New TV5 News Program Frontline Pilipinas Starts October 5th

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Luchi Cruz Valdez, Raffy Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim will be on the frontlines of news on TV5. They are starting a new show named Frontline Pilipinas which is pretty much going to be their primetime news show starting on October 5th. 

Got the chance to talk to them this afternoon and I picked up a few things on how they want to deliver news. Ms Cheryl Cosym, Raffy Tulfo and their head honcho Luchi Cruz Valdez shared how this will all happen on the show.

Raffy Tulfo says “You have to make sure those listening to you are understanding news, not just read off the prompter. It’s what we will bring to the table on Frontline Pilipinas. Our 20 years plus experience makes us confident, we have confidence because we have credibility. I get involved with my brothers problems sometimes so I just keep quiet, my credibility has not been tarnished, we are different people and the public sees that in the past. It’s why we have millions of subscribers on YouTube. Maybe the fact that we are in different channels also helped. The money that we earn on YouTube, well a big chunk of it goes to the public service. I have some to myself but most of it goes to them and my team. Credibility is important and viewers and complainants know that. I do legit help so we have tons of people go to our action center. Since the start of the pandemic, I see the problems especially with the poor. We look at what our news impact their lives, that experience with them should also be a part of the news we deliver. We have experience and knowledge, we have an idea what to use to present news to the taste of our viewers. I will make sure the 15 million subscribers that I have will also be watching Frontline Pilipinas.”

Luchi adds “Times are changing. Since the beginning we understand what we need to bring in the news has already been picked, verified, before bringing it to the people. We know essential information does not have to be negative, but important. We have so many questions, answering them is another when bringing in news. Raffy and Cheryl has done so much in the industry, we are frontliners and we will be your Kasangga, together with Ed Lingao, Lourd De Veyra, and our team. We don’t censor news, we pick what is important for the greater public. Rumors or political fervor is not a priority. We talk about it, we follow stories, take out hearsay and not put in those which have no soundbites. We won’t sensationalize them. Hopefully airing errors would not happen at all, but we don’t hesitate to apologize and do corrections if needed. There are a lot of fake news around, we would rather be late and true than just picking up a scoop. In the news industry, you can only have small creative space, we can’t make it flowery, if it is boring, we present it as is. The difference is how we put it together in our organization. That’s how we are different, shorter because we deliver what you need to know. We are riding on the wave of Raffy’s popularity online and Cheryl in doing Alagang Kapatid. We have a lot of news we need to cover even if we don’t want it, that’s our job, if we has a choice we wouldn’t go to hospitals but this is what we do, this is our vocation and commitment.”

Ms. Cheryl adds “We have public service in our heart, Raffy and I are very much involved with that. We won’t have any “sapawan” and I have been in the station for 10 years, but not to the point of calling out, we have a very calm news room here on TV5. We were not restricted to go out to deliver news, we see it on the streets, the news, online, every detail of it is intense and more important to make sense of the moment. We are here to make them understand the content we present on the frontline. We are not just news readers, they feed us what happens during the day and ask updates, ask how we can help and build relationships with resources. They respect our involvement because it is our faces in the news anyway."

On October 5, TV5 and OnePH will be telling you stories from Studios and where it happens on the frontline. They will of course observe proper health decorum, so they can still give you fresh news. 



Business Survival: The Barrio Fiesta Story

I remember every Barrio Fiesta meal I had. Now that I’ve been confined in my home, I remember several bowls of puto’t dinuguan (pork blood stew), ginataang halo halo, inihaw na liempo, lechon kawali, ensalada, mangga’t bagoong and kare kare that always had my attention. I also keep a stash, pieces of Barrio Fiesta products at home which eventually ends in Balik Bayan boxes to send to the US, or just with me because I adore their sweet chili bagoong for all the right reasons.

Speaking of which, Prime Global Corporation is taking steps to adjust to the new normal. They are very optimistic to see how Filipinos have risen up to the occasion and have done home based online food businesses, food deliveries and take outs to augment the needs of Pinoys. They’re taking their packaged foods online and diversify it. The lovely shrimp paste now gets more attention with the new sauces, spreads, dry mixes and snacks. PGC Marketing Head Ms Rachelle Gigante says “We are seeing growth opportunities with the rise of new home chefs. This would bring interest to lutong bahay recipes and we all want to be there for them. This is why we have also shared our recipes and tips on our social media channels, to also help people who have lost their livelihood.”

They also cancelled their on ground efforts and shifted online. This include opening bulk orders on their Facebook page so whole communities can get them easily. Aside from that, they also have these products on Barrio Fiesta stores, huge groceries and supermarts too. They also maintain high quality and authentic taste, which makes them execute their strong business model here and international markets claiming almost 65 percent market share in shrimp pastes. PCG President and CEO Vincent Ace Villa-real says “Our goal is to further dominate, aspire to be the top company for sauces, dressings, condiments and packaged food categories. We are not a single product company so expansion and partnerships are a given. We are a strong retail brand with superior taste and quality. We have strong fundamentals and are taking advantage of that!”

Earlier this year, they started manufacturing the Barrio Fiesta Gourmet series Patis (fish sauce), Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk (Spiced Cane Vinegar), the Crispy Joy Breading Mix, the Peanut Butter Spreads, Fiesta Chicken and Beef Broth Cubes. For kicks, they also have the new Barrio Fiesta Jumbo Roasted Peanuts. Undeniably, they do really good products which I consider staples at home. 

Make sure you follow their social media accounts to get their really good recipes. 

You’ll love what’s happening with Barrio Fiesta, and the good things they plan to have for you soon!


REALME Launches realme 7 Pro, realme 7 and the realme Buds Q

realme 7 in AG Split design, Mist Blue is aesthetically unique

Today is a good day to see something new and mobile phone manufacturer REALME is answering that call to bring even more powerful yet affordable phones in the market. By standards, this is entry level to mid range. The need for it to support tons of applications on the Google Play store for studying, meeting, remote work, has now become very important and releasing this at this time is just on point for this brand.
We got first dibs trying out two things, one is the realme 7 and the other is the realme Buds Q. The realme 7 takes absolutely good photos, charges fast (30W Dart Charge), and doesn't lose power the whole day because of its 5000mAh battery. I must admit, I like the Portrait mode on the camera as it produces nice bokeh for that creamy background. Best of all, they are also launching a few service centers soon, to make sure you get taken cared of even after sales happen. They are also offering this in Home Credit and Lazada where tons of savings and lay away programs are seen starting today.

The realme Buds Q has its premium design, sounds better on games as tested on COD, I could hear those footsteps just fine and find enemies with ease.

Austin Wang VP for Marketing of RealMe says "We are happy to see you. We hope you enjoyed the RealMe FanFest which is a big thanks to our fans since being launched a few years ago. Thank you for being supportive as we are the number 2 smartphone brand in the Philippines. As more Filipinos adapt to the digital lifestyle, we at RealMe want our products to cater our line for online schoolers, primarily our number series which is now on focus with the RealMe 7. The commuters, students, entrepreneurs, the next gamer or tech genius, we want to present their lives with these phones."

realme PH CEO Eason De Guzman says "We are showcasing a smartphone that can do the 30W Super Dart Charge at 5000mAh Massive Battery. (charges phone for a few minutes from being drained). The RealMe 7 is available in Mist White and Mist Blue (minimalist and inspired by nature). It's got the world's first Mediatek Helio G95, Carbon Fiber Cooling System, faster charging, it can be charged 100% in 65 minutes. This has a 64MP Sony IMX682 with Starry Mode, Night Filters, and can do ultra wide angle videos. It also has finger print security enabled on side buttons. The RealMe 7 Pro comes in Mirror Silver and Mirror Blue, 65W Super Dart Charge, 0-100% in 45 minutes, 6.4 inch large display, smaller punch hole camera in the front and is TUV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verified. It passed drop tests, scenarios, extreme environments. It has the second gen Sony IMX682, 4500mAh, two batteries charging at the same time hence it charges faster. It also has dual speakers, all running on Android 10. (shows battery 20 minutes after and it is on 48%, after a few minutes it was already on 86% WOW). The RealMe 7 improves the perfromance of around 15 percent compared be to previous 6. The Back is made of poly carbonate, with AG aka anti glare finish."

"The RealMe Buds Q is designed by José Lévy, co designer of Hermes. The design is patterned to a pebble hence no straight lines on the buds. Each bud is 3.6 gram, lighter than an A4 paper. Beak Like Extended Ergonomic Shape for better isolation, water proof and dustproof and is ipx4 standard. Battery life is 20 hours of playback, can be used 4 hours or more in a single heavy use. It can be used with the RealMe link, and has low latency if you want to play games. This is set to launch very soon."

The realme 7 Pro 8+128GB costs Php 17,990, the realme 7 is Php 14,990 while the realme Buds Q costs Php 1,490. If you get them on Lazada today, you'll get tons of savings less that price, so don't hesitate to get one now. Gaming, vlogging, or just a social media smartphone, this does the job!


UNIQLO Launches Fortnite Chapter 2 UT Collection

Sunday, September 27, 2020

I've been playing this for a couple of years now and yes, I fancy all the things I can buy with VBucks because they just keep getting better each season. Albeit getting different characters each time we land, we often see those nice costumes put to use and remember how we look silly chopping off trees and shooting, saving, looting other players. These days, they've been toying with superheroes too and I'm still having a hard time building defense, enough about geeking out. I'm sure you are reading this because you LOVE Fortnite. Good news is, they're dishing out new UNIQLO UT Shirts with designs you'll absolutely go crazy about!

Just look at that! The designs all get your iconic items and gear into your UT shirt. They call em DJ Yonder, Drift, Skull Trooper (those weird soldiers you had to get rid of in quests), Peely (which I often call Bananaman), Llama (ultra nice loots!) and Robot. Most of them will have Japanese katakana script and pop colors to make them a bit more playful, quintessential UT pieces. These will be priced at Php 790 each.

These items will be available in Uniqlo stores nationwide and's website ( so head on there and order now! You can also conveniently order them via the Uniqlo app which you can download on Google Play or the App Store. Go dive out from the bus and wear them proud!