You Can Pay It Forward With PayMaya

Sunday, December 29, 2019

It's been a while, but I'm sure you've been using your PayMaya to buy stuff online, order food and purchase load so you stay connected with your loved ones. Apart from the convenience it brings, paying via PayMaya is also more rewarding because we get to enjoy cashbacks and exclusive deals for our transactions. I particularly like paying via PayMaya QR as I get 1%, 10%, or even 100% cashback every time I pay. 

This holiday season, PayMaya is not only giving us cashbacks, they’re also giving us the opportunity to give back. Recently, they launched their #PayMayaItForward campaign, a social movement that encourages everyone to pay it forward by doing random acts of kindness to the people around them, even strangers. 

You can pay it forward in simple ways like treating your building’s security guard for coffee or paying for the bills of your parents at home. These simple acts of kindness will surely make an impact once you pass it on to more people.

What’s PayMaya’s own act of kindness, you may ask? You know the 1%, 10%, 100% cashback you receive whenever you pay via PayMaya QR? Well, in this season of giving, they’re actually matching that cashback with a donation to Gawad Kalinga’s SEED (School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development).

SEED helps out youth from underprivileged communities so they can further their studies in technical education and skills training. They put importance to create social enterprises so they can develop rural areas and their communities. Isn't that a nice thing to know that you’re able to help other people by simple purchasing through PayMaya? 

Pay It Forward this holiday season with the help of PayMaya. If you don’t have an account yet, download the app now and sign up using my code: KUMAGCOWPYMY to instantly get P50 in your account.

You also have promos and perks with your PayMaya, just visit because the other offers are listed there!


SB19 Releases First Single “Alab”

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Phenomenal is an understatement.

I've seen them perform live on stage at Shangirla Plaza a couple weeks back. I couldn't believe how much A'Tins were screaming in different floors because they were on stage, and it looks like it's not going to stop.

Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken and Justin, known as SB19 just signed with Sony Music. They also just released their first single today called "ALAB" which I'm sure fans would love. This is their first under Sony Music Philippines.

Sejun says "They are a well known label worldwide. We feel like we can do so much more with them and reach a wider audience. We are thankful to be with Sony Music."

"This new track is Produced by Han Tae Soo. We feel that ALAB personifies fire, likened to our burning desire. There’s no other way to confess your love but to tell a person directly, and you shouldn’t waste time." he adds.

It is now available on all music streaming and download platforms worldwide, go download and stream it now!


Do The Digital Aguinaldo

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It's almost Christmas and I'm sure Ninong and Ninang are probably either hiding or just playing dead around there somewhere. Well fret not kids and kids at heart because there's an easy way to send your aguinaldo this holiday season. How you say? Just PayMaya.

What better way to send Aguinaldo to your loved ones, but digitally? PayMaya has a Send Money feature that will enable you to do just that. It's safe, you won't be too shy to give it to them during family gatherings because you can do it discreetly - no need for red envelopes full of cash. Just ask your inaanak to sign up to a PayMaya account and you’re good to go. You can even use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY, when you register, for an extra 50 bucks for first time users like you or your inaanak. 

Apart from the convenience of sending Aguinaldo digitally, I just found out that you can also get a cashback of P10 every time you send an Aguinaldo of P200 or more to your loved ones. You can earn up to P100, P10 per day. And if you’re a generous ninong and send an accumulate amount of P10,000 of Aguinaldo, you also get another P100 on top of your initial cashback. Sweet, right?

Sending money via PayMaya is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

Open the PayMaya app and tap Send Money

Key in the mobile number linked to your inaanak’s PayMaya account (make sure that he/she has one!) as well as the amount of his/her digital Aguinaldo.

Tap Send Money!

And you’re done. You’ll receive a text message confirming the successful send money transaction, and another one informing you of your cashback. 

This Christmas season, get the most convenient and rewarding cashless experience with PayMaya. Visit to know more about their holiday offers. To sign up, again,  remember to simply use my code: KUMAGCOWPYMY to earn P50 in your account. 


Why You Need See CULION This MMFF 2019

The weekend was an awesome one (Dec 14th) as we got to finally see the film CULION. We were all where it all was shot and taken, in the island of Culion, Palawan which is an isle off the west side of the Philippines. It was their world premiere, and yes, it was a grand promise to bring it there and have them all watch it. It was almost impossible to do, but they knew (the production) had to do it for the people of Culion. I saw how they intently watched and marveled how their story was unfolding. It felt right, to tell the public of their history, of what transpired during the commonwealth, the world war and how they all survived even under very hard times, not to mention the condition... of which everyone else despised during that time.

Anna, Ditas and Doris (played by Iza Calzado, Meryll Soriano and Jasmine Curtis) each have their own story. In the film, Anna was depicted as a strong woman, one who need no man to support her even though she was loved much by Kanor played by Joem Bascon. You will admire her character for most of the “first half” of the film, but later feel for her and her struggles as she gets distraught over her baby and what would happen to them. Ditas on the other hand would be seen attempting to take her life several times (because of sheer hopelessness in love, and the man in her life) but with all the nice things she’s brought to the lives of her friends and herself in the colony, she would regain hope, and start to appreciate the small things around her. Meryll Soriano is a discovery for me, I have seen her TV stints and didn’t quite expect she’d be doing the things she did in this movie. I almost lost my breath understanding one of the highlights of the film. I am saying right here, that the few minutes with John Lloyd Cruz’ character was one of the reasons everybody balled during the world premiere last weekend, with good reason. If you’re a fan of his work, this would be good reason why you should watch it. I couldn’t believe how he could tell his whole story in one scene, you will go crazy just thinking about it.

Meryll on the other hand held her ground, when John Lloyd did his scene, she reciprocated with her own brand of acting, both of which will make your jaw drop. You will ask yourself “WTFOMGBBQ did I just witness?!” and admit “I am not worthy to witness that!”, and I... am not even joking.

Make sure you also take note, not surprising she’s really good, Iza Calzado had some really hard scenes with Joem Bascon and Suzette Ranillo (who plays Nanay Mameng), as they will have to go through a very traumatic experience as they started to have a family in Culion. I couldn’t say much with Jasmine Curtis’ character but hold your horses as she will be shocking you (my heart dropped in one of the scenes), but she’s the hopeful one, one who dreams, and might liken a lot of people going through the same ordeal. Pretty mental, as her scenes felt like a few of Ricky Lee’s masterpiece put together, and I think they have a connection in some weird way but you have to be a judge of that.

Here’s our short trip to the island, enjoy!

If you were there during the world premiere in Culion, you would see how attentive, hopeful and proud they were seeing this film in the Immaculate Conception Church in Culion. I saw a lot of them cried, laughed a little, and felt this was a good representation of who they are as people. Now, what a proud moment for them to be from Culion.

All in all, this deserves your attention during the Metro Manila Festival. Watch it to learn about history, watch it to see the triumph of generations who have lived and experienced the colony. Watch it for the sole reason of love, for the children, for each other, and see miracles of humanity in it. It will all be seen on theaters nationwide starting December 25, Christmas Day. Go prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions. Take your family into learning the history of Culion, and the love that comes from its people.



Sunday, December 22, 2019

Marithé + François Girbaud has been in the country for several years now, 25 years to be exact. That in itself is a milestone, and the constant evolution of the brand has adapted quite well in the Philippines and yes, they're re-introducing themselves this season with some good fall-winter pieces that even the most choosy individuals who adore streetwear, just live by it.

During their celebration, I felt right at home. I loved how several models, personalities just whipped up their Girbaud pieces and wore it like regular clothes, albeit fashionably upscale, it now just got so accessible as they launched several new pieces this fall/winter season. That, and a new look carrying just GIRBAUD on the label from hereon!

It was so inspiring to see how good Girbaud has become over the years and true enough, I went to their store after a few days just to get them myself. I personally love the jeans, the sweaters, the jackets and embossed logo shirts. I also want to share that Girbaud stores now have a BUY ONE TAKE ONE offer on ALL their pieces. Meaning 50% off on all items, are they crazy to even do that? YES! and they did it anyway! Catch is, they will only do it until December 24, you only have a few days left to shop!

So now, you've got more reasons to go to a Girbaud shop near you. If you're planning to get a few items, you'll get more because of the discounts they have for you. Geezus, the salesladies over in North Edsa was so helpful, they suggested several pieces I didn't know would look good on me, but they did!

Streetwear that doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, but looks like a million dollars style wise, looks so cool on me, so it will look cool on you too!


BeautyWise Philippines and Moppa Cosmetics Anniversary

Friday, December 20, 2019

It was an evening of elegance and beauty as JNJ Beauty Essentials celebrated the second year of BeautyWise Philippines and the first year Moppa Cosmetics here at the Okada in Parañaque City. Beauty Wise is the manufacturer of several products such as rejuvenating sets, body scrubs, soaps and lotions in the Philippines and Moppa Cosmetics on the other hand deals with lip tints, sticks and melting foundation. They also encourage resellers so ordinary joes and belles who want to have their own business can start even with a small capital. They give opportunities to Filipinos and this event was just their way to thank those who have helped them succeed all these years.

Josephine Cabungco says "Good evening! I am so elated to see you all. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a double anniversary celebration for BeautyWise and Moppa Cosmetics. We worked hard to establish our brand and what you will see tonight is the evolution of Beauty Wise. We set goals for ourselves and our celebration is for the success we met. We have more marketing programs this year as we grow, and we will continue to have more business partners this coming 2020. Thank you all for your presence."

Celebrities like Daniel Matsunaga, Morisette Amon and a lot more also performed that evening. It was just apt to payback all the loyal men and women who have been a part of JNJ's success all throughout the years, congratulations and we only wish for more things to come now that you're on your way up!


KUYA J's Dons New Look and Food at Eastwood Branch

I was this happy when I found out that Kuya J's was opening a new store in Eastwood City. It stands on the old area where Something Fishy used to be almost fronting Pho Hoa in front of the road. They are donning a new look and their food is being slightly presented differently, a lovely way to start this evening!

The interiors are fresh, clean looking and they plan to actually implement these in stores nationwide. These are exciting times!

Oh and if that's not enough, the food is just amazing!

I particularly love the Lechong Baka and Caldereta, the Crispy Pata comes a close second.

Now I just had to let you look at him for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

How about that? :) Sarap no?