Something like it's child Linksys; Something More: A Cisco Certification!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am not as naive as you think when it comes to my work and how I plan to pursue bigger things in my career, paths taken here and there would not materialize with any corporation that I plan to work with in the future. If the proper certification does not take place and with a very reputable company, I'd probably end up in Row 4...just a few steps after the garbage bin. Now here's a little story how I somewhat changed my life... a turn around of events.

I started a couple of Modules while studying in my University was not far fetched; this was always going to be a part of my career path. I worked in the IT field for several years. Mind you, almost all the high paying jobs applied for required you nowadays and most when I was applying had to have Cisco certification

This is just under their belt. Sometimes, it even has its specialization on specific technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless. I am not a stranger to that of course coz since day 1 of my Linksys/Cisco work the jargons were like staple food. Data Communications even on my Electronics and Communications major subjects came into reality in this specific filed I entered in. That is... real network and computer HARDWARE.

So I went on and punished myself with 4 modules, a review and a couple of pointers from previous certification passers. Then I mustered up everything including the payment for the examinations and tried this on one generous morning. I was really really afraid because some of my former classmates in the review center (from what I heard) did not pass. That's just detrimental to the plans I'm shooting for... First things first..the step is the Routing and Switching...which I painfully repeated to myself over and over and over again... it became a norm so I hope that would purge my nervousness from taking the exams.

So ladies and gentlemen... I passed... not that high of an average but it’s just enough to pass the exams...and waited so anxiously for the ID to be mailed… Let us all praise God! A big "THANKS" to him for taking good care of me. ^_^

Yeap!, now the picture seems a little bit clearer. After working a couple of years for this IT corp., I can now plan ahead and put these dreams into by one. I am in a bit of a hurry, to climb up the corporate ladder, this particular year included so I plan to get the open positions. It may be technical, administrative or managerial in nature but my forte would probably fall still in the same category. Now the certification even made me enjoy the perks, now that it is also long known and recognized worldwide I could seize opportunities elsewhere too. You can have the same opportunities that I had; just make sure you get it from the one and the best… only CISCO! Only their Cisco certification

Sponsored by Cisco

Chris Daughtry @ Eastwood City

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, you are wrong if you think I saw him here @ Eastwood because I ain't a fan of his. Well yeah I've watched a couple of shows of International artists at the Araneta Coliseum but was it really worth to watch this show at my own backyard? Hmmm... for me I'll just say NO.

Not that I don't like him but his genre of music just doesn't jive with what I'm listening to these days.. Yeah you can say "WHY SHOULD I SAY THAT?"...well part of its because I don't like noisy stuff coz its like my "music to sleep".... I practically get sleepy when I hear pop rock/ heavy metal/ alternative music...

Guess what..My friend Joy just came in to the office from the concert... and as she says

"It was nice...he was great! His voice was so high even higher than David Cook...well not to compare him but I really liked him and the way he performs... not just that...his guitarist was great too....apart from the fact that he was naked and all...and half his behind was showing for all the Filipino fans to see... It was all worth it!"

Well I bet you I won't be that happy when I'm there...and I probably won't be starstruck as they would be when that happens... all in all.... they are happy so its their problem not mine! Hahahah! ^_^ I'd probably better off seeing the concert of Rick Astley... I don't even know if I spelled that guy's name right but I'll really try to get tickets for that... ^_^


Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is one sad event in the lives of Filipino - non Japanese speaking fans of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Dattebayo is now ending all efforts to freely dub the latest episodes of the worldwide hit anime series. Here is an excerpt on the front page of dattebayo's site:

Naruto permanently dropped


Attention Dattebayo fans,

Effective immediately, we are terminating our subtitling efforts on the "Naruto Shippuuden". This decision is not up for discussion and not negotiable. You can guess why this is happening, and no, there is nothing you can do about it as there will always be a******* who want to p*** in the pot so to speak.

It was a difficult decision, but it had to be done.

It's been a fun 4 years!


We'd like to address a few questions and comments we've received regarding the above announcement.

Help, I'm confused! Despite the lengthy explanations linked above, I still don't understand why you're dropping Naruto Shippuuden.

Anyone who follows the anime industry knows that in bringing fansubs a wider audience, streaming sites time have made it increasingly difficult for copyright holders to ignore the existence of the groups that subtitle and distribute their property. At some point, they will stop trying to go after the sites themselves and simply cut off the problem at the source (i.e., us). To paraphrase one of the few intelligent comments we've received in regards to this matter, people who are uploading our work to streaming sites are basically putting us in harm's way without our permission. Some people have commented that uploaders are "helping" us by making us more popular, but this is the kind of "help" we don't need.

In addition, as we have stated repeatedly, we do not approve of others taking our work and using it to make a profit. Many streaming sites not only solicit donations but fill their pages with ads, even though for the most part they are simply linking to videos that were uploaded at no cost (to YouTube or other sites) and are using free hosting services. This means that they are essentially scamming viewers into thinking that donations are required to keep their "free" service running, even though they are already making a profit off advertisements. We do not spend hours of our lives subbing episodes for free so that other people can make a profit off our videos with a few clicks of their mouse.

This isn't fair! By dropping Naruto Shippuuden for the actions of a few, you're punishing the majority of people who follow your rules.

While this may be true, the fact is that the creators and licensees of Naruto Shippuuden are going to care even less than we do. If DB gets shut down permanently, it won't matter that only a few people were uploading our videos to streaming sites. There will be no more DB subbed shows, for anyone, ever again.

What about your other shows, will you be dropping those too?

If we have to.

Can you guys suggest another site for downloading Naruto Shippuuden?

Unfortunately, DB was the only English group that was up to date with Naruto Shippuuden releases. At this time, there are no other options.

How about you just stream the shows yourselves and/or start charging people to use your site?

It defies logic that we will somehow solve the problem by doing the exact things that we do not want done. Anyone writing in with either of these suggestions will be banned.

Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC - We've never been more serious

PSP! I'm in Heaven!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well yeah, as late as you may think this is... it is TOO LATE! ^_^ But I'm still a ver happy boy!

My brother just came back from Eire and gave me a VUNDERFUL gift... It's this white clad Playstation Portable Slim and Lite! My initial reaction was... WOW! *jawdrop*

Got my unit modified so I can play ISO games, got the services of red_man22 from where I usually deal with tech stuff. Now I've got about 8 gig of games and videos. I dished out about 2300 PHP for the Memory card and he even gave me freebies (screen protector and foam pouch)and am now enjoying every bit of it! You can get cheap units from him too.. at a whopping 8,300 pesos. Let me know I can give you his contact numbers if you need so! ^_^

Just today, I finished one of my favorite games after 2 days of nonstop playing.. here are shots of it! GOD OF WAR for PSP ^_^

One Pinoy Band that Mattered : Eraserheads "THE REUNION"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen.... I honestly do not want to rave about this yet until I get a ticket of my own... Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the ERASERHEADS are going to have a reunion concert on August 30,2008... Yes people of the republic of ultraelectromagneticpop!, THEY ARE BACK!

I personally will come marching with several thousands of people to watch this come to life at the CCP Open Grounds. Only online tickets they say are the only way to get in. Oh just the sheer thought of it makes me have goosebumps! They were like Gods to me (pardon blasphemy) when I was in highschool....much more in college.... Let heaven and earth fall to me if this happens...*knock on wood* Waaaaaaaaah!!!! I couldn't even concentrate on what I'm doing right now... (O_o)" Arrrrghhh!!! I'm sure my college mates and highschool even would go... I just can't wait! ^_^

My Monster Mom

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, after a long time of not watching Filipino wife of 2 months (heheh...) finally dragged me into a movie house to watch this film by Jose Javier Reyes entitled "My Monster Mom".

I was not planning to enjoy it since it was corny when I saw some of the flicks shown before on TV. I'm a big fan of Eugene Domingo so I gave it a try, yeah yeah I know what you think, she's a ton of laughter's!

Rhian Ramos, whom I seldom see at gym plays the young Esme which is the title role for Annabelle Rama...she's a toughie cebuana who fell inlove with Richard Guttierez at the start of the movie. Richard on the other hand was caught with another woman, so Esme in the film went ballistic and hit him not once but thrice in the head with a guitar. Heheh...which is kinda normal if you know Annabelle Rama right? ^_^

She got pregnant already, but she went on and got her kid out.. Her brother however asked to adopt it since they can give the kid a better life in the states so as they say...promising that she would be next if they got settled. This however did not happen.

Then after 27years, Esme's brother died...Abby played by real life daughter Ruffa Guttierez went back to the Philippines and tried to get her adoption papers signed by Esme and Waldo (played by real life husband Eddie Guttierez) so she had to live with her for her stay here. Cultural shock went on the way as she had no idea what she went in for as her mother was the exact opposite of a dream biological mother would be... antics and skits here and there made me laugh every once in a while and twas just confirmed by the inserts of Eugene Domingo of course! ^_^

As tough and as weird as her mother seemed... she began loving her despite of everything. Boboy and Pipo (played by JC De Vera and Mart Escudero) were Abby's half brothers but of course, of different Fathers still... told yah it was weird! ^_^

All in all, I liked the was funny! Really funny! and I recommend you watch it even if I think I spoiled some of the parts you know! ^_^

This one gets 4 KUMAGS from me!

Annabelle Rama ... Esmeralda 'Esme' Fajardo
Ruffa Gutierrez ... Abegail 'Abby' Fajardo

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
J.C. de Vera ... Boboy
Eugene Domingo ... Marilou
Mart Escudero ... Pipo
Eddie Gutierrez ... Waldo
Richard Gutierrez ... young Waldo
Michelle Madrigal ... Maureen
Iwa Moto ... Vivian
Bubbles Paraiso ... Karen
Rhian Ramos ... young Esme
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The Hottie and the Nottie! - (-_-)"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jun 29, '08 1:49 PM
for everyone
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Well, at first I was really really annoyed at the start of this movie. Would you believe that it had Chinese subtitiles on it?! Sheesh! It had successfully made me regret watching the not so good parts like the flying nail, the bubbly nose and everything hairy and woundy as you know it...if there was such a word!

Its a story of Nate Cooper played by Joel Moore tryin to find real love with his long time fantasy Cristabelle Abbot (Paris Hilton) and how he would reconnect with his past since this all started when they were in 1st grade. Odds and ends, then they met... but Nate had to go through the NOTTIE June Phigg played by Christin Lakin to get to her and that where this whole fiasco started. What's even more complicating is Nate's growing feelings for June, whose true beauty starts to emerge as she had gone through surgery and everything else while being processed for Cristabelle's Love!

Overall, it was just so so....Its a feeling that I did not really watch a movie...It was just like I only watched a TV show.... I could even count the people watching in the movie house at that time. About 15 I guess on a 300 seater?! geeze!

Paris Hilton ... Cristabelle Abbott
Joel Moore ... Nate Cooper (as Joel David Moore)
Christine Lakin ... June Phigg
Johann Urb ... Johann Wulrich