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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It was the first time I've stepped into this store and yes, completely illogical to see something this beautiful as a Japanese restaurant. It's interiors and artwork were inexplicably exquisite; and the people there told me it was designed by the Chef's wife. Mind boggling? Yes. But it was also something that everyone felt was so apt with this place. It made it look expensive when prices of the food were reasonable. Words can't be enough, so I'll show you what I'm talking about.

That's a full Sushi and a full Sake Bar.

Insane right? Well, that's not the end of it because we're here to try out their Teppanyaki menu on the second floor. The interiors, still as impressive as the ground floor.

We sat down and got started on a Teppanyaki Sitdown Omakase Buffet. Teppan is steel plate cooking for those who don't know; and I've already been to similar setups but it was not served in courses like these. It was usually just done for show and served whatever the Chef throws at you. WAFU makes it a little upscale. The Chef introduced himself and began whipping up dish after dish.

Oh yes, the flames were all on the table. It was a show on its own.. but of course we had the food to tell us whether this is good or not. We had our favorites, which I'll show you next!

First course: Miso Soup. Hearty Miso paste on broth, really good.

Fresh greens, onions, dressing and crispy salmon skin. This is the WAFU House Salad. The second course. 

To hose it down, they've got a couple choices. Soda, Orange Juice, Mango Juice or Iced Tea.

Third course is the Tofu Steak... awesome sauce that is both sweet and savory!

We had rice to go with the whole set as well.

4th course is this US Hanger Steak that's got these smoky, savory Shimeiji Mushrooms. You'll also get to taste the not so spicy wasabi pepper sauce.

5th course is this slice of Blue Marlin with wasabi mayo. This is my favorite next to those meat pieces. Of course that's first in line.

This is the 6th course, Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce. Sweet and lovely chicken meat with neat, small and crunchy asparagus slices... can't go wrong with that.

7th Course is this Ebi Tepura. Shrimp allergy but I wanted to experience it, I took a bite and didn't get symptoms. It's fresh!

8th course is this lovely Grilled Salmon with Spinach and creamy Sauce Ana... named after the chef who made it. The sauce is surreal!

9th Course served is this Sushi Sampler. Old Japanese favorites in one small plate that includes Tuna, Tamago and Smoked Eel on sushi. You can't go wrong with that!

Cooked Saikoro Style US Tenderloin can make you the happiest man on earth. You can order more of these after the set. This is the 10th course!

The 11th course is this Japanese Sea Bass with their house Mango Onion Salsa. Fruity and not too fishy, it's a really good pair. This plus white wine, divine!

To finish it off with a sweet note, it's WAFU Ice Cream. That completes the 12 course meal. Dishes on this menu is just something I didn't expect to be good... but it is. I'm not a fan of the Tofu Steak but if you are, you probably would find that nice. Everything else is fair game. Take time to get the Steaks since that's pretty impressive.

They also have Bento Boxes that's available in these hours!

I wonder if you notice that the ambiance plays a very important role in this menu... for the price you pay for the meal... you can't find any interior this good. If you have relatives or friends you want to take out for dinner, this is the way to impress. This is WAFU Greenhills. Nothing has surpassed this place yet in Japanese dining experience! They even got a promo till the end of December, at 50% OFF (because of their anniversary! -CONGRATS!) this is definitely a steal!

If you would like to make reservations

Call them +632-570-3242; +632-570-3364; +63917-877-0101

Or visit them at Greenhills Shopping Center, 1502 San Juan, Philippines

Operating hours are from Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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