UNIQLO's Give The Gift of LifeWear

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

It's the holidays and what better way to spend it than shopping right? Well no, our friends from UNIQLO had a different idea. Today we were with kids from Bantay Bata 163 and the SOS Children's Village so they could experience the same, shop for their own gifts provided for by Uniqlo as they Give the Gift of LifeWear. Funny as it sounds, I haven't heard of it until today. Apparently, they have been doing this since they have set up shop in the Philippines (around seven years) and they bid this as an annual event. A pretty way to give back to the community.

I kinda snooped in on their activity, seeing them choose essentials such as shirts, shorts, sweats, underwear and socks had me felt so happy they are doing this. As you may know, some of them are neglected, abandoned or victims of violence and these organizations are helping them live normal lives. To ultimately be productive and independent. Good thing there are private corporations that are helping them too.

Kids were all super happy about their hauls, I could imagine, they have new clothes now which they can wear not just for the holiday season, but the whole year round! 

As part of the treat, lovely Lea Salonga sang a few Christmas songs for them. Jose Mari Chan followed suit and gave a duet with the Disney princess, ahh it was just like listening to a concert, I'm sure the kids felt so loved!

Thanks to the volunteers, the Uniqlo staff who helped them to choose their outfits. There were about 120 of them but it was organized, I'm sure next year there would be more. Keep this going UNIQLO! It warms my heart knowing you are also doing this in different communities in the country but you're not even saying you do. Bless your heart!

Oh and for those who would like to help, Uniqlo also collects old but usable clothes which they give to far flung communities, you should do that if you have extras. It goes to good people.


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