Success Both Ways at PUREGOLD Sari Sari Store Convention 2024

Friday, May 17, 2024

It was packed to the brim, with people coming from all over the country finding deal after deal at the recent PUREGOLD Sari Sari Store Convention 2024. This is part of Puregold's 20th anniversary celebration which they fondly call #Asen20Tayo (or AsensoTayo), a challenge that they have been doing these past years because they know if you become successful entrepreneurs, they also become successful too. I bet you haven't seen anything like this in the country because almost 120 brands and companies joined in to being their best and super affordable products so YOU can get only the best deal from Puregold.

Ms. Susan Co, the Chairman of Puregold Price Club Inc. says "Our lovely partners, guests, ladies and gentlemen, and fellow Ka-Asensos, a happy morning to all. Today, we bare witness to the start of the biggest and grandest Puregold Sari-Sari Store Convention 2024. This also marked the 20th year of our most successful program called Tindahan ni Aling Puring which has always made us win in our respective businesses. Our new call for "Asenso Tayo" holds so much value for every one of us here today, because it's not just mine, or yours, but ours. It's been a hard couple years during the pandemic, but by doing what is necessary to create networks, this inspires us to push even more during the most difficult times. Over 900,000 members, a strong number of micro, small and medium businesses that have worked so hard to sustain lives. We are not just PANALO, it's something we all should live by. We will continue to innovate so we could help more businesses thrive. Because of our ties, we are all winners! We will be here to support you all the way!"

Here's a glimpse of the event yesterday!

Congratulations Puregold! No wonder you've continued to win the hearts of the Filipinos!


A Glimpse of the Sparkle Prime Workshop

I've had my bout with acting back when I was a kid. During those years, my workshops were done privately and the system was pretty much unscientific, it was mostly putting ourselves in scenes. You could say it was something I'd do on occasion... and since I wasn't doing roles anymore I was so excited I'd get to experience the "Sparkle Acting and Empowerment Workshop" through the partnership of Philippine Entertainment Bloggers Association (PEBA) and Sparkle GMA Artist Center which happened a few days ago.

This was going to be conducted by THE Ana Feleo (Certified on Eric Morris System) whom I've had the opportunity to interview in the past (especially during the pandemic). This was also the first time I'm meeting her (in a physical sense), so I was quite excited about that when we arrived at the rehearsal studios. To tell you honestly, I've been overthinking a lot about this event and what I think I'd be learning from the workshop. Participants in our group were from different blogs and social channels. With Sparkle they had artists Jennifer Maravilla, Mitzi Josh, Zonia Mejia, Lauren King, Aidan Veneracion and Bruce Roeland whom all had previous experience of doing workshops under Ms. Ana Feleo.

After pleasantries, Ms. Ana took us to a plethora of exercises that would help us be more open about ourselves, our emotions, and feel what's possible. Ours was like a teaser of what she's been doing for 3-day workshops, so we get a gist of what artists usually do. This I'd say made me feel like I'd be more susceptible of absorbing what she taught on the red mat. Mind you, tons of Sparkle and GMA actors have gone through a lot in the same place, and if the mat could talk it'll probably tell a lot about their life, their pain and agony as it's been primarily used for motivation on scenes. They'd learn how to control how much of it will be used when they need to on projects, which makes sense with the nature of their work.

Knowing how huge of a roadmap this is for people undergoing the same training made me realize how it could impact their skills, especially for new actors. Since this was also an empowerment process, we learned how to communicate, express ourselves with no inhibitions, which would help us navigate the things we plan to do with our organization. It's not only leadership, but how we would be able to put our points across when we meet people. It's a skill we all have to work on and it was so nice we get to touch on that. There were a lot of things that we got to experience during the short time we spent that afternoon, and we even got to know each other even more. It was different than just looking at our blogs, our different backgrounds, because we saw how we learned as people. I bet that will be beneficial for a lot of individuals, and I'm so glad they're taking these workshops all over the country. 

Here's how you can enroll in the Sparkle Prime Workshop:

I'd like to take this bit to thank the men and women of Sparkle Artist Center, Ms. Jenny Donato the Sparkle AVP for Talent Recruitment and Development (who was quite fun to talk to on the sidelines!), Ms. Rochelle Tuazon-Chavez the Sparkle Senior Manager for PR, Events and Digital , and good guy Mr. Chester Singian (who I think is also going to be an artist soon!). Also, to the Sparkle artists Jennifer Maravilla, Mitzi Josh, Zonia Mejia, Lauren King, Aidan Veneracion and Bruce Roeland who were all so kind and game during the session. We also got to know you a little bit during the exercises that Ms. Ana executed that afternoon.

I'd also like to personally thank Ms. Ana Feleo who braved through her migraine just to make sure we had an unforgettable experience during the workshop, I really learned a lot in such a short time. I get it why the artists you previously worked with talk so highly of you. Thank you for being there to help us all throughout the workshop!

If you wish to join, just get in touch with them via the art card we added above. It'll change the way you think about actors, and you'll learn a lot about the craft.


Time to "Feed Your Cravings" with foodpanda

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Things have been so busy lately, not just because of work, but managing time with family, friends, even trying to stay away from the sun has been a chore... But fret not, when it comes to your food cravings, there's always foodpanda to rescue you.

It's really convenient to have a place to go to in case there's no more time to cook, to get hot meals, and have them delivered in a jiffy. You don't even need to make it rocket science since there's a lot of things recommended, and even get a few things bought if you're running low in the pantry.

Don't worry too if you're like me who spends the midnight oil writing, then suddenly go hungry in the wee hours of the morning because chances are, they'll have a few establishments still open and accessible, so no one gets hungry. Your cravings certainly need to be satisfied no matter what time of the day, and your cupboards and pantry need to be filled to the brim especially on weekends, or if a lot of people choose to stay at home.

If it feels like you need some good old comforting food, don't deprive yourself because you've worked hard all day. Some good old care and quality food would certainly make you feel better... And that party even more convenient at any time of the day! Go to or their social channels to know more on how you can save a lot more than what you thought was possible.

You've got to thank Pau Pau for that!


Luxe CEO Anna Magkawas dons Renee Salud Runway in Mindanaoan Couture

Sunday, May 12, 2024

The who's who of the fashion industry took to the grounds of Okada Manila on May 9th for a runway show by esteemed fashion designer and legend Renee Salud. The show was a hodge podge of glitz, glamour, culture and a heavy concentration on Mindanaoan influences. It was a sight to behold!

One of the highlights of the show was when the CEO of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group Ms. Anna Magkawas went on stage wearing Mama Renee's Mindanao Tapestry II. After the show, she shared what it felt like being on stage adorned with one of the best creations that evening and said "It just felt so surreal , I was so nervous, but at the same time quite proud seeing all that happen. This is the first time for me to wear a gown designed by him, and walk for the show at the same time. I had no idea it would be that grand, but I guess you can expect that in a Renee Salud show. I had a very tight schedule, and only did fit late because of work. I was the last one to do so a day before the show, I was just thankful we were able to rehearse on the day itself, I managed to pickup a few things about the flow of the show."

For those who don't know, Ms. Anna Magkawas is the woman behind Luxe Slim which is a famous brand of health products in the country. Her thrust fashion wise is to stay with the classics, those that exude elegance. She doesn't wear pieces that may be too revealing, and stayed with very neutral colors. 

The show also had pieces that mix the traditional and modern while utilizing our home grown materials and native textile. They also got to showcase unique pieces, which Renee Salud could only execute. It's why Ms. Anna is always at awe of Filipino fashion designers and find how each region is quite different, something she's eager to wear in future shows and events too.

If you want to know more about Ms. Anna Magkawas and her empire, follow her social channels @anna_magkawas on IG, @annamagkawasofficial on FB and LuxeSlimPH for her products. 

Congratulations on this show Ms. Anna!