Come #SparkTheEnergy with Berocca!

Monday, February 28, 2022

January was certainly pretty busy as in between events and online activities, I had to stop, pause and get my vaccine booster shots done prior to attending physical events later that month. After a few days of feeling a little numbness on my right arm and sleepless nights, I barely had time to work because those times of blankly looking at the screen came back and I had to sleep, take a break and reset.

Whenever I feel something's about to go down, my personal regimen is to take a tablet of Berocca to get those vitamins and minerals in my body. With it, I kinda reset, never feel like I'm tired and get so alert I'd be raring to write creatively and shoot vlogs, interview some of the country's biggest stars and spend lots of time with family. It's always like a perfect day when I've gotten that done after breakfast. Even if I'm a diabetic, I take it as it's sugar free and don't have to worry my readings would shoot up. 

Since it gives me more energy, I'd take it and have extra enthusiasm to squeeze in a quick workout before I go to sleep. I got to lose a lot of weight even when I'm at home because the sessions I do (even when I don't visit a gym) is enough to get me running around the neighborhood. I feel my energy is back and I'm raring to even do more!

Times are also changing, and so is the restrictions easing down. Now there's a more easier way to go out, still stay safe by following all health protocols and taking time to take care of ourselves while we're in or out of our homes. Berocca helps me keep my mind on the game. I don't get often sick because I get the nutrients I need with it. I also think sharper, helps me concentrate, and help me work out smarter even when I'm at the comforts of my own home. If you need ideas and want to see success stories like mine, you may visit and sign up. Come join the events, participate in the free squad challenges (lots of that there!), gain rewards and share your stories too while you're at it!

With Berocca, come and #SparkTheEnergy! 


COCO MARTIN Endorses Partylist That Champions Transport Sector and Livelihood Advocacies

Friday, February 25, 2022

Looks like your friendly neighborhood Cardo Dalisay is going to be dipping his hands in endorsing a Party List entity called AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino (Alliance of Public Transport Organization Inc.) which aims to represent  the transport sector and providing livelihood and help for the ordinary joe. He's making rounds today February 25 to advance the party's agenda together with first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong and publishing videos that would introduce their projects since the pandemic started which includes free transportation for health workers #LibrengSakay,  free vegetables for community kitchens #LibrengGulay and free educational tablet units #LibrengTablets that benefited teachers and students during these times. 

Rep. Ronnie Ong has been Coco's long time friend and has been dubbed in PeopleAsia as "Frontliner Congressman". He has always been a staunch supporter of programs that alleviate poverty, those concerned with labor and employment. He has been on the ground arranging work for able bodied Seniors who still need to make a living, working students, transport workers and drivers, even laid off ABSCBN workers who were displaced in the company's recent shutdown.

Coco says "Whatever hardships we go through, we have people we can count on. AP Partylist can help provide jobs and create opportunities for small businesses. This would be apt for for Filipinos who would want to earn a living, put food on the table for their family."

Coco's compatriots in the show "Ang Probinsyano" at Task Force Agila also lauds the party list group and saw how they helped in advocacies. They also are fervently helping support #164 AP Partylist so they could continue helping people that are not just in the sectors they represent, but the communities that need it.

Here's  the video which came out today:

Coco hopes that those who support him would also be able to do the same with AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino which you can find #164 this coming election.


Passion: An Indespensible Ingredient in Blogging

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The era of blogging is still alive in the country, which for me - is still in its infancy. I believe we've barely scratched the surface; as the expertise and passion required to be in this industry has been satisfied by the skin of one's teeth.

I've been writing online since 1995. I started doing journals of my life, of goofy personal anecdotes as I was already building websites and didn't have content for them during the dial up era. My official hosted website started around 2003 as I've seen a surge of it of sorts in the US. I felt there were barely a few blogs in the Philippines and most of them were transcribed in Filipino which I wasn't too confident writing with. It was awesome to have been able to talk to them (US bloggers) while I was starting, I got the advice I needed from industry leaders/professional bloggers whom I could learn from early on.


I started covering local events in Manila and saw how my writing passion could help businesses and startups be known on the web. This started the expansion of my network as I got to be recognized with the value of what I write and see conversion first hand as people started to tell me about what I wrote about this and that product. In 2010, I got bit by the photography bug and bought my first DSLR camera. With it, I combined my love for fashion, photography and  writing appearing in Philippine Fashion Week, fashion shows, bi annual brand shows (the biggest in the country) and got to see the Philippines brightest celebrities, international stars, models, fashion designers and got to know them a little better. I also started to interview stars from broadcast stations, and increased my tribe including those from other countries because of the medium I decided to write with and established what my website is today.

Prior to that, I've been working for a multinational corporation as a Computer Engineer. It was totally off from my day job but it was something that I believed would take me places, unbeknownst to some of my peers. Others say it was a crazy idea to quit a secure and prestigious job and do this full time. When I left the corporate world a few years ago and did this stint, I didn't feel that it was work and I was only following my passion. I also had the chance to write for a travel magazine, a men's magazine with an international circulation which was only a dream for a budding writer like me. It happened all so fast, but I'm glad to have been able to go through the trials and tribulations of blogging early on.

Some international celebrities who have graced my blog. There are more, we couldn't fit them in one frame!
Here’s some pointers to note if you would like to start in the same profession:

1.    Don’t do it because you can earn from it. It’s a perk, but it’s not a good place to start. Pretty soon, you’ll run out of ideas and you won’t be in the right place to find inspiration to write if it’s something you’re not passionate about.

2.    Get a handy camera. These days, telling a story isn’t just going to cut it if you don’t spend time telling a story with photos or videos. Invest in a good digital camera or a mobile phone that can be your best buddy when doing interviews. It will save you a lot of time. Owning your own images and videos will also save you from the headache of fighting copyright issues from day 1.

3.    Be nice to people. Say hello and thank you often. Make sure the connections you make in one event last a lifetime because brands, deals, people would make you thrive in this industry. Help them as they help you.

4.    Appreciate the little things. From saying thanks to a simple gift, it wouldn’t hurt to reciprocate the good things people do for you. 

5.    Don’t shortchange yourself. In this industry, the last person that should doubt yourself is YOU. If you feel and think you are in the right, fight for it. Just like in any job, the playing field is huge… and there are people that will take advantage of your kindness. Be nice, but if you find a situation where you need to be stern, become it.

6.    Be honest with your readers, because they can spot who’s not from a mile away even before you press that publish button.

7.    Follow your passion. At the end of the day, it will make you happy. 

One of the highlights of my career probably was the chance to go back to my university and tell them about what I've gone through; so they too would take the chance and follow their dreams. I’ve been blogging for a little around 22 years, yet I feel like I’ve just started doing what I love… and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Passion is an ingredient mostly looked over, but it is the most important thing I've had - it kept my desire for writing stay.


Good Oral Health Month Deals on Shopee Today!

ou've started a good run this February especially if you've celebrated Valentine's day with your loved ones, or significant other. Those kisses you gave, kisses you received must have been so good, but have you paid attention to oral health? See, February is officially Oral Health Month and by this time, you should have figured out that brushing, isn't really enough.

In the country, Listerine is a trusted brand and if you're taking care of your oral health, chances are, this is a regular in your medicine cabinet which you take out after you brush your teeth every meal. It kills over 99.9% of germs in your mouth and gives you ample protection for over 24 hours after that. This takes you a higher protection against things that cause cavities, plaque, gum issues thant just plainly brushing your teeth provides. Listerin also comes in zero alcohol and no sting varieties which you can choose on purchase. It's also very accessible as most pharmacies and groceries carry them, else, you could always get them online on Shopee.

Different varieties, sizes, pretty good stuff at the Shopee app. You can get them here

If you wish to have them delivered to your doorstep, there's a lot of Listerine variants available at the Shopee app and the official Johnson & Johnson PH store. You can buy the Sakura and Peach pack here which is my personal favorite. If you're looking for a deal, there's also a one day offer available ONLY FOR TODAY!

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 1L + FREE 750ml:

Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L + FREE 750ml:

You save in the process and keep your oral health in check, I'm sure your girlfriends, family would love you even more if your breath smells fresh! Mine does, and I'm loving it!


PBA Starts LIVE Audience and Broadcast on TV5

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

After a little heartbreak hearing Alaska being on the verge of leaving the league, hearing the crowd will be back in games was big news. This will all happen on PBA Governors Cup as the metro stays on Alert Level 2 and the league willing to go have 50% venue capacity, all happening this week. The theme this time is "Tayo ang Bida, Tuloy ang Laban".

For those who love the games, they'll be having double shows on Wednesday to Sunday and it will all be covered by TV5 and One Sports where you can watch it from the comforts of your home. If you prefer the live games, you can start getting tickets over at the Araneta Coliseum ticket office when the games happen live.

Magnolia Hotshots is still the team to beat since they haven't had any losses. Meralco Bolts and NLEX Road Warriors follow closely with some of their players dishing out the best plays in the league coming from the national pool veterans and good rookies. The transfers of Arwind Santos to Northport, Alex Cabagnot to Terrafirma  and Chris Banchero to Meralco Bolts might affect the standings soon, plus the new imports... so don't get your hopes up yet even if you've got a comfy lead, it can change anytime soon.

There's more to watch out for in the coming weeks, so if you don't have the time to go there live, go get your basketball fix from TV5 as the official broadcaster of the league promises thorough coverage every game day. You can watch it too on One Sports and PBA Rush on Cignal. Follow their social channels too for blow by blow accounts of the games when it happens on the PBA.


Legarda Reiterates Need for Innovation to Induce Growth and Development

It's been three years since the Philippine Innovation Act has been enacted and its author Senator Loren Legarda reiterates the importance of innovation in order to spur growth in the country.

She has previously spent three terms in the Senate and has placed these as key strategies in order to see economic development in the Philippines. The Republic Act No. 11293 will intensify the capabilities of micro, small and medium enterprises to compete with other businesses by utilizing advancements in science and technology and source needed change in these sectors.

Ms. Loren pushed adequate response from the National Economic and Development Authority, the Depart of Trade and Industry, plus the Department of Science and Technology in order to fund these projects and benefit various sectors including MSME's who are in need of expertise in the fields of finance, design, technology, marketing, quality assurance, promotion and intellectual property rights so they too can protect themselves. She sets the DOST and the Universiyty of Antique partnerships which bore fruit to great value in existing programs that produced needed support in the region that utilized agricultural produce and resources from the same province. It generated employment and opportunities for individuals and entrepreneurs in their respective municipalities. This resolved problems in malnutrition as people got work and pay, to put food on the table.

She also has seen the cooperation of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in Bacnotan, La Union, funded by her office in 2018 which gives access to capital, skills training and assistance. This benefited fisherfolk, traditional weavers and farmers who work on fabrics like abaca, pineapple and banana that are naturally grown and sought after by international designers.

Ms. Loren says "We need to see effective implementation and proper funding for programs under the Philippine Innovation Act so we can help MSME's to sustain and promote their trade. This is done not just locally, but for the global market. This will surely benefit a lot of Filipinos." and I agree with that.


Multinational Business Growth set To Increase Residential Home Demand in Bataan

t's been two years since the pandemic hit the Philippines and with even bigger fervor, the country is set to bounce back from it's economic setbacks. If you're aware of PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) and the things they do to promote the country as a business destination, they are doing legwork in Bataan which is also boosting demand for residential homes in the province.

The said agency has attracted Taiwanese businesses to put up shop in the region and this will benefit not just qualified Filipinos from Manila, but also the locals which reside in the province. That growth will spur the need for more homes and BRIA Homes has seen that need in their Mariveles and Hermosa municipality properties which are some of their 50 plus projects in the country.
 Development in the region has been much awaited and this growth will make BRIA Homes Bataan a wise and economically sound option especially as these companies make the municipalities more vibrant and great place to work in the coming years. Fron Family Friendly Fixtures like sports and recreational facilities, secured spaces, you're bound to love that BRIA property near you.
This also comes with nearby educational institutions which make this place a liveable one. If you're starting a family, or want them to go to good schools, you can choose from various institutions like Mariveles National High School, PUP Bataan, Balanga State University, Limay Polytechnic College among others. There's also churches like Cabcaben Catholic Chuch and INC Cabcaben too for the religious. For the shopaholics, there's VistaMall Bataan, Puregold Cabcaben and Mariveles Market for native flair. 

Quality and best value for homes that would make a great investment and place to start a family, that's what BRIA Homes brings. There's a lot more in their portfolio so if you don't like one, there's another one that you would love. If you want to see them all, just head on to or their Facebook page Bria Homes Inc. Other social channels like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify and others are available, just look up their mobile 09398879637 and they'll be standing by to receive your call.


Dimples Romana for Sante Barley Max

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dimples Romana has always been a breath of fresh air. She's that Mom who always wants the best for her kids, her family, and overall, you would want to have her be part of yours if heaven permit. Well this afternoon, we took a breather from the usual show business coverage and took time to see the folks at Sante Barkley Max have her as their new endorser.

Joey Marcelo of Sante Barley Max says "Sante International is a 100 percent Filipino owned company, with a vision to provide products in the wellness industry. We are the first Filipino company that has been able to put up shop in New Zealand. In the new normal, there's no way to cope but to level up year on year. We want to inspire more Filipinos, and in the 15 years we have been here, it's exciting to have a new member in our family Ms. Dimples Romana. Her values and persona aligns with our own. Her love language is to nurture, we value family. Her natural flair, genuine love and care for her family is outstanding. We're proud to have you here."

Health and quality of her life is surely one of the things why they got Ms. Dimples Romana, as she values it the most. People trust her, we've seen this actress on screen doing good work. Today, she's asking us to live more, do more with Sante Barley Max.

Dimples says "You all know how excited I am talking about healthy alternatives and do as much as we can to live to the max by taking care of ourselves. I am in the US right now as I'm still finishing a few shoots. I have a college student at home, but I always want to look young and feel young. I'm also a wife of 20 years, and I also started working very young and often have burn out moments. You have to take steps to live a healthy life, when you want to do that, it has to be small steps every single day. I only have to drink one sachet of Sante Barley Max every morning. Benefits, yes! I am still alive and kicking at 12:30am and feel energetic. Time zones usually mess up your body and it depends on the activities that you do to make sure you still get enough energy all throughout the day. Sante Barley Max helped me rid of toxins in my body, I regularly take it so my digestive functions are right. You have to have a different mindset, rid yourself of things that make you unhealthy. Til now, I don't think I look my age and I'm happy with that. During these days, I would often look at the mirror and see what I look like, I don't look tired even with all the work that I do. I really feel so great with Sante Barley Max. It's also the mindset, to begin something beneficial for me, to live to the max."

Sante Barley Max is an all natural food supplement made of young barley grass, turned into powder and can be consumed. It's got lots of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, amino acids, nutrients that is good for the body. It's safe to be taken by diabetics as it's got Stevia as sweetener. They now have it in capsule and sachet form so it's easier to take once a day (the sachet) or one capsule after every meal. It's available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Soutstar, Shopee or Lazada.


KD ESTRADA and ALEXA ILACAD #KDLex What's The Real Score?

This morning went so well as we were treated to kilig and fun with the global mediacon of Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada's official loveteam KDLEX and their sold out show CLOSER, (a couple of Gen Ad tickets left!) which is their fan conference this coming February 26th.

The success of their pairing was certainly magnified during their PBB stint as they were part of the celebrity edition this year. Needless to say, when they came out and saw the support they got from viewers, they were certainly overwhelmed by it. Seeing body language and unending holding hands during the press conference this morning had me ask myself, what's the real score? Are they reel or real? Well, we couldn't pass on the opportunity to know and the media guests were all ears, so here's a snippet of the global media conference earlier:

If you want to be part of the phenomenon that is KDLex, you can still purchase tickets over at KTX.PH and just look for the event happening on the 26th of February. Enjoy fun times, music and see why people adore KDLex today!

UNIQLO 2022 Spring Summer Collection

Monday, February 21, 2022

ook a few hours in the morning for some good UNIQLO time as they showcased their Spring Summer Collection for 2022. With all the pandemic things happening, I could have sworn this wouldn't have happened.

What's good is that in this launch, they delve into what matters most as far as wearing clothes is concerned, they call it "The Joys of Clothing" putting emphasis on the simple pleasures of wearing it. That sounds amazing in my books so I went in with an open mind about the colorful season they showed last Friday.

In it, they discussed Skyline (for a more cosmo urban look), Landscape (off the grid looks), Imagination (vibrant colors), Sun and Seaside (drape, natural textures, linens, comfy wear). They also interviewed a couple of people, I liked some of the things they wore.

Aside from that, I love the UT shirts with classic Mickey Mouse done by artist and fashion mogul Joshua Vides. For the women, make sure you go and seek Hana Tajima and Ines de la Fressange line, the color and style would definitely be femme centric. For those who prefer an outdoorsy work, the JW Anderson line does not disappoint especially those that have rope work and unconventional seaside inspirations this year. All of these are available in store and on the Uniqlo app, go ahead and get them today. You can also see it on the latest edition of Uniqlo Lifewear Magazine which you can pickup in store if you're around a branch. I'm going!


Bossing VIC SOTTO for BOSSMAXX3 Capsule and Coffee

It was a nice and fun afternoon over at the BOSSMAX3 Capsule and Coffee launch with their main man Bossing Vic Sotto and host Paulo Ballesteros giving us reasons why we should take these products from Corbridge a try.

BOSSMAX3 are dietary supplements and coffee made from Mangosteen Xanthone, one of our favorite local fruits that is said to have a throng of health benefits. Vic Sotto says "In many years, I've had the opportunity to give joy to other people. I take care of my health, I owe it to myself and my family. I do exercise, proper diet, and the bossing of my health BOSSMAX3, because your health is your boss."

He adds "When we did the shoot, Boss Gap was really attending to my needs. From capsule to coffee, I had it all. Mangosteen is a favorite, I called my driver to buy some for me but when he came back he told me "I can't find the store of Mang Gusting", no not my barber! Thank you to my Corbridge family for choosing me as an endorser, thank you for the warm welcome. Times are challenging and we've faced the pandemic head on while working at home. We follow protocols, and still adjusting to the new normal. This keeps me healthy, and you need the extra boost to keep you in shape, BOSSMAX3 does it for me! Aside from that, please text Pauline for my secrets. Being healthy for me especially during this pandemic, has been very important and we've seen that in the last few years. For a longer life, a better outlook in life, right food, supplements and vitamins, and not just coffee, you need a good one with health benefits. You also need to think about your mental health because that becomes who you are physically. I don't really endorse things that I don't believe in, and now that I'm younger, you have to double your efforts in taking care of your health. It's good to get older, you often felt it was hard, but I enjoy it now because we have discounts and feel it's good to grow... and BOSSMAX3 is good too."

Corbridge Group Philippines President and GM German Panghulan says "BOSSMAX3 is launching today, thank you Maru Sotto for making this possible. We welcome Vic Sotto to our Corbridge family. We have released products that add value for the community, it has been more apparent during these times in having good supplements for our consumers. We see ourselves doing this more in the years to come."

The BOSSMAX3 Coffee Strong costs Php 17.50 per sachet and Php 175.00 Box of 10s P175.00 while the BOSSMAX3 Coffee Creamy version costs Php 21.00 per sachet or Php 210 per box of 10's. The capsules cost Php 9.75 only, not fit for kids or lactating moms. BOSSMAX3 is available in Mercury Drug and Watson's Stores nationwide. Vic Sotto takes both the Creamy and Strong version, so you can do the same and take it when you feel like it. The BOSSMAX3 Coffee has Stevia as sweetener, so diabetics like me can have it. Now only if there's one in my home... baka naman!


PIOLO, MATTEO, Ms. CHARO Talk About Sun Life's Health Campaign

Friday, February 18, 2022

These days, what do you need most? Is it Love? Health? Wealth? Time? or Travel? This was actually asked during a Sunlife event this morning.

Alex Narciso the President of Sunlife of Canada (Phils) says "Sunlife has always been a staunch health advocate. Health is a key to a brighter future. This was solidified in 2020 when the pandemic happened. We need to live a fuller life with our loved ones, we need to be more prepared in medical emergencies and in protecting our health. We designed programs to be more comprehensive, we have a wider suite of health products with the evolving health needs of Filipinos. We now have GOWELL for health and wellness content, recipes, workout videos, webinars, promos and perks. We pivoted to become digital so they would be able to connect with advisors without leaving the comfort our our clients homes. We also value health literacy, hence our partnerships with organizations. This includes womens health, breast cancer information, help the greater community pursue a healthier life as well. We have launched projects to uplift the lives of our kababayans in Barangay Health Stations, so they too have access to preventive medicine. The foundation is funding construction for health stations, ensure it has personnel, and so far we have 8 in the municipalities in Batangas. Soon, there will be 42 by 2025. This is also fueled by SunPiology, as we raised funds for scholars, diabetes care, construct better care protecting persons from the disease. Our friends and partners, Sunlife is committed to make Filipinos live healthier lives. We want to re-affirm this commitment because it's worth it!"

Carla Gonzales Chong Marketing and Client Experience OIC for Sun Life Philippines says "We believe that in order to be financially secure, we need to help our clients live healthier lives. We need to take care of their various priorities of not being sick, and COVID-19 impacted a lot of lives. Majority would pay for health supplements, eat healthy, but only few have health and self insurance. Being financially prepared in cases like sickness can take a huge dent in our savings. Sunlife encourages to prepare for it early on, it includes investment in health. Matteo, Piolo believes that it is worth it. We invest in health to provide for our loved ones, to live longer, healthier lives."


Matteo says "I really rely on Sunlife for our life protection plan, for first time insurance buyers, it's affordable but has maximum protection. I am inspired to take care of myself so we have more time for each other. We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary. My wife also takes care of my health."

Piolo says "Sun Fit and Well makes me confident that I'd be taken cared of if the uneventful happens. You need to respect yourself. I told my son to not spend so much while he's in the US. He lives a healthy lifestyle and I don't think I have to remind him anymore, he's taking good care of himself and I know even if the work is hard, he's good physically."

Ms. Charo Santos Concio says "I'm glad I haven't had an investment that I regret, I really had a knack for it and have done a good job. I took the life plans because when my Father passed, it's what kept us afloat life wise. It made us survive during those times, so it's very personal for me."

The two gentlemen and iconic lady will be also releasing a couple of videos depicting their advise for their younger selves. To know more about their new products like the SUN First Aid Plus (which Matteo talked lengthy about), SUN Fit & Well (which Piolo swears by) and SUN ICU Protect (for serious emergency illnesses that Ms. Charo mentioned), you may go to a preferred Sun Life Advisor to get what's apt for you. They are available at and their socials


Best Spots for a Weekend Getaway in Ontario

Ontario, often referred to as "Canada's most populated province" is a beautiful and picturesque destination. Ontario has a lot to offer and it would be an injustice not to plan a trip there.

The best time for visiting the province of Ontario is during the winter months. The weather is pleasant and you can enjoy outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or ice-skating. But if the winter season isn’t for you, no worries! There is just as much to enjoy in the warmer months.

Check out these top 4 destinations in Ontario for your next weekend excursion!


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is one of the most peaceful, quiet, and clean cities in North America.

It is a city that is full of culture and heritage. Ottawa is also home to many different museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants and more. There are plenty of things to do in Ottawa for both visitors and locals alike.

You can also enjoy some great food while visiting this destination, with many restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. The ByWard Market area is home to numerous pubs and restaurants and live music venues that offer a more traditional pub experience for those looking for something different than just fine-dining restaurants.


Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of things to do. If you are looking to get out and explore this amazing city, here are some suggestions for how to spend your weekend.

There are so many things you can do in Toronto on the weekend. You can explore the city’s neighborhoods, which each have their own unique vibe and charm. You can go shopping in Yorkville Village or Queen West Village for high-end fashion brands like Gucci or Chanel.

You can stop by the Eaton Centre during the day for great deals on clothes you never knew you wanted but need now! Or eat at one of Toronto's many restaurants that excel in cuisine.


Halton is a great destination for a weekend getaway. The town has its own charm and you can find many natural beauty spots to explore off the beaten path. The best way to do that is by bike or by car. There are also many restaurants in Halton, including some great spots for brunch on Sundays, like The King’s Head Pub & Restaurant.

Halton also offers interesting activities for all interests including golfing, water sports, fishing, hiking and more. If you are looking for culture there are some great museums in Oakville or live theater in Burlington that will keep you entertained during your stay here.

It may not come to a surprise to you that after visiting here you find yourself searching the current Halton real estate market because chances are, you’ll want to stay for longer than a weekend.

Lake Huron Shorelines

The Lake Huron shoreline stretches over 200 miles and is a popular destination for those looking to spend the weekend outdoors. There are plenty of things to do in this region when you have a free weekend.
Some activities include visiting Niagara on the Lake which is a charming town with excellent wineries to go tasting at, taking a walk along the sand dunes or Georgian Bay beach, or perhaps heading out on the water for a day of fishing or watersports.


Smart Deals Out for the OPPO Reno6 Z 5G

Thursday, February 17, 2022

If you're in the lookout for a good phone after the holidays (because by this time you would probably have money from Ninong and Ninang lol), get the Smart deal over at OPPO.

They partnered up with Smart Communications so you can get the latest Reno 6 Z 5G for only Php 17,999 (original price is Php 19,999) as you become full pledged Smart or TNT Prepaid subscribers. The Reno6 Z 5G is pretty nice for content creators as it's got a 64MP and triple camera on the back which works wonders if you're fond of taking videos and photos. You can also enjoy it with various games and upload content fast as it's got 5G. It also charges fast with its 30W charger and enjoy the discount if you're in the mood for a smartphone today. It will only be til the 31st of March so go get them in OPPO Concept Stores and selected partner dealers today!


Dating Apps: Do They Work?

Friday, February 11, 2022

he pandemic has forced us all to stay in our homes and contemplate about life and dating. These days, going out on an "in person" date would require having testing kits, a microscope and certifications from doctors (I kid). In ways, it has become passe and people have started to realize that relationships can still start with technology through apps on your smartphone. The arduous hours spent on it recently had been figured out (thanks to Rakuten Insight and Statista Global Research) that over 48 percent of Filipinos use dating apps and almost 28 percent admit spending several hours in a week in it. This would probably continue to grow in coming years.

If you don't know, the business is worth 2.5 Billion Dollars, let that sink in. In an industry like this, you need great app experience to stand out and get a bigger chunk of the pie. With it, you'll get a lot of people match and experience connections that are all easy, seamless, meaningful and enjoyable. The various facets of the app should be supported including those that can be attended to by digital outsourcing providers.

The Dating Game

Chat is essential but there are tons of other features that leading apps use to make it a successufl match. Those gif's, stickers, images, greetings, predictive text, much of the things you see or do are driven by AI or machine learning. This includes responses they give so they lead conversations, land pickup lines and Dad jokes with ease.

Others take the extra mile and do games, from trivia rounds to spaceships with your nose, to turning those awkward situations more entertaining. There's a lot out there that can make or break a great dating app, but only a few employ good ones. It has to, otherwise it needs a bit of re-thinking.

In-App Support

Not everyone would be putting in their personal details in the app, understandable for safety reasons. Aside from that, scams and cat-fishing are actually a thing now. This is why support channels should be available whether chat or email, and response to urgent matters must be addressed especially if things get compromised.

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A Home with Amazing Views: Horizon Terraces Garden Villas

The Philippines is just a treasure trove of nature, beautiful landscapes and untouched terrain. While we have that in the country, not much appreciation falls on it til the pandemic happened two years ago. Naturally, the need for healthy liveable homes was at an all time high and yes, who wouldn't love ample space for having your own garden and backyard?

Such are the things available at Horizon Terraces Garden Villas. These are new prime residences at Tagaytay Highlands. With picturesque views of Taal Lake and Mount Makiling, it'll be a dream to wake up with it everyday with a cup of coffee and newspaper on hand. In the property, folks would enjoy the Central Garden, Garden Courtyard, Sensory Garden for kids and Midlands Golf Course. It won't be a weekend getaway anymore if you're spending every day in it.

Not only that, you've got sports facilities, pools, restaurants that would rival the best restaurants you've been in through the years. These are some of the perks only enjoyed by owners, their families and guests, probably you very soon. If you want to see how it looks like virtually, check out or their various videos and presentations on YouTube (just search for Gelndale Model Unit Walkthrough and you'll get there!).

Tagaytay Highlands also has always been so secure. They've been awarded by the local government of Tagaytay and won awards for being best in class of developers in open market projects. In the property, they still employ safety protocols, mask up and social distance. Tagaytay Highlands were but a dream before but these days, they offer flexible payment terms so if you fancy a unit in Horizon Terraces Garden Villas, go visit their official Facebook page and IG account or their official website. Just search for @tagaytayhighlandsofficial and it'll be the best life decision you'll have this year.


ARJO ATAYDE Does International Film "Cattleya Killer" and Pursues QC D1 Projects

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Our good looking Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Actor Arjo Atayde is breaking new ground as he continues upcoming drama thriller project "Cattleya Killer". This is an international film that will be done with ABS-CBN International and as of recent, they've announced the ensemble cast that will make this an even greater picture. Among them are legendary Christopher de Leon, Jake Cuenca, Jane Oineza, Ricky Davao, Nonie Buencamino, my love Ria Atayde, Ketchup Eusebio, Frances Makil, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Jojit Lorenzo and Divine Diva Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. Production will start this February 2022, and Arjo says "Who wouldn't be excited working with such a formidable cast, and I'm sure we'll deliver a quality film that Filipinos here and around the globe would be proud of. Included in the cast are some of the most respected and accomplished actors who have worked in international films, this will surely be an amazing project for all of us!"

Not forgetting people he serves in Quezon City's First District, Arjo recently graced the town fiesta dedicated to San Pedro Bautista in Basilica Minore de San Pedro Bautista in Barangay Damayan. Arjo and Mayor Joy Belmonte were designated Hermana Mayor and Mayora this year and they obliged. Arjo is also busy in Barangay Santa Teresita as he donated 49 laptop units for daycare centers and an AI Smart Scan X-ray machine for the Barangay Hall. The machine is state of the art, capable of detecting 25 chest pathologies because of its AI tech. It sees Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cancer and see other illnesses in different parts of the body in just 2 minutes. This was developed by scientists in India, Japan and the Philippines which is phenomenal. Arjo says "This machine works fast and can produce results in 2 minutes, a team of medical experts to assist with this and doctors will interpret results for accuracy."

Arjo was with TJ Calalay, Joseph Juico, Bernard Herrera, Charm Ferrer and the Barangay offciials of Area 6 in Quezon City's 1st District. Our boy is doing good work and I've heard my friends in the area are feeling his presence! He is also being supported by a lot of private businesses and celebrity friends, we can't wait for him to do even more things for his constituents soon.


JENNIFER LOPEZ and OWEN WILSON Surprisingly Good in Romcom MARRY ME

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Just got out of the cinema after watching MARRY ME, the much awaited movie starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez. In it, they commit to a marriage through a live audience. This advanced screening is a treat from Universal Pictures and of course Araneta City's Gateway Cineplex. 

The premise is a wedding wherein there's 20 million people in attendance, a marriage on stage of a pop star and a latin hunk, dubbed as the biggest wedding in the world... but what happens if she finds out that he’s cheating? 


Owen Wilsom plays a mormal Dad (Charlie Gilbert), a divorcee who takes good care of his daughter. He’s also a math professor, who didn’t hear about Kat (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (oh he's such a dbag - played by Latin star Maluma) prior to this. He had to go to the concert because he got complimentary tickets, brought along his daughter too so that he wouldn’t pass the opportunity to become a cool dad for once. When she (Kat) found out that she was getting cheated on by Bastian, she thought of choosing a random guy in the audience, and Owen was seen holding a "Marry Me" placard, and she then said yes. He went on stage after being egged by everyone, and that started their story. 

I like the part where Kat (the character of JLo) said “If you want to do something different, you have to do something different.” Also loved the different outfits JLo wore, plus the song numbers are also concert worthy, you get a movie and a concert all in one! I loved it, kinda liken it to her 2002 Maid in Manhattan work but a whole lot better story wise. She made me cry a few times during the Mathlon, but you've got to find out why (no spoilers here!).


Oh by the way, Gateway Mall has pretty nice cinemas. They're currently employing one seat apart and no food rule inside theaters. You can carry drinks though, understandable because they are following IATF rules. Novotel also is offering wedding and Valentines day packages (if you haven't thought about arranging a lavish date for your boyfriend or girlfriend this might be an opportune time to do it). They're under Accor who also manages 5 star hotels in the Philippines. Pizza Hut also is doing food promos which you can avail in restaurants nationwide, you may opt to eat before or after the movie. 

Marry Me will be shown in theaters starting February 9th in cinemas nationwide, but if’s a good thing to watch in Araneta City Gateway Cineplex if you are near the area. If you are a fan of JLo, you definitely should not miss this. Valentines date? yeah!