Come #SparkTheEnergy with Berocca!

Monday, February 28, 2022

January was certainly pretty busy as in between events and online activities, I had to stop, pause and get my vaccine booster shots done prior to attending physical events later that month. After a few days of feeling a little numbness on my right arm and sleepless nights, I barely had time to work because those times of blankly looking at the screen came back and I had to sleep, take a break and reset.

Whenever I feel something's about to go down, my personal regimen is to take a tablet of Berocca to get those vitamins and minerals in my body. With it, I kinda reset, never feel like I'm tired and get so alert I'd be raring to write creatively and shoot vlogs, interview some of the country's biggest stars and spend lots of time with family. It's always like a perfect day when I've gotten that done after breakfast. Even if I'm a diabetic, I take it as it's sugar free and don't have to worry my readings would shoot up. 

Since it gives me more energy, I'd take it and have extra enthusiasm to squeeze in a quick workout before I go to sleep. I got to lose a lot of weight even when I'm at home because the sessions I do (even when I don't visit a gym) is enough to get me running around the neighborhood. I feel my energy is back and I'm raring to even do more!

Times are also changing, and so is the restrictions easing down. Now there's a more easier way to go out, still stay safe by following all health protocols and taking time to take care of ourselves while we're in or out of our homes. Berocca helps me keep my mind on the game. I don't get often sick because I get the nutrients I need with it. I also think sharper, helps me concentrate, and help me work out smarter even when I'm at the comforts of my own home. If you need ideas and want to see success stories like mine, you may visit and sign up. Come join the events, participate in the free squad challenges (lots of that there!), gain rewards and share your stories too while you're at it!

With Berocca, come and #SparkTheEnergy! 


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