GCASH Launches New Products in Loans, Finance, and Insurance Services

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

This morning was a little nice courtesy of our friends from GCASH. The number one financial app is gearing towards more services that offer financial freedom and capacity to grow your business (especially for SME's), grow your own money, insure your properties and life, and even lend you some money if you need it.

The only challenge is to have this be available for everyone, and this is where the GCASH app comes in. This is something that can unlock your financial goals, the tools that does it all. It's the electronic wallet that does payments and seamless transactions and there's no time to do it but now. They're glad to know that people are using the name GCASH synonymous with payment, and they're introducing these new services to cater to more people that want innovation.

Easy, accessible and affordable, they introduce GLoan. Tony Isidro the CEO of Fuse Lending Inc. says "Over half of Filipinos have banking access, but only 20 percent acquire loans. If they need one, they borrow from friends, loan sharks, which puts them in disadvantage sometimes. GCash wants finance for all, so now we're introducing lending products that are transparent and fair. GLoan is something that goes to your wallet without filling up any documents. If you are qualified, just go to GLoan section on the app and get it instantly. You can use it to pay for bills, essentials, shopping, tuition, or other products and services. You can also use it for capital. There's also GGives, which you can use to pay for products without having a credit card. You can pay for it in 12 months, and there are various commercial establishments and partner merchants that accept it. You can buy furniture, TV, go out without any down payment needed. Our goal is giving everyone access to finance, it's finance for all."

Jong Layug the current Head of Wealth Management introduced existing GSave. He says "This helps people save, go without piggy banks, keeping money at home, and CIMB does a good job managing funds. You also earn interest, allows consumers to save instead of just keeping it stagnant. It's also protected by PDIC and helps you keep it safely. One out of 5 Filipinos already have a GSave account, and growing more. People also want to invest, which is why we have BPI and ATRAM so they could do investments. From local and global funds, you can start growing your wealth so you could achieve your financial goals conveniently. You can expect more in the next few months."

Head of GCash New Business Neil Trinidad introduces GInsure. Access to it is a little problematic in the Philippines because it's expensive, inaccessible, and people think they don't need it. He says "More people find insurance relevant now especially Gen Z's. GInsure is easy to discover and is in one marketplace, if you need it for live or non life items, 14 right now is available, it's affordable, and is offered in different price points. Even cover dengue and COVID for only 300 pesos. We want it easy for people to purchase, and now it takes 2 minutes to do that. This enables access for more Filipinos, our mission is to make partnerships that cover life, non-life, vehicle, even bill protect. We also have insurance plans for businesses, you can even gift it to others, and soon it'll cover policies for employees, MSME's, evolving everyday. 4 out of 10 Filipinos now have a pet, and now Pet Insurance is also available. There's also Online Shopping Insurance, so those retail frauds can be resolved fast, all in GInsure." 

Here's excerpts from the press conference this morning


A lot of Filipinos will surely benefit from this, so if you're in the mood to be one of them, go download the app on the App store or Google Play today!


Artistry, Fun and Music at Fête de la Musique 2022 Celebrations Across the Country!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Everyone loves music, and we've enjoyed in the Philippines immensely through Fête de la Musique. They're back in a big way as pandemic restrictions ease and live performances are going back, they're doing it in different parts of the country. Whilst we've been locked down the past few years and enjoyed it online, they promise to bring French artists in like DJ Blutch, Marc Fichel among others. They will be collaborating with our home grown talents, so there's really something to look forward to this year!

As with the previous years, this will be 100 percent FREE and you will see artists like Autotelic, Leanne and Naara, Chets, Lola Amour, Syd Hartha, Dilaw, Eloisa, and Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas perform on stage for everyone's enjoyment. This is presented to you by Alliance Francaise de Manille together with the Embassy of France to the Philippines and Micronesia, B-Side Productions in cooperation with the Department of Tourism -  Philippines. Make sure you catch the schedules by following their social channels particularly their Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/FetePH. Locations include Manila, Cebu, Siargao among others. Make sure you're there as there are other local musicians and artists joining in the fun!

Here's some excerpts from the press conference a few days ago which was hosted at Sofitel Manila. 


Lumina Homes Asks You to "Rush Your Move" in 16 Locations Nationwide

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Finding a home has always been a dream for every Filipino. A place where they could take refuge, take care of their family, raise kids in a community that would make them well rounded individuals - and perhaps be accessible to every convenience in life. These days, acquiring homes have been complicated, tedious and not to mention hard to finance. Though if you're trying to find a good deal, Lumina Homes has got you covered with their "Rush Your Move" promo. As the name suggests, they now have made it easier to own a house of your own. Imagine how you would get you to save over Php 168,000 off the actual price, which certainly is something unprecedented in the industry... and pretty difficult to resist. 

See, they're offering two-storey houses at Php 35,000 down payment. They even went a mile and made that price payable in 2 months. Add to that figure a whopping 8 percent discount if your bank loan gets released in 2 months. Isn't that a good deal?

They also made it available in 16 Lumina Home locations nationwide. This includes historic Tarlac, Balanga in Bataan, Subic in Zambales, Baliwag Bulacan, their two townships Bacolod 1 and 2 in Negros, Iloilo, Bauan, Sto.Tomas, Lipa and Tanauan in Batangas, Quezon, Sariaya, Tanza Cavite, Cabanatuan and San Jose in Nueva Ecija. This makes the choices quite varied for those who prefer quiet provincial life, city dwelling, because they made sure it's still churches, restaurants, groceries, transport locations so you could live comfortably with your family. There are also business establishments around, if you're looking for work or more, being in these properties would make life so convenient.

If you're seriously considering to live here, get in touch with a friendly Lumina Homes Sales and Marketing representative so you could join their 360 degree tours and see quality made homes that's ready for occupancy. Available models include the Athena which is a Single Firewall house that's got 53 square meter floor area and 63 sq.m. lot area. They also have the Armina (also a Single Firewall house) with 42 square meter floor area and 54 square meter lot. The nice Adriana Townhouse on the other hand has 44 square meters of floor area and about 36 square meter lot area. The pretty Angeli Townhouse has got a 42 square meter floor area and about 36 square meter lot. They also have the Angelique Townhouse that's got a 35 square meter floor area and around 36 square meter lot which you can choose in different areas of these communities.


I wouldn't be surprised if this gets taken advantage of by people who would want to invest in real estate. You can buy one then have it rented out and have income early because it's all ready. It's an opportune time to buy a home and if that becomes an investment, you're in a good place. Engr. Joemi Tan, Lumina Homes Division Head for North and East Luzon says "It would be a good opportunity for people to invest in a Lumina property so they could have a home that can be leased and be a source of income. We've got different RFO units they can choose from."

If this interests you in any way, make sure to follow @LuminaHomesOfficial on Facebook or their official website www.lumina.com.ph today!


TaskUs Holds Job Fair in Bohol

Monday, June 20, 2022

After letting us experience this about two years ago, the good people at TaskUs continued to spread their Ridiculously Good Culture, this time to the heart of Philippine islands called Bohol. It's capital Tagbilaran was the venue for the Grand Career Fair held at Metro Centre Hotel.

This is what TaskUs meant as "going where the talent is" as their company continues to grow despite global challenges caused by the pandemic. This was attended and supported by different Bohol educational institutiions, local government and non profit organizations, plus other training institutes aimed to employ talented Bol-anons this side of the world. Ms. Regina Aguila says "We have a different work culture at TaskUs and provide very competitive health coverage, wellness programs (free), career advancement opportunities. We call them teammates, and have always known how it positively impacts their work. This goes the same with the service they render for customers and the community."

TaskUs started in the developing city in 2019 and has made Lizzy's Playground an iconic workplace to be in this region. This is part of their "Work Hard, Have Fun" mantra that makes working in the company even more exciting. If you missed their job fair, fret not as you can show your intentions to join them via their website TaskUs.com/careers or their recruitment hubs.


Summit Supports Athletes through #ThirstForGold

What's common between Olympic Gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, Olympic Pole Vaulter Ernest John Obiena and the powerful Philippine Women's National Football Team (called Filipinas)? Do you know? Neither do I. Well don't fret as they've figured it out last April 26th when they and water brand Summit Natural Drinking Water forged a partnership for one common goal, to support athletes going to the SEA Games together with the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC). This is their #ThirstForGold

Hidilyn is currently working hard as she makes the impossible happen and take that next Olympic gold in Paris, France. She's done that in Tokyo, so for sure, there will be challenges when other countries try to step it up in the next Olympiad. Same with EJ Obiena as he's planning to conquer the podium finish after missing a couple tournaments because of his COVID-19 sickness a few weeks ago. He's won several of them and it would be a cherry on top if he gets strikes Gold in the Olympics, as he's done remarkable job in the SEA Games in Vietnam, winning Gold for the country. Our football stars the Filipinas on the other hand fell short for the gold, but got Myanmar beat by scoring twice in the last 3 minutes, a feat to get us in the podium with a Bronze after 37 long years. Now, they're back in the country busy preparing for the Women's World Cup that the country will be hosting together with Australia on 2023. Exciting? Yeap! The future certainly looks bright when support comes in Philippine sports.

Summit also partnered with social fitness app Liv3ly to further support Filipino athletes and sports enthusiasts. It'll keep you interested in different sports activities, give you goals and some prizes you wouldn't have in others. Sounds fun? Try it out on the Google Play store as it's free for download today.


OC Records on their 4th Anniversary: Shows Why Different Is Good

Got myself in the midst of artists a few nights ago as OC Records celebrated their 4th Anniversary in Quezon City. I've seen them grow quite fast in the last few years, but knew they had struggles much like anyone in the entertainment industry as it got crippled with the COVID-19 situation and various protocols that prevent live events from happening.

Times were hard, and for a label who's just starting to get a groove on the business it really wasn't a good time to just stay at home and watch as they've got talented men and women in their roster grow. During the small chat we had with them after the show, I got a sense of how they (the artists) all had full trust and confidence with OC Records (now a subsidiary of Viva Records) and founders Kean Cipriano and Chyns Ortaleza on what they could do. Then, their artistry reached the intended audience... got appreciated and hit after hit, broke barriers in their respective genres - and made them who they are now.

During the performances, it felt a lot like I was being schooled on how each artist carried themselves on their differences. I remember Kean mentioning he was just lucky how he had an eye to spot talent and admit they're weird bunch on stage. It's that "weird" factor that makes them special,  and as a fellow weirdo, I give credence to that statement wholeheartedly. 

@kumagcow @adadieee sings #PARALUMAN at the @ocrecordsph 4th anniversary celebration #events #lifestyleblogger #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter #opm ♬ original sound - John Bueno

Adie's "Paraluman", "Tahanan", and collaboration piece "Mahika" has been doing well on radio and streaming platforms. Yes, he's even more good looking in person but you can sense why people adore his songs. It becomes something that they get to connect, how in one way or another becomes a bridge on how the artist would want to make you feel when you listen to it. The good thing is, it's not based on Adie's relationships, and I've got the impression he'll do good in that department. You'll be impressed when you see him perform live, he's very charming, and won't be surprised if women get taken hostage with his eyes. He's going to a lot of events these coming months, you better snatch that chance to see him in person as he's really an awesome musician, artist and performer.

@kumagcow @ocrecordsph @Unique Salonga during the GC RECORDS 4th Anniversary celebration #opm #tiktokshowbizreporter #EntertainmentPH #lifestyleblogger #events ♬ original sound - John Bueno

If you're a bit of a mess, listening to artist Unique would make you welcome love and painful memories even more. He attacks vocals differently, like a wolf howling under the moon, when he's merely just introducing himself. I'd figure he's the silent introvert type, who once starts expressing himself in songs becomes a monster filled with emotions. That's his gift, and a lot of people who listened to his songs, see it. 


@kumagcow Girls, meet KENANIAH @Kenaniah of @ocrecordsph . The next good looking guy you should watch out for at OC RECORDS #events #bieber #lifestyleblogger #opm #tiktokshowbizreporter #EntertainmentPH ♬ original sound - John Bueno

Another discovery was a young guy named Kenaniah. He's Kean's latest discovery and I now know why. He's a bit of a mix of a very young Brandon Boyd and Bieber, that's if they had a child. He carries that star factor but once he sings, you won't be disappointed with what you'll hear. He's even blessed in the looks department, and I'm sure in a short time, he'll be hounded by girls, boys, all, for both reasons.  

 Eugene Layug on the other hand had me at engaged just by the title of his songs. He's a busker, a very funny one at that... but I bet he's swooning the ladies with his humor. From songs he's made like "Maghihiwalay Din Kayo", "Landiin Niyo Na Ako", albeit severely underrated right now, he's bound to take the spotlight soon. Kean likened him to that guy who always figured out songs in a drinking session, and it's time to make his brand of music normal so even more people could enjoy it. He was a ball of energy, dropping jokes at every occasion while most of us were in a serious fit. It's his identity, whilst it was literally the first time I've seen him, I already like the guy. The most daunting part of listening to him is trying not to poke fun at the stories he's telling.. because as funny as it might sound, it might be him LOL. If you want an entertaining evening, he's the man for that. He provides that humor people don't put in music, and people will surely love him for that.

Chelsea Ronquillo can sing. She's looks like a princess... one that's behind a guitar, singing pop songs of her liking and killing it. I've listened to a couple covers she's made on YouTube but again. it's quite different if you see and hear it live. Though sorry boys, I think she's with someone already :) ha!

 Artist Pappel had me think of Sugar Hiccup and Bayang Barrios when she did her number. A little eerie yes, but I like how it's different from the rest of the talented individuals in OC Records roster. It felt like a scene off Phantom of the Opera, theatrical at most. In a generation where it's mostly commercialized songs, I feel she's a breather.... the dark kind and I love how that sounds weird. 

I've had the pleasure of interviewing actor Gold Aceron in the past since he's made a lot of movies. OC Records is expanding and not just concentrating on music. They plan to have more actors, actresses, artists under their wing so they would be able to manage and represent them. Gold has several awards under his belt including Best Actor in Cinema One Originals last 2019. He has also announced a few movies he's going to star in the coming months, pretty big ones at that. There are more things in the pipeline and it'll be showcasing his versatility. Chyns and Kean noticed him in a recent show and took a chance if he'd join OC, and now they're raring to make his dreams come true. Perhaps in a few months, several actors would be part of their crew and it'll be nice to see how this plays in TV shows, movies and digital streaming platforms if they get sourced through them.

 In a nutshell, I'm quite excited about what OC Records have planned for their artists. They know from experience how it's done and with these talented artists at their helm, I wouldn't be surprised if one if not all would become superstars of the next generation. They're already showing why being different is good. Stay odd guys! 

Congratulations on your 4th year OC Records!

 /*Note: If you want to watch their performances, I have several videos on my TikTok account just search @kumagcow and it's there!


Keep Your Skin Healthy with Rosy Peel Plus

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The weather is crazy these days you wouldn't know how to handle it especially when it's hot like an oven at noon and then super rainy like hell hath no fury after an hour. The heat, the cold, it's definitely not going to be kind on the skin especially if you're not taking care of it inside and out.

From sunscreen, toners, moisturizers, creams and just about anything external you can put in, you all feel the love and care it gives when you do have time to take care of it. But how do you make sure it lasts?

For those who don't know, there's Rosy Peel Plus that just came out of the market. It's a herbal beauty supplement that's got antioxidants, vitamin C, folic acid and collagen to make sure you get enough nutrition for your body too. While make-up works wonders, wouldn't it be a good investment to take care of the base first? If you're starting on a clean and clear skin, imagine the things you can do to further enhance it right?

This is also all natural, so you're going to get the stuff you need inside out. Best of all, it's easy to get them in Shopee, Lazada, Zalora and Zilingo. It's also available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide! You can get them here for starters! https://shope.ee/99kkhBBE9Y


XOXO is Back with New Single MY MIRACLE

Friday, June 17, 2022

Four stellar ladies with awesome pipes, very talented singing group and has already impressed a lot of people. Dani, Lyra, Mel and Riel are XOXO.

After releasing their album in 2020, it's time they do another one called My Miracle. This time, they slow down and did a more touching, impressive ballad showcasing their POWERFUL individual voices, and still have that XOXO blend we've always loved. 

Although plans have been pushed back a little, they've had separate projects that got their practices delayed so they couldn't perform together. This time, they're going to be coming out with more music and appearances as a group including performances to promote their music, corporate shows, and gigs outside the country. When asked for a collab, they want SB19 to also be a part of it. Hopefully things would work out well now that they're back after not performing for a few years.
Congratulations on this new single ladies!~ Can't wait to see your performance videos soon!



Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Do you see a GENERIKA Drugstore near you? If not, then you're missing a lot. You see, the folks in GENERIKA have always been in the business of making sure you get the right medicine you need if you get sick, if you haven't had the pleasure of having one in your community, maybe you should start one! In simple ceremonies this morning, Dimples Romana just became a part of the GENERIKA family. This was attended by GENERIKA Drugstore's CEO Atty. Yet Avarca, ABSCBN's Talent Manager Alan Real and Dimples Romana, their newest brand ambassador. 

Dimples Romana says "If you got to GENERIKA, you can take care of your family. I'm a mother,m a sister, I learned to put importance to things that matters to us, part of that is good health. Being part of this means we represent it, there are things that worry us, we can't go to Doctors, and we don't want to burden our frontliners. GENERIKA has doctors, you can get consulation and get the right medicine for you. You're sure that you will be given medicine that will work, and GENERIKA has. We need to make sure we're part of the solution, GENERIKA Drugstore."

She adds "This is the first time I've attended to meet my GENERIKA family, I'm 8.75 months and I drived slowly here. I thought I've already finished my branded projects, but this comes as a welcome event. "Ginhawa" is making everything easy, it's one of the nicest Tagalog words I know, it's something everyone wants to have. It should be a priority for every family. It's so lovely to be a GENERIKAn to make sure we're taking care of the lives of Filipino families. This is of service for people we provide for. I am so happy to be a GENERIKAn, I've been posting BTS about this and finally I can post it as it's finally out there!" 

Atty. Yet Abarca says "It was a decision that came from our people, an easy decision and we were inspired by here story, her love for family and the success that she's had... especially the commitment to her family. She's the perfect model for GENERIKA Drugstore."

Congratulations Ms. Dimples Romana! I must say, this is well deserved!


You Can Now Convert Your SMAC Points to PAL Mabuhay Miles and Vice Versa

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Had a wonderful time at Conrad in Pasay City for the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles and SM Advantage Card event aimed to elevate your travel and shopping experience as they partner up for a rewards program like no other that would be able to make you convert your Mabuhay Miles into SMAC Points and vice versa.

This was witnessed by PAL President and COO Stanley Ng, PAL Senior VP and General Counsel Atty. Carlos Luis D. Fernandez, Executive Director for SM Food Retail Group Herson Sy, COO of Digital Advantage Corp, Kevin Hartigan Go and several members of the Sy and Tan families. This is great news as you can now choose the best rewards for yourself and use either for a purchase in any SM retail corp or fly to any destination that Philippine Airlines cover. They properly call it "Shop To Fly , Fly To Shop" and every frequent flyer with PAL can convert their Mabuhay Miles points i.e. 500 Mabuhay Miles Poiints can be converted into 50 SMAC points, while any SMAC members can convert 250 SMAC Points into100 Mabuhay Miles points, so imagine the shopping, the local and international destinations you can go to right?


Stanley Ng the current Philippine Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer says "We are certainly evolving over at PAL Mabuhay Miles and this program will certainly make every heart of the Filipino beat. If you're into travel, shopping or dining, Mabuhay Miles will continue to be your partner everyday. This would be a great for both of our customers, we are so glad about this partnership!"

Digital Advantage Corp COO Kevin Hartigan Go says "We're helping the travel and retail sectors especially at a very crucial moment in the PH economy. It would be good to see how customers would be able to fly with their SMAC points when they shop at SM shops and brands nationwide."

This is part of Philippine Airlines' celebrations on their 81st Anniversary. It's a way to thank their most loyal members as they plan to further pursue more lifestyle partnerships for the benefit of their 5 Million customer base. SMAC on the other hand takes this to thank their 6 Million members, finding more ways to reward them every time they use the SMAC Card. 

Congratulations to PAL and SMAC, with this, people are certainly going places!


WORLD GIN DAY Celebrations Kicked Off by GSMI

Thirsty? Me too, and I really dread not going to this event by Ginebra San Miguel Inc. a few nights ago in Makati City. It's World Gin Day and what better way to celebrate it in the Philippines but by dishing out finely crafted drinks, designed, localized with products from GSMI. With some of the best bartenders in the country, they made different drinks for the media to try. Fret not people, because just like the ones experience by these people, you too would get the chance to do the pub crawls in your own area.

There will be Gin Bar Crawls in Baguio via Cowboy Town, One Piece Bar, Moeging, Yankees, and Tavern Rose. In Rizal and Marikina, there's Upper Level, Hippers Antipolo, Hippers Marikina, Barkada Treats, Padi's Point too. In Naga City, there's gonna be one in Bora Hut, Hive and Seek, El Gabino's, Momotz, and in Gabi's Diner. If you're in Cebu, don't be sad because you can enjoy drinks in Southscape, Kwikspar 1 and 2, Werpa, and Plaza ni George. For those who are down south in Davao, there's one in Base Camp, Chick and Chill, Whatever, Dox and Emok's. This will all happen on June 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25 from 6PM to 12MN, so time to set that long awaited session with the whole gang right?

Ginebra also flexed their new products like 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, GSM Blue Cosmopolitan, the new sized GSM Hari (a liter of your original Ginebra San Miguel). GSMI Marketing Manager Ron Molina says "We hope there would be more Filipinos that will have greater appreciation for gin drinking, we're glad to host more World Gin Day activities for them to feature more of our world class drinks!"

Congratulations Ginebra San Miguel Inc.! You're welcome anytime in my bar.


A Decade of UNIQLO in the Philippines

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Had so much fun yesterday at the UNIQLO Flagship store in Glorietta 5 in Makati City. Press, Vloggers, Bloggers and Influencers were treated to first dibs on how they celebrate 10 successful years in the Philippines. While we were there, I was one of the few people who got to join games as they asked hints of the new collection they're releasing to commemorate the occasion.

Their thrust is having a UT collection that's ICONIC. They collaborated with brands that have been in the lives of Filipinos, because of course, they are LIFEWEAR. They then announced that the THE BRANDS UT PILIPINAS include JOLLIBEE, SAN MIGUEL BEER, NATIONAL BOOKSTORE and SELECTA. Much of them had the official logos of these brands, Jollibee had the bee logo in the front left side, San Miguel Beer had the San Miguel Pale Pilsen label on the black shirts. The one for National Bookstore had pockets with the classic red and white stripes design of the old National Bookstore logo. Then Selecta was a bit more colorful putting the actual Selecta trike with words TENENENN a couple times, a thing that these machines play when they're out on the streets and getting kids sweet treats these days! Which one takes your fancy?

Thanks to Myke Soon of MixofEverythingLifestyleBlog for the shots!

They are also doing a lot of promos using the Uniqlo app so make sure you download that as well. They have showed me a few CSR projects they do with re-used fabric from cuts made on alterations of jeans in the store. They sell them to local women who sew and buy the product back as bags, they were awesome looking! So really, there's no waste happening with this clothing brand.

Thank you to the good people from UNIQLO whom we were able to spend our afternoon with. I like the new UT shirts you came out with as you celebrate 10 years in the country, that's no small feat! Congratulations!


REDOXON Now in the Philippines

The restrictions might have changed over the months in the country but that doesn't mean we have to be complacent in or out of our homes. Good news is, there's REDOXON now in the Philippines. I used to see this in other ASEAN countries but never here because there's popular one is Berocca. Little did we know, it came from the same company and they actually have different uses for it. Berocca is for mental and physical performance whilst this one is more on supporting your body's immune system. This has got Vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D. It also has Zinc, Iron, Copper and Selenium. They've been in the business since 1934 and if you lasted that long, you're probably good at it right?

Miss World Megan Young and Model/Actor Mikael Daez was also there in the event, telling us stories about their lifestyle choices. Even if they're in the best shape of their lives, they too come to a point where they don't get motivated to work out or eat healthy. They need something to keep them protected and not get sick and they're glad that REDOXON came at the right time. They also showcased (with Chef Edward Bugia) how to make Avocado Toast, as they're fond of learning healthy recipes that they pair with working out, plus if they feel a little under the weather it gets them back on track and get better.

Dr. Leah Manio explained to us what Cholecalciferol means and says "It's a fancy word that only means Vitamin D3, much like the one you get when your skin is exposed to sunlight. You need this to absorb calcium in your body, and you can get this in fish oil and eggs (though you would need a lot to get needed amount)."

This is part of Redoxon's worldwide efforts to address immuno threats which is timely as we're still fighting a huge threat in health. Their call is to have this be a habit, possibly take every morning before starting your day. Redoxon helps strengthen your immunity, keep you and your loved ones protected too.


These Guys Did Good on the Challenges #AXEDares

Friday, June 10, 2022

I've had the opportunity to get this package from AXE which contains some of my personal favorite fragrances, but wasn't really sure about one of the contents which was a Linya Linya made AXE DARES challenge cards... it had something written on it. You know AXE has always given men the confidence right? The cards indicated several steps how to conquer your fears, how to break down walls, pretty amazing stuff... but to tell you honestly, I wasn't ready to do some of the challenges because I'm too shy to even try. I kinda am in my comfort zone.

These guys on the other hand stepped up to the plate and did it. Vlogger guy Benedict Cua did the 50 squats, I would have fainted if I did that (I kid) but he breezed through that task without a hitch and made sure to be armed with AXE Gold Temptation as it protects him from body odor while he sweats. Model Marc David on the other hand took the Art for Heart's Sake challenge and put his creative hat on by painting a cute cat for his loved one. I mean, how would anyone resist that, especially if he's got AXE Black to protect him from the heat while making the piece. Renz David on the other hand tried Conquering Walls and Fears of Meeting the Parents... in the hot humid Singapore weather, he protected himself with #FragranceThatProtects AXE Ice Chill. So even if he was sweating profusely because he was nervous and had to walk under the hot sun, he was confident he could do it because he smelled good with AXE before it happened. Now how I wish I could do that no?

If you want that to happen with you, it's time to buy AXE in Lazada or Shopee as they've got it 50% OFF so there's really no time to waste, get them today HERE! I personally recommend the Black or Ice Chill because that's what I use!


Excitement Builds for New Puregold Channel Series "Ang Babae Sa Likod ng Face Mask"

Netizens are begginning to feel the excitement over Puregold Channel's newest series called "Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask" starring viral sensation Herlene Budol and good looking guy Joseph Marco. They play the role of lovers, about to delve into romance and they're already building intereset in social channels, with released videos already getting 1.1 Million views in less than 24 hours, a feat that wouldn't be beat proor to the series premiere.

Both Joseph Marco's and Herlene Budol's fans are showing their support for these actors, telling how they feel giddy over their new pairing. Herlene plays Malta who works hard for the money, trying to make ends meet and support her mother Madam Baby played by Mickey Ferriols. Marco on the other hand plays Sieg who just came out of a relationship, but while hurting meets this mysterious gal with a face mask comes and becomes interested with her. Will this spark romance on the show?

You can watch the episodes of "Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask" on the Puregold Channel on YouTube every Saturday at  7PM. The first one will be on June 11th so make sure you don't miss it! You can also follow Puregold's social media channels for updates about the show, who knows, they might show some behind the scenes clip while you're there. Can't wait to see this soon!


ARJO ATAYDE Wins Congressional Bid in Quezon City's 1st District

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

After the dust settled, our main man ARJO ATAYDE was declared as Congressman of the 1st District of Quezon City. I couldn't be more happy for my friends and family in that location as I'm assured he's going to give his constituents the service they deserve.

Arjo has already taken his oath in Barangay PhilAm Homes which was officiated by Barangay Captain Simplicio "EJ" Hermogenes. It was witnessed by his family, his friends, Barangay Captains from his district, his constituents and Team Aksyon Agad. He has also received his Congressional pin from Secretary General Mark Llandro Mendoza and wishes to work on July where his term starts at the lower house.

Arjo will prioritize laws to be passed concerning the rights of the LGBTQIA+, Women’s Rights, jobs generation, education, to help also the senior citizens, have proper policies for disaster response and healthcare for everyone. This will be something he's planning to pursue in the first few months of his term, to hopefully make sure that enactment of laws be done as he promised during the campaign trail. 

Congratulations Arjo and to the whole Atayde fam! I'm so happy for you and your whole district, you're getting a person who genuinely cares for the community.


Happiness Shouldn't Be Expensive with Jollibee's JolliSavers

I can't agree more with their statement about having happiness at a reasonable rate. At a time when food and comfort is essential, here's our friends from Jollibee offering their Jollisavers to make sure you get that treat without spending too much on a regular day.

From their popular items like Jollibee Yumburger, the well loved Jolly Spaghetti, your personal love Burger Steak, the hot and creamy Tuna Pie, they are all available at an affordable price.

The YUM Burger is only Php 39, the Jolly Spaghetti and 1 piece Burger Steak is at Php 55, while the Tuna Pie is at Php 45 and can be ordered via the Jollibee Delivery App, their website JollibeeDelivery.com and their hotline #87000. They are also offered in dine in and take out orders so if there's a Jollibee branch near you, go look for the Jollisavers because as they say, it doesn't need to be expensive.


Met Miss Universe Ladies at Lazada Today!

Lazada got us to see Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu this morning. I guess they're letting us experience the feeling of getting crowned when you buy something on the Lazada app. If you haven't won anything yet, they've got promos, stackable vouchers, discounts and more.


Beatrice Luigi Gomez Miss Universe Philippines 2021 "Lately I have been doing a few shoots, a few endorsements and I haven't been able to rest. It's a good problem, because it is work. I have been watching a lot of movies, catching up with series that I missed since I've been in the competition. I hangout with friends, we don't talk about work so it is relaxing. Recently I watched the first TOP GUN movie. The thing that I found online is a laptop stand, it helped with my posture, we are not conscious about our zoom calls and this gave me more confidence when I did interviews especially during the digital challenges. Currently, I have joined a foundation so I can reach out to communities and take up sociology, do my masters, I will continue to do that. I'm doing a few entertainment gigs, I will focus on that goal and help out in the community."

Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe 2021 "You can see photos of my work, I learned so much about a lot of world leaders, speakers, and I was able to push for my causes. I relax watching Netflix series, writing scripts, do Yoga in Central Park and calling my Mom... that relaxes me. The tip I can give the Miss Universe now is to take care of your mental health, change your dreams into actions, go for it as it's your time to shine. I bought books online, it makes connection of mind, body and soul, and I took time to read. My idol, my support, my love, my Mom is my role model."

Lazada is still celebrating their 6.6 sale, so if you're a queen who wishes a lot of things, you can get all that and more in the app... so download it today!


BRIA Homes Set to Participate in OSHDP Shelter Cup 2022

You've seen it, heard about it, and they continue to build value for money but quality homes in this side of the globe. BRIA Homes just announced their intentions to participate in the Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) Shelter Cup this coming June 20 at the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate located in historic and developing town of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. For those who don't know, OSHDP is the organization for real estate companies that delve into building homes for Filipinos that are both affordable and quality. This is an annual golf tournament exclusive for like minded companies and guests to promote camaraderie and network as they face the challenges of marketing their homes during and after the pandemic.

ET Aguilar the Division Head of BRIA says "We want to be with real estate professionals and promote goodwill amongst those in the industry as we continue to build homes for this market segment.  As you know, we continue to build communities, homes, amenities that are sustainable and would benefit those who own a BRIA home in different locations nationwide! We also partnered with OSHDP to make sure we're on the same page as far as our goals are concerned, and this is a good venue to keep in touch with others who are also in the same business as ours."

If you want to get one, visit their official website www.bria.com.ph and their FB page by searching BriaHomesIncOfficial. If you have decided to reserve a property in a location you love, simply access www.bria.com.ph/online-reservation/. These days, you don't even have to go there to get it. They can assist you with whatever you need to make that home you're looking for, a good one. Time to make it a BRIA!