Philippine Fashion Week 2010: AXE presents Men's Wear Collection Part II

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is the second part of the Men's Wear Collection series by AXE. Let me add in a few more pieces...

Key element: Blue Green Shirt which even though is simple matches the whole outfit. This color is also one of the few bold ones for this season. Other shots here show also Belts to be a key part of the outfit. This is not even used on formal clothing and therefore pops up. I love how it works with casual clothes + white shoes. The structured Gray shirt also works!

Key Pieces: Coats and Scarfs. Coats can be structured and hugged by large leather insert belts and accessorized by scarfs for that easy go lucky look. Even if the guy goes out without the shirt and just used the scarf it does actually look good. You just need the body to carry this though. No I'm not attempting!

Key item: Front pocket pants, Batik Printed shirt, structured coat and scarf. These are also mostly in neutral colors and is definitely a must have this season.

Key items: Coat and Chaleco. No matter how simple your attire is like a shirt it never fails to jazz up the whole impact of your clothes. It makes those formal coats usable on casual occasions. This is really awesome!

I'll show you more on part 3! This is just the beginning! =)


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