Tip: Alternate Routes to Sky Ranch in Tagaytay

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I know most of you guys have been going to Tagaytay on weekends but the holidays are really getting rough especially when traffic comes to a total halt right when you're about to get there. If you often go to that place using the same routes as with public transportation, you are bound to get stuck making your intended vacation a really terrible hour or two long traffic extravaganza. I'm here to tell you about your options so you don't have to endure that once you get to the Tagaytay crossing. Yes, there are several ways you can get to Sky Ranch without the hassle.

Route #1 -  Take the SLEX Sta. Rosa Exit. This is the easy breezy beautiful route to Tagaytay. It'll take you out of the highly dense route and go out straight on Tagaytay's Public Market. Just turn right after that and you're already in the city proper where Sky Ranch is located.

Route #2 Take the SLEX Greenfield Exit which will take you straight to the Tagaytay National Road so you can skip the little traffic in Sta. Rosa. Not too many people know this so it'll be one of the smartest way to go there.

Route #3 Take the Daang Hari. As the name suggests it is a wide street with not so many vehicles along the way. It also has some really scenic views since it passes through towns of Molino, Bacoor, Imus, Dasmarinas and Silang. At least you won't have to go to the traffic infested Bacoor Roundabout.

For what it's worth, your family will surely enjoy SM Land's Sky Ranch since it houses the Sky Eye (highest Ferris Wheel in the country), The Riding Loop for horseback riding, the VENUE and the restaurants in this property. It's even colder now and you really get to feel like you're out of Manila when you get there. This place is right beside Taal Vista Hotel at KM60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. They are open from 8AM to 12 Midnight for the whole month of December. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and give your family a holiday they deserve at Sky Ranch Tagaytay!

(Note: Admission fees are very minimal. A good place to have fun with your family!)

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Sky Ranch


Philip the Lifestyle Guy Launches New Website!

Monday, December 30, 2013


If you've been watching this show on TV5, you know you've got something good going on when you catch a glimpse of Philip Abadicio the Lifestyle Guy. He's been heading and making waves on the lifestyle field making each experience understandable and reachable by the masses. Now, there's no reason to be unsmart about where to go, what to do and what to eat here and outside Metro Manila. 

He's given the viewers some of the best recommendations and celebrity interviews and he's in the mood to level it up! A daily show was probably in his mind but since this show's only shown on TV5 Sundays from 11am to 12 noon, what better way to show the rest of the things he's doing but by putting up his own website PhilipAbadicio.com. Now, the Lifestyle show for lifestylers will become more apt for the general public. It's live and always updated with the latest surprises and even can make you win prizes with just a few presses, who wouldn't like that right?

The launch was also hosted by WhenInManila.com's Vince Golangco and of course Philip Abadicio himself. 

The site was also made and designed by a real life Filipino boy wonder Carlo Ocab. He's the famous "kidblogger" who got the top spot at age 13 owning the term "Make Money Online". He now does online branding, profitable blogging and SEO work at a very young age. He now also administers the PhilipAbadicio.com website after just talking 2 weeks with Philip. Pretty promising eh?

The event happened at Tempura Japanese Grill in Tomas Morato. They are famous for the Ramen Burger, but when I tasted it I think they need to work on what they want to achieve. It wasn't that good. Everyone else was telling me it was bland but I think they can re-engineer this and become something special. Right Tempura? :) I just had to say this part.

There were reps from Grabtaxi who even treated us cash back for cab rides home. Apologies to the young lady who I didn't get to shoot that afternoon. She was very nice. I also use GrabTaxi to travel within city limits because it's the safest. You get to know who's driving for you and people can track you via social media shares if you arrived in your destination or not. Plus the apps' really easy. Guy above is from NY Theraspine clinic who does western chiropractic practice right in the heart of Tomas Morato. I would want to use their services because I do have problems in that area.. wish I could visit their clinic in Dr. Lazcano Street corner Tomas Morato soon and try out their services. Can't recommend them til I try it right? :)

This young lady sang the jingle of the show. She's Tala from Skyrojam. You can check out the rest of her work at her Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/skyrojam. Pretty and good.

It's things like these that we've experienced in an afternoon, so if I were you... check out the website http://www.philipabadicio.com and check out the show every Sunday 11am to 12 noon on TV5. Win more prizes, live a Filipino lifestyle better than what you imagined.  

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Philip The Lifestyle Guy
Philip The Lifestyle Guy
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SMART's Best Offers For iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Been able to attend the SMART iPad Air and SMART iPad Mini with Retina Display promo launch a couple of days ago. It was timely because with all the gadget choices around us, a SMART choice is but a good one. With WIFI and Cellular Network connections that's got the fastest and widest coverage of LTE, this is the most affordable iPad plan there is in the market. The choices also on their portfolio is pretty impressive since they are coming out with time based options if they prefer this plan over volume based plans that they came out with previously.

The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display will be a on plans 1499 (16GB) and iPad plan 1699 (32GB) on 65hours LTE connection every month plus an Anti Bill Shock feature that would immediately work so you won't get mad when your monthly charges comes. You can even get it without credit card requirements. It's already integrated on the monthly costs. You just need to pay a one time fee of Php 1,000 for the iPad Mini and Php 5,000 for the iPad Air with Retina Display.

SMART is the first to ofer the latest Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display in the Philippines and with the country's most widely available LTE network they are sure to have your gadgets connect to the internet the fastest and cheapest way possible with plans that suit your needs. Volume based or time based plans (this one has 65 hours!), you can customize your ways to pay for the latest tablets only from the best network. That's SMART!

For more details on pricing or if you have further questions, please proceed to their official website for the promo http://www.smart.com.ph/ipad and the official Smart BRO page http://www.smart.com.ph/bro or just go to a SMART Business Center/Store near you!

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Smart Communications, Inc.


Celebrate A Brand New Day With Patti Austin!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tomorrow is going to be one epic night when the timeless Ms. Patti Austin performs on stage with our very own Martin Nievera, Richard Merk and Ms. Lea Salonga at the Solaire Grand Ballroom at 7PM. 

I've witnessed how beautiful she sounded (even after a 22 hour flight) when she did rehearsals for her last concert. I couldn't even interview her because I was already out of words just seeing and hearing her. My karaoke attempts just didn't do justice! 

She just loves the Philippines too much that when she heard what happened to our countrymen in the Visayas, she did the best thing and made this concert possible - all for charity. Proceeds of this concert will be donated fully to Habitat For Humanity to rebuild houses and communities for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. I even heard they'll be broadcasting through social media channels so make sure you watch that!

On the 31st she'll also be performing at the Fairmont Hotel for a New Year's celebration you'll never forget! They're also doing this for charity and you'll be surprised at what they'll come up with as we all celebrate a new day, a new beggining with upbeat and lovely renditions of Filipino and foreign songs we all love! 

For tickets, see phone numbers indicated on posters above or call ticketnet offices nationwide!


MMFF Entry: 10,000 HOURS

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

24? Bourne Identity? Bourne Series? Nope, Robin Padilla wants it BIGGER.. So the title of this film is 10,000 HOURS. It stars Robin Padilla, Mylene Dizon, Carla Humphries, Michael De mesa, Cholo Barretto, Winwyn Marquez, Markki Stroem and Bela Padilla Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

This is predicted as the biggest and most explosive MMFF entry slated to win all major awards - a feat claimed by many but proven by a few. It's a film in search for truth in a political society full of trials, corruption and death. Senator Gabriel Alcaraz who wanted to divulge everything started running around the world and find the right place and time to do it.

This is the comeback film of Robin Padilla and in the wings of Bb. Joyce Bernal.. This action film should spark an enthralling return of materials like these in Philippine cinema.  

Mylene Dizon plays the role of Ana Alcaraz who needed to be strong as her husband runs for his life and left to fend for her family. Michael De Mesa plays General Dante Cristobal who was assigned to look for Senator Gabriel Alcaraz - he was a principled man who once trained with the Gabriel and tackled this film with intelligence, filmed entirely in Amsterdam. This is a story with essence, it's something that's going to fight other film giants in MMFF.Though they have very young Producers, they are not afraid... they even see this is as an advantage. They are not afraid to gamble more so because they have the stars to pit against blockbuster giants this December 25th!

Will there be a Senator like him in the future? I don't know, but we can only hope there would be one soon. People, this one's a good film to watch and if it's not too much to ask please watch it. It is in some way based in the life of Senator Panfilo Lacson but tweaked a bit (I think) and you'll only get to see that in theaters this coming December 25th as part of the Metro Manil Film Festival! 

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Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official



Monday, December 23, 2013

Everybody has a perceived dream when they are still young. Funny because I wanted to make Coca Cola when I was a kid. Failure, oddly enough makes you a better person and your goals change as time goes by. I went to a Coca Cola plant back then but didn't know how it happened as it was part of a field trip itinerary. Lo and behold, I was back at it again a few weeks ago. It was an eye opening experience.

For those who don't know, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines was incorporated in January of this year. FEMSA, is one of the biggest companies in Latin America that acquired a 51% stake in Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Incorporated (CCBPI). This means, they are now part of the largest beverage company and Coca Cola bottler int the world.

I was in the company of executives of this prestigious corporation. Had a few jittery moments because I think I was the only blogger there. They wanted to show us how they do things in the Sta. Rosa plant. Shown are pellets of resin that they make into bottles before filling it up and sending it to your homes. These are standardized processes and they are strict in implementing it. I even took the thing home as a souvenir haha. Then we proceeded to the plant.

Quality, safety and sustainability is what they have built in to the process. They are following international and global standards and ensure that they are complying or a step ahead in providing happiness. What's pretty cool is that they even went ahead and did initiatives to help the community, an integral part of their being according to Mr. Juan Dominguez (HR and Corp Affairs Director) of Coca-Cola FEMSA. Their thrust of being the best in the industry for Water, Energy Conservation, Safety Programs and Environment Best Practices is a priority. This is beside their main function of producing, bridging route to market paths and distribute to centers nationwide. Whilst Coca Cola Philippines still sells syrup to them and markets product.

Year on year, there has been remarkable improvement in making their plant more efficient and environmentally friendly. They have even won several awards to date and has been regarded by the local government institutions as a stalwart of solid waste management, environmental runs, tree planting, river and community cleanup drives.

This is their promise to the Philippines as they continue to provide happiness in every home.

Heard they also helped a ton with Yolanda victims. The small chats on how their plant in that area got ravaged and just gave away their products was heartwarming. They had clean potable water which helped countless families in the region. They also have been producing non stop more water and donating them at these times. A noble gesture indeed. They will also be waiting for more information about where and how they could rebuild their lives (and their workers)after one of the strongest typhoons on Earth has landed in the Philippines. I believe Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines will continue to make head way in not only spreading happiness, but start responsible corporate initiatives that change the lives of Filipinos nationwide!

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