Win 100K with Colgate's #SmileAndGoForYourDreams Promo

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Looks like Colgate is upping up the ante with it's latest, fun packaged toothpaste variant that's also very inspiring. Just take one look at this Spicy Fresh Limited Edition box and you'll get why it's pretty special. Brush your teeth three times a day with a more intense kick as this one feels a lot different. You'll get the clean, fresh breath you've always wanted and a spicy minty feel after using it. Aside from that, the pandemic has gotten our lives affected and we always do this with our friends and family, a simple word of encouragement, a little nudge, can go a long way. 

These new boxes have words like "Laban Lang!', "You're Awesome!", and "Kaya Mo Yan!" which would definitely set the mood while you're cleaning up. Imagine starting your day with that, you're bound to have more positive thoughts and later on, be a source of good vibes for people you meet in the street, in the office or even at home.

Oh and if that ain't enough, Colgate is throwing in Php 100,000 worth of Sodexo GC's which you can win just by following a few steps. 

You can buy the products here on their official Shopee store:

Colgate Fresh Confidence Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Spicy Fresh Toothpaste 60g

Colgate Plax Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Peppermint Fresh Mouthwash 60ml!-Promo-Limited-Edition-Peppermint-Fresh-Mouthwash-240ml-i.45237836.4251754002

This is easy, and quite nice to have as part of your toiletries. It's also nice to try out new stuff so you won't get bored with the same flavor. Oh yes, you can also win that much just by following a few steps, so head on to the Colgate Palmolive official Shopee store and download the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store. I've been shopping for other items and I might get to add more of these in my cart for sure!

Kris Aquino says so!


ASUS PH Launches ZenBook 13 and VivoBook S14

Monday, October 26, 2020

New beginnings in the new normal, ASUS Philippines got back on track with the new laptop computers they recently launched in the country. 

Two things, the ASUS ZenBook 13 and the new ASUS VivoBook S14. These new laptop computers are in different price points, catering to different audiences and looks wise, your personal fashion statement has been accounted. They made it in very attractive, shiny colorways which makes it look premium, classy, but never forgets to do the job. During the launch a few days ago, ASUS Country Head George Su told the press and the online public about how they continue to search for the incredible and have had milestones during these past few months even while the pandemic was happening. Aside from that, ASUS also told us about how successful their efforts were in helping several local government units, hospitals, centers so they could have access to ASUS laptop computers and do jobs like contact tracing, documentation of patients and clerical work with it. They donated units for them and obviously, it has done wonders for the communities. I am so impressed how they thought of ways they could help even in troubled times, they should be lauded for that.

The event also introduced two new brand ambassadors, host and radio DJ Jaz Reyes and the Filipino heartthrob who did quite good in Indonesia Teejay Marquez. Jaz showcased the ZenBook 13 which she felt was a good fit for young ones who are into beginning their professional lives or into computing and content creation. Teejay on the other hand told us about the VivoBook S14 and how it can do so much more than just work and play. Teejay also teased about a laptop giveaway he is doing on his Tiktok account, it's called #BeIncredibleChallenge of which he'll come out with mechanics come November, so stay tuned for that!

Here's a little preview of that event on video. Check this out!

This is just the start, we hope to get our hands on these laptop computers soon and tell you all about how good it is in real life. You may also check out the full event on the ASUS Official Facebook page if you want to know more!

We're going to hear more stuff from ASUS soon! 


Check Out Oliver Sullano's Hottest TikTok Dance Tutorials

You might be lost baby girl but dance phenom Oliver Sullano can teach you a few tricks to make your Tiktok journey a bit easy as he whips out the greatest hits and do the choreography of it, or maybe, do his own spin, oh yes he can! He's only 18 years old but the level of tutorials he's made garnered him tons of views as other creators and dance fanatics follow his easy to do versions or marvel at how he does choreography with it on the very best popular app.

He doesn't dwell on the negative comments he seldom gets on the platform. Instead, he takes time reading the nice ones, which makes him eager to do more original stuff. He's also gives advice to new creators to keep them going. His goal is to inspire others and seeing their happiness makes him do even better on his next videos.

Go download the Tiktok App today and do the same things he's doing, then evolve to your own artistry like he does. It is available in Google Play and iOS, just search for it as it's a nice day to dance!

To get you started, follow this one:

See how it feels after a few rounds? Go get those endorphins out! 


The Good with the Tecno POVA Gaming Phone

Sunday, October 25, 2020

I've been using the Tecno POVA these past few weeks and it's been quite a nice experience. It's been Tecno's gaming phone and it hasn't failed me on COD which relatively uses ridiculously high graphics, yet it didn't get the device hot like in some pricey phones I've used in the past. Mind you, this isn't in the mid range priced level of smartphones and if you think about it, it would have been okay to see it with lower spec parts on it, but they didn't shortchange in the MediaTek Helio G80 Chipset it uses. It also uses a 6000mAh battery which can last you the whole day. Now imagine how many hours of gaming that would be right? Well, let's just say I do play a couple of rounds of COD with it and use social media on a regular basis but still have more YouTube time with it at night. 

This also costs Php 6,999 which means it is way cheaper than what you think. For what it's worth, you can play games, use it for work or educational purposes and perhaps a few hours of entertainment while you are stuck at home. I took the liberty to unbox it for you, here you go!

Now I wanted to actually see what how the cameras would fare because amongst all its features, that's the thing I am a little worried about, but it did quite fair in real life, no actually, I even see it better at night time video shots than more pricey ones I've tried recently. 

Again, this is my experience with the Tecno POVA. For the price, I felt it was worth it. If you're interested, go to the Shopee app and try and get one if it isn't sold out yet. I'm seeing it run out quite quickly. Must be something good with it, I bet people are going to buy this because of how it handles games. 

It's a good deal!