Century Tuna Everybod Superbod Go See 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Just dropped by the Century Tuna Go See as the competition nears its final casting call on the 27th of February. This is their 12th year, and they've probably seen it all. This time they are going to include more people as they expand the age requirement for the "Ageless" category. Yes, even if you are 60 they can do wonders on stage.

Carol San Pedro, Greg Banzon and Angel Jones served as judges and they will choose the finalists who will appear on the final casting call. We also interviewed CEO Greg about why they chose Alden and Nadine for Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020, I guess it was easy:

There were some wild ones, funny ones really good ones from different walks of life, this just proves you can be anyone but still have a healthy lifestyle. They also shared their advocacies, they also shared their journey on how they achieved their physique.

Now there is still a go see happening now, if you're up to it just go to Megamall Fashion Hall and fill up forms and do the process. Who knows, you could be the next Superbod!


PayMaya Can Now Be Used in MINISTOP Branches

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Your Kariman dreams and Uncle John Fried Chicken wishes is about to get better if you are with PayMaya. After launching a very successful BalikBayad campaign with my love KathNiel, they just want you to enjoy a cashless life with the bird brand. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, their current announcement ad says they now include Ministop to the growing list of PayMaya Preferred merchants. This means you can now pay for your usual purchases in Ministop stores and get added treats and perks whenever you pay via PayMaya QR. Making PayMaya QR available in more than 500 branches of Ministop all over the country means convenience for you and me. If you shop too from February 19 and April 18, PayMaya is giving a Php 50 perk if you purchase 200 pesos in Ministop participating stores, no joke! I just got mine this weekend and planning to get more in their future promos. Aside from that, you also get the chance to get the 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback which PayMaya QR also does from buying at partner merchants and establishments nationwide!

The list of PayMaya Preferred Merchants is growing and if you “Don’t Pay Cash. PayMaya!”, you’ll get more money out of the funds you get just by using it. I use it for Grab, for SM Department Store, I also use it to pay bills and get some other perks from it aside from Ministop. I think they’re putting up more kiosks so reloading won’t be a hassle. I reload via the cash in option of the PayMaya app and have been loving it ever since I discovered it could do that. Now you’ve got to register and use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY to get 50 bucks more :) because I care.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you about it, because I just did!


MERALCO Announces Lower Rates This February

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Have you felt the difference? I know I did. My Meralco bill arrived this month and it looks like there's good news because for the second month in a row, the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) announced that there is a decrease in power rates for the month of February. 

The overall rate for a typical household consuming 200kWh (much like in my home) decreased by Php 0.59 to Php 8.86 per kilowatt hour (kWh). This is at its lowest level in two years. Last month, they had it at Php 9.45 per kWh which is a significant drop in price. This means that in a household like mine, you will get a decrease on our bill of around Php 118 for the total electricity bill this month. This js because of the new Power Supply Agreements that they did last December 26th. They got the ability to choose cheaper electricity suppliers by partnering with specific ones like San Miguel Energy Corporation, South Premiere Power Corporation and AC Energy who charger less than others, hence the lower Generation Charges reflecting on your bill.

This is quite smart as it resulted in back-to-back rate decreases at P1.00 per kWh since the start of the year. This hasn't happened in the last 5 years. Add to that, some charges from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) (where we buy our power supply) seem to be also lower this month, that's good news!

What happens with these lower cost electricity sourced from PSAs is that you can save a lot, plus after using energy-efficient appliances and devices at home, you can save even more! The money you save can go to payment of other bills, utilities, or food on the table. 

Summer is also near, which means it will be doubly hard to generate with our Hydro plants, Meralco urges us consumers and businesses to practice energy efficiency initiatives. Even at your own home for example. Make sure to unplug appliances when not in use. Some of them still consume power even in sleep or standby mode. If you have air-conditioning at home, put it at mid-setting or around 25 degrees Celsius. That's going to be sufficient enough to keep your room cold and habitable. Consult electricians on how to use a power strip which can supply power to several appliances all at once. You can also opt to use natural light during daytime, photos and portraits look good on them anyway. Keep appliances well-maintained especially air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance, it makes your spot cool faster because the filters are dirt free, air clean too!

Anyway, check out this video to understand more about it!

As for me, I'll check more things at home and see how to improve efficiency and lower power consumption. We all live in this country, might as well do our share to save resources. Your kids would thank you for it!


60 Years of Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation is celebrating their 60th year bringing affordable insurance to Filipinos. Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC)  is also celebrating their 55th Anniversary and continues to provide SME's, farmers, fishermen, school teachers in rural areas and cities simple non intimidating insurance options. That's a great achievement, as pinoys continue to trust CBIC all throughout the years.

SVP and GM of Country Bankers Ms. Geraldine Garcia says "We are more known in the provinces and we still have a long way to go to be known in Manila. It is so nice to see all of you, we would need your help in getting our message across Filipinos especially those who are in Manila so you can tell them what we do in life and non-life insurance."

Currently they offer Life and Non-Life type of insurance which includes Microinsurance, Loan Insurance, Whole Life Plans, Term Plans and Savings. During the event, they had us try a game where teams purchased properties, cars, boats and personal insurance coverages so we could understand how it works in different situations. 

Their tagline "Kapag Sigurado Hindi Kabado" says a lot about the convenience and peace of mind you get from their services as they also continue to grow with the thousands who believe in their movement to make every person be ready at all times as accidents, calamities happen when you least expect it. Call them at 85238611 and 85240621. You may also visit them at 648 TM Kalaw Ermita Manila as they have agents to guide you with what you need!