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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As you have probably seen in my recent article, on the failed $700B bailout plan of the US Government to the economy... it is important for you to know who, what, when and where you should invest your money into. If you are not sure and confident about your plans on how to earn with the money you invested, it would be better off being stagnant in the bank (earn the measly interest in an account) rather than go through the risks of an extremely volatile business where you walk blindly and in the process... lose money. We wouldn't want that to happen do we? ^_^

Getting lessons from the people who knows what their doing is the best advise I can give you. Choose Inner This community matches like-minded investors and provides analytics to help them optimize their goals, strategies and results. Your investment would not just go to waste. Asking questions and getting the answers you need in these times are imminent. In this day and age, you have to put your money where it is safe and earning. You may think you're alone in these transactions but the site and community would help you in personalized, doable, real-time investment ideas. It's time to say goodbye to hefty fees for middle men, advisors, and brokers... this would make low cost trades possible for you. They will have no where to go but automation and these are the easy processes the site can provide you. A real revolution in personal investing.

Weather technology or anything in the market, the powerful community would help you with it... sharing all their expertise, while you share your own insights. Make the right choice and start earning, growing with other investors like you. Take charge of your future! after all it is your money. If it's Inner 8 it must be good! Ask yourself now, why didn't I think of that?! ^_^



$700B bailout for US; Shucked by Congress (O_O)

Lehman Brothers suffered on this market downfall

Lawmakers yesterday disapproved the $700 Billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system. Now people like me await what will happen to the world's largest economy. Just this morning I read that the Dow Jones plunged 777 points which has been the biggest drop in the country's chunk for a long time. Where does the US Government go now?... most probably back to the drawing board. When I arrived from gym this afternoon, even Europe markets came tumbling down and bailed out their own banks. I heard the British would also be helping the US banks to recuperate the funds they lost through stagnant real estate losses in the country's market. I'm sure even Ed McMahon understands how difficult this is... he almost lost his house remember?

Henry Paulson is not happy =/

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said after he and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke joined in an emergency meeting to look for strategies that would resolve this crisis... and said that they need to put together something that really works! The Democrats hope that when they go back in session, that they would be able to put up what is needed and what would eventually be workable in all aspects. Good thing the Philippine banks don't have anything invested in that bank. We even had gains a few days ago as the OFW's valuable dollar surges this season. Thanks to that huh?! ^_^

Now, let's just wait for the congress to reconvene and fix this problem. Then hope the market does not continue to plunge into an unrecoverable state. The US cannot afford this huge kick in the shin. Time is of the essence, they need to do it fast too... I hope sometime soon.


Basketball is my Life!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Basketball is my life. I may not be the best player in the world but this is my passion. Whenever I see streets in the Philippines, there always is a basketball court. You may not see large theaters or stages for events, but there will always be space for this sport. Weather it be a makeshift wood and a metal strip for a ring, we make ways how to make it work. I stand 5'11 and my Dad's a former UE Red warrior. Bloodlines even dictate what I should be. I may not be the best player any basketball team may have but I try, I really try my best to at least make my team proud of my efforts in this game of my life.

Have you got a game of your own to be proud of? You should be always at your best in what you do; even if other people tell you that you are not that good at it we should always keep it real. You can share what your passion is with the world by simply uploading your videos at and I’m sure other people would definitely cherish moments in your life that you are proud of. You may be just a fan in the stands watching your favorite basketball team cheered on by your school pep squad, but that doesn’t mean you are not as important as the players are. We are one team. I invite you to try out this dedicated sports video uploading site and watch other people’s passion too. You make the choice, so make it right and choose to share it in SportsVids. Your sport is never smaller as what you may think! Be proud and be loud!

UE Pep Squad and me Cheering on my most favorite basketball team on their 14-0 run in the UAAP. Go Fight Red and White! Go Warriors!

UE 14-0 Sweep - Click here for more sports videos



Now I am Craving for Scand Can Cook!

I enjoy watching cooking shows, yeah you know some of them but this one I'm telling you about is "Scand Can Cook"... since we have cable TV it's easily accessible for me.. but for others who just tune in to regular free TV I guess they should read why I like this stuff...

Tina Nordström is your host and chef in the next season of New Scandinavian Cooking. The charming Tina is by far Sweden’s most celebrated TV-chef. She has built up a big audience in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and her cookbooks have become enormously popular. Get ready for Tina Nordström!

For starters, I read that Scandinavia is a group of Nordic Countries that are geographically situated together. Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with some sources also including the nations of Finland and Iceland consists this group. They however do not have a mark in world cuisine like the French, Americans and Chinese do. Much like Filipino dishes that is starting to tap the world market, Scandinavian cooking is already gaining popularity and how I wish I could get to taste some of the things Tina Nordstrom made on the cooking show... I especially like the way she prepares things, its so simple. Sometimes there are even odd things on the menu... but really they look scrumptious... (maybe I'm just writing again because of hunger!) aaaarghh!

Vodka marinated Sirloin!

Ohhh! The meatballs and potatoes! Yum-o!

They had so many cheeses and just have them marinated in vodka, other alcohols and a couple of spices... geeze... I'm a cheese lover... even those which are not that popular in the Philippines... I like bleu cheese a lot... I know it tastes funky and strong but it's an acquired taste.. now I am addicted to it... I have them on salads, breads and even pizza!

(-_-)" Oh well, I maybe really hungry... lolz... guess I'll have to satisfy myself here with mah cup of tea... I can't eat coz I ate too much pasta earlier and I need to work out later after shift... dang! How can I get thinner if these things always get into mah head... well its a good thing I bought myself a new gymbag... nothing fancy but fits the purpose of getting all my stuff in one pack!

Maybe later I'll stop craving for stuff and get serious working out... lolz... Lord, if I don't get thinner... I hope my friends and everyone else gets fatter! nyahahah!



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Disney Bingo in the comfort of your home

Sunday, September 28, 2008

In the Philippines you can always see people play bingo. Yes the capital B I N G O that is played by kids, housewives, ordinary people you see in the streets of Manila trying their best to let time pass by. These are times enjoyed with friends. I played it a lot when I was a kid; going to fairs we call "PERYA'S"/Fairs here in QC. It’s either that, or the infamous Color game, spin the wheel, or the game where you throw 25 cents to small square boxes and win a glass, plate, chips or toy from China. Those bring the memories. It makes me smile every time I remember that.

BINGO is this popular in the Philippines... everyone plays it!

If you go thru Manila and its side streets, in every big or small town it never pays to see people and the community get together and see them entertain themselves a few hours with this game. Earning a buck or two was normal. I sometimes do this too even up till today. Most charity institutions even play this game so they could come up with their funds. GOBINGO, a popular local TV game also is one thing you should also see. I know the host personally and he's a good chum. Millions of Filipinos play this game as you may understand; not just a fad but it’s a lifestyle.

Arnelli as most people call him hosts GOBINGO! You should try this!

Now who says you only can play this outside right? Times have changed and a company recently launched "Screenlife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game". Now you can play this game at the comfort of your own home! Disney Bingo a very popular game in the US is now available worldwide! Kids, adults and everyone can now buy this game without the hassle of staying in the streets! You can simply invite friends over to your house and play it at anytime of the day... yeah it’s really this convenient already! No more staying under the scorching heat. Try the best and check out this video... you'll know what I mean! :

Aren't you glad I told you about it? Go grab that "Screenlife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game" and you'll really enjoy it!



Top Ten Things That Makes You Proud Being A Filipino

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1. I eat Balut and don't squirm a lot when I do.. I like Penoy too ^_^
2. I like Telenovelas, the spanish ones dubbed in Filipino
3. I like visiting bloggers from the Philippines too!
4. I go to far flung places with my wifey just because I want to travel the whole Philippines' 7,120 islands
5. I like voting for Pinoy Tourist spots so we get to be part of the 7 wonders of the world
6. Love my extended family and my own family
7. I go to other places and tell people its much better in the Philiipines
8. I buy local things to send to foreign friends if thinking for a gift
9. I am proud of my heritage
10. Charice Pempengco LOLZ ^_^ and KUMAG me!

How about you? What things make you proud as a Filipino? People think I'm shallow so sorry bout that alright? ^_^

Put it in your blog and let me see what you can say!



Make Room For My Top 5 Sports Highlights of All Time!

I am a Warrior... a full blooded UE Red Warrior... part of the UE Tribe and am proud of it!

After a heart wrenching loss to La Salle in the Finals after a 14-0 rundown a few yeards back... Warriors continue to believe that one day soon we will achieve victory! I get goosebumps whenever I hear the chants and cheers of half the Araneta coliseum. The UE Red Tribe as they are known now will follow next season's games and highlights to show our dedication and show of force in supporting the Men's Senior Basketball Team the UE Red Warriors. We will soon get the championship, it will be our time... It may or may not get to years but I'm sure the guys are working hard to get it. Now batch B of the boys will be going against the best of the other schools in season and I'm sure they are still a force to be reckoned with. We might have some differences because we need some taller guys in the lineup, I'm sure they would be taking care of this.

If we fall short of tall men this season, we will be reverting to smaller yet faster players... but as all they say... The Heart remembers! I hope they go through smoothly!

Watch these highlights I chose from the past seasons...

MY UE RED WARRIORS - Click here for more sports videos

MY UE RED WARRIORS 2 - Click here for more sports videos

MY UE RED WARRIORS 3 - Click here for more sports videos

MY UE RED WARRIORS 4 - Click here for more sports videos

MY UE RED WARRIORS 5 - Click here for more sports videos
Coach Dindo talks!

Now ain't that easy to see when its all in one place? So choose to watch your next videos @ SportsVids or and you'll never go wrong! Go to the SportsVids site and upload your own top 5 sports highlight videos and encourage your friends to do the same^_^



KUMAGCOW MOOOOVIE REVIEWS: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The sequel just got better! ^_^

I'm not ashamed to say that I watched this moooovie last 2005 and by golly it was witty and charming to see these ladies get together in rituals of pants that fit them exactly, made them lucky wherever and whenever in the world.

That's me on the shadow... LOLZ ^_^

Just look at the impressive cast!

Amber Tamblyn as Tibby Tomko-Rollins - Now infamous for her XOXO show!
Alexis Bledel as Lena Kaligaris - Super witty at Gilmore Girls
America Ferrera as Carmen Lowell - Need I say more Betty?
Blake Lively as Bridget Vreeland - of countless films and tv appearances!

Someone got scared pregnant, someone got to be a lead actress, an archaeologist and scared of LOVE. Guess who's who! I won't wanna spoil it for yah!

We were like only 9 in the 300+ seater movie house when we entered.... yeah lotsa Filo's didn't like this... primarily coz the story line would be too advanced for the masses... it was not made for that I guess... but since it just showed and no promos were seen apart from the posters outside the movie house, I guess that also is to be blamed... but boy I like this movie... I asked my wifey to neglect the funny movie and opt for this more classy one... guess what! she liked it and asked if I could show her the first part of this movie... I said we can watch cable where this has played a couple of times.... you bet I'll be there with her as well... since I liked this movie so much I'll give it 4 KUMAGS.... the last one goes to the crowd that watched with us... ^_^


Bare Necessities; Roxio's Digital Makeover!

In the age and world of 1's and 0's, we have come to contemplate that not everybody is blessed with hands that can make wonders to digitally express themselves. Making sure that you take advantage of what you have is the key to success. This is where Digital Makeover comes in....

Zoey shows you how to do it! ^_^

I previewed a video of a couple on their site that was getting married... all they ask is to have something on their wedding celebration that would present the ins and odds of each other... they had minimal knowledge about what to do... the day is coming and they had 0 (nada)... something has to be done... *bites nails*

The couple wanted to put up a grand digital multimedia show for this momentous occasion. They were not disappointed by this show!

Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover jumped right in and saved the day!It's a fun no nonsense DIGITAL concept makeover show. Watch Zoey aka "The Photo Diva" and Chris aka "The Video Guru" team up and fix average joes on how to get the most out of their digital lives... Plan of action was implemented, and VOILA!It's a sin not to watch... so do as your Guru says... watch the shows and enter the contest for your chance to be featured on the show! You can also win great prizes!



ATENEO BLUE EAGLES : Champions of UAAP Season 71

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ateneo Blue Eagles won over La Salle Green Archers 62 to 51.

Ateneo Blue Eagles has taken the UAAP Season 71 Seniors Basketball Championship and won 11 points ahead of La Salle Green Archers. The key to the game was defense... La Salle tried to stop towers like Rabeh al-Hussaini in the Championship game held at the Araneta Coliseum but failed since this tank was really unstoppable inside the paint... even if he was not given that much playtime since he played only three minutes in the first half after being assessed two early fouls.
DLSU played a very physical game because they wanted to get this one. With the refs as tight as they were, they should have expected those calls... Pumaren did not accept the 1st Runner up trophy in the ceremonies and opted to say after the game this statement:

"“We were called for 29 fouls and Ateneo 13. Ganu’n ba talaga sila kagaling dumipensa?" Pumaren said.

Is this a classless act? Well from the standard of an onlooker like me it's a big YES.... I was even rooting for La Salle today... but this particular gesture was a little uncalled for. Maierhofer on the other hand was ejected after he incurred a second technical because of an unsportsmanlike gesture at the 1:31 stage of the third quarter. Both teams suffered from tight officiating. La Salle starters Bader Malabes and James Mangahas and Ateneo’s Chris Tiu were forced to ride the bench for most of the game because of early foul trouble.

In the end, Ateneo prevailed and wins this one as they were the stronger team. Now its time for their Championship Bonfire, I hope I get invited so I could bring out my own set of marshmallows and make some smores! ^_^

But next season, I'd still be rooting for my UE Red Warriors! Go Fight Red and White! Pamantasan ng Silangan Talunin ang Kalaban! ^_^


Barack Obama: Is he the right choice?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barack Obama and all his pearly whites! ^_^

In the Philippines, its all about oil or food prices... but in the US its the rising cost of health care.
Millions of Americans face doubling of health insurance premiums since 2000 makes all employers grimace in pain... then choose between the hard decision of cutting benefits and hiring fewer workers.

This pushes total employment costs up and wages and benefits down which would be detrimental to most of the US labor force. The result is lost profits and lost wages, in addition to pointless risk, insecurity and a flood of personal bankruptcies. Just look at the last week and what happened to the US Economy... a major recession in their market happened.... what if no studies or safety measures were implemented? Would it cause the world's most powerful nation everything? It did almost! Bush bailed out the major bank who drowned in speculations.. that in my dictionary is not a permanent solution... I read that sustained growth requires successful health-care reform. Barack Obama and John McCain propose to lead the US in opposite directions -- and the Obama direction is far superior IMHO... he plans to resolve these by Learning (identify the best providers, treatments and patient management strategies), Rewarding (not those paid for performing procedures, but those helping patients), Pooling (option of joining large insurance pools to finance growth of small insurance companies), Preventing (by introducing regular screenings and healthy lifestyle information)and Covering (removing the hidden expenses of the uninsured) which can save upto $2,500 so everyone can afford insurance. That in my case says it all. I read McCain's plan in their website as well... and it was not that impressive. I hope he does something about it in America's aging population. Will that ever happen in the Philippines too? I only hear Philhealth and nothing else though... can Arroyo do the same perhaps? I hope so.... Sorry I had to meddle with US Politics... its just my opinion though... then we can ask ourselves if he is the right choice.



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