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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Embedded in me; is the street photographer that I am. I started this hobby with that in the first place so in this post I'm going to pay homage to just that! I've been walking non stop in Singapore so in it's truest sense I'll let you in on some of the photos I took in Orchard Road and elsewhere in the country. Are you ready? Heheh....

I love watching people. I maybe a little evil in telling what they are thinking but I guess that comes with whatever I grew up with.

This one is just outside our hotel; a hawker center. I feel a little comfortable eating in these places because they are not that fancy. The price of a meal would count around 5 Singapore dollars or less. Some are pricey but to think about it, it costs a little more than what we have here in the Philippines. Not bad considering we are talking about first world stuff you know! What made this interesting is that they have these things all around town. There are also big franchises of hawker centers even inside the mall. See the letter B on the store? That's how clean it is. They kinda rate the stalls with those letters so if you want it ultra clean then only order when it shows A+ on it.

I love the roasted duck too. A little gamey but it still is scrumptious. The last time I ate duck was in Hong Kong so this was a little different since I ate at restaurants there. The big chinese restaurants had more authentic taste. But this was a whole lot cheaper!
This is my favorite drink! The one on the right. It's called Water Chestnut. It tastes a lot like sago but without sago. The nutty flavor is still there and it feels so refreshing that I haven't had any time to drink water. It was just this in my whole stay there. I thought of opening up a business just with this drink! Would it be a hit? I dunno, but you see that other drink? It tastes like Rose water... literally tastes like petals LOL. Hate that!

This is still in Orchard Road. There is quite a number of expats from UK. It's a mix of everything. You kinda get tired of looking at them as one people because they are like popcorn, you can't decypher them anymore after a few days. Malay, Indian, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Filipino. They even talk their own language, unless they need to use English.

Orchard is full of shops. Some of them have cheap items but most of them are a little pricey. If you go there on a Sale then you are in luck. They always are on Sale but most events cover around 50-70% off on real sales. Food is expensive if it goes over 10 dollars. Seen some shops sell 5 dollars below so that's a lot better!

People move around so fast. Their escalators are twice as fast too and if you fall down they'll look at you like its your fault that you are so slow. Not good for seniors to travel in because they'll feel tired fast.
Sentosa Island - Silosa Beach is a man made island that has an artificial beach. I didn't quite like the smell of some of them but I had to shoot hehe. I think they exported sand from Palawan and made their own island. The other side of this island is called Palawan too where most Pinoys have their picnic on weekends. I wonder how much it did cost them to build this and get the sand.

Sentosa's charm lies in those two beaches, plus the attractions like clubs, private resorts, indoor wave machines and the upcoming indoor skydiving equipments that they are building now. It's going to be the biggest tunnel in the world too. Pretty cool but a little crowded in the afternoon as you can see in the lines. We didn't get to ride as much as we wanted to go to Universal Studios earlier and that was a big disappointment since it cost a lot. Anyway I'll show you more as the day comes.

Later guys!



Xprosaic said...

Share more! share more! hehehehehhehe... we're learning now... lol hehehhehehe

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Sayang hindi tayo nagkita. Next time. :)

I haven't tried that Water Chestnut drink, pero nagustuhan ko naman ang Bandung (that rose-flavoured drink you just mentioned), which I heard eh naging favorite ni Katy Perry when she was here a few months ago. LOL!

Change mo 'yung name ng beach sa Sentosa. It's Siloso, not Silosa. ;)

Traveliztera said...

Singapuuuuuuraaaaa! :D

Grabe Kuya John! Great pics as always! :D I wanna taste that Water Chestnut! :((

Jag said...

Wow! Nasa SG ka pla...ang gaganda ng kuha mo kuya John hahah nkiki-kuya na din ako LOL...