Sunshine Cruz and Daughters Endorse EM-CORE DOTNET Products

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vampires don't really exist, nor immortals, but then again there are just people who defy age like Sunshine Cruz. Together with her daughters Angelina, Samantha and Chesca, they are now the new brand ambassadors for Em Core Dot Net, a direct selling and multi level marketing company involved in health products and supplements. They have been doing business in the country since 2015.

Their products include 24 Alkaline C (Vitamin C), 24 Green Restore (Green Barley/Wheatgrass), 24 Green Cafe, 24 Green Choco, 24 Thirty Sanitizer, Savouné (for the skin) and 24 Alka White (for the liver).

CEO Sheryll Edman says "When they said Sunshine, I already thought about the word ageless. She is fit, very beautiful, I was already following her since last year. I know her story, and how she triumphed over that. Her kids, all are well bred, educated, and represent a good family. She is a good example of a complete family, no second thoughts and takes care of herself and her children. They are complete, our products are real and work. This is why we got them as ambassadors."

Sam says "I'm 15 and am excited about this project. She told us over group chat about it and we immediately said yes because we get to bond as a family. We look forward to more things like these."

Angelina says "An endorsement as a family is just amazing. I am a bit overwhelmed."

Cheska "I am looking forward to share how we use these products."

Rey Panaligan says "Thank you for supporting us, we are excited and thrilled that the family is now part of the EM CORE DOTNET Group."

Congratulations to Sunshine and your lovely daughters. You all look gorgeous! Looking forward to see more opportunities for you and the brand you represent.


A Trip Down POPEYES Arcovia

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Had to satisfy my cravings this afternoon and trooped down Arcovia City in the QC/Pasig area. Of course a visit to this place won't be complete without a visit at Popeyes. 

I love fried chicken, and this Louisiana based chain has impressed a lot of people. I on the other hand just sorely miss it as I've always dreamed to get a taste again of their good mashed potatoes (which I had when they opened years ago). This branch in Arcovia is the nearest one from my place but it is already considerably far. I was surprised to have seen it full to the brim and I had to wait for a few minutes before I got a seat.

I was so hungry because I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. It was already about 3:30pm so I ordered weirdly. I got two meals specifically the 2pc Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit, the Chicken Tenders and Fries plus their spaghetti. I did think one meal was okay, but really, what's stopping us all from ordering more? :)

The fries was good, although I could smell and taste a whiff of chicken while munching on these spuds. Not that I'm complaining, it was good for me.

I ordered chicken tenders, which surprisingly I find more appealing than the actual fried chicken. I think I'm at that point where I find chicken bones annoying, haha the Tito in me.

The kind lady in the counter suggested I get the ranch dip for it instead of the good gravy. She was right, well I kinda mixed both just for fun, and I liked it no matter how weird that sounds.

The ranch made it fresher tasting, it contradicted the little oil on the chicken. But the good thing was, there's more where that came from.

Before I forget, the 2pc Popeyes Fried Chicken came with a hot and flaky biscuit. I poured honey on top of that, even without rice I was already dreaming!

Or maybe if you want a more heavy meal, try the dirty rice on their menu. You're just combing two savory things, so indulge!

The Fried Chicken is legendary. I like how it wasn't too salty unlike other brands. I didn't finish other parts of my meal because I was already eating the protein with gravy. Mmmm....

Sunsets and fried chicken. Love!

They also are serving shrimp burgers which I took home for mom. She loved it!

Their Strawberry sundae was out of stock, so I figured I had to have the next best thing which is hot fudge. I knew what I was getting into. LOL!

The only thing I did regret was ordering a side of Mashed Potatoes with their gravy. I should have ordered a large bucket of this when I was in front of the counter. They do it real good.

So if you're in the area, come enjoy really good chicken at Popeyes Arcovia. I'm going back there, prices are so cheap! Worth every penny!

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Shopping Online with Convenience

What does it take to make your life easy?

We’ve all been there. The long lines at the bank, the long lines at Meralco, PLDT, Manila Water, the Jeep stands, the bus or Grab and you feel your life is in shambles. Fret not, for we the Filipino people have a choice. All it takes is a little effort of doing everything online because it’s convenient. It’s why fintech corporations and digital wallet apps are abound, because it is possible... and we should take advantage of convenience it gives.

I personally use GCASH to pay for everything. Actually, I feel it’s more convenient compared to my own personal banking app. Other than that, the perks are insurmountable especially when they give me rebates. Oh and banking? They do that too with a few clicks. I can also transfer funds to merchants if I plan to shop, I also transfer funds to my friends when we’re splitting bills after a night of fun. That means I don’t line up to pay for bills anymore. I can even pay in the wee hours of the morning without going out in the polluted streets of the metro. I can even link my bank account and load up my own digital wallet. It’s even doubly safe because I don’t have to take a physical credit card out just to pay for stuff as merchants already have QR Codes handy. You can also load up in convenience stores, mall concierge areas, and these times, you don’t have to sit in two hour traffic jams to do all these. Now isn’t that a better life? Indeed, so go download it off the app store, the Google Play Store because it’s easy. You can even plant trees with it no joke!

That’s better, more convenient and stress free. Wouldn’t you want peace of mind?


ADAN Delivers Dark Drama

Monday, November 18, 2019

Just watched ADAN this evening and yeah, it's definitely a dark adult themed drama. Honestly I was half expecting it to be like the ST films in the 90's. But no, it's definitely a serious acting piece. It didn't leave too much to imagination because the lead stars were just raring to do the lesbian themed scenes without going overboard. It is tastefully done, as they said in the presscon last week, they paid much attention to deliver these that way.

It does have a lesbian angle (tons of it actually, some might find that iffy, but it has to be told that way since romance brews with the then friends who became lovers. If you're interested in a tough film, you should watch this for its merits. Be swooned by the story of Ellen and Marian. This film shows on November 20 in theaters nationwide!

Anyway, here are scenes from the red carpet. Enjoy!

Saw Maui Taylor!

This is produced by Aliud Films and Viva Films. A word of warning, it's dark, really dark.