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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I just saw my first crush. Yeah you heard it right but to tell you honestly she didn't look right. I felt I was so fortunate to not to have ended up with her. Not to be mean but I'd go for the improvement of my race. That really made me so thankful I didn't get married so early too because that may probably be the same fate I'd say I'd be in if I didn't zip up when the time calls for it. I wouldn't go into the details of my nightlife because this is supposed to be a wholesome lifestyle site. Not so much now eh?!

Santa Claus just crossed me out on his list this year. I hate him but I don't know if he's just teasing and include me before Christmas. So to you Santa, be cool and get me that Wii I've been asking to buy myself darn it! I need it for my folks hehehe... I'll ask them to play interactive games at home. Wouldn't that be a great idea? My PS2 is gathering dust and I don't use it anymore, that is just one sad story. Donate a Wii Console now, call me!

I'm thinking of going to that formal Thanksgiving party later but I think it'll be better if I don't. I hate fancy dinners. But if they would give me a condo unit why not LOL!
People, please stop liking your own statuses on Facebook! It just ain't right. It is so annoying and I'm still seeing a lot of my friends do it, JMJ! Get a life! Hehehe.

Teri Hatcher is my favorite desperate housewife. I almost kicked my TV set when they sent rumors that she is not going to finish the next season. Good thing she dispelled rumors after a few days, I won't watch anymore if they did that. I think she promised to be there until the show gets canceled. That's great news... or maybe we can put her on Cougartown. Now that's gonna be sexy! FTW!

I'm drinking my favorite MoguMogu again. I've been doing this the past few days. It's really yummy. I couldn't last the day without it. I wish there was someway I could get my Water Chestnut fix here in the Philippines. I miss Water Chestnut bigtime! Mogumogu is a close second. Someone get me that please!

I'm hungry but I've got to go back to the gym. I know... how plastic can I get LOL!



pusangkalye said...

me ganun? di naman kaya bitter bitter-an kalang John? hahaha. oldo me ganun nga---sa huli pagsisisis lo. anu yang dinner na yan? yan ba yung sa Nuvo City? formal attire. hahaha

Steph Degamo said...

yeah! minsan masasabi mo talagang mabuti nalang at hindi naging kami ng crush ko. nice one!

ZaiZai said...

haha natuwa naman ako at di kayo nagkatuluyan ng first crush mo, kasi parang asiwang asiwa ka sa kung ano man sya ngayon haha :)