These Guys Did Good on the Challenges #AXEDares

Friday, June 10, 2022

I've had the opportunity to get this package from AXE which contains some of my personal favorite fragrances, but wasn't really sure about one of the contents which was a Linya Linya made AXE DARES challenge cards... it had something written on it. You know AXE has always given men the confidence right? The cards indicated several steps how to conquer your fears, how to break down walls, pretty amazing stuff... but to tell you honestly, I wasn't ready to do some of the challenges because I'm too shy to even try. I kinda am in my comfort zone.

These guys on the other hand stepped up to the plate and did it. Vlogger guy Benedict Cua did the 50 squats, I would have fainted if I did that (I kid) but he breezed through that task without a hitch and made sure to be armed with AXE Gold Temptation as it protects him from body odor while he sweats. Model Marc David on the other hand took the Art for Heart's Sake challenge and put his creative hat on by painting a cute cat for his loved one. I mean, how would anyone resist that, especially if he's got AXE Black to protect him from the heat while making the piece. Renz David on the other hand tried Conquering Walls and Fears of Meeting the Parents... in the hot humid Singapore weather, he protected himself with #FragranceThatProtects AXE Ice Chill. So even if he was sweating profusely because he was nervous and had to walk under the hot sun, he was confident he could do it because he smelled good with AXE before it happened. Now how I wish I could do that no?

If you want that to happen with you, it's time to buy AXE in Lazada or Shopee as they've got it 50% OFF so there's really no time to waste, get them today HERE! I personally recommend the Black or Ice Chill because that's what I use!


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