Philippine Cycling Festival's Second Salvo at Clark, Pampanga

Thursday, December 08, 2022

I've been on a bike since I was 4, so in a sense it's second nature to me. It's a relatively good hobby, as you get good exercise, but never got competitive. 
Folks who would want to take it to another level though could start at the Philippine Cycling Festival which will happen on March 11 to 12 at Clark in Pampanga. This is a 2 day cycling event aimed to strengthen and immerse YOU into cycling culture. This is hosted by Neo Zigma Corporation in cooperation with Interval Gear Events Management and Metro Ad-vantage Media Marketing. This is their second time to do it and there are about 3000+ cycling enthusiasts that are expected to be there come plus their family and friends, ultimately to enjoy several races, retail shops, merch and bike shows too.

There will also be talks by some of the most influential bikers and bike product manufacturers in the country. For a little entertainment, there will also be live performances during this 2 day event, so make sure you get comfy on your seats while you are there.

Aside from that, there will be events at Clark Speedway on March 11th, a Mountain Bike XC race on March 12th via the Clark Paradise trail at Midori Hotel outdoor grounds and a night ride at The Villages (11th), plus Clark and the Gravel Race on March 12 too. The event will be supported by AXN, Fitbar, Pru Life UK, NLEX, TCG, Filinvest and a lot of others who believe in the cause. 
Last year's event was able to raise funds for PEACE CAMP at Brgy. Sapang-Uwak. They were given over 60 bikes and was done through Metro Pacific Investment Foundation, their CSR partner. If you want to know more about the cause and charities they help, please visit their official website today. So if you're serious about this, it's time to prepare for that grand event!


5 Good Reasons to Watch "CALL ME PAPI" in Cinemas Today!

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Spent an evening with the cast of CALL ME PAPI, it was their red carpet premiere and I think I under dressed, and I'm so sorry for that haha! I've been following this project for some time now, and was really excited to see how this would look like on the silver screen. This is also the last known project of Shandii Bacolod (Team MSB and FEAST Productions) who produced and conceptualized this film. She passed before the last day of filming, and they dedicated this to her. It's a light, funny film with 5 men involved. The roles are played by Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño. After watching the film, I could tell how you would probably like CALL ME PAPI which shows today on cinemas.

Three Years in the Making

It took a lot of time to make this film happen, it got delayed because they started a few days til the strict lockdown was imposed in the country. Stopping in the middle of filming made much of the artists act if it'll never be continued... but they did. It got stopped again when a surge happened. They followed strict protocols and was finally able to finish it July this year, which was a relief especially for those who would be handling continuity (of course their bodies and looks changed over time). The cast was ecstatic when they were done.

The Story is EASY

It was so nice to be there, the realization that both Dr. Alvin Yapan and Shandii Bacolod made this easy to digest in itself is already something different. They've made several films that are more on the serious side, very artsy, and would usually take time to understand, pretty cerebral. The feeling of being amongst usual friends, a huge barkada, that you would take a bullet for when times are hard.

The Boys

Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño alone would make you watch this film. They are absolutely in their best shape, though not the reason it's R-16, it's probably going to be one of the reasons to see this film. See, those muscles do actually come with deep stories in each of the characters they play. You'll find yourself rooting for one or almost all of them when you understand where they are coming from. Much of the drama though rests on Albie Casino's character, but as the film's name implies, he wouldn't end up handling everything alone because no matter how much things cost, the guys chip in to make things better. It is testosterone filled, but it ain't toxic... that alone should be appreciated.

It's FUN

There are several scenes which you'll find funny, but it wouldn't need a scientist to figure out. A little close to home especially if you're fond of "Tindahan" scenes where everything happens over a few bottles of beer and pulutan. The raunchy scenes would come, yes, it's certainly one of the highlights but never because of what you think. Watch out for the femmes because they too are built differently.


If there's a thing you would pick up from the relationships they forged, the women they loved or the reasons they leave or stay, is that there is hope, and LOVE for one another. It wouldn't be said straight forward, but done with a nudge, a banana, and eggs.

Go head on to theaters today to watch CALL ME PAPI. I liked what I saw in cinemas, because it's time you take a break from the usual serious movies. You need to get entertained while learning something in the process. These boys had that figured out.


Signs You're A Puregold Panalo Shopper

There are groceries, supermarkets, and then there's Puregold. There are thousands of people going to Puregold everyday to get the nice deals and low prices of products, but what do you think makes a Puregold Panalo Shopper different from the ordinary consumer? 

Here are tell tale signs that you are one:

Deals and Promos

You already know where to look once that you enter the shop's premises. Once inside, you go directly to the "Promo Board" where everything is summarized and ready for you to take advantage of. Look for pantry supplies, all the essentials and try to buy in bulk.

The Community

You have to be part of their Viber or their Puregold Mobile Community. It's got updates which you'll get real time, so you never miss out on things and have FOMO.

Know the Stocks

Since most of the products here are filled to the brim when doors open, it's a wise move to shop at Puregold when the store opens.

Makes the 1st of the Month a Special Day

This date is important as it marks the time when they play Puregold Hakot Evert 1. Puregold Members from all over converge into the stores to get 10% off their purchases. Aside from that, they know various events and educational ones that would be able to improve their businesses.

Takes Care of the Environment

Plastics have been a huge problem especially for developing countries. When you go to a Puregold store, you also have to carry around your own bag. For #PuregoldWalastikGroceryDay or not, you know how to care for the environment and start to do steps to reduce, re-use and recycle.

This is thier 25th year in the business and a lot of loyal cusomers still go to Puregold branches near them, as it's all worth it. Pretty soon, everybody would be able to roam around the aisle and never treat the Puregold branch be like a maze indoors. It's easy to become one and if you're an Aling Puring member, it'll be easier for you to run a business.

If you've got one or more of these, you're probably a Puregold Panalo Shopper, and that's a good thing!


JAKE CUENCA Acknowledges Buzz About Controversial Film "My Father, Myself"

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Netizens are still talking about the film "My Father, Myself" (by acclaimed Director Joel Lamangan) after its trailer was released a couple weeks back. In it, the heavily awarded and very talented actor Jake Cuenca was seen in intimate scenes with Sean De Guzman who's already done several indie and commercial films in his belt too.

Jake says "We do look at the comments and we see the negative ones, we do take note of that, but we also see a lot of positive ones on my Instagram account who on the other hand appreciates it. They know the story is different, but beautiful, and they've never seen things like this on cinema before."

Equally talented actress Dimples Roman plays Jake's wife Amanda and he commented "It's not enough to thank Dimples Romana for the amount of help she's given us during the filming of My Father, Myself. Rest assured, when she needs my help in any way, on another movie... I'll return the favor and help her there."

Jake also describes his family and said "I haven't been too visible when it comes to my personal life especially on social media. People really didn't really see what was happening, but we did really go through a lot of challenges in our relationship. The real reason why I'm doing this film is because my Mom told me that I could do it, so I'm really dedicating this to her. To tell you honestly, it's really my goal to win an award which has been my goal this year and next year. For sure, the first award that I get will be for my mother. I want that to happen!"

He adds "People can interpret me any way they want. The reason why I can work on films like these is because I don't have questions on myself, I don't have anything like that, I can focus on acting, and on the task at hand rather than ask myself about unrelated questions. We are just actors at the end of the day, I want to work with everyone... when that opportunity comes, I want to be partnered with Vice, or do dramas, let's do it, why not? Like what I said, I don't have limitations."

Talk about the film "My Father, Myself" certainly be to the brim til the actual movie comes out on the 25th as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022. Talented writer and actress Quinn Carillo (who did mighty well on several movies) was responsible for this story. This actually happened in real life and she interpreted it extensively for screenplay. This is produced by 3:16 Media Network and Mentroque who hinted about this I think in past events. This is huge because of the amount of people that are about to see this on MMFF. With an R18 rating, this would be for the mature audiences only. It'll be interesting to see how they would react once they get to see the whole story.