Meeting a Beauty Queen: Dia Nicole Magno

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sat down with a gorgeous Bb. Pilipinas candidate named Dia Nicole Magno (Binibini #39). Just like any Filipino, I love watching pageants and root for anyone who represents our country. This year just feels different because the competition just became a little tougher. The standards are higher especially after getting the country copped the Miss Universe crown last 2015 and 2018 with Pia Wurtzbach Alonzo and Catriona Gray. Dia hails from Butuan City in the Caraga Region. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, the province is so rich in culture, where tons of interesting and world class tourist spots and landmarks abound - but have yet to be discovered. It is ready to be seen by both local and international audiences, she proudly tells us about it. 

Take a look at her home town Butuan City and the Caraga Region:



Preparing for Binibining Pilipinas, she says "I don’t have any special workout, I just haven’t eaten pork or beef, just chicken and fish all the time. You have to work on yourself more once you get in, I'm glad I got lots of training in Ateneo. We have oral recitation and public speaking so it’s an advantage. The pre pageant already started but there’s a closed door interview because they want to know you. This year’s theme is Beyond Beauty.”

About the ME generation she says “Maybe there’s an advantage, to love ourselves, to express ourselves freely, but not to not connect with people around us and not just because society dictates it. We have to be very compassionate, not to take someone’s life, you have to think of men, women, maybe the government should work on their ideas, to educate the youth and elders, if they are going to be able to do something about it, then it will be good for the youth. I’m happy the administration is doing good in rehabilitating several tourist spots and making people aware about it (referring to Boracay).

About her being single, she says "I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I don’t think being single defines us as a person. Being part of this, I know I have already helped a lot of people and this is unforgettable. I have been able to talk to people who have been able to hear about my advocacies.

She has her fair share of bashers, she has seen it online but honestly, I would prefer you to get to know her even more. She has a mission and has been working with organizations and local government agencies that could further her cause. The genuine things she does to help schools in her community, the drive to let more people discover what Butuan and the Caraga Region has to offer, mean she cares, and that counts for a real queen.

Support Binibining Pilipinas #39 Dia Nicole Magno as accorded by her merits. She deserves it!


Are You Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Are you Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Well... You shouldn't have to choose. You see, both these guys have their own star quality, Daniel is a crooner, James is an RnB sensation, they are both great actors, they have really good successful shows, have the love of their lives beside them and yes, they're both darn good looking. I'm a fan of both of these guys and it shouldn't be an issue.

Now the dilemma might be your preference about the drinks they endorse, Daniel has Pepsi, while James has Mountain Dew. The former has deep rich cola taste while the other has a lime fresh fizz on it, both drinks are staple in Filipino lunch and snack tables, the brands probably knew it would be a better idea to put them together and let you decide what's better.

In the past weeks, everyone was guessing if this was a new movie, a new TV show or a commercial, they heard you and did history in front of your eyes. These are good lads and they haven't worked together aside from their TV guestings, but to make you aware, they've got a new commercial out for the Doble Hataw promo. In the shoot, Daniel drove a sports car while James drove a Pickup Truck, they love em both and even got the chance to drift it. The shoot was fun and chill, so in a sense a very memorable one to be in this project.

If you like one or both these guys, go buy specially marked bottle caps and labels and send details as accorded by the instructions through text or Facebook Messenger and you could win 3 brand new Sports Cars or 3 brand new Pickup Trucks plus millions worth of prizes including smartphones, mobile data and drink vouchers. 

Now isn't it good to choose both of them? :)


The Fight Continues: Goldwyn vs Michael on Dragonlady

Friday, May 24, 2019

Let’s not get confused, if you might be wondering what’s happening with the corporation and the personalities that are getting so much bad luck in this series, they all boil down to a love story between Michael (played by Tom Rodriguez) and Goldwyn (played by EA Guzman) and the dragonlady herself Scarlet (played by Janine Gutierrez).

EA and Tom’s character are smitten with Scarlet but in the episode which happened a few days ago, Goldwyn found them in the most awkward situation, dressed in their birthday suits, coyote ugly, then all hell breaks loose! Scarlet just couldn’t contain her real feelings for Michael and that time alone and conversation just made them closer, the passion exploded and inhibitions went out the door because that’s how real love works. But in the end, she tells Michael that she’s just playing with him... something they’d regret if this bears fruit in the coming days. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Meanwhile, their corporation isn’t doing much better as DJ Durano’s antics just wouldn’t work with their offices accounting and how much he’s spent for the nights he’s been gambling with the company’s money. To get away with it, he decides to also blackmail an evil vixen portrayed by Maricar de Mesa, which hopefully also gets caught because they’ve been living in luxury all this time. When they do, maybe they’ll both end behind bars, and life would just be perfect. Until, those who they think were already dead, suddenly appeared and freakishly alive!

Oh how I remember those latin telenovelas, things that are weird always happen, and apparently, our oriental and Asian take on it proves it’s a very good story too. Now there will be more things happening in the coming weeks, I saw them shooting last week in a nearby hotel in Quezon City. Scarlet seem to be back with Goldwyn (or are they?), but are they really together? Or will this spell something bad for them when they discover her hidden identity (especially if Astrid makes their lives like hell!).

Make sure you watch Dragonlady on GMA’s Afternoon Prime! Wait til they unravel more angles in this story, and maybe more characters that will make their lives worse than it already is. Exciting!


Michael V for Family History

One just not question Michael V’s genius. His humor and brand of comedy has spanned several years in different channels, different shows and just about every hilarious music video they’ve made since the 90’s. This year, we all got word that he’s working with GMA Pictures and his own outfit called Mic Test Entertainment Inc. as creator and lead actor in a movie called FAMILY HISTORY. In a story conference a few months back, we learned that other stars like Dawn Zulueta, Paulo Contis, Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Nonie Buencamino, Kakai Bautista, Ina Feleo, Mikoy Morales, Vince Gamad, Jemwell Ventenilla and Nikki Co also joined in the cast.

The big ensemble seem to be essential to the story and with how has been able to do great work in the past few years, he’s bound to do something even greater this coming July so expect a masterpiece to appear this mid 2019. This is also the first time where Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Michael V will be teamed up on screen but I bid these seasoned actors won’t find anything hard to do especially because they’ve done comedy in past projects already.

I can’t wait to see more of this when they start showing the film in theaters nationwide and perhaps on digital streaming sites too. This isn’t the first time Michael V has directed something because most of the legwork and comedy in Bubble Gang is credited to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if people would want to watch something fun from Bitoy!

Stay tuned on GMA’s social media properties because it’s also going to be teased on these channels. This is going to be fun, we can’t wait!