Love Together and Hope Together: The GMA App Scan and Win Promo

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

GMA has always been generous and this time, they're taking it up a notch by giving you a chance to win a whopping Php 70,000. Now's your chance to join the #LoveTogetherHopeTogether Scan and Win Promo. All you need to do is download the GMA Mobile App on Google Play or the App store, watch your favorite shows on GMA Network then scan the QR code that will be flashed on the TV screen. This will be running from December 5-25. 2021 so you better start doing it today!


With each scan you'll get to receive hearts in each episode (1-5) and a maximum of around 40 per day.

21 Winners will get Php 10,000 and 1 will win the Grand Prize of Php 70,000. Winners will be notified by call/text/contact details provided on the form when you register on the app. Make sure what you use is also the same as what appears in your ID because that will be verified once you win. Now go and check the fine print here

GMA Employees and second degree relatives are not allowed to join. So you're really lucky!


Good Reasons to watch Heart Evangelista's "I Left My Heart in Sorsogon"

Monday, December 06, 2021

Looks like the much awaited I Left My Heart in Sorsogon series has not disappointed fans as it started not only with a good story, but a throng of characters that are quite interesting. For starters, this is Heart Evangelista's biggest comeback in primetime and by any standards, you could really see how she fits the role of Celeste Estrellado-Wenceslao. Celeste is a fashion designer who made a name in New York and came back to Manila. Like normal neighborhoods in Manila, there's actual gossiping, rumor mongering, bashers before her fashion show started. She also was figuring out how this would catapult who she is in Asia.

If I were not informed, I'd mistake this to be a movie because of the painstaking process of angles and effects they put into it. Not only that, each individual character had their own designer clothes in tow, so no one in their right mind came out silly, even the villains. Part of the show had heartwarming scenes because Celeste dedicated it to her Mom who passed. She leaves a single front seat for her every time she does a show.

Celeste is also going to have a go with relationships, that's where Paolo Contis and Richard Yap comes in. You'll be hooked with how they played with the dynamics of the different characters they played in the series, just hearing the stars playing it won't do justice, watch it because they've got the shows online in full episodes. If you miss one, just hop on for it. Aside from the main characters, Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara will be showing how they can spark romance. They also shot it fully in Sorsogon, so be aware how you would get the province in its purest form, its people, and the lovely sights you could see there.

You also won't know who's good and bad. You don't have to believe me, watch the episodes today!


Cooperation in Tech to Fight Global Challenges

Huawei just concluded the Huawei TrustInTech Summit 2021 a few days ago online. The theme this year was about "Global Collaboration for Shared Value" which is very timely especially with the challenges we're facing today.

Dignitaries present in the event include Neil Bush the Chairman of George H.W. Bush Foundation for US-China Relations, Pascal Lamy the Former Director General of the WTO, William Nordhause Nobel Prize winner in Economics for 2018, HE Satvinder Singh the Deputy Secretary General for the ASEAN Economic Community, Derrick Pitts of NASA Solar System Ambassador and Huawei's Senior Vice President and also President of Huawei Digital power. The session includes topics about current challenges in the economy and a cal for global concerted efforts for environmental protection, tech and other key areas was done to face these challenges in the new normal. There has been no perfect time to do it but now especially in these conditions. Satvinder Singh said that the role of private corporations like Huawei would do good especially in assuring inclusive and sustainable economic recovery happens in the region. There has been a lot of opportunity to help especially in trade, transportaion, health, ICT work and climate that Huawei has been doing in recent years. He reiterates that investing in these solutions and setting aside differences would power growth especially in ASEAN as it still has room to do that in the next few years.

Hou on the other hand says that this is part of Huawei Digital Power's devotion to making ways for clean power generation in an effort to have low carbon footprint in every habitable city around the world. Green sourced energy amount to 443.5 billion kWh and savings of about 13.6 Billion kWh has been done since their efforts started. This includes the Philippines wherein they've built power plants from solar and other sources. 


There's nowhere to go but up!


HERBERT BAUTISTA Bares Plans on Senate Run: Help Industries Grow for the Future

Spent an afternoon in the suburbs of Quezon City for a chance to talk to Senatorial hopeful Herbert Bautista. Who doesn't know the former Quezon City Mayor and the one who reprised the role of several iconic characters during the 80's and 90's, quite popular with the boomers, Gen X, Gen Z's and millenials too. He is "Bistek" to many... and to boot, he's got over 30 full years of experience in public service specifically the workings of local government matters.

During the small conversation, Mayor Herbert lauded the IATF decision to open theaters in the country as this means a lot of workers in the entertainment industry would have jobs again and start making films. He's seen a lot of his friends in the industry suffer a lot, losing their jobs because of the work arrangements just deem it impossible to be normal once again. It just broke his heart to also see people who he's known for years also pass, COVID-19 really has crippled this industry he loves. He sternly hopes that people start to support worthy shows, programs and films to make up for loss time. He's also keen to see how Filipinos would also see the lineup of films at the Metro Manila Film Festival. By the way, her equally popular sister Harlene Bautista and Heaven's Best Entertainment Productions will be putting one called "Huling Ulan sa Tag-Araw" starring Ken Chan and Rita Daniela. The film will also have the participation of Lotlot De Leon and Richard Yap. It'll concentrate on two individuals that will spark romance in the most unexpected circumstances so it'll surely be interesting.

 Here's a few minutes of our conversation that afternoon:


Aside from that, Mayor Herbert is running for a Senate seat which is a national post. He's raring to not just file bills for the industries he's worked in but also several things that could push locally produced products in the forefront so everyone could make a living. He's crafted several ordinances that also have benefited the LGBTQIA+ sector and also supports the move to have domestic partnerships. To get to know him even more, he's plannig to put out more personal vlogs to showcase what he loves with Filipino culture, how he adores traveling and share his passion. He's got a lot up his sleeve and hopes by sharing much of his story, he could also get to know more people, places and things he's discovering in the Philippines. 

He wants to help, and he hopes you get to be a part of that movement.