iLASIK and LASIK: In the Military and NASA

Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's really nice looking at a child's eyes and how their innocent little face light up each time we hear them laugh and cry. Eye care is now and forever will be first in our list. To see colors, people and places. We all should really enjoy life. I had a friend who did not enjoy most of her high school and college life because she could not see well. She had thick glasses all the time. When LASIK technology became available in the Philippines (American Eye Correction Center, Manila) she underwent the procedure and not just became a productive citizen of this country. She’s a very happy person now.

US Government Agencies and the US Military take this to heart. Having their men take eye treatments is prioritized. With the missions and projects they have to go to, this is necessary. The US Military have snipers and gunmen treated with LASIK Surgery to improve their eyesight and have them back to 20/20 vision. This is of up most importance. In the line of duty; they need to see very clearly. How and why would they shoot enemies of the state if this wasn't done right? It makes sense.

NASA uses internal experiments to improve this technology like an Eye Tracking Device (ETD) which will determine the influence of prolonged microgravity and the accompanying vestibular (inner ear) adaptation on the orientation of Listing's Plane (a coordinate framework, as deep as that sounds its just used to define the movement of the eyes in the head. Studies like these and other experiments are being funded by the US Government for the benefit of the general public. Eye treatment advancements are now available for all like this all-laser form of LASIK which exceeds measurements of standards and effectiveness. The procedure is very safe as improvements were done with the help of these agencies and the Department of Defense. LASIK technology known as iLASIK™ procedures use two lasers instead of one. This is a big improvement than in earlier versions of the procedure.

Military experiments show 95% achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better with this new LASIK treatment. Americans (about 12 million of them) now enjoy the benefits of the program says Dr. Schallorn which heads proponents of this project. LASIK information is now available for everyone. Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes?!


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