Daniel Padilla and Bea Binene For The BUM Holiday Collection

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fashion never comes late for popular brand BUM as they've come out with their Holiday collection this 2013. With hues of Black, Blue, Gray for men, and added Reds for women... they've amped up what figures to be the usual BUM jackets, shirts, pants and accessories and made them more wearable, appealing and super cool!

Check out these photos from the BUM PR which we've reworked and cropped a bit. I must say, Daniel Padilla looks good... whilst Bea Binene looks so hot in these clothes!

Layers are still in. The faux leather jackets are my favorite. You can still mix and match it with your current BUM wardrobe but never get lost in style. Simple black pants and a white printed shirt, it all looks so cool on Daniel carrying that rocker vibe. Bea Binene on the other hand complements Daniel's style with a gray long sleeved printed shirt, black denim pants and faux leather jacket too. Accented by studded bracelets, gloves and rings, she can pass up as the rocker chick Daniel would love to have as a partner. I can imagine these two on a motorcycle, a Harley perhaps and it'll still work! 

Daniel on this bit carries a slightly larger cargo pants to go with the black long sleeved printed shirt. I felt that he's gunning for a more "Breaking Dawn" look running around the forest and finding someone to bite. I'm sure there will be lots of willing victims! Same design worn by Bea and it still works... how can you go wrong with BUM right?

Men can really look good in blue, but this plaid shirt is just refined and more casual. You can wear this on casual stints or just a day in the mall and still get looks from women just as Daniel does. Well that's if you have his face too then you'll get the shrieks from fans LOL. The brown almost terracota-ish pants also complements the pair up with blue making your face as the focal point in this look. Who wouldn't melt with Daniel right? 

Bea wears a jeggin jumpsuit and a white printed shirt on top. It's not a normal thing that ladies wear but it works. If you are up to something that isn't worn by usual Filipinas, then this would really be a good thing to start with. It's not too girly, just right.

Blue and gray printed jackets, blue and white printed shirt plus gray pants just spells cool. Weather in the Philippines is so humid so you can't tell if it's going to be hot or cold. The jacket is perfect for this unpredictable weather. Though, he looks good on anything right?

Bea looks hot in red. Her top is made of a black shirt and a black and red camouflage sheer printed fabric. The same color lands on her zippered pants, it really complements her and even if she's petite... she looks really hot. A girl can't go without a red number.

For those who who want a new thing on their wardrobe, BUM is the place to go to. They have a no nonsense, very affordable line that would be perfect for the holidays! You just gotta have BUM on your Christmas wishlists too!

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