The COMPLEX Lifestyle Store Launch!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's so COMPLEX!

Just a stone's throw away from my office is the Eastwood Mall and I must say I've been there quite a lot because of its obvious proximity to shops, movies, restaurants, you name it they've got it!

This time however it's all about shoes, yeah the addicted boy succumbs to his wishes again and pretended not to mind the shoes (I had 30+ pairs at home already get the point?!) but I really did. This is the COMPLEX Store... I was drooling the moment I arrived at the event and why not! There was Marc Ecko, Zoo York, PONY among others that I truly adore... from classic ones to sneakers, oh boy the colors were just awesome! My Size 11 (foot) was screaming for justice and want to own a new pair! There's also a collaboration between some local designers and those in the US; it was so nice to see that. If I had the chance, I'd design my own line of shoes soon!

Here are some of the highlights!

This guy and Sanya Smith hosted this event. (Sorry name recall ain't for me! LOL)

Zoo York Clothes, awesome shoes shoes shoes!

The clothes were casual - street wear. Definitely possible to mix and match.

Need I say more?! I was definitely in Shangrila that night! (Eastwood but it was like shoe heaven!)

After the show of course we were treated to something good. Us-2 Evil-0 also performed! Definitely my taste of music!

It was also a treat to see one of my favorite bloggers Mitch Dulce. She's a Milliner/Designer/Corsetiere and I admire her awesome love for fashion and the arts! She's also making names for the Philippines in UK, Japan and elsewhere in the world. Soooo Cute!... *CRINGE*

I also got to see Electrolychee and WeWillDoodle as they made the works of art that will be displayed on the store. They were really good believe me! =)

It was an awesome night. I got to satisfy my need for art, entertainment and SHOES! I already shopped there just now. You should do that soon too! =) Lots of must haves for Christmas! Make sure you drop by the Complex Lifestyle Store at the Second Level of Eastwood Mall! See you there!



Bino said...

imelda ikaw ba yan? hehehe. will visit eastwood sige. makabili nga dyan. hehehehe. seryoso dadaan ako dyan

Anonymous said...

korek! sa mundo ng blogging... ikaw na si mareng imelda. hehehe.

John Bueno said...

@BINO hahahah sige antay kita sa labas lang ng office ko yung store

@hondafanboi heheh di naman libo naman yung sapatos ni imelda eh LOL ako la pang isang daan =)

Traveliztera said...

woah naging emo ka!

ako napagkakamalang emo noon e ang hyper ko kaya! porket may eyeliner lang emo na!? hellooo. hehe

pero that's good that you're proud you've been through that phase...

Anonymous said...

Wow ok to ah! Do you have pictures of the store? Hope you can feature the shoes they are offering so I can see if it's worth the trip hehehe

Anonymous said...

that is former MTV VJ & Studio 23 host John Joe

alodiefaye said...

i LOVE the shoes in COMPLEX! i checked out their facebook page and found out there's a new complex store in Festival Mall, Alabang.. and they carry KEDS & SPERRY TOP-SIDERS too... yay!!