Oyo Boy and Kristine Hermosa-Sotto on the Set of Hay Bahay!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I didn't know what to feel when I was invited to go down south to see the set of Hay Bahay! Its the 45 minute sitcom which stars Vic Sotto, Ms. Aiai Delas Alas, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, and real life lovebirds Oyo Boy and Kristine Hermosa Sotto shown on GMA every Sunday. I was a little nervous as I was about to talk to really big stars from my generation and add to that one of the prettiest faces in the planet was there, who was still stunning as ever. I don't even know if Kristine Hermosa is still aware of that but she shared her secrets about how she's still as gorgeous as ever during our interview. Yes we have video interviews of Oyo Boy and Ms. Kristine so stay tuned! For the mean time let's take you around the house, this is like a personal tour :)

Have you seen the front of this house? I thought i was just a wall put up on a set but when we visited, it was actually a real house built from the ground up and they can dismantle it and put it up anytime they want, and it was quite detailed thanks to the set designer who planned this all. We actually talked to him a few hours before the shoot and we had to interview between takes, I forgot his name but he was one of he pioneers who loved and started shipping ALDUB. It was fun to see how they actually have fun on the set and make all the funny scenes all seem so natural as if they weren't following any script, but they were. That takes genius. 

This part is the couch where they usually have scenes, they usuall talk here when they go in and out of the house.

Do you also recognize this? This is their veranda and if they want to shoot outdoors, this is where they do it.

This is the kitchen, and if I didn't know this was the set I'd really mistake it for one, we had to remember that it didn't have a working sink, but isn't this immaculate?

This is one of the guest rooms in the house, they had like one or two scenes here during that day and I was so ecstatic because when I shot this particular room, Ms. Kristine Hermosa passed by~ I was like OMG lol

And if you really watch the show, they probably end all the scenes in this dining table. They kinda fix all the conflicts here while talking like a family, maybe that's exactly why this show has been very successful, you'll be laughing like a hyena tomorrow when the episode shows tomorrow (yes they show during Sundays) and you will also get to see Oyo and Kristines baby Marvic (who is super cute btw). Now here's the interview we had with Oyo Boy and Ms. Kristine during our set visit. Enjoy this one because not thatmany people has have had a chance to interview them about their show and their personal lives. Listen in!

I would like to take this bit and thank everyone at the Hay Bahay! set for allowing us to do this even on a busy shooting day. Thank you also to Oyo and Kristine for being so accomodating albeit not that familiar about blogger interviews. I like how the show talks about family life, their relationships, some mishaps but at the end of the day still keep themselves together no matter what problems arise. Hey by the way, this episode includes talk about someone getting married, are you ready for Hay Bahay tomorrow? I sure am excited about this! It shows during GMA's Sunday Grande. Don't miss it!

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