Dimples Romana for CDO Premium Holiday Ham

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's Christmas Season and you know what that means, tons of food on the table and a family to share it with. Of course you would want the best if you plan to have a feast once or twice a year, and the gorgeous Dimples Romana suggests one thing in particular... It's CDO Premium Holiday Ham.

She serves the same to her family. With little to no prep work needed, this lovely chunk of meat are made in the best... world class plants of CDO. So you get the best quality for your money. Ms. Dimples adds "My family and I make it a point to all be in our home for the holidays. We create memories in the Christmas festivities. No matter what dishes we make in the kitchen, the ones that end up on the table ALWAYS has to have the CDO Premium Holiday Ham."

Whether I'm in the beach or at the dinner table, I want my ham with a little Pineapple sauce with it. The meat of this CDO Premium ham has already been pre-seasoned and boiled in the same juice, so you'll get lovely soft slices with hot white rice. Ooohh I can almost taste it! 

Noche Buena and Media Noche won't be the same without it. Make sure you get one in groceries this Christmas!


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