WAR: North Korea, South Korea, US, China, Philippines

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I know you guys may have been wondering why I'm actually not in the mood to post today. To tell you the truth I'm not 100% okay. I just had dental surgery (to the point of drilling parts of my jawbone) and it is crippling me from going places. I can't even think straight because the pain is excruciating. I hope with the stitches gone it'll heal faster. Now off to some serious matters.

I watched this particular video from CNN. I know the region has been quite nervous from the exchange of words and missile launched by the North but what do you think will happen to us when war breaks? Are you nervous as I am? Maybe not but here are some scenarios that I'm trying not to see when the time comes:

* When war breaks, China will go to the defense of North Korea and US will back up South Korea. They'll both launch nuclear weapons and will spark a bigger war with China and the US. When North Korea becomes dust, the huge smoke and radiation will cover half the globe including the Philippines. No sun, acid rain, we'll all die from it.

*When North Korea wins, they'll conquer South Korea and continue to launch missiles to Japan, skip Taiwan (because they won't hurt the Chinese) then the Philippines. The north Korean soldiers will kill us all when they get here and there will be more like a death march. A lot of us would hold bolos again because of the lack of artillery and weapons. We'll look like weaklings. We'll also get our own share of nuclear missiles from them. Generous eh?!

*When South Korea wins, they'll conquer the North Korean side and push all their military there. They will also push to the boundary of China. China will be nervous because US might infiltrate them and another war will break from that small war. Nuclear arsenal will still be launched from both sides. No one will listen to the UN and we'll all starve to death.

Call me morbid but it might happen to us! This is no joking matter... what will you do if all hell breaks loose?


PCSO Lotto Results November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

One winner from Luzon as per PCSO announcement.


Ely Buendia XL

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pardon my French but let me say this... I am one lucky bastard. Just after the dental surgery that crippled and forced me to take a vow of silence til now, I got an invite to my one and only ROCK GOD Ely Buendia's concert. Ely Buendia XL is a celebration of his 40 years of existence in this world, his life, friends, people in the business and relatives who made this stay a whole lot better. He is a survivor; his heart condition hounded him through the years and yet here he is strong and ever better.

© John Michael Bueno

If I didn't have 4 stitches on my mouth my jaw would drop literally. Imagine I was right there in front of my rock god. He's so awesome in person and he passed by me a couple of times. I nearly fainted (if only there was someone that could catch a 200+ pound guy there I would!) and oh boy it was nostalgia! That's the perfect word for it, nostalgia!

He wanted to do a show with his songs that have not been heard by the public and those that influenced him. His father was the one who gave him the title of the show from a phone conversation they had... he asked him what he's going to do for his XL, he said "whaat?! (O_o).. it was the roman numeral counterpart of 40. He also said in some video clips that he's glad to be alive to do this for the people he love, people he care about and his fans.

The lineup consists of Bus Stop, Sembreak, Dreamdate, Buzz Kill, Magasin, Bum Ticker, Wasak Waltz and a lot more. You should definitely watch this. Thanks idol for giving me an invite to this event. If I was a die hard fan before, I'm definitely more than that now... a worshiper perhaps?! LOL Happy Birthday Ely!

Watch out for it on December 5 to be shown at GMA 7. =) I saw the clip this evening!

PS. Other photos will be published soon. Post processing takes days. I'm also in recovery so you know the drill! =)


Christmas payday loans

Christmas is less than a month away and I haven't gone out shopping yet. My list is getting longer by the minute and our bonuses will be given on the 8th and 17th of December. I need it no though so I'm thinking of getting payday loans so it would be easier for me in the long run. I know sale items will be available at around 50 to 70 percent in the last week of November and everything else would be doubly expensive come December. I have to use my head and definitely consider payday loans if I want this to work for me. I'm sure there are several institutions on line that would cater to my needs.

Relatives, friends and peers would benefit from this shopping frenzy but if you think about the savings it looks like I'll be the one having extra money in the end. I'll use that to satisfy my own lavish lifestyle to buy those which I need and feel like buying. I want a new lens for my camera and see if I have money left to finance initial payment for a car loan. This would be a big ordeal but I'm optimistic that it is achievable in one way or another. I'm really looking for payday loans that would make my shopping experience easier. If people think the same way that I do this world would be a better place. There are also some who need our selfless help at this time of the year so maybe some charity work wouldn't hurt a bit. I'm hearing some web masters are thinking of sponsoring an orphanage and I'm surely going to take a look at that. I have been to several occasions like that and it is quite fulfilling. The joy of helping some less fortunate individuals are priceless. I'll see what I can do for them too.

Have you thought about what to buy for yourself? What would you get me for a Christmas gift? Let me know because I don't like surprises! Ha-ha!

Disclosure Policy

Christmas Wishlist #1: UWA-AAAAAAAA!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Okay, today sparks a very momentous event in my site and since I make the rules around here I'm going to put in my Christmas wish list for 2010. I know this is kinda lame for some people but I guess this photo above does justice eh?!

I need an UWA lens. Since the photographer in me itches to have this particular armament in my artillery it will cost me an arm and a leg. Almost 30K to be exact. Is it worth it? To tell you honestly I don't really know yet but I need it on some of my shots and therefore I need to invest in these kind of lenses because I do weddings too. I also have some fashion shots that require this particular type of lens (hail to the gods of experimentation) and I'm really thinking hard to purchase this full blown one or would it be smarter to buy an adapter at around 2-3K. That is a long leap but I am contemplating on this one because I might need it for landscapes too. There were a lot of negative reviews on the adapter for it being a little too vignetty if there is such a word on the edges and if you see how that ruins a photo it will be too much for me to crop on the megapixel capability of my soso entry level camera. I may actually be nearing the maximum potential of my camera and do an upgrade pretty soon (which would cost a whole lot than just mere body parts!) but I am still trying to force everything to Trish (my cam) and she might not like it. =(

Here's that thing I'm longing for! The Sigma 10-20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Or this one from Tokina... the 11-16mm which everyone is raving about!

What's for number 2? I'll tell you later!


When Writing

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I sometimes wonder if the things I write have been plagiarized in one way or another. I know I've been writing articles since college and I only employ the general proprietorship on them but most of them have been copied like the term papers and projects I made from way back. I got paid for some of them but some of the other ones were passed on to other batches. I learned that the hard way and I couldn't do anything about it. If that content was made on line I'm sure that'll be a bigger story. Copywriting Services should have protected me from those unimaginative people who couldn't do their own articles. It's not that I don't want to share information but at least I would be glad if I was compensated or mentioned as the source. If I made it I should be credited for it much like any writer would love.

I would love to also have my work protected. I'm sure you would too. If there was something we ordinary people could do in order to protect it then by all means please do help us. Content is so hard to find these days but that should not be an excuse. These could be done by professionals and I wouldn't mind if they take the first step. I would gladly oblige and check if this is worth it. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know.

How about you web masters? Do you think content is important? Do you also take measures to protect it? Care to share your experience?


Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't want to be antisocial so let's start by greeting you dear readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! I know it is not that much celebrated in the Philippines but since I have friends and people from work in the US why shouldn't I be happy for them right? I know most of you are working for people there too. Indeed I'm so glad we get to have some of that holiday spirit here too. I just had turkey at home. I didn't know Mom would cook hehe!

I'm already getting stuffed with the stuffing I couldn't move. Well almost haha! I'll make some of those turkey sandwiches tomorrow because I'm sure there will be leftovers. Dad didn't like some parts of the turkey because it was too tough. I like it though but it is pretty hard to chew when I'm being chased by the toothfairy since last week. Oh if you only knew how I sometimes cry over dinner. It's keeping me from eating too much though which is OK for my diet in someway or another.

That's another story... I would really love to greet everyone a happy thanksgiving and make sure you read about it on why they celebrate it in the US before you do enjoy this day. We're lucky we never had to chase birds like back then. Happy Thanksgiving!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want a new car. I've been using the van for quite some time now and it does the job. I need something handy though. I lack the parking space at home and I couldn't just gamble and park outside. I was thinking of getting a used honda because I have heard good reviews. The color though is not negotiable because I want it black. I might need financing fixed so I could get it on the first quarter and use it for work. I know this is going to be another purchase but these days it has become a necessity. I have asked my Dad to get another section of the garage constructed for parking space since the van is already occupying the front of our house. It will coincide with the construction of our street and pavement. I'm sure it will be a little troublesome for most of our neighbors but since the city government wanted to make every sidewalk into bricks we can't do anything about it.

It will be a good thing to buy and I'm sure it is going to be beneficial on those short trips. I don't want to carry around the van because it is too big. I couldn't even go on U turn slots without crossing the other lane just to have lee way. The diesel engine is one of the perks though and that saved me a lot for quite a number of years. I'm not complaining don't get me wrong but if I get this car it'll be easier for me to get around the metro. I need to carry some of my photography equipments too and this one is surely going to be beneficial to me and my family. If you want a second car would you choose the same?


Daily Moo's 11242010

I'm being hounded by the tooth fairy. I tried to ignore it but I think I'll have my doctor do this on Sunday. I hope it all goes away.

I'm watching Hellcats. Some show over ETC. It's nice and a little interesting. I want to see some more episodes just like Walking Dead. Have you guys watched that show? Awesome huh?!

I love LOVE. Don't get me wrong, but I ain't interested in those that I don't like in the first place so don't force me okay?

I am trying to eat a little healthy before I pig out on Christmas. Yeah I have to maintain weight and waistlines just like everyone else. I look perfect but I ain't. It's so close though that it frightens me hahahaha!

I want to go to work now. I am early though but I need to finish a couple of documents for next week. It's going to be busy after Thanksgiving. Oh where's your Turkey?

I'm craving for chocolate covered bacon. I remember that clearly from the food event I went to last year. I need to go to BGC and their new market to get some. I heard it from the grapevine. I'm surely going there this weekend. Anyone wanna hang out?

I'm so lame I wanna hit people on the street. Blast them all to bits. Traffic in Manila is ridiculous!


How do you handle debt?

I've been having a lot of problems lately because I couldn't think of a way to quickly pay my bills. To say the least, the quick trips out of the country have not helped at all because of the fact that I haven't eased out shopping. I need to also buy gifts for the people back at home and that's another story. Just think about how much I had to spend on hotel and ticket reservations and I'm sure you have got a rough estimate how much I owe the banks. I need debt management strategies that are above the ordinary or else I'll stay working longer hours just to pay a not so payable debt. That's just not right!

I need to stay optimistic though that even if I end up using the stashed millions I have in the bank I still could pay up what I owe in my cards and creditors. That would be the smart thing to do so I wouldn't just pay interest rates from the amount which I originally have to pay for. I have to also maximize the perks that came with the subscription too otherwise the annual fee is also going to kill me. I know I can do this. I just have to ask the experts. I should start looking for people who do this professionally too so I wouldn't have to just stay under debt when the time comes.

How do you handle debt? How do you pay for it without ending bankrupt? You should tell me your stories too!


Daily Moo's 11232010

I just saw my first crush. Yeah you heard it right but to tell you honestly she didn't look right. I felt I was so fortunate to not to have ended up with her. Not to be mean but I'd go for the improvement of my race. That really made me so thankful I didn't get married so early too because that may probably be the same fate I'd say I'd be in if I didn't zip up when the time calls for it. I wouldn't go into the details of my nightlife because this is supposed to be a wholesome lifestyle site. Not so much now eh?!

Santa Claus just crossed me out on his list this year. I hate him but I don't know if he's just teasing and include me before Christmas. So to you Santa, be cool and get me that Wii I've been asking to buy myself darn it! I need it for my folks hehehe... I'll ask them to play interactive games at home. Wouldn't that be a great idea? My PS2 is gathering dust and I don't use it anymore, that is just one sad story. Donate a Wii Console now, call me!

I'm thinking of going to that formal Thanksgiving party later but I think it'll be better if I don't. I hate fancy dinners. But if they would give me a condo unit why not LOL!
People, please stop liking your own statuses on Facebook! It just ain't right. It is so annoying and I'm still seeing a lot of my friends do it, JMJ! Get a life! Hehehe.

Teri Hatcher is my favorite desperate housewife. I almost kicked my TV set when they sent rumors that she is not going to finish the next season. Good thing she dispelled rumors after a few days, I won't watch anymore if they did that. I think she promised to be there until the show gets canceled. That's great news... or maybe we can put her on Cougartown. Now that's gonna be sexy! FTW!

I'm drinking my favorite MoguMogu again. I've been doing this the past few days. It's really yummy. I couldn't last the day without it. I wish there was someway I could get my Water Chestnut fix here in the Philippines. I miss Water Chestnut bigtime! Mogumogu is a close second. Someone get me that please!

I'm hungry but I've got to go back to the gym. I know... how plastic can I get LOL!


Did You Know I Was EMO?!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I did go through a phase where being alone and hurting was the only way of life. I admit that I have been introverted throughout college and I'm not ashamed to be called EMO. It's really a way of life and I don't know what I could have been without experiencing that. I also got into friends who are in the same state as I am and that made life easier for me. Today it is so easy to get together on line because of Emo Chat city and that is not even half of what you can do there. Aside from connecting with friends on the same predicament, you get to enjoy what you are doing because you know how they feel. You are like kindred spirits!

You can also get to win prizes and giveaways. It is a whole community, people from different walks of life that merge and enjoy each others company. I just got them on my social network. If you are in this state it would be so nice to get to know more people in the same lifestyle. Oh how I wish I could turn back time and get back to that look that I so adore! It's cool to be different and it is awesome to be EMO. Need I say more?!

Have you ever been EMO?! Tell me when and how!


The COMPLEX Lifestyle Store Launch!

It's so COMPLEX!

Just a stone's throw away from my office is the Eastwood Mall and I must say I've been there quite a lot because of its obvious proximity to shops, movies, restaurants, you name it they've got it!

This time however it's all about shoes, yeah the addicted boy succumbs to his wishes again and pretended not to mind the shoes (I had 30+ pairs at home already get the point?!) but I really did. This is the COMPLEX Store... I was drooling the moment I arrived at the event and why not! There was Marc Ecko, Zoo York, PONY among others that I truly adore... from classic ones to sneakers, oh boy the colors were just awesome! My Size 11 (foot) was screaming for justice and want to own a new pair! There's also a collaboration between some local designers and those in the US; it was so nice to see that. If I had the chance, I'd design my own line of shoes soon!

Here are some of the highlights!

This guy and Sanya Smith hosted this event. (Sorry name recall ain't for me! LOL)

Zoo York Clothes, awesome shoes shoes shoes!

The clothes were casual - street wear. Definitely possible to mix and match.

Need I say more?! I was definitely in Shangrila that night! (Eastwood but it was like shoe heaven!)

After the show of course we were treated to something good. Us-2 Evil-0 also performed! Definitely my taste of music!

It was also a treat to see one of my favorite bloggers Mitch Dulce. She's a Milliner/Designer/Corsetiere and I admire her awesome love for fashion and the arts! She's also making names for the Philippines in UK, Japan and elsewhere in the world. Soooo Cute!... *CRINGE*

I also got to see Electrolychee and WeWillDoodle as they made the works of art that will be displayed on the store. They were really good believe me! =)

It was an awesome night. I got to satisfy my need for art, entertainment and SHOES! I already shopped there just now. You should do that soon too! =) Lots of must haves for Christmas! Make sure you drop by the Complex Lifestyle Store at the Second Level of Eastwood Mall! See you there!