Saturno since I was around 13-14. I had difficulties maintaining my low notes and that's what I had to train hard for. I also have a voice coach in case I also needed to do more training because this is a continuing thing, I need to learn new songs almost every day. I don't compete with other singers, I compete with myself because I want to improve and become better. Self love is the key, because if I had that, I'll have confidence and I feel, it all starts with myself."   

Kelvin adds "The song was awesome, and it has recall. When I first heard it, I knew that it was a good opportunity to do our version of it. Ally is very sweet, I'm very happy that she's beginning to achieve her dreams in such a short amount of time. Ally already knows her music, her genre, I had the chance to choose this Filipino song in a long list we had for covers. I am really grateful to have been able to work with Ally on this single. In our group, we talked about what we need to do covers for, something that fit our personality, something that we can interpret and connect with. In this generation, any music is a little hard to sustain because people are looking for new things everyday. This is done differently, I realized how I wasn't listening much of OPM songs but this made me realize there's so much out there to listen to. Hopefully I could do both acting and singing, train for it, because I know experience is the best teacher. When there are opportunities, I don't want to pass on them especially when it's on GMA. This chance to partner up with different actresses, singers, it's part of how I could develop as an artist."

The version was something off a teen romance novel. It kinda makes you feel all fuzzy inside and wish you also had someone say the line to you. Again, "Gusto Kita" is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Their music video is also available at the GMA Music YouTube channel so go ahead, indulge on what could be a start of something big. I would want to see if this could start some new show, or series for them. I bet their respective fans would want to see that. This is under GMA Music and Universal Records Publishing.


TEAM Acquires Polo Ravales, Chanel Morales and Andrew Gan

It's quite amazing to see how Tyronne Escalante Artist Management managed to become bigger by the day each time they announce new talents joining their stable. With their already stellar line of artists, one could realize how he was able to put this from the ground up, and successfully put them into pedestals, in projects, TV shows and movies which they worked hard for and deserve.  Recently, they announced artists Polo Ravales, Chanel Morales and Andrew Gan will now be part of T.E.A.M. and will manage their individual careers. With his track record, the best days will certainly come.

Polo Ravales has been in the industry for years now, and has done quite well in the race. He's done roles left and right, from drama, action, support roles, he's already have had an established career. His goal in the next few years include winning acting awards now that he's under new management. Polo also revealed how his wife Paulyn Quiza (a pro fitness coach) became the key to a huge change in his lifestyle. He used to party a lot, but now involves himself in taking care of his son, having healthy food, travel and workout which he exclaims "blessed!" that they do it on a regular basis. This new chapter in his career is going to be different and he says "TBH I didn't really knew Tyronne, but with the work I do, he came strongly recommended by a Director friend (Cathy) who was under Director Joyce Bernal. I was looking for management that would bring me to projects that would get me to the next level. I immediately called him that same day, there was even a strong typhoon at that time. Now that I'm under Tyronne, I promise to be the best version of Polo Ravales that I can be. I am happy and thankful to be part of it."

Andrew Gan adds "I've been seeing Sir Tyronne a couple of times at ABSCBN projects. When we talked, I told him that this too will be a concerted effort on both our ends. He was recommended to me by a GMA executive. He's very hands on and I will look forward to do more work now that I'm under his management. I can promise intense dedication and commitment on the work I do. What I like about Tyronne is how he's hungry, thirsty for growth. You can all see how he does it and ask "What's next?!" which I'm so thankful for. I look forward to work with him even more now that I'm under his wings."

Chanel Morales on the other hand has been in my radar since Artista Academy days on TV5. Recently, she's involved in putting up a Bar/Salon in her hometown of Bacolod in Negros Occidental. She says "First, I want to thank Kuya Ty, as you may know I was in a different management agency before. We haven't really talked that much about our plans yet but what I can promise him now is that, I am not just here as an artist, I'm also here to help him to market myself, it's a 50/50 effort and work. We met while we were still doing Artista Academy and while he was introducing a lot of artists to different shows. When I approached him and asked for his help, he didn't hesitate especially after the pandemic. He really gave me a chance to become part of TEAM and I am extremely grateful for that. I already saw how aggressive in accomplishing his goals for his artists, his management, I only wish him success on our future endeavors. I'm really looking forward to it! I didn't really ask anything specific, but just help me when inquiries pour in so they could handle it. I closed so many deals in the past including work on social media. It's what I plan to do in the next few years. I can also do hosting stints, not just acting jobs." 

On a personal note, I really love Chanel. She's been very kind since Day 1. I can't wait to see her do big roles on the silver screen soon because her face is absolutely perfect on camera.

Tyronne Escalante says "For those who don't know, Chanel is Akihiro Blanco's loveteam in the past, so I was able to really get to work with her back then. I am very happy and grateful that we've added more artists to the pool of talented actors in TEAM. I mean who wouldn't be happy to see that you'll have Polo Ravales, Chanel Morales and Andrew Gan in our roster. It's a growing family, and I am glad to welcome them all here!"

This is just the start of big things that are about to happen in Polo Ravales, Chanel Morales and Andrew Gan's careers. I hope that soon, we'll begin interviewing them for the projects they are eyeing here, because these talented artists really deserve it.

Congratulations and welcome to Tyronne Escalante Artist Management!


Myrtle Sarroza for Guitar: What Icons Wear

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Looks like blessings still come pouring in for artist, gamer and cosplay princess Myrtle Sarroza. In ceremonies at Fisher Mall in Quezon City this afternoon, she signed a new endorsement with popular apparel brand Guitar.

Executives from Guitar apparel and Sparkle artist management were also there to witness the event. Myrtle will be part of a brand campaign where she'll be seen wearing inner wear, sandos, and other products from Guitar. This coincided with a short program that they held today at the upper ground activity center appearance which she did for RetroCon. It was well attended by anime fanatics, gaming enthusiasts and cosplayers too so it was pretty busy because they took lots of pictures with patrons of the mall.

Myrtle by the way is also appearing in a new project which they are shooting now but will probably come out next year. She also talked more about her gaming gigs where she got to play and represent the country, something she wanted to do for a long time. It was for COD Warzone and told the press she's ready to do more of that soon. When asked about her relationship status, Myrtle gamely said that she'd rather have more time for her passion than be in relationships right now. She also plans to spend more time with the family because of the holidays and take a well deserved break this season.

If you want to know more about Guitar and her campaign, make sure you follow their social channels so once they come out with things she'll wear, you get updated first!


Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño for CALL ME PAPI

5 of some of the hunkiest guys in the Philippines in one film? Yes, it is possible! This comes as CALL ME PAPI will be shown on theaters this coming December 7th, nationwide! This stars Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño. It's a full blown barkada film, so if you've got friends that stick with you through thick or thin, you'll definitely find yourself in one of the characters.

A Filipino Barkada film, CALL ME PAPI stars Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño

Times are tough for films this year but they're raring to have this shown during the holidays. This is the opportune time to do it because this film was delayed because of pandemic restrictions, it took them over 3 years to finish it. It's a tale of 5 men from different walks of life, all of whom would be testing the bonds of friendship, and camaraderie. Have you ever heard of "friends being family you choose?", that's exactly how this one goes, but there's more to their individual struggles that will be told in the film.

Check out what happened during the press conference last week:


Seasoned actresses Katya Santos and Irma Adlawan will also be joining the cast. Anya Aguilar will play the girlfriend of Albie Casino in the film.

Enzo says "My character is a little artsy, but always end up with the wrong women, like some who are married, and struggled finding out what relationships are and if it does make him happy."

Royce says "I play Lito in the film. He is a hard worker, a call center agent, and does every odd job imaginable just to put food on the table."

Albie adds "I play the character of Bret, who's a waiter, a man who's going through life and survive daily struggles. His life is going to change once that he finds out that he has to take care of a baby, who's mom left behind."

Lharby plays Mario, a call center agent, who's a man's man. He takes care more of his peers rather than just himself. He doesn't go out much, and just stays at home after work. He also contributes for the expenses of his family, doing his best to help his papis all the time.

Aaron Concepcion plays Roy, a farmer, someone from the province who wanted to just help his family. There will be a twist on his professional career, which will affect not just his friends, but his family too.

Life may have been very complicated for these 5 guys, but it would be nice to see how the dynamics of their friendship would solve their problems, how one would be able to help one another or break down in shambles when you need them most. I hope this gives a glimpse on the lives of Filipino guys that are not toxic, and puts a lot of importance on their peers, to hopefully help each other out in times of trouble.

This will really be a huge challenge for production, and the cast to bring this message across. I pray they get noticed for awards as this has got a solid concept and story. This is also dedicated to the film's producer Shandii Bacolod who passed away a day before the shoot was done. This is also directed by Dr. Alvin Yapan. She made remarkable work especially for this project because she believed in the material, the cast too. Again, if you would like to see a feel good Filipino barkada film, give CALL ME PAPI a visit on theaters this coming December 7th. Bring your friends!