Dating Apps: Do They Work?

Friday, February 11, 2022

he pandemic has forced us all to stay in our homes and contemplate about life and dating. These days, going out on an "in person" date would require having testing kits, a microscope and certifications from doctors (I kid). In ways, it has become passe and people have started to realize that relationships can still start with technology through apps on your smartphone. The arduous hours spent on it recently had been figured out (thanks to Rakuten Insight and Statista Global Research) that over 48 percent of Filipinos use dating apps and almost 28 percent admit spending several hours in a week in it. This would probably continue to grow in coming years.

If you don't know, the business is worth 2.5 Billion Dollars, let that sink in. In an industry like this, you need great app experience to stand out and get a bigger chunk of the pie. With it, you'll get a lot of people match and experience connections that are all easy, seamless, meaningful and enjoyable. The various facets of the app should be supported including those that can be attended to by digital outsourcing providers.

The Dating Game

Chat is essential but there are tons of other features that leading apps use to make it a successufl match. Those gif's, stickers, images, greetings, predictive text, much of the things you see or do are driven by AI or machine learning. This includes responses they give so they lead conversations, land pickup lines and Dad jokes with ease.

Others take the extra mile and do games, from trivia rounds to spaceships with your nose, to turning those awkward situations more entertaining. There's a lot out there that can make or break a great dating app, but only a few employ good ones. It has to, otherwise it needs a bit of re-thinking.

In-App Support

Not everyone would be putting in their personal details in the app, understandable for safety reasons. Aside from that, scams and cat-fishing are actually a thing now. This is why support channels should be available whether chat or email, and response to urgent matters must be addressed especially if things get compromised.

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