Looking Cool, Looking Good!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am currently contemplating on getting myself contact lenses. The deal is I do not really need it but I just wanted to get a little more HISPANIC looking and I need a light brown shade. I might need to also get my hair color changed but when I saw this image of John Lennon, I think I'll get myself eyeglasses instead. I need a change of look since I am somewhat in the fashion industry. I need to look decent when I go out otherwise nobody's going to notice me. I have a little theory that this may make me a little smart (which I am) and I am a little torn to get designer lens or contact lenses. Eyeglasses are a little expensive here but there are on line stores that offer it a little cheaper than usual.

It costs thousands of pesos but if you check out the ones on line they have great eyeglasses even for $8 and it would not hurt my budget. I wish malls have them too. It would be pretty hard for ordinary people to get prescription eyeglasses if it costs too much. I can afford expensive ones but it is not practical. I would gladly submit because this is a guy's fashion statement but who in the world is going to spend thousands for that!? I am glad there are on line stores like ZENNI who understands consumers like me. At least we have options when times like these come! Hey I just want to look good!


How To Deal With Stress

After a long meeting with the bosses I was so glad it was Friday... and yes people it is my day off so I went ahead and met some friends from Eastwood and got a few rounds of beer. Well, almost a few bottles... haha!

Well after 5 buckets of beer I felt kinda woozy and started to gain a little confidence to sing. I am not a videoke fan but I can say that I do have a decent voice if you compare it to others. I mostly sing old 80's songs and those rock thingys since I grew up in the 90's. I love one hit wonders. When I sing some of them some people do not even know the band or singer. But they somewhat remember the song so that is nice.

Well since I got drunk, did I get my stress out?! NO... because when I went home, I had to get my sis a cab in the hot sweltering sun. So now that I'm hot and everybody knows that LOL I was too hot already even when I slept in an air conditioned room. Instead of sleeping around 4PM, it reached around 8AM before I got some Z's. I never ate dinner or lunch and when I woke up it was around 3AM. I was dead hungry, and because it was too early no one was at home to prepare food for me. =/

I waited around 5AM and Mom was up, good thing she cooked breakfast early.... I didn't even know there was cereals left in the pantry... I should have eaten that DOPE!

Stress, I need to get rid of it.... so I am going out later! =)


Think the March Group Way

Friday, February 26, 2010

I have been managing programs for a multinational company for six long years now. I think I have been able to absorb how everything works in the corporate world when the time comes that we are going to be affected by the global financial crisis. The worst of it is not over and while people are uncovering the damages this has dealt upon us and the US, various steps of restructuring have been implemented to government offices and private corporations. Sometimes when big financial responsibilities is in the playing table, they tend to play along with what other big corporations dictate to them when in fact they can take advantage of this situation and make it a very profitable one. This is where entities like the March Group can step in.

In early 2007, the company that I work for has shown remarkable opportunities for growth but just could not do it because of the financial risks involved in expansion. With the looming financial crisis starting then, there are various decisions that had to be made in order to survive what seems to be another great depression in the market. I have seen other financial institutions but the example of March Group has made me realize that proper management of key acquisitions is a very big fundamental component of growth. With that in mind, I have seen the success of my own company loom on only getting smaller companies that have remarkably weathered the past economic struggles this country has faced. March Group made sense in what they have been doing in the past years and to just emulate them in some ways is phenomenal. I am unsure about how other companies manage to go out of debt in these times. March Group makes it a point to give the right advice at the right time. Hey I just heard they acquired a Canadian Manufacturer recently too... imagine that!

Disclosure Policy

My Weekend Of Sports, Tweets and Fashion

I just finished meeting with my bosses from the US. Yes it is the weekend so I have to take my days off. I wonder where I should go now. I am contemplating on going to MOA alone because of the SHONEN KNIFE concert at San Miguel by the Bay. Aside from that I think I promised to go to a basketball game with people from the Red Tribe. There is a COSSACK Cobra game and some of the people from the UE Red Warriors play in those teams too. I guess they are from PBL.

I have been tweeting a lot lately because I have been able to get my blackberry online. With Alexandra DeRossi and KC Concepcion replying to my tweets it is just incomparable on how exciting this part of my cyber life is evolving.

Aside from that, there is another event that caught my attention. The hallways of MOA will turn into catwalks as Japanese and Filipino fashion come alive with this sting:

Now you tell me... who can resist not to go to MOA on that day! =)


I Am Not A Millionaire...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It looks like I am wasting my hard earned money again. I never print anything at home because of the fact that my actual printer is a little inferior and could not print photos. My Mom usually asks for them so she could get copies and put them into an album but I am a little bit contented just putting them onto my social networking sites. My sister forced me though to purchase ink cartridges yesterday so she could print a few documents at home. She is currently carrying a cast because she got her foot hurt in a freak accident. She chose to work at home because of this but it looks like this is also going to cost me a lot. My previous purchase of original cartridges just printed out 20 pages and just dried up after a couple of weeks. It's not the cheapest thing to buy at around $40 just for the black one and $45 more for the colored ink. Where am I going to get that money just so she could print a couple of old documents she should be just sending through office email in the first place!? She just wanted hard copies for crying out loud and she does not want to spend a single dime for it.

I do not want to take it against her because she is in that condition, but if I want to buy printer cartridges I would rather go with the cheaper ones available on line like what INKGRABBER offers. I do not mind getting one but it has to be reasonable. I would really want to help her in any way that I can but spending that much on printer ink is not justifiable. I wonder if it would be okay to ask if I could use her credit card instead ha-ha! I think that would be an awesome idea!


Water Shortage In Manila

It looks like the inevitable happened. There is a looming water shortage in the Philippines and currently they are already rationing water supplies in some parts of Visayas and Mindanao. I wonder what led to this mess aside from the EL NINO phenomenon. Way back then, it was already a big joke if you tell people that we will pay for bottled water. It was such a preposterous idea but look at us now... even kids nowadays do not drink straight from the faucet because of the dangers concerning its potability.

My brother got stomach ache his whole stay here 2 years ago because he just had ice that was made with water off the faucet which would mean there is already something wrong with it. It does not seem to be getting better every day. If in a few months and we do not get rain in the La Mesa Water shed which supplies around 80 percent of our drinking water in Manila then it would mean disaster to all of us. I wonder what the government is doing aside from rationing, people need to do cloud seeding and stuff like that to start rain as soon as possible. I don't know where we are going to end up now that we have this problem with water. This was supposed to be a joke a few years ago and look at us now. Even electricity is going to be scarce. We should get something sourced now through NUCLEAR or Hydroelectric or solar since we are in a tropical climate. Someone should think about this and do some measures now before its too late!


Think About It!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have been a witness to various hardships of special people. Since I was a kid I was brought up by my folks with an entirely different outlook in life. I have a cousin I always tag along with that had special needs. He had irreversible brain injury because of an accident and his parents had to resort letting him undergo rehabilitation and therapy. It was all they can do because at that time there was not much information about his condition. There are currently no organizations even today in the Philippines that could help explain things. Heck there was no Internet connection then when this all started. I wanted to help them too but I can only do much. Today I can only say that only the organization for CEREBRAL PALSY and AUTISM has gone main stream; the rest probably had no funding and capability to organize.

I feel terrible that this had to happen to one of my own family member and if you think about it, no one should suffer this way. I am glad and happy though that even in the midst of adversity there has never been any less love for him. I really felt that things are better now; and if it was easy to deal with this condition it was because everyone helped a lot. The acceptance was secondary to watching how his family worked to make things bearable. I am proud of what they have accomplished and this for me has been a learning experience in one way or another. Do you have family members who are in the same condition as my cousin is?! How do you deal with it?! Let me know what you think!


Weekend Plans: Videos, Fashion and Music: SHONEN KNIFE, Jake Cuenca and Manila Symphony Orchestra

Monday, February 22, 2010

It looks like I found something better to show off my videos and it does support high definition ones too. I always looked at VIMEO from other videographers and was astounded by the quality of it. I did not know why I just tried it now but hell it looks like its more fun. Actually I had a short upload time too which would benefit me a lot because often times when I share my work it usually ends up around an hour for a 100MB video to get online. That's if when no one is using the Internet connection ha-ha!

As for my activities this weekend I am trying to choose between the Mall of Asia and the one in Intramuros. I really want to go out with the D60 KREW again shooting the Manila Symphony Orchestra but my golly SHONEN KNIFE my favorite Japanese band of all time is going to be at the mall on that day, not to mention the BENCH show featuring Jake Cuenca. As you know I am into fashion photography and since I do not get any male models that much I think this would be good practice right?! I hope there are not that much people in the venue. Where can I get a photographers pass in these events?! Hohummm.....


I Had No Regrets Moving

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My brother and I bought a parcel of land south of Manila so we could have a vacation home for our folks. This region had lush greens, plantations of pineapple, jack fruit and coffee all around so it was quite a sight to behold. I did not have that much appreciation with nature and stayed in the concrete jungle most of the time; because I feel the need to always hear cars passing by whenever I am at home. My Mom and Dad wanted peace and quiet which is the total opposite so we did succumb to parental pressure and got them their own pad in the outskirts of Manila. It is a 4 hour drive and there are no Los Angeles Moving Companies in the area so just imagine how hard it was to transfer their stuff in the beginning.

When I stayed in LA a few years back I had to move out of my folks house because I was already 18. Moving Companies Los Angeles was able to help me through this daunting task of getting my stuff out of the garage and into a new apartment a few hours away from our LA home. I knew my folks would not agree on it but I had to find my own job and place to live so I could train myself to be more independent. Everyone else was doing it and they turned out fine so I asked my self a couple of times why shouldn't I?! I went ahead and took the initiative to apply on every company I know in Silicon Valley so I could at least afford the place I rented since it is not a joke to have one in that area and I do not know how long my Dad was going to help a bit. I was thinking of having a roommate that time but I was worried about security. If I do not trust the person that much and only resort to have other people live with me it would be extremely awkward. They are not like Movers Los Angeles whom I entrusted to have my stuff to be moved. They even stayed off working hours just to make sure I have all my stuff accounted for. I was thinking if I could get one of my classmates from college to stay with me once I get to know them then it would be easier for me to adapt. USC was an opportunity so I immediately grabbed it when a scholarship was offered to me. My grades were not that bad when I was in high school and I scored ingeniously in their entrance exams and interview. That scholarship saved us a lot of money trouble before I garnered my Computer Engineering degree. Now I work for a multinational corporation that dealt with the best networking products in the whole world and I am glad I ended up so good in the end. Now I even got the chance to stay with my folks every now and then for a vacation. I really did not regret moving out then because just look at where it got me now.


Song Addiction 101

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well it looks like I am in the mood again to download songs for my blackberry. I am currently having a good time at work because of MOONY. Yeah she is the big girl who looks like my sister, her tracks are played in posh clubs all throughout the world. From her famous tracks like DOVE, Flying Away and others... she has captured the hearts of trans house music lovers all over the world. I like everything that she does because it is easy to listen to, it is still house trans music but it is never too complicated to learn. There should have been a dance contest on her tracks but I know not everyone knows who she is.

Aside from her songs, I also downloaded the popular dance tracks. I also got a couple of romantic songs from Tamia. I like her a lot and I want to marry her someday hahaha! But of course that would be a straight punch to the moon. A long shot of sorts!

Do you have any songs in mind that I should download over at 4shared?! =) let me know and comment on this post. Thanks!


Storing My Photos Now!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am currently having some problems because my hard drive is acting up again. When I opened it up this morning it was in a snail's pace. It was even hard to see some of the icons in my desktop so I was thinking memory might be running a little low. I was shocked because a couple of warnings suddenly popped up. My drive space apparently is low so I went ahead and looked for cd-r media so I could transfer all my photos to them. Yes I am guilty because I filled up my 120GB drive with raw files. Imagine all my 42 photo shoots are all there and I have them all in 2-3MB or more pieces so it obviously is the culprit of the laptop's slowdown.

I do not know if this would be the next thing I will have to do but it seems right that I keep a library of my work so I would not be a victim of stolen pictures. That is a little common here nowadays. Keeping the CD would also be better because I can just put them inside my folder and bring them out when I need it. I can also have them organized per shoot so everything would be easier to find. I will rise to the occasion and have them labeled too. It is something smart to do and did I say a good thing?!


Fasting Fast!

Yesterday was ASH Wednesday but being the bad Catholic that I am I did not go to church again. I don't know why but half of that is because I am just too lazy to get up on a weekday. Anyway, that is just what it is. I am glad to know things are happening again in the office. It looks like our inputs to our project will be the topic when my boss comes into town. I hope we get to discuss some of the ideas that we have in order to make everything feasible in the project. Really looking forward to seeing boss in town.

Right now by the way, I am fasting because people do this as a sacrifice during this season. I wonder how much weight I would lose in a couple of days. I am optimistic but tomorrow I think we'll order fastfood again. I'll think about what I will order. Maybe chicken but no rice. Or maybe burger but I think meat is being barred tomorrow since it is a Friday. I have a lot of things to do also in the weekend so please give me a break! Later I will be a little late. I need to attend a meeting that will happen in the afternoon US PST time so that will be early morning Philippine time. Wish me luck!


Furniture Decisions Now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess I am not the only one hoping that it would match with the rest of the furniture I have in the condominium unit where I stay. Dining Room Tables that would fit the floor area I have is what I specifically need. The ones that I saw available at the mall appliance center are not customized to fit small spaces and usually cater to family style interiors which I do not prefer. I was contemplating if I should have one made to order but that would cost a lot. If I bought one from the mall on the other hand; I would need to cut off the legs just to get it through the door and stick it back when it's in. That would really be funny if I have guests then all of a sudden it collapses on us after tea. I would not want to get sued just because of that.

If I had the time to also go out and canvass some pieces in thrift shops I would not be in a dilemma. I barely have money to spend on my gadgets and this was a major furniture piece I was planning to acquire. Seeing the antique ones we used to have in my Mom and Dad's house I think I literally outgrew them all. I have developed a keen eye for appreciating modernly designed ones so I will have to stick with that. I do not want the eclectic format we followed suit at our old house because I am not fond of wood. I am more into metal and glass nowadays so I am trying to avail this if possible.

It has clean lines; it is chic and very functional even with its modern design. I would like to have this piece soon. I want one now!


Partied This Weekend Thrice!

I went out this weekend again. Well its bad enough that I had no time for a Valentines date but it seems much appropriate to spend time with the boys. This night out was sort of a post STAG party of Roger which I also mentioned a few posts back. With the stag party, comes the you know what part of every program. Yes we had a few drinks, I think I had around 5 bottles of beer that time but never got tipsy. I did not setup this occasion and my other friend Dex took care of the details. We had our own share of strippers and got them fetched around 8 in the evening. Got them inside the place we rented and cozied up a little then ate somethin too. I had a blast of course not just because of them but because the whole thing happened. Imagine this was even setup by the ladies hahah. I have to applaud them for that. I really love this day and if ever there would be a friend that would be married soon I would probably have to set this up for them too. Now where do I get the girls you say?! Of course I won't tell you! Haha!

Then again everything went fine, after that evening with the guys I still got to spend quality time with my hommies in The Fort and QC. I met up with them and had more bottles of beer then went to the Malate district. It was fun because we also spent some time over at baywalk. The Manila bay was not that great smelling but the ambiance of people staying there because it is Valentines season was awesome. Imagine I had about gone to 3 parties in one night, where else can I do that?! Only in Manila! =)