The World Street Food Congress 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The aim is to promote Philippine streetfood and to know how food has evolved around the region and countries beyond. When one travels, food is something you can get along with people no matter how language barriers become a problem. According to Anton Diaz, Philippine streetfood is somehow misunderstood and asks the need to change that notion via education of the food culture. We go the lengths on how things work and how to eat in one country, we should do the same in ours. They invited a lot of speakers and experts around the world to let people know here and around the region how we could make each gustotatory adventure a good one by learning the culture that goes with every meal. 

Spearheading the ceremonies included popular TV host and entrepreneur KF Seetoh whom I often watch in Singaporean and Malaysian TV shows over at Asian Food Channel on cable. His passion about food and culture is unquestionable and he's partnered with local corporations to open Makan Sutra in SM Megamall, you should visit that to understand what I mean. Everything is there including the best regional southeast asian dishes. As you may know, to promote Filipino food around the world we need to teach through a Filipino cooking school, or perhaps collaborate with a lot of people who already have a following. The Philippines has a lot of world class social corporations who would gladly work with producers, you just ask and they do often say yes right away. You can use social media to promote places, restaurants, hidden destinations, it will make then go there.

I like that in the World Street Food Dialogue also integrated Philippine Festivals, learning heritage food and transfer of skills, exotic food, and tons of talks from industry experts who also took a jab at what the current things foreigners know about the country. Hopefully we'll serve the culture better in a plate. I mean take a look at this!

If you want to eat the world, come to the World Street Food Congress 2017 as it is still ongoing until Sunday this week. Tickets are set at Php150 which is consumable too in the rows of food shops outside at the SM MOA Concert Grounds. Who knows you might also see Anthony Bourdain there! 

Foodies should definitely come!

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Quaker Oats Overnight Breakfast Club

Having the time of my life at the Quaker Oats Overnight Breakfast Club together with other bloggers and influencers from Manila. I already had breakfast but that wouldn't stop me from enjoying one thing that Filipinos have loved over the years, that's Quaker Oats, am I right?

I still remember the days my Mom cooks this before I go t school, or on days that I had to workout and have breakfast first just by adding water (no joke!). I'm sure we all have our stories because it's part of our lives. You may have bought other brands from other countries, but you can't just compare the whole oats which tastes so good anytime of the day!

At the event they had us make the most important meal of the day, that's breakfast! This is some sort of a life hack as they prepare meals for the morning while preparing it ahead of time, like at night. After all it kicks off the metabolism, a thing that healthy families should do. Quaker has base oats, rolled oats, or the oat dairy drink and cereal drinks or just their cookies. Instant, quick cook and rolled oats are for different cooking processes but overall, they are all very high in fiber that aids in digestion and gives you energy for your activities all throughout the day!

You can start by putting in a mason jar half cup of Quaker Rolled Oats, sliced bananas and strawberries, some walnuts, some milk, seal it off and put it on the fridge overnight. That's what you can have for breakfast in the morning. Some even add protein bars, honey, other fruits, or just customize everything so you don't have to skip breakfast. You don't have to prepare the whole day because even if you are busy, you can do this just like Wil Dasovich, Patty, Lauren Young. You just basically doing raw and activating it by soaking it overnight. You get it soaked and you will know everything that you put in your mouth. You can find these in your groceries, local markets, all real stuff. It will thicken up, be creamy, you can check how to do it in 

Wil Dasovich did a version with Mangoes. He likes it more as he likes his fruits in the morning, he adds low fat yogurt, honey, pour in the milk, and chia seeds. He loves anything that has got Omega 3 in them so you can substitute if you have something healthier, I think it's more of texture. 

Then we had our breakfast, a good one at that. There are always different things you can do with it, just work around your lifestyle and make it convenient. To become a member of The Quaker Overnight Brekfast Club, you don't need to be fancy shmancy, just make one and tag QuakerOatsph on IG and you'll get the chance to win prizes from Quaker Oats Philippines too!

Isn't it a good day to have breakfast? :)

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How To Take Your Selfie Game Higher with Vivo V5s

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Since they came out with the Vivo V5s, let's talk about how you can take your selfie game higher with this new phone. It's powerful hardware and internal software can benefit you if you knew how to take your selfies with less effort and more quality. Here are tips from around the internet that I've come to follow whenever I'm taking a selfie.

Use a good phone. The Vivo V5s and the whole Vivo V5 line has been garnering quite phenomenal sales over the past few years because of its extremely good hardware. Targeted for those who want to take extremely good selfies, they made the front camera of the phone better. At 20 Megapixels and an F2.0 aperture, you'll get brighter photos without any effort with low noise. Remember, the hardware is important to make this work.

Consider Beautify Options. There are phones with these functions but you should definitely consider how it actually looks like on its output. You don't want it to be plasticky, you don't want it to look like you're a doll, you still would have to look human less the imperfections, but there is such a thing as going overboard. Don't go there. Vivo V5s has Face Beauty 6.0 which you can take advantage of, put it to good use.

Always Have Proper  Lighting. The last thing you would want to have is a dark photo, you always have to make sure that before you take a photo, you have sufficient lighting. Otherwise, what is supposed to be a selfie might turn out to be a thumbprint. We're not a ballot for the elections, use the Selfie Soft Light Technology that Vivo V5s has if you need to.

Share it. We don't take photos just for self affirmation by viewing it ourselves. If you have it, flaunt it by sharing on your social media channels and let your good looks do the talking. If you want to know more about the Vivo V5s please go to and follow @vivophil on their IG and Twitter accounts. They share a lot of tips there too!

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ABSCBN Issues Statement On Garnishment Case and Rift with SOLAR Entertainment Corporation

ABS-CBN just released a statement regarding the garnishment of assets of ABS-CBN and Sky Cable which was ordered by the Mandaluyong Regional Trial Court last May 25, 2017. The statement indicates that ABS-CBN and Solar Entertainment Corporation went into a license agreement with NBA Properties Inc. and since ABS-CBN was already paying 60% of the dues for the licensing, they assumed this to be part of the carriage fees which Solar Entertainment Corporation disagreed with.

On the note, it indicated they have pursued several attempts to resolve this amicably but Solar has already cut off its feed to Sky Cable and filed this Garnishment claim. Garnishment is a legal term of collecting monetary judgement in behalf of the plaintiff - in this case is Solar Entertainment Corporation but ABS-CBN has filed a motion to lift on May 29, wherein it was granted on the same day. They also indicated they will file counter claims and are confident they will prevail in this case.

Bless them both, we guys just need our NBA back especially since it is already championship already.

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The Hoegaarden Party at Manila House Private Club

I've been drinking Hoegaarden for years now and I've seen bars serve them in different forms. During an event a couple of weeks ago, Hoegaarden introduced themselves to the public by showing off music performances with local indie bands, tons of crafting activities at the lovely Manila House Private club's outdoor space. I felt so right at home.

The event was some sort of a celebration as they have been winning awards, of which the recent one is the GOLD at the World Beer Cup, specifically at the Belgian Style Witbier Category. This is a very prestigious award giving body that only does this annually. It is organized by the Brewers Association and is eagerly awaited by Been enthusiasts, lovers and connoisseurs worldwide.

In the Belgian-Style Witbier Category, they bested 78 Entries from around the world. The Gold award went to Hoegaarden Wit, Hoegaarden Brewery, Inbev Belgium, Hoegaarden, Belgium while the Silver was given to Gentleman’s Wit, Camden Town Brewery, London, United Kingdom and the Bronze was given to Plum Island White, Newburyport Brewing Co., Newburyport, MA. This is an outstanding feat and only proves why Hoegaarden has been loved by beer drinkers around the world.

They also had us try the new Hoegaarden Rosee which wouldn't be just perfect for men, but for women too who would love something fruity, as it reminds me of raspberry fruit notes all throughout the drink. I hope these things would be available not just in major bars in Metro Manila, we deserve good Belgian beer and I wouldn't mind having this every special occasion, or everyday so we could just chill and have a bottle or two.


Jennylyn Mercado, Gil Cuerva for My Love from the Star

Monday, May 29, 2017

We got to see them all in the red carpet press conference last week and here they are in photos! I'm one of the few, no a LOT in fact who's looking forward to see this show finally air it's pilot episode today on GMA's Primetime slot. The lovely Jennylyn Mercado together with the newest face in GMA's stable Gil Cuerva will let you fall in love again with the story of My Love From The Star, a Korean telenovela that is finally doing a Filipino version of it this 2017.

This has been in an amazing and surreal experience for the both of them because they know this show has a LOT of following. Aside from that, they will be directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal of which you are assured of quality. Mind you Gil Cuerva left his job as a professional model in Hong Kong, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia just to audition, he made the right choice. 

Maricris Garcia provided the music this evening, she performed at the huge Studio 7 at GMA's Annex Building. It was nice to see them all suited up for the occasion. Her version was like three Octaves higher than the voice of James Wright (who did it initially) but both are good, they are great singers of course.

Everyone followed the routines to a T, and even showed how fun of a bunch they are even before the show. The red carpet walks and introductions were sometimes hilarious :)

This is Migo Adecer's biggest break. He'll play Jennylyn's brother in the show who somehow seems detached, but always ends up caring for her like what a real brother would do.

Raf Fernandez looks so good scruffy and all. Christian Bautista still exudes romantic balladeer ready to pounce on Jennylyn's character, whilst Glydel Mercado is a vixen Mom and very funny here.

Gabbi Eigenmann will be doing a role of a man who you will hate pretty soon. He's so good in these dark roles, I have lauded him so much since the Dading days and this is going to be a lot challenging still. Watch out how he gets the story complicated starting from the first episode.

Jackie Rice was a vamp during this evening. I like how she kept it sleek, so gorgeous in every angle. She will be envious of the career of Steffy, and you know what happens right?

Your Matteo Do will be Matteo Dominguez. Stay tuned on how he uncovers his mysterious persona on the show. No matter how much you think he's a noob, I'm sure you will end up liking him.

Jennylyn wIll be loved by you and me, it's like she's going to play a girl who dreams of that perfect relationship, of no matter how hard life may be she will still have her man, her funny persona doesn't stray too far from real life and she's very likeable.

Make sure you watch the show later on GMA's primetime slot.

She cried a lot during this presscon because as soon as the one on one questions started, she was asked about her Mom. Evidently she misses her so much, I mean who wouldn't right? 

I hope you guys support Jennylyn and Gil. I will watch the show from start to finish as I see how hungry they were to tell us how they worked hard on this show. They have been taping since last year and none of these were rushed. You'll feel that on the start of the show, I'll be posting Gil's interview in a bit... stay tuned! Haha :)

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