Song Addiction 101

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well it looks like I am in the mood again to download songs for my blackberry. I am currently having a good time at work because of MOONY. Yeah she is the big girl who looks like my sister, her tracks are played in posh clubs all throughout the world. From her famous tracks like DOVE, Flying Away and others... she has captured the hearts of trans house music lovers all over the world. I like everything that she does because it is easy to listen to, it is still house trans music but it is never too complicated to learn. There should have been a dance contest on her tracks but I know not everyone knows who she is.

Aside from her songs, I also downloaded the popular dance tracks. I also got a couple of romantic songs from Tamia. I like her a lot and I want to marry her someday hahaha! But of course that would be a straight punch to the moon. A long shot of sorts!

Do you have any songs in mind that I should download over at 4shared?! =) let me know and comment on this post. Thanks!


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