VIC SOTTO is the face of PlayTime

Saturday, July 20, 2024


He's a host of the longest noontime show in the Philippines, an actor with blockbuster films in his belt, a producer and one of the most revered comedians in the country, VIC SOTTO and today, he's adding another feather to his hat.

He was introduced as the face of the fastest growing online gaming platform in the country called PlayTime. He says "I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who are fond of playing, this is exciting! For those who are now our Ka-PlayTimes, make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Of course, I would strongly advise you to game responsibly and remember to share the fun because PlayTime na!"

The executives from PlayTime also told us about their remarkable growth these past few months which include over 30-40 percent increase. Currently, they have over 1 Million active users that play a whopping 2,500 games on the platform which are all easy to access. They are also PAGCOR recognized, and they got us to try the games to get a gist of it. This platform is accessible at and doesn't need any extra app to be installed on your phone because a browser would do.

Best of all, they have guaranteed withdrawals in 10 minutes. New players also get 3,875 free bonus, something that could start the ball rolling so you could try it out, and win!

They also have cashback and can be accessed via GCash or Maya directly. Just look for the PlayTime under Enjoy>Games on GCash. For Maya, just access it under More>Do More>Lucky Games and choose PlayTime. Vic Sotto is certainly one of the most trusted endorsers for products and services in the country, and him being the face of PlayTime would mean double the fun especially if you are looking for entertainment. Recently, they also took part in the 60th Anniversary celebration of Binibining Pilipinas and their chosen charities.

Congratulations to Bossing Vic Sotto for being part of the PlayTime family. Again, there's 2500 things you could do there, if Vic Sotto's enjoying every bit of it, why shouldn't you?!


Affordable Coffee IS Possible with Great Taste Dark Latte

I've been a fan of coffee since I've had it with rice. No joke lol.

These days, I'd say I love the convenience of just getting them off the shelf and taking it ultra cold from the refrigerator before I do something at work. Surely, everyone would have had a habit of doing that if it wasn't super expensive because as you know, the ones out in the market are usually pricey.

Great Taste knows you need coffee when you need it. So at this day and age, they're giving you the options you deserve. Dark Latte for flavor, and a price that you wouldn't resist, because this bottle of Great Taste only costs Php 20.

This is inspired by cold brew, and has a strong but creamy flavor. It also is very handy, easy to put in the fridge, could be a better daily drink. Go check out Great Taste's social channels to know more about it. I've tried this from a convenience store and loved it. It's your turn!


HONOR 200 5G Excels in Portraits, AI Functions to be Added Soon

Honor Philippines just launched their newest phones today, the HONOR 200 5G and the HONOR 200 Pro 5G.

The phone boasts of a camera that has been worked on by Paris based Harcourt Studio, who specializes in portraits. Now it's actually easier to take quality shots with this AI Portrait Master. They've been doing this since 1934, so they certainly know what they are talking about.

This partnership is backed up by real engineering, and experience of shooting actors. We did the same shoot with equally talented photographer Borgy Angeles a few weeks ago, and with a Harcourt Studio filter, you can expect dramatic results.

SMART OMEGA Empress takes on female ML gaming to the next level by using HONOR 200 phones in their games, promising eSports athletes!

JBL is making sure you get the best audio experience by throwing in a Php 9,499 worth the JBL Soundgear Frames when you pre-order!

The new phone make portraits like the real thing. It enhances the shot with Harcourt vibrant portrait style, classic and black and white. It's something that exudes emotion on photos, pretty good feature for phones that is photo-centric. It also has AI Creation through an update soon, something to look forward to in the near future. 

It also will have AI eraser so if you are shooting in a crowd, it's gonna disappear instantly. An AI Portrait Master. Design wise, they did it in matte and glossy, so the colors shine on its back cover. It has Super Vivid Display, dynamic dimming so you don't experience screen irritation. Uses Honor Eye Comfort display technology and Snapdragon 83 Gen 3, making it more powerful than its predecessors. It also has better fps when gaming, uses Silicon Carbon batteries able to charge 50 percent in 15 minutes. This is through 66W Supercharge ability, and that's just the start.

I've used the phone quite a lot these past few weeks on our coverages and shooting celebrities, so far, I love the photo quality especially the portraits I take. It does make a lot of difference when you use an HONOR phone, the HONOR 200 5G and the HONOR 200 5G Pro might be your best bet when you plan to get a new one. Check their social channels for more information, but in my books, the portraits produce drama... something that you should consider if you often take photos of yourself or other people. Some really good AI functionality will be added on updates soon, something that's exciting to see soon!


Get Ready for "Bountiful Blooms": The 1st Philippine International Flower Festival

If you are fond of flowers, flower arrangements, science and the art, you're about to get a happy pill this coming September as the 1st Philippine International Flower Festival entitled "BOUNTIFUL BLOOMS" happens at the SPACE at One Ayala in Makati City.

Convenor Jerry Sibal says "This is the first International Flower Festival. On September 19-22, our homeland will be the place to hold PHILIFF where floral designers, landscaping, trade show, exhibit for ikebana, the art of Bonsai, and Orchids. This will also be the venue for a Fashion Show together with international artists. Last year, I told them about the Flower Festival, and we now have people from the government and the private sector to help me make it happen. This Bloombee here is simple, but we are making a full bloomed one in September, so you better be back soon. In Atok Benguet, we have a huge cut flower industry and putting them into the 40 Billion dollar global export market will surely boost the industry. Aside from these, we are also trying to promote local farm tourism, and grow flowers like Tulips, those from New York locally through hydroponics. We have 350 flower farms all over the country. We also need to educate through forums, you'll be surprised how fast this would grow."

There will also be Floral Art Installations, the whole second Floor of One Ayala will be having over 80 booths, 4 huge displays in the center and the floral fashion show installation.

Table pieces will also be showcased as part of the design for entertaining and this will be historical. This is Sibal's way of giving back, to the industry and country. He will also be displaying a few well loved PH bred Waling Waling at the exhibit, dedicated to the orchid lovers and collectors.

They need Bloombee sponsors to help them support more farmers, their CSR efforts will include the Bloombee Park which will host the fashion show, international participants, so you can experience what they do outside the country. Workshops and seminars will be posted soon. Make sure you follow the Philippine International Flower Festival social channels and official website to know more about how you can participate. There's no competition, the community will benefit from it.

Head on to for tickets and updates about the event. If you want to participate or become a sponsor, they have it at the official website. This is supported by Ayala, and from the looks of it... it's blooming!