XOXO is Back with New Single MY MIRACLE

Friday, June 17, 2022

Four stellar ladies with awesome pipes, very talented singing group and has already impressed a lot of people. Dani, Lyra, Mel and Riel are XOXO.

After releasing their album in 2020, it's time they do another one called My Miracle. This time, they slow down and did a more touching, impressive ballad showcasing their POWERFUL individual voices, and still have that XOXO blend we've always loved. 

Although plans have been pushed back a little, they've had separate projects that got their practices delayed so they couldn't perform together. This time, they're going to be coming out with more music and appearances as a group including performances to promote their music, corporate shows, and gigs outside the country. When asked for a collab, they want SB19 to also be a part of it. Hopefully things would work out well now that they're back after not performing for a few years.
Congratulations on this new single ladies!~ Can't wait to see your performance videos soon!


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