JENNYLYN MERCADO is the face of Beautéderm's CRISTAUX Threemendous Trio Serum Line

Sunday, July 21, 2024

When you hear the name Jennylyn Mercado, you think of an actress who's got everything you want in one. She's the iconic "bhe", who's very kind, very down to earth, a mother, and wife to Dennis Trillo. It's been a while since we've seen her, but nothing seems to have changed. She's still the same beautiful woman we've adored since she won Starstruck.

Today was a special day, so Beautéderm threw her a welcome party. This is the day that they have also announced that she is the brand ambassador for the new CRISTAUX Three-mendous Trio. A line of serums meant to take care of the ravages of time, and day to day care for unblemished skin. One is the Skin Energizing Vitamin C, ZERUM Hydra Beauty Skin Brightening Serum (with Zinc), and my personal favorite the RETINOL Skin Repair Serum.

Beautéderm CEO Ms. Rei Tan and Jennylyn have been talking quite a lot through messages, but have never actually met in person. In the photoshoot for this campaign, they were finally able to do that.

Jennylyn says "When I met her, she was very nice, very humble, inspiring and I was very happy that this pushed through. We had to go through hurdles because when initial talks happened, I was pregnant and just gave birth. There were so many times we wanted to do this, but now it happened. She really took good care of me, she's a different person, it's in her nature to ask if I'm comfortable or I'm okay. She also asked if I was full, if the team was full, I was so happy to learn that I was in the right place."

She adds "When I got the serums at home, I immediately wanted to use it because I don't endorse anything that I don't personally use. I had to put it in my existing skin care regimen. I have very sensitive skin, and in fairness, I ended up with glowing skin. I use the Vitamin C Serum with facial wash and moisturizer. I use the Hydra Serum at night, but just do the retinol as needed. I usually go outdoors and ride motorcycles. I am exposed to the elements, and the sun. I sometimes suffer sun spots and pigmentation, I use the retinol for it including the age spots. I'm not young anymore so I do have fine lines and this takes care of that."

Ms. Rei Anicoche-Tan remarks "If you're a Beautéderm baby, there's something in common about us.. there's a glow. Even with light makeup, you can see that in our endorsers. Jen will be the face of all of our facial products, but we are promoting this new line. You can see this being used by me, and our endorsers. We only get people who love and know about the products, and she's the perfect one to represent that. I'm very proud of our ambassadors, even the guys, we just don't get endorsers just because of face value because consumers are smart now. They know if they use the product and if they want to emulate, they've got Beautéderm behind them. They believe and buy because of that." 

Here's the rest of the event on video, please enjoy!

Beautéderm wants you to age less and glow more with the new THREE-mendous Trio. Now is the time to add serums in your existing skincare routine especially if you feel like you are aging a bit. Not when it's too late!

Congratulations Jen! Thank you Ms. Rei for always having us in your events... and of course, taking care of our skin! I love your BEAU and new CRISTAUX line, plus that lovely detangle Brush which I use on a daily basis! 


Zubiri Points Out What Should Be Addressed in Upcoming SONA

The SONA or State of the Nation Address will be happening on July 22nd. This is the third time the President is doing it. Before that, Senator Zubiri laid a few concerns of Filipinos that should be discussed, which he hopes the President would do in his term.

He says "The country could have been an upper middle income economy by year 2028, but this has been dampened by high inflation. The high price of rice, usual commodities affects the ordinary working class. It is essential that the growth seen with the GDP translates into good things in the daily lives of Pinoys. He should also address the minimum wage, increase it. Maybe a new wage law, acted upon, and not just sit in the house of representatives. Aside from the wage hike, food security should be prioritized at this time."

These are just some of the things he deem important to be addressed at the upcoming SONA. The former Senate President has been working hard in making sure his peers at the Senate do the same for the development of the country. The SONA is the best platform to not just show what he has done, but what plans he have to make sure that all the gains he has done in the past year would continue in the future.



Your lovely Blythe showed up for media and corporate executives as she gets additional years as the face of Dear Face Beauty Melon Milk.

It was held at Lore Manila, served food by Chef Tatung. The feeling was so festive as the high selling Beauty Milk Melon Milk was laid on installations depicting the Hamptons. During the event, it was announced that she will be continuing her contract for an additional 2 years, which we think is well deserved. Andrea has been really one hardworking woman in terms of promoting the drink on her socials, she also takes the time to talk about it with friends, family, her fans, and followers.

Founder and CEO Ms. Jonah says "We wanted to renew our partnership with Andrea even if our initial contract hasn't ended because we have a genuine bond with Blythe. She is also an effective endorser, one that converts sales. She's the real thing."

No wonder she's been renewed for 2 more years. An effective endorser would really take the brand to places they've never been. She's lovely, and loves the product sincerely even before she was the endorser for this brand. Congratulations Andrea! You've taken a courageous step with Dear Face Beauty Milk Melon, and have done so much as a friend and endorser.


VIC SOTTO is the face of PlayTime

Saturday, July 20, 2024


He's a host of the longest noontime show in the Philippines, an actor with blockbuster films in his belt, a producer and one of the most revered comedians in the country, VIC SOTTO and today, he's adding another feather to his hat.

He was introduced as the face of the fastest growing online gaming platform in the country called PlayTime. He says "I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who are fond of playing, this is exciting! For those who are now our Ka-PlayTimes, make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Of course, I would strongly advise you to game responsibly and remember to share the fun because PlayTime na!"

The executives from PlayTime also told us about their remarkable growth these past few months which include over 30-40 percent increase. Currently, they have over 1 Million active users that play a whopping 2,500 games on the platform which are all easy to access. They are also PAGCOR recognized, and they got us to try the games to get a gist of it. This platform is accessible at and doesn't need any extra app to be installed on your phone because a browser would do.

Best of all, they have guaranteed withdrawals in 10 minutes. New players also get 3,875 free bonus, something that could start the ball rolling so you could try it out, and win!

They also have cashback and can be accessed via GCash or Maya directly. Just look for the PlayTime under Enjoy>Games on GCash. For Maya, just access it under More>Do More>Lucky Games and choose PlayTime. Vic Sotto is certainly one of the most trusted endorsers for products and services in the country, and him being the face of PlayTime would mean double the fun especially if you are looking for entertainment. Recently, they also took part in the 60th Anniversary celebration of Binibining Pilipinas and their chosen charities.

Congratulations to Bossing Vic Sotto for being part of the PlayTime family. Again, there's 2500 things you could do there, if Vic Sotto's enjoying every bit of it, why shouldn't you?!