Think About It!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have been a witness to various hardships of special people. Since I was a kid I was brought up by my folks with an entirely different outlook in life. I have a cousin I always tag along with that had special needs. He had irreversible brain injury because of an accident and his parents had to resort letting him undergo rehabilitation and therapy. It was all they can do because at that time there was not much information about his condition. There are currently no organizations even today in the Philippines that could help explain things. Heck there was no Internet connection then when this all started. I wanted to help them too but I can only do much. Today I can only say that only the organization for CEREBRAL PALSY and AUTISM has gone main stream; the rest probably had no funding and capability to organize.

I feel terrible that this had to happen to one of my own family member and if you think about it, no one should suffer this way. I am glad and happy though that even in the midst of adversity there has never been any less love for him. I really felt that things are better now; and if it was easy to deal with this condition it was because everyone helped a lot. The acceptance was secondary to watching how his family worked to make things bearable. I am proud of what they have accomplished and this for me has been a learning experience in one way or another. Do you have family members who are in the same condition as my cousin is?! How do you deal with it?! Let me know what you think!


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