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Friday, May 14, 2021

It's almost Olympic season and I can't imagine the hardships of our fellow Filipinos go through as they strive to bring pride to our country once again. With the pandemic happening, it would be doubly difficult for them to work out and practice as health protocols require them now to do their usual rehearsals quite differently. Although challenged, our sports men and women still wish to bring pride, hope and joy to our countrymen and we've struck much fame and gold in several sports which unites an entire country - much like ours.

Take tennis phenom Alex Eala for example, she just broke top 700 at the ITF Women’s World Tour and now ranks at 660. Aside from that, the country's favorite sport of basketball is gaining traction with Chico Lanete, Mac Tallo, Dennis Santos and Zachy Huang as the 3 on 3 champs represented the PH in FIBA 3x3 in Doha, Qatar. MMA Fighter Jackie Buntan recently also got a unanimous decision victory in ONE Championship which was held at Singapore. Doing good also was Team Lakay’s Jenelyn Olsim who won her debut match at ONE Championship against an experienced Brazilian Maira Mazar in March. Eduard “Landslide” Folayang of the same team currently has 22 wins on record plus a bronze and silver which he won during Asian Games, Sea Games and World Wushu Championships.

Tomorrow, May 15, Saturday at 6pm comes one of the most awaited event in MMA sports. It's called ONE: Dangal wherein our boy and ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera will defend his title against Arjan “Singh” Bhullar. Singh will try to beat the heavy favorite in hopes to be the 1st Indian World Champion in MMA (so you should definitely watch this!).
Aside from that, we've got Denice “The Menace” Zamboanga remains undefeated, so make sure you watch their upcoming matches via the ONE Super app on May 28. They'll headline ONE Atomweight Grand Prix entitled ONE: Empower wherein she'll face South Korean veteran Seo Hee Ham wher the winner will face ONE Womens atomweight world champion Angela Lee. That match will be scheduled late this year and perhaps be one of the most explosive fights this season.

Ms. Chelo Flores, Head of Video and Music Squad at Globe Telecom says "At Globe, we will continue to cheer for our Filipino athletes who continue to bravely compete on the global stage and through the ONE Super App, subscribers can watch our mixed martial arts athletes win gold anywhere in the world.”

You may catch home grown Team Lakay and other athletes in upcoming fights which will be shown exclusively at the ONE Super app. You can enjoy this via Globe Prepaid’s Go50 promo. Globe wants Filipino sports fans to still see the games even at the comforts of their home so they too can fully support our athletes even at these hard times. If you want to know more about the matches, head on to today!


PayMaya Launches PLAYMAYA

Now it's become easier to actually play and conquer enemies online as fintech giant PayMaya just launched their newest innovation called PLAYMAYA.

Ms. Heidi Garayblas PayMaya Head of Wallet Partnerships says "We're excited to bring your gaming experience to a whole new level. With digital payment solutions, we've had millions use PayMaya to send money, buy groceries, food, transportation, and more. PayMaya has the best e-wallet experience through our network. This is why PayMaya continues to be the top rated e-wallet finance app in the App Store and Google Play. To continue our mission in game changing innovation, the Philippines is a nation of gamers and we've coped much as we were all stuck at home and now, 4 out of 5 Pinoys play mobile games or video games and they are spending for game purchases. In 2019, one of the world's biggest market is the Philippines. We want PayMaya to provide the best gaming products to all. We're going to level up your gaming experience with PLAYMAYA, on the play button, you can enter 290 gaming related products and offers, deals, perks, livestreams, and more all within the app! It won't be complete without a Balik Bayad promo, we're going to give you 50 percent cashback when you buy gaming credits and top ups. Mobile Legends, CODM, PubG, we're going to have a PlayMaya Tournament in partnership with REALME, giving you a chance to have P2Million worth of prizes per leg. This is Sign up with the PlayMaya feature, visit smart padala centers and scan the QR code on the poster and sign up for the tournament. Smart is also raffling off 30 diamonds to those who will get the GIGAGAMES99 inside the PayMaya app. PlayMaya will also have games available in the app. Gaming pins, live content, deals and better rewards now have PayMaya on their back, are you ready to level up your game with PLAYMAYA?"

Deals, rewards and content all in one place, that's PLAYMAYA. If you're good at it, go join the tournament with your friends and you could be the lucky winner of over Php 2 Million pesos! That's 50 percent cashbacks, win realme gadgets when you purchase ML products, and win diamonds on subscription to Smart.

PlayMaya is one of the most game changing innovation on our PayMaya app. It's now a one stop shop for all gamers without causing problems, it caters to serious gamers and casual gamers, and also for those who look foward for things to watch like games and tournaments all inside the app. The PLAYMAYA Tournament is one way also to showcase your talent against the best of the best in the Philippines. They partnered with Smart Padala who can get you registered in over 39 thousand Smart Padala centers.

Oh and yeah, they just got CONGTV to be their latest brand ambassador for PLAYMAYA. He says "I'm nervous, I'm in between two beautiful ladies. I'm very lazy, instead of jumping from one app to another, you have it all in PayMaya. It makes it all convenient. You still would be able to pay bills inside the app without the need to go out, I want all to be online in transactions, it's what I do now. I'm not a pro gamer, but as a streamer I don't really win, but I dress good, I make sure I entertain people. You have to be disciplined in all these things, and time management to make sure you win at the end of the day. Palakpak tenga ko eh! Samantalahin niyo, hindi araw araw ganito kasi opportunity to sa mga amateurs, sa PUBG, COD, ML, this is your chance to win games and get that crown, wala naman mawawal kung subukan niyo. This is big, and only PayMaya did it."

Ms. Heidi says "CONG has been loved by Filipino gamers, he established his own space together with team Payaman and he's very relatable. He's real and authentic, and we saw how he was able to level up in his gaming and how he conducts himself in his daily life. He will empower Filipino gamers with PLAYMAYA."

Go check it out on the PayMaya app today, and if you have time, they're still live playing on the PayMaya Facebook page with CONGTV and trashtalker Ghost Wrecker.


POVA Forges Partnership with Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Today is a good day to celebrate a huge partnership with smartphone brand TECNO Mobile and popular multiplayer online battle arena game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It comes as welcome news to new POVA Gaming Phone owners as there is certainly a huge deman for capable and powerful smartphones that won't hamper in getting you more win in games as they believe "#TogetherWeAchieveMore". The game stands to be one of the most ideal example on how players can collaborate, work together in order to win that goal. This time it's not just clasic or ranked matches that they should be happy about, but really the excitement that an upcoming phone launch happening soon with the TECNO Mobile POVA 2 which is happening next month.

For those who don't know, the original TECNO Mobile POVA has gotten impressive reviews as it packed much power with the Helio G80 gaming processor and the 4GB/6GB DX4 Fast RAM equipped in it. This also has a whopping 128GB ROM enough for tons of photos, videos and files you need for work and play. Aside from that, the battery performance is phenomenal because with a 6000mAh capacity, it could do 30 days of standby time, 20 hours of gameplay or 8 days of playing music. No need to worry about charging too as its got super fast charge speed which can deliver hours worth of power in lesser amount of time.

As if that wasn't fun enough, TECNO Mobile wiill also be holding MLBB themed cosplay events in select TECNO Mobile stores in SM North Edsa this coming May 15 and 16, plus one around June at SM San Mateo. There will be a livestream this coming June 5th also featuring the country's top MLBB players and streamers plus a chance to win huge prizes and giveaways for 170 lucky people. Now that's exciting no?!

If you want to know more about these phones and TECNO Mobiles upcoming events, make sure you like TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook or simply visit their official website because it's all there!


Janine Gutierrez and JC Santos Extremely Happy for the Success of DITO AT DOON

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Just got off the thanksgiving virtual party of the film Dito at Doon starring Janine Gutierrez and JC Santos under TBA Studios. In it we got to talk to the cast and the people behind the film, seeing them reap the fruits of their labor, they've really had tons of support from their fans and industry friends. During the last presscon, we were with Ricky Lo asking questions, sad that he's gone. The event started with a pause to commemorate the journalist who also supported the film.  

Direk JP Habac says "My only birthday wish is that more people would be able to watch the film. The experience in the cinemas is really different, if this would be shown there, there would be a bigger chance to be seen by people, you get to see how they react, interact with other movie watchers, hopefully we can do that."

Yesh Burce says "Thank you to everyone who watched Dito at Doon, to everyone in the press who have shared their thoughts about the film. I'm sure there will be a lot of people that will watch the movie after this event."

Lotlot De Leon says "Janine already knows what she's doing, she has planned her life, I'm happy with that. She's old enough to make decisions on her own and she is doing it at the right time. I'm proud to see my daughter grow into this business, there will be more projects with TBA and I'll be looking forward to that."

Victor Anastacio "I'd like to thank TBA Studios and the streaming sites we got worldwide, we also thank the press for all your help. This film has hope and it is relatable, we didn't imagine that this will happen to all of us. This is how we experienced things and we showed hope amidst the circumstances. I think I appreciated it more because it's not just a traditional romcom, it's like the pandemic is another character, which makes sense. You can't plan everything, you have to be open, and make the most out of it."

JC Santos says "I am truly grateful for TBA who took care of us, I am happy to have been part of something that was created during the pandemic. We are happy to see those who have seen the movie and gotten lots of positive feedback about the film. I've found home with TBA. My favorite scene was the harana scene, they're taking it to the next level there and it's like offering a piece of your soul. It's one of the things I wanted to see again. This film is important, in this time and age, hope is all we have as we all are in survival mode. I mean it's a different feeling inside the cinema, I still want to see my armpits that huge on screen. I think it's a different thing that people feel when you see that, you have no choice but see it as a spectator, I miss that feeling. I think it will be different when you see it there. I enjoy my work as an actor, I went from my community to UP and doing acting jobs on screen. It's a good feeling not to have sleep, that's when I get challenged more, this is so much fun. The people are great, and I enjoy the whole process. When I accept projects my first question is... have I already done this role? because that's where it starts. I have had to decline a few projects because I was advised by my Manager, and because of circumstances that are beyond my control, and it's different in festivals. This one is different, it's kinda like a disaster movie. When I probably have a hand to finish this, perhaps I'd like to see my character be happy and be home with his family, not to spoil it, but I'd like to see him happy there."

Janine says "I hope to really make another film with TBA and I've always seen several of their movies. To be able to do this and in this story, I felt all the support of the press and I can't thank you enough. You really did stand along with us during our promotion. I have many favorite scenes, but I love how it ended. I was shocked to see that part because how it was edited. It's different. The film projects hope, TBA took risks and chances to produce a film despite the situation, and as seen on the film's performance, we're hopeful it is viable to have movies be watched even at home. It's different in movie houses, and a different experience to watch at home, but yes I hope to achieve what JC Santos get to have when its shown on cinemas. Rejection in the industry is so hard to still accept, I still audition, I have a certain sense that they have control over your future, but I chose to stay because I know I needed to stick it out, to do my best, do the things that make me closer to my dream and I'll get there. Accepting roles also depends on the script, to the people I'm working with. In this film, I just said YES PLEASE when I heard JC Santos and JP Habac. I'm happy a lot of people are appreciating it. If I'd be choosing where my character ends, I think it would be good if she just doesn't close doors or the possibility of welcoming another person, another love. I'd be happy already if she does that."

Now if you haven't watched DITO AT DOON yet, it's something that'll make you wonder about OUR current situation and the relationships we build and keep. Stream it on Upstream, Cinema 76, Ticket2Me, KTX.PH and globally via TBAPLAY on the Google Play store. Go install it and see why people are asking for part 2!