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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet by renowned Chef Brian Landry of Louisiana

WARNING: The stuff you are about to read would make your mouth water and make you further crave for the best seafood! Else, read on! ^_^

When the Gods and the Goddesses of touched the shores of my homeland, it only made one thing clear: they clearly like seafood. The wide variety of Scallops, shrimp, fish, abalone, octopus, crabs and others seen here in the pacific made every seafood lover's dream a reality.

3 Cheese Baked Scallops ^_^ Mmmmm!

I love seafood... my family does too ^_^ and we as a matter of fact never thought of wasting the opportunity to taste the best life could offer. We have our own family versions and recipes, most of which is passed on from generation to generation. Some well kept family recipes that touch down the table every now and then. Our favorite is oven baked/grilled 3 cheese scallops and the popular Calamares, its something good and something so scrumptious that my mom tries to make when there are important family gatherings.

Calamares Oh Calamares!

When you get to taste it, you'll really know that it's something so special... or maybe more than that! ^_^

I went ahead of the pack, I found recipes that can outdone our simple home made delights and possibly try our own versions of it. All located in one simple place called You can all visit the site and choose/vote for their favorite recipe and even get the chance to win the trip to New Orleans prize package.

The recipe I chose the best was Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet by renowned Chef Brian Landry of Louisiana. Saw the pictures and I've rated this the best! It boasts the flavor of local Louisiana Shrimp, spicy and flavorful Andouille sausage smothered in a thick white bean casserole.

You know me! so the spicier, the better so I'd really like to make this one... I like this compared to the others since it makes use of the richest local produce. Farming these nowadays are really easy, that would greatly be an advantage to anyone planning to only serve the "FRESHEST" and have it still sustainable! We will try this out soon of course... and make our mark in our family's history!

The Great American Seafood cook off picks the best of the best in the United states' recipes and converges them into one place. You can't miss this opportunity to taste the greatest in seafood!

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Undeniably yummy seafood, my all time favorite. Thank God my BP is normal eversince.

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omg, looks sooooooo yummy! i like the cheesy baked scallops! grrrrrrr