Updates on the search for my Tita Milet and Ms. Espie (kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tita Milet and Espie are still in captivity by suspected Abu Sayyaf

I read a while ago that they were held reportedly by a group of teenagers as young as around 12 years old. They (victims) estimated their ages as between 12 and 19. Teenagers bearing arms last Monday in Tipo-Tipo stopped the two-vehicle convoy while making their way to Isabela City in Basilan. Its remarkable... even MILF men also are now being ordered to join search for the abducted aid workers.

Based on Dekit’s and Estandarte’s accounts (the two who escaped the men while they were on foot), Ms. Espie Hupida had difficulty moving quickly because she has a problem with her leg ... My Tita Milet did not want to leave Ms Espie behind. This is very true, we (her family) know her to be like this. Authorities say that kidnappers were led by Nurhassan Jamiri and Pujuri Indama of the Abu Sayyaf.

I implore to you fellow bloggers, relatives and friends... please continue to pray... even the kidnappers... My Tita and Ms. Espie are very good people, they went to your place only to help those affected by the war and give livelihood programs from donors to those who need it. Taking them away like that is a sin...weather it be against Allah, God or humanity. We are all Filipinos... we are all human... make the right choice and please release them unharmed. You even did this in the start of Ramadan... really not a good thing to do.

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