9/11: Done in Silence

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Horrific image of the aftermath of 9/11. Still no sign of Bin Laden. (-_-)"

Tragedies that affected the most powerful nation in the world is a real headline today. Thousands of people affected by these terror and terrorists alike mark the 7th anniversary of September 11 in the US and around the world. President Bush led a White House gathering Thursday in observing a moment of silence. Wife Laura, and Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne stand side by side while a moment of silence was dedicated to the victims and their families. Church bells peeled and was observed at 8:46 a.m. EDT, precisely the moment on that fateful day when terrorists crashed a hijacked airplane into the World Trade Center in New York. A second plane struck the trade center moments later. Another was flown into the Pentagon and still another crashed in a field at Shanksville, Pa. A chorus sang "God Bless America." The assembled crowd numbered in the hundreds and included leaders of Congress, members of the Cabinet, diplomats, men and women in military uniform and chefs, plumbers, ushers and others who work at the White House. A new memorial at the Pentagon was dedicated as the names of the victims were read aloud to mourners there. They all cried. T_T

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama called on Americans to renew "that spirit of service and that sense of common purpose".
With 54 days left in the heated presidential campaign, Thursday was unusual — a sort of political cease-fire in honor of the day terrorists forced four airplanes into the World Trade Center towers in New York City, a field in Shanksville, Pa., and the Pentagon in Washington. Obama and his rival for the presidency, Republican John McCain, were to appear together twice, although briefly each time and mostly without public words. They also agreed to suspend all TV ads critical of each other. In the afternoon, in New York, Obama and McCain were to visit ground zero together for a somber, silent wreath-laying in the pit that marks the largest loss of life in the attacks. How nice of them to do that! ^_^

In the Philippines, short moments of silence were done in the embassy with Ambassador Christy Kenny. I on the other hand just blogged about it because I of all people would never want this to be forgotten. I hope you won't too...


Anonymous said...

thanks for this posting! let's all pray for the souls of the victims of the tragedy. hope nothing like this will happen again.

Zeee said...

I was watching a two hour special on the History Channel which ended a few minutes ago. I really tugs at my heart that a lot of people died because of an order from one man.

I was in Ground Zero three years ago. There were no signs of rubble anymore, the city has resumed living, but at that time, Ground Zero was still a place of grief and a lot of people went there to remember 9/11.

JedMeister said...

rumor has it na ang US pa rin ang pakana nito...

alam na ni Bush nung panahong yun na magkakaroon sila ng recession sa future kya gusto niya i-control ang oil sa middle east dat's why gumawa siya ng "show" pra lang tlaga maging legitimate ung pag-wage nila ng war sa iraq...

masakit lng isipin na marami siyang sinakripisyong tao pra mkuha ung gus2 niya pero in d end pla wla din syang napala...

Anonymous said...

aww that`s sucks, i am really into politics, but I havent heared of this one yet, I am really outta universe lately, ooh welL, thanks for sharing this info,.arRgg!!

Anonymous said...

This tragic event happened on my 18th birthday.

Film Wishes said...

the 911 memories still fresh in my mind.

i remembered that time i was following the news by internet.

and when the plane crashed the building it is real and not Hollywood special effects.

more than 3,000 people are killed from this incident.

may the victim rest in peace...

lucas said...

jedmeister... hmmm... are you a conspiracy theorist... well, i suggest you visit my site... hehe! there's more of 911 than what's been told...

as for you, kumagcow... watch zeitgeist.. hehehe!

Captain USpace said...

Nice tribute. We must never let people forget, and we must never refuse to recognize evil. :(
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Justin said...

This tragic event happened on my 18th birthday.

Mabel said...

thanks for this posting! let's all pray for the souls of the victims of the tragedy. hope nothing like this will happen again.