Enjoy VIP PH x Samsung App Launch

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This guy went to posh Greenbelt the other day to take the afternoon off and probably take a couple of minutes to breathe from the vicious corporate world. We were also there to attend a short luncheon slash event of something I used to see in restaurants. I envy people who were holding it and it's a good thing I now got one too! Have you heard of "ENJOY!"?

Well if you haven't then why not take a look at what you are missing! Yes you are definitely missing a LOT because if you've been under a rock, ENJOY VIP PH literally gives you the perks like no other establishments can!

Event was hosted by the gorgeous Julia Sniegowski in person. 
First time to see her and really pretty no?

The Philippines top VIP privilege program just wanted to take it a notch higher. Together with Samsung, the Samsung App store just became the birthplace of something special, something that should have been long here. Now, it's a reality!

You can now get ENJOY! from the Samsung App Store all for FREE!

Now, it's triple easy to get deals from your favorite stores, hotels and merchants just by carrying your ENJOY! Card and your Samsung Smartphone or tablet. You don't go through the hassle of online deal sites. Just tap a few things, show your card et voila! It's that easy! That means, buy one take one deals, huge discounts await those who use the ENJOY card. Who in the right mind would even say no to 300,000 Philippine Pesos worth of savings in almost 200++ top notch establishments nationwide! It also includes Cebu and Boracay would you believe?! =)

Good looking guys Alfonso Sy, Marketing Director of ENJOY Philippines and Coco Domingo the Product Marketing Head of Samsung Mobile Business even taught us a thing or two about how easy it is to use the app. 

Simply go to the Samsung Apps store and download the ENJOY VIP PH application. After installing, just launch the app and register as a new user.

Choose the type of store, choose from the partner establishments and click on discounts.

You can check the actual perks you can get on that partner establishment and with a simple tap on the USE IT button, just show the store your ENJOY VIP PH card and you instantly get it! There are lots of things to enjoy so do make sure you plan ahead that special date and awesome get together with family and friends with the ENJOY VIP PH card and Samsung exclusive application.

Best of all, the app is free!

Plus you can also put it on other Samsung handsets and tabs. Even the SIII!

Congratulations on a very successful launch. And a very long wait that was for this app. I'm sure you guys out there will be doubly happy to get more perks and bigger discounts to the best places the Philippines has to offer. How to get one? Just visit www.enjoythebest.ph or email them at customercare@enjoythebest.com.ph. Capisce?!



JLo Out! - Ate Gay In!

It looks like it will be a riot in Mall of Asia Arena this Friday. On November 30, 2012 it'll be a huge concert happening from the one and only Mash Up Queen "Ate Gay". She's one fine comedienne and I had so much fun watching her shows in local bars in QC, but to put her in MOA Arena is just EPIC!

She's nervous because she's following the concerts of Regine and JLo and to add to that this is her first time to ever perform in a big stage such as the MOA Arena. She was so touched about the outpour of support from big celebrities that are also slated to guest on her show this weekend. There will be tons of dance numbers which she never knew she had to do in order to make this concert bigger and better than what you think will happen on "AKO NAMAN!" which she properly named her concert.

She also prepared mashup numbers never before heard in any of her shows and that's surely going to crack us up BIGTIME! This is produced by That’s Ntertainment Productions and Directed by Philip Lazaro and Andrew de Real. Guests include The Company, Aiza Seguerra, Aegis, Anton Diva, Allan K and the Talentadings, X-Factor, John “Sweet” Lapus, SexBomb Dancers and the one and only Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor!

Ticket prices are as follows:

VIP A (FIRST 10 ROWS) Reserved Seats - P2,120
VIP B Reserved Seats - P1,590
PATRON Reserved Seats - P1,590
LOWER BOX A (201-202/221-222 and FIRST 5 ROWS OF 203-208/215-220) 
Reserved Seats - P1,060
LOWER BOX B (ROW F ONWARDS OF 203-208/215-220) 
Reserved Seats - P800
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats - P530

You can also order tickets thru www.smtickets.com or simply call 470-2222 for ticket reservations. Don't miss this chance to see the SuperComedyStar Ate Gay!


COLDPLAY Live 2012! - Available Now on CD+DVD!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stadiums filled with people, albums selling like hotcakes, men oozing sexiness just like me. Nostalgia, that's one word to describe it but I almost cried seeing this. I was invited with a few people to a private viewing of COLDPLAY's concert DVD. It's slated to be released this Friday, that's November 30, 2012. Roughly around 100 minutes++ of unadulterated, pure music, lights and exhilarating concert experience made special because the band members had a say on it. They designed the whole thing with the people in mind so in turn they become a part of it. How?! Well let's just say that's exactly one of the things you should watch for when you purchase this after Friday. There are also several countries where they performed in but most of it is shot in Paris where you'll see a humongous stadium all filled with fans screaming their lungs out just for COLDPLAY.

This one isn't actually for local release. This is the international version. Those scribbles actually was seen also in the concert stage. I won't tell you how, you must get it first before it makes sense hehe.

All their best hits plus new ones are included in this DVD release. Mylo Xyloto (which is consequently also the fifth studio album by this British alternative rock band), Hurts Like Heaven, In My Place, Major Minus, Yellow, Violet Hall, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Princess of China, Up In Flames, Viva La Vida, my personal favorite Charlie Brown, Paradise, Us Against The World, Clocks, Fix You and Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.Oh and before I forget, Mylo Xyloto charted at number one in 34 countries on its first week so just imagine how much airplay their song gets in one day! The first week alone walloped 208,000 units of this!

Coldplay Live 2012 is their first concert film/live album. They're around the world touring and showing this concert to almost 3 Million people across countries.Chris Martin has never been so proud of this because the Mylo Xyloto tour made them realize that its the most fun they've ever had in a long time. From laser lights, to pyrotechnics and wristbands, it has been an honor for them to have had the chance to have their throng of fans perform with them in the concert. We were at awe at what we saw in Paris so don't even think about not watching it!

Go grab your copies on Friday! It will be available in Coldplay Live 2012 CD+DVD (Philippine Version) for only 485 Philippine Pesos and Coldplay Live 2012 CD+DVD (Imported Limited Edition) with free Mylo Xyloto baller for 1,500 Philippine Pesos.Thanks to the people from Astroplus/Astrovision, Odyssey Music and Video, and Polyeast Records. You guys rock! =)

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Polyeastrecords Phils


Video Game Nostalgia!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

When I was in high school I often hang out in arcade shops where most great computer games were only played in huge machines. The best were the fighting games where I started a little bit rough but with lots of practice and coins invested, I got a little better. Then after that, I learned to fight other friends. Then some other great competitors from other places tried to fight with me too. I got even better as days, weeks, months and years passed. I eventually joined local competitions and got more people crossed off the contestant's list because I was the better player. Pretty soon, I had the confidence and energy to join bigger ones and won too. In that mall, I was legendary; and got more people from other places try me out too. They failed miserably. That game of swords and Samurais later on just got outdated, but I don't think I'll lose in that game with anyone I know. I miss those times but still got a thing for those kinds of games. I enjoy watching reruns of it on videos these days. 

Today the games are even tougher, more complicated that what it used to. Although it was extra tough to press 6 - 8 buttons on a single player game to execute one move, the ones I watched in video game reviews seem to be very difficult even in 4 positioned buttons. Consoles these days can even do bigger things. Graphics are astounding, game play is phenomenal! Even now, some can accommodate 8 players at a time. Some things that were impossible before are all happening now to the enjoyment of the whole game world!

I saw some web episodes of The Gauntlet over at Blip and they made the whole video gaming experience much like reality TV! It was awesome how they got these guys together. Getting them off one by one or on a group was tough though. But overall, it was pretty cool! You should watch some too! That's where I'm going to these next few weeks and I'll watch all of the episodes for sure!


Going Beyond Good: Q Bistro!

Friday, November 23, 2012

One quaint afternoon, we were invited to have lunch at a very posh medium sized restaurant in Mandaluyong City. It's a minute walk from the posh mall The Podium where you just have to cross the street where you'll see a Yamaha store and turn right on the street called Topaz. You'll see the restaurant on the second door. It's called Q Bistro!

The Interiors

They've got the essentials. Bar selections are wide, classic tables and chairs. Simple lines but definitely upscale. Design wise, I didn't see anything complicated. Their tableware, although simple was quite nice too. It just fits in on what they wanted to execute and they use white plates as canvas. Overall, the ambiance was quite reminiscent of the ones in New York/SOHO districts.

Acoustics was quite nice. I didn't make an effort to eavesdrop in conversations on the next table because I didn't hear em at all. Conversation on your table didn't really get amplified unless you make an effort laughing that hard. A plus in my books.

They also have some trinkets and decors for Christmas already up. This one is the way to their second floor where several private rooms/function rooms are found. It's cozy and I find it quite nice for small/intimate parties.

Q Bistro's Food!

I was lucky to have met Chef Mia K. Capay and a couple of good people from Q's. The Executive Chef who trained at Professional Culinary Institute in California aka French Culinary Institute had this place as her lovechild since 2006. Serving international contemporary and local dishes with their own flair, Q Bistro has been able to gather its own crowd at the busy Malayan Plaza in Ortigas Center. Chef Mia is also ServeSafe certified and a member of American Culinary Federation. She's also Halal certified quite recently much to the delight of the Muslim/Middle Eastern patrons.

Watermelon Salad with Black Vinaigrette - Simple yet delectable play on this fruit, this cold salad is perfect for summer or just any tropical country such as ours. This plateful delight of watermelon pieces plus the black vinegar is a perfect pairing of sweet and sour. It's not overpowering and the chiffonade of mint makes it the perfect thing to start your dinner. Yum-o!

Light Onion Soup - As part of the starters, servers gently ask you for freshly cracked pepper on your light onion soup. It tasted a bit with bouillion on my mind but I hope not. It was served hot and fast but this batch I think was a bit salty. It was okay for me though.

What surprised me at this time was the people assisting us on our table. They constantly filled my water goblet and offered drinks at the right time. I'm impressed.

Liver Pâté, or Pâté Maison with Crostini - It was pretty good to have this spread on little bread. It's light and creamy. They also had something with Tinapa flakes on it which was just out of this world. I suggest you ask for that. This would be a pretty good thing while talking over coffee. Or maybe while just hanging out with friends who love food. Exactly.

Adobo Sa Mangga (Adobo in Mango) - If you remember the mangoes you love with Soy Sauce and a little sugar (which I adore!) this one is quite reminiscent of that. It's a play to the ordinary chicken adobo. With the meat falling off the bone, the saltiness of shrimp paste and tanginess of green mangoes grounded together, you can feel the fight between the two components of this dish which translates into a successful extraordinary adobo flavor you'll absolutely love. The soysauce and garlic becomes well rounded components of this out of this world interpretation of the usual adobo. Love it! So make sure to have this ordered when you dine there.

Toblerone Cheesecake - Who can go wrong with Chocolate and Cheesecake. Your well loved Toblerone just made extra special with cream cheese and a spoonful of sugar. It's heaven on earth. Not to mention their lethal Carrot Cake which when we arrived was already out of stock because of the high demand for it! Don't miss these suggestions and you're good to go!

Eat All You Can Mongolian Buffet

Since I dined on a Wednesday, they've got an Eat All You Can Mongolian Buffet available. Glad to oblige, I got my bowl readied to engage in war. Of course I brought my appetite and did the next best thing... to dig in!

Carrots, jicama, toge, chinese cabbage, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, string beans, fishballs, kikiam, condiments are sesame seeds, spring onions, peanuts, sugar, lemon water,sesame oil, garlic water, garlic, chili, tomatoes, sauces are chili oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sweet chili sauce, sweet soy glaze, mongolian sauce, chili garlic sauce, rice, egg noodles and glass noodles. You tell me, what's not to like in these ingredients? 

When I chose my favorite ingredients, they ask you to give them your bowl so they can cook it for you. In a Mongolian, you control your destiny. So mine was extra spicy!

They give you a number so you know which bowl belongs to you.

They give you this tangy orange concoction to cleanse your palate in between meals. 
It's Orange Sorbet. Yummy!

They returned my bowl covered. Steaming hot off the wok! Since we were asked for Beef, Chicken, Pork or Fish as options, I chose Beef. :)

Awesome and spicy just the way I like it. Then, as if it wasn't sinful enough they offered me a couple of spoonfuls of Chicharon. Yes, pork cracklings on top of my Mongolian bowl. How can I say no to that?! =)

And so I died LOL.

Buffet choices were changed quite regularly (every week it was different I heard). I'm so going back to this place soon and probably bring my officemates too. Q Bistro has definitely delivered on what they stand for. Going Beyond Good. Oh, and did I forget to mention that service was impeccable?! =)

For more information about Q Bistro

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Q Bistro
Or visit their place

Q Bistro
G6 & G7 The Malayan Plaza, Opal cor. Topaz Road, Ortigas Center, 1600 Pasig

Store Hours:
Mon - Sat: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun: 6:00 am - 10:00 am

Tel. No. 7061668
Email inquiries@qbistro.net

/*Special thanks to their Marketing Supervisor Ash Salonga and Chef Mia Capay for everything! =)