BRIA Eagerly Opens Employment Opportunities in PH 4th Quarter

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Times were certainly tough for the real estate industry in the last two/three years - and BRIA Homes was not spared. They turned to innovation, and used digital channels to spur sales during a time where face to face business was impossible, their resilience showed amidst economic challenges. Now that restrictions ease and we're in recovery, interest in their recently built residential developments have increased especially those that are located in prime cities, where work, recreation, essentials are easily available especially for those who are just starting families or making investments including OFW's. The potentials are endless.

BRIA communities are planned well. Those who live in them enjoy multipurpose halls for events and special occasions, they also have covered basketball courts, and walkpaths so you can enjoy the lifestyle without stepping outside the neighborhood. They also made sure homeowners have green spaces for physical activities so as you don't just simmer at couches inside BRIA communities.

In the last few months of 2022, they are gearing up to employ a lot of sales professionals in the eve of market normalcy. Seeing a huge growth in the market, BRIA is eager to hire more people especially those who have prior experience, or those who are interested in real estate. This is your chance to become part of the top real estate developer in the country. You can start applying here They also have other positions available, if you want to be a part of that instead, visit their site If you want updates about their job listings, follow BRIA's social media channels by searching Bria Homes Inc. on FB, YT, Twitter, IG and Viber. Working together can make you stronger, if you have what it takes, don't hesitate to try out for the posts.

If you're interested in owning a BRIA home, visit and try the 360 degree tour. You can also reserve one via or ask through their social media channels and an agent would get in touch and make arrangements. This is great news for those who would want a home or want to start a career.



This is huge, and will be epic as popular clothing/footwear brand Macbeth celebrates their 20th Anniversary. Fans in the Philippines will be treated with a full MACBETH Music Festival that will involve a concert with some of the country's biggest bands and musicians, plus a fashion show of gargantuan proportions. 

This will happen at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig City on October 8 at 11AM (when gates will open) but pretty much, you will be having fun there the whole day. Over 30 foreign and local models will be walking on the runway overlapped in 2 concert stages (confirmed by the event director) as different bands from different parts of the country will converge at the event. Artists such as Chelsea Alley, Rico Blanco, Divina, Lilith will perform in the concert including well known bands Mayonnaise, Urbandub, Chocolate Factory, Sandwich, Hilera, Even, Snakefight, Sucketseven, Fragments, Chndtr, Fastpitch, Soapdish, Written By The Stars, Shotgun Combo, Imbue No Kudos and Rouge. You will also get to see them work together via Macbeth All-Stars and Superband which I'm sure a lot of people would wonder how it could be executed.

The band Snakefight got us a taste of what's to happen on October 8th!

For the Fashion part of the show, MACBETH will also be launching several brand lines that will be part of what they will have in the Philippine market. They're pretty much going to have Lady Macbeth and an underwear showcase for Macbeth Underwear; which will be a bit different from what we've been seeing from MACBETH these past few years. But rest assured, it'll be still sticking to their guns that it will be made by artists, for artists. and you in mind. 

For those who don't know, MACBETH is a brand from Southern California founded by Tom DeLonge of Blink182. This represents him, his lifestyle and his music made for the like-minded ones. They make clothing, footwear and accessories. Can't wait for what's about to happen on October 8th, and I'm excited about the fashion show equally since I've been hungry for runway since the pandemic occurred. 

See you there!


DANIEL PADILLA and KATHRYN BERNARDO Host Thanksgiving Dinner for #KathNiel Fans

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Just got home from a KathNiel event this evening at the Microtel by Wyndham in UP Technohub Quezon City. The two function rooms were full to the brim of loyal KathNiel fans, of different ages converged celebrating the official 11th year of the fandom and the 10th year anniversary of Kath and DJ as boyfriend and girlfriend. 
This was sort of a huge THANK YOU from the lovely couple Kathryn Bernardo and her man Daniel Padilla. They arranged this solely for them, to show how much they appreciate their support over the years. This is for the fans and their undying love for the two brightest stars of ABSCBN.

Usually, it's the other way around that happens in the Philippines, but they knew, there was always a clamor to celebrate their 10th year... but then the pandemic happened. I've always have an affinity with these two, because with the several encounters I've had with them... they've always been so nice as people. It wasn't rocket science that they have been loved by many because as Daniel puts it, he says "We put a part of our lives out there, and when you share a part of yourself with people, like Kath is from the province, and I'm from the hood, it's the reason why they can relate. They see themselves in us, and if you think about it, it's not a secret!" 
Kath and DJ watched their fans have fun and raffle prizes during the event

The event was hosted by DJ JHAIHO and KaladKaren

Daniel even directed the part where we took photos, and as you can see, it's perfect!

And he's perfect!

And just look at Kath, she's a Queen!

How can you not love her?! <3

Here are videos we recently uploaded on YouTube about the KathNiel Thanksgiving Event. Please, enjoy!

I'd like to take this bit to say THANK YOU to Kath and DJ for always being so nice to us bloggers when we're covering their events and shows. I guess you can already tell, I'm a fan. The two divulged a movie that will be shown next year, and two projects that they will be doing separately. They're still in talks with some of the other things they plan to do, so make sure you follow them on their social channels to get updates about it. Cheers #KathNiel! 
Stay inlove!


PIOLO PASCUAL Continues Beautéderm Ties with KOREiSU Oral Care Line

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Piolo Pascual has always been the quintessential man to go to if you want a brand to be endorsed. It was a few years back when Beautéderm CEO and President Rhea Anicoche-Tan wished for him to be the face of BEAU, which is a soap with the benefits of Activated Charcoal and part of the Spruce & Dash line of products for men. She knew he was the perfect fit for the brand (to be the first male endorser) and worked hard to make that come true. 

After successfully working with him in recent years, the business has grown exponentially and knew renewing ties with the good looking Filipino singer, model, producer, film and TV actor was the right thing to do. This time, he's introducing the Beautéderm KOREiSU line of oral health products. To put it lightly, he entered the room and had the ladies put on smiles automatically.


Ms. Rhea says "Piolo is on a different league as an endorser. He's the kind that you can say is "Totally Worth It" because we didn't have to remind him during our campaigns when working with him with the BEAU products on social media. He even over delivers and does production for his posts. He's part of the success of the Beautéderm family and when you get the message across your platforms, we can help a lot of other people. I just came back from Ilocos where we had 35 new scholars at the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. We are also here to celebrate Piolo and Beautéderm as we have not been able to mount an event for him when we signed him three years ago due to pandemic restrictions. He's the most trusted man in the industry, very professional, very down to earth and you can feel the goodness in his heart; and we are so honored to have him in Beautéderm."


Piolo says "The ever growing family of Beautéderm deserves much thanksgiving, being their brand ambassador, KOREiSU Family Toothpaste and KOREiSU Whitening Toothpaste brings me my happy, bright and white smile. I'd like to thank Ms. Rhea for the blessing to be part of the Beautéderm family, and for the love you've given us (my peers in the industry). Let's beautify the world one healthy smile at a time!"

Here are highlights from the event on video, enjoy!

Here are some little stories that Ms. Rhea Tan shared to the media about how her experience was working with Piolo Pascual (which she says was very patient and didn't have any out of this world demands). He's charming and very humble. Aside from that, Piolo also talked about his son Inigo who's having a huge career in the US as he becomes part of a Hollywood project. A proud Dad!

As of today, the Beautéderm ambassadors amount to over 80 movie, TV and social media stars. Piolo is of course an A list celebrity that is certainly apt to make people know more about KOREiSU and the reasons they trust the brand. Congratulations to the men and women behind Beautéderm and of course, congratulations Mr. Piolo Pascual, thank you for being so nice to us that afternoon! If you want to know more about KOREiSU, make sure you follow their social channels and check out their Shopee store where you can get these products too. 


PS. I suggest you try their other products by purchasing a TRAVEL KIT because it comes with a FREE Delicat Soap and Hydrating Mist to keep yourself fresh. Get it here!


Gretchen Ho is your "Woman in Action"

Friday, September 23, 2022

Looks like you're in for a treat this September as Cignal, One News and One PH starts the new show Woman in Action hosted by your favorite Gretchen Ho.

Head of News Patrick Paez says "We are delighted to have Gretchen with us, she was part of our previous network work and we see promise with her talent. She has grown as a journalist, and this show is her concept, we have confidence with her and we can't wait to see her new show."

The show will feature Gretchen Ho in her element, in different parts of the world to get to know the people, what they do so you too get to know who they are from the comforts of your own home. It's like a travel/lifestyle show where she will also tell you her experiences, how to get there, the food she eats and the small costs to do it. Much of the things we saw in the preview included lesser known spots in the Philippines but she also has some clips showing other countries which surely will be interesting to see on TV.

Gretchen says "It was just in my mind for the last few years, all of us are so passionate about what we do and we want to show the Filipino heart through travel. This was something we wanted to do in 2020, but the pandemic happened. We will be having guests in the show, get to talk to people managing the tourist destinations and how they work steadfastly and help the townsfolk make a living in their communities. Woman in Action also sparks my passion in cycling, we'll see people on the road and get to also interview them, I feel this is the perfect time to do it so viewers could be inspired with their stories. The people I work with right now, they will be here including my camera man, my researchers, it won't be full reporter mode. It is also going to have a public service part, hopefully to make it also become sustainable to help people and communities. I wanted to work for NGO previously, but I didn't realize I was doing it already and I was inspired by Ms. Gina Lopez and see how it has impacted people. It brought livelihood to communities through tourism. I am in the early stages of this show but my advise to girls is to take courage, for the things you are called to do, stay true to that and you will fulfill that calling."

Gretchen Ho is not just the host, but also the producer of the show. She might be a little young, but says it won't be a challenge that will be given to her if she couldn't do it. She is also inspired with travel host Drew Arellano, hopes she also does good in making the show relatable, and do crazy things in the show.

The show can be seen on the Cignal Play app on mobile. The show will prolly start on October 1 at 7:30PM at one News and will be replayed at 8PM the day after. Make sure to watch it!


HONOR Comes Back with Dual Flagship Plans in EU and PH Regions

Their testing lab, devices, Tony Rahn (left) and CEO George Zhao

Looks like smartphone brand HONOR is making a huge comeback in the Philippines. 

In previous weeks, they announced 2 devices at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) which is EU's largest tech event. During the brand's keynote speech, CEO George Zhao puts importance on device interoperability. If you're using a smartphone, tablet, PC or wearables, you'll get a solution from them which includes HONOR Smart Life products too.

He says "Honor is committed to have products that are designed to empower you, and go beyond your potential and give you the freedom to do more."

Recent information states they will have dual flagship devices, but what was released is the Honor 70, Honor Pad 8, MagicBook 14.

They also reiterated plans in the near future for the Philippines, the EU region and how they will do a connected future during the IFA 2022. These are exciting times especially for those expecting handsets that are capable of having Google Play services, something they couldn't do with their mother brand.


Avida Opens New Showroom at Ayala Malls Manila Bay


The hunger to have a place to call your own is just something one wouldn't be able to shake off especially for Gen Z's, young professionals, investors, OFW's or those who are just about to start a family.


Since 2006, Avida has been there to provide residential enclaves to thousands of families in different regions. As Ayala Land's residential arm, they've proven time and again why they continue to be the preferred real estate company in the country. 

The event was graced by Ms. Bing Gumboc, the current Avida Vice President for Sales and Marketing and Mr, Regie Alabe who heads Avida's Metro South area. They now have 100 projects in over 25 prime locations around the country. This launch is also part of their 32nd Anniversary celebrations. 

At the Ayala Malls Manila Bay Avida Showroom, they showcased 2 model units. One of which is from the Centralis Towers which is located in Taft Avenue in Manila. It's a high rise with over 1,111 units and 27 floors for residential use. There are also commercial spaces on the ground which could be useful for groceries, shops, and furniture stores so you won't have to go far when you need something at home. Each part of the model unit was used efficiently to make sure you have a place to sleep, work, eat and take a breather. The other unit for Patio Madrigal was spacious, presented bare, has its own balcony so you can see the view of the city from this vantage point. Patio Madrigal is located in Roxas Boulevard and is a high rise project that can accomodate 595 units in over 14 residential floors. This will be done in towers so if you're planning to get one, it might be better to do it now. They also have 4 podium levels made for mixed use, quite nice to be for restaurants, shops and other commercial establishments that would make life easy when living there.

Make sure you visit Ayala Malls Manila Bay today and see the Avida showroom so you can feel how it is to live there. You may visit their website or follow their social channels @AvidaLandPH.


Jessica Villarubin Releases "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin"

Jessica Villarubin won The Clash 2 years ago. She's dedicating this new song to her future love, for the people that continue to support her so we asked a few questions during the launch of her single "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin" which is out now. She's done Queendom numbers in AOS and has been trending for quite a number of weeks.

Jessica says "I am thankful that I'm part of Queendom, it's just so nice to feel that I'm part of those who really excell in singing. It's a great honor, and people love our performances. The work we do there is like sharing things, we do songs and ask each other how to do it better. People see that and in real life, we're happy about the reviews of our portion. They love our performances and it all starts from that. I remember doing Free Your Mind with Hannah, Thea, and it's an upbeat song, I love that a lot. I also want to do theater, I also want to do other genre because I've always been doing ballads. I have a voice coach, I'm still learning. It's a different kind of training and with my seniors sing, it's different and I want to learnt the ropes and sing like them as well. My current single was composed by Vehnee Saturno. His songs have been hits -  done with different artists and it's a dream come true for any artist to do his songs. Among the songs that I listend to, I connected well with "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin". I have performed in Dubai, my concert in Cebu, the opportunities coming to me are experiences that I treasure today. I play instruments, I dance a little and want to do workshops. I want to practice more of that and I'd want that to happen soon. I feel I need to still work on my low notes, I admit I still have to learn a lot and practice so I could focus more on the craft. I want to sing a song for StartUp and I've seen that series, I've watched the Korean version of it and it would be an achievment if I could do that. Yes, there is a pressure to want to prove you're a good singer, because you have to believe in yourself, you use it to better your craft and be inspired with it."

She adds "Even if I'm busy I want to be with my parents, I love them and I always say I want to work for them so they could just rest, and my wish to become a singer has come true. "

Her single "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin" is now out on digital streaming platforms so make sure you download and stream the single, she's one good lass.


What Does It Take To Own Your Own Home?

Monday, September 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to own your own home? That feeling when your build your dreams with your family? This seems to be a good day to assure you that yes, it can and has happened to thousands of people in the Philippines and it isn't rocket science.

Something You Can Afford

Find a home that fits your budget. Aside from not forgetting about your daily expenses, ask your agent about reservation fees, your down payment (would you save a lot if you pay more head on?) and the monthly amortization (will it not be a burden for you when you have to pay on a monthly basis?). Properties in BellaVita for example only cost Php 3,500 to Php 5,000 and depends on the actual model you choose. Their down payment scheme can also be arranged in 18 months, and you can also arrange funding from local banks or Pag-ibig (Government Office) and could really be affordable, easy to pay in the long run.

Take A Good Look at the Community

Location location location still holds true when choosing a home. Though you must know much of it is about the community. Is there a place for work? A place of worship? Maybe a good market to buy essentials or perhaps a school where you children can go to? If your chosen home isn't near establishments like these, you may find it difficult to function normally and live there for years. Like BellaVita communities, they have to be built in places that can be accessible by family and guests, but also these. It's what proper urban planning is essential like BellaVita properties in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They have ones in Porac, Pampanga, Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija, or Capas in Tarlac, General Trias in CAvite, Alaminos, Pila or San Pablo in Laguna, or perhaps Lian, Rosario or Lipa City in Batangas. They also have one in Tayabas Quezon which people from the South should look into, there's some in Visayas and Mindanao too.

A Safe Home

It definitely doesn't stop at buying a house, you have to make sure the community is equally safe so when you are not around. Peace of mind is priceless, and your family's safety is a priority. On a gated and guarded community like BellaVita, you're assured to have that. There are also assigned tricycle terminals for ease of transport to and from a BellaVita home.


One That Lasts Years

The Philippines is under the ring of fire, we also encounter around 26-30 typhoons a year. Needless to say, you need a home that would withstand all of that and more. The quality of building a house should also be considered when choosing one. Aside from protecting yourselves from nature, amenities that is of equal quality would certainly be a plus on any homeowners book. Kids need to play in Basketball Courts, utilize Multipurpose Halls for special events and parties, and BellaVita has that. 

If you want a place of your own today, BellaVita would certainly be something that you should consider. If you want to reserve one, get in touch with them through 09178535937 or 09178269451. You may also visit their social channels at on FB, on IG, on Tiktok or see more information via their YouTube channel at





ZEPHANIE Shines Brighter as Sparkle Artist

Thursday, September 15, 2022

We touched base with ZEPHANIE a few days ago in a small press conference at the Cornerstone studios in Quezon City. The young Kapuso (and this generation's) Pop Princess has had really good breaks these past few months and we've seen remarkable achievements in just a short span of time. 
For starters, she sang the Sparkle Summer Music theme which featured her fellow Sparkle stars. Aside from that, she also sang several teleserye songs like Tunay na Minamahal for Apoy Sa Langiy and Kaagapay for the show Bolera. She also had a Collab with up and coming PPOP Boyband VXON which will be used for "LUV IS: Caught In His Arms" which will premiere soon. She also spends weekends for ALL OUT SUNDAYS wherein she's a regular performer for the bit called QUEENDOM. Recently, she also graced the NCAA halftime show and hopes she also gets to do several dramas to showcase her acting skills in GMA. 

As of now, her performance of LIGAYA on my TikTok account has had almost 100K views in just a few days. Here's her interview with the press which happened a few days ago.

If you want to support ZEPHANIE and her music, make sure you follow the social channels of SPARKLE and Cornerstone because they will be releasing music soon!



If you've been getting your groceries and essentials from PUREGOLD, this isn't quite new to you. 

See, during the pandemic, they're one of the frontliners who made sure we got our supplies of food, snacks, rice, and almost anything you need to survive during that time. They care, and I've personally seen how hard they've worked these past few years to make sure things get back to normal as fast as it could. Aside from that, they really think about nature and the harmful effects of plastics in the environment hence this project they call WALASTIK Mondays (it has been going on for a while now) and news is, they're expanding it to Wednesdays as things ease here and in other parts of the country.

WALASTIK means Walang Plastic, and this means patrons and grocers are encouraged to bring their own ecobags and re-use it so we don't have to use non environment friendly plastics when buying groceries everyday. Initially they only had it implemented in Metro Manila stores, but now is going to do it on a national scale which means ALL of their branches. This comes as they've found no resistance and quite good acceptance from grocery shoppers.

Ivy Piedad Senior Marketing Manager of Puregold says “We are so happy about the results of our Walastik Mondays as we saved over 110,000 worth of plastic bags away from the trash system of the country. On Walastik Mondays at Puregold, it means you can’t use plastic on our stores. Soon it will be every Mondays and Wednesdays and hope you continue to support the environmental initiatives of Puregold.”

PUREGOLD President Vincent Co adds "We want our company to set an example to reuse, reduce and recycle and want our customers to do the same. We believe they too care for the environment and want to make sure this campaign and their shopping habits become sustainable."

Make sure you're bringing in your own ecobags the next time you shop at PUREGOLD. Their WALASTIK Mondays and Wednesdays will begin on September 26, tell your friends and family to do the same so we can save the environment and do our share.


Meet the Band Called FIREFLIES

Took time out of my busy schedules for a night out on my neighborhood in Quezon City. Pretty dark out there, but I've seen something glow from afar, it was lights from a local bar where I saw FIREFLIES was playing.

It's a band formed in 2016, who now decided to get re-launched with new members in tow. If you're a little observant, you probably know most of them are from bands Cueshé who's had remarkable success in the early 2000's. Jay Justiniani does Lead Vocals, Jhunjie Dosdos on Vocals , Guitar and Keyboards, while JC Del Rosario IV does Vocals and Bass Guitar, RM Tolentino who does Percussions and Pat Galut does the Lead Guitar. They've been working hard the past few months taking a shot at writing songs, doing covers and performing in different locations across the Philippines.

Here's our short chat with them after a set, apologies as it's quite noisy in the bar we were in that evening. 

Jay says "Actually, this group is easy to work with. Jhunjie is a former band member of Cueshé (like him) so we do really know each others dynamics. Our other band members are also good songwriters, so it was easy to work with even though we have different ideas. It was easier to make songs if you guys understand each other. Jhunjie and I are good friends, and good friends are hard to come by."

JC adds "Jhunjie and I started to work with Fireflies, and we now have new band members, we just didn't have a vocalist then, Jay agreed to join later on and that became a positive direction for the Fireflies band."

Jhunjie adds "I remember Jay was having doubts joining us a few years back. He was very busy and was based in Cebu. It was a bit difficult because we were playing in Manila most of the time. Some of the former Fireflies got a little tired working with us in the band because of the pandemic as income was really tight because we didn't have gigs during the lockdown. He had to go back to Davao. I was the only one left, I knew I had to do something. I'm thankful Jay agreed even if we haven't seen each other for a long time."

They named themselves Fireflies because it's like a spark in the dark. They're raring to perform in company parties, concerts local or foreign. They are currently being managed by Ms. Grace who previously worked in ABSCBN. You may get in touch with them through 09923150106 as it'll be surely busy during the holidays. They're bringing their new brand of music, some covers, and some old classics that 90's kids, Millenials and Gen Z's would absolutely love. They're going to release a few singles soon, so make sure you follow them also on their social channels at because they're going to post updates of their gigs on that page.

Cheers to more music from FIREFLIES! Hope you shine brighter in the darkest hours and share your love of music even more!


EXCLUSIVE: Meet Ms. Maribeth Tolentino, President of AMBS - ALLTV

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Seeing ALLTV on the channel lineup lately? Well, here's very fresh information about what's going to happen in the next few months as we talked to their CEO Ms. Maribeth Tolentino. 
For the launch of the channel, she says "We wanted to do it on their anniversary as we want to have milestones during their birthdays. I can't confirm some of the artists unless we have finalized their signing. Actually, there are a lot of teleserye being pitched as we will start doing that by next year. We haven't chosen anyone yet for content but stay tuned. Our assessment internally is really, for improvement. We're slowly getting in the grooved, the system and organization, we need to add more content. We even had confusion on digital boxes yesterday because there's a difference in every region. Just re-scan and look for ALLTV. Well no, we can't confirm Toni Gonzaga's earnings, I think it would be proper that she answers that for you. It's confidential on our end. It's not too big as rumors say. For now, the sons and daughters of artists are being talked to. We haven't met them yet but their availability looks good."

About the shows they plan in the network, she adds "The programs have not been filled yet, just the prime time slot. So 5PM to 12am is good, we also have other programs from other networks bought so we're hoping by the time we launch fully, it will be complete. If you see, we have CNN Philippines, we also have teleseryes from ABSCBN, we're not closing our doors. We are slowly rolling out our frequency in other regions, the transmitters just take time to put up and reach here because it is imported. We also partnered with Cable organizations so we get shown in other cable networks."

She also mentions "Toni Gonzaga is very talented, a host, an actress, we need a star for a product. Bashers are there, but we don't mind them. If she wasn't good then that's a problem, but she is. It's more of the artists from other channel that still have contracts, we still are doing that. There are a lot of program pitching, so we need the capable artists for that. There are a lot of networks that want their shows in ALLTV, but there are legalities involved and we don't have a concept yet for them. We need quality movies, teleseryes, variety shows, so we need the good people for that. We all want them in the channel, and if we want a new program for them, we'll surprise you with it. I think that'll be better if you get surprised. The process of lawyers, managers, contracts bring delay sometimes, but we are eager to deal with them. We did talk to Carla Estrada, and Willie just talked to Luis Manzano, we're just starting to think about the new shows they could be part of and planning for it. We don't put the network in legal problems, the collaborations is just for content, it's not for blocktime. Licensing is different, networks do that, like for movies, Korean dramas, everyone does that. It's not a partnership of a network. Block timing means they have to follow NTC regulations. If it's about Korina, we are in talks but we haven't signed yet. Everybody has a chance because we need a lot of artists for our shows. They are just waiting for us, we on the other hand are preparing material, because we can't give them shows without it. Hopefully 2023 we'll be full blast. ABSCBN is selling content and we buy from them, the public just wants drama, that's Marites.

For those wondering, there exists an ALLTV studio: "The ALLTV studio will be the Starmall EDSA, that's the cinema, because it's passe, we just made them into studios. That will be ready by next year, and hopefully have face to face audiences soon. There would be a lot of possibilities to produce more teleserye, movies, hone talents that are fresh and would be there when you need them, we will complete that soon. Everyone was nervous yesterday, even our technical group, talents, dancers, we had mishaps, we hear their feedback and  know we appreciate that we will make changes. We thought we just gave birth yesterday because we prepared for it for so many days. We just had a breather last night because we want to watch it til we signed off. "

She also talks about the good that Willie Revillame brings on the table, she says "Willie among others is not just a talent, he's a great advisor with regards to programming especially for managing artists. He was indeed a HUGE help in that sector, no matter what channel he went to, his shows still rate very high. He made us understood the industry, so far, so good. Aside from that, we have talked to Viva and talents from his stable are good and that's why we have much of the Viva artists there during our soft launch too. Advertisers see what the future of the company holds, we have good shows and probably are timing things. We have commitments already, we also have sister companies and we don't have to go to other networks just to advertise. We used to do that in ABSCBN or GMA, but now we're doing it in our own TV station. For now we are doing canned dramas, new movies and Korean content. It's not even shown in other stations here. We'll also be doing other shows pretty soon, especially how Willie will help viewers and ordinary people. Mariel also will come back on TV, she's going to be significantly be a part of our programming. Toni on the other hand will be having a different show, for now it's Toni Talks. We want our viewers to be called ALLTV, wherever you're from or whatever channel you watch, it's going to be called ALLTV and nothing else."
"Thank you to everyone who helped us, we want to make sure things are clear. ALLTV is open now, we are airing shows. Just make sure to re-scan, set Channel 2 on Metro Manila for free to air broadcast. Hope to see you all soon!"

As of now channels are different in every region. If you have a digibox, just re-scan it and look for ALLTV. This will be shown also on Cignal, other cable channels. You'll love the additional channel that's dedicated for entertaining Filipino people. Looks like things won't be happening overnight.
Does this clear up a lot of things for you?


ALLTV Starts Broadcast With All Star Event

ALLTV started their broadcast operations with a bang with a stellar lineup of stars last September 13 in the evening. Viewers were treated with their favorite Wowowin filled with artist appearances, song and dance numbers, plus the insane games, hosting banter that Willie Revillame is known for. Aside from that, they also featured Toni Gonzaga's interview with Bongbong Marcos which was exclusively shown in the new channel.
Ceremonies started at 12 noon and lasted the whole day with AMBS Executives, Toni's pilot show, and Willie Revillame's antics flexing his comedy program bringing entertainment to thirsty viewers. How big was the event? Let's just say they gave out two units of houses from BRIA and Lumina Homes on Wowowin. They also gave away cash prizes, big prizes every hour to make sure TV viewing would be fun all over again with ALLTV.

AMBS President Ms. Maribeth Tolentino says "Our new channel is for the Filipino and what we want to happen is keep them entertained and happy. This is why we've prepared huge shows just for you. Rest assured, we'll have new progams to change your TV viewing experience wth ALLTV."
AMBS is under Prime Assets Ventures Inc. of Manuel Paolo Villar, under the auspices of the Villar Group of companies. As of today, the personalities that joined AMBS include Willie Revillame, Toni Gonzaga, her husband Paul Soriano, Ciara Sotto, and Mariel Rodriguez. There are some photos that surfaced today that included Julia Baretto, but we haven't had any confirmation as of this writing. Aside from that, there's now a partnership with CNN Philippines to manage their nightly news program that will be done on primetime. 
They are now live on free to air TV, scan your digibox also to get their channel. They are also on Cignal and other cable operators, so make sure you re-scan to see the new shows. 


Lenovo Showcases Newest Yoga Laptops for those who CREATE

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

You can do so much more with a Lenovo, this is what was cemented during an event where they showcased their latest laptops together with their tech partners in Blueleaf BGC. These are the latest ultra slim laptops that have Windows 11, for those who dare to create.

The Yoga 9i can flip and fold like its predecessors, but with a thinner form factor, even more powerful 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260p processor, it can do a lot more than those thicker laptops in the market. It also has 16GB LPDDR5 memory plus a 1TB SSD PCIE Gen 4 drive which you can use to store photos, videos, documents without worrying you'll run out of space for it. The display is a 2.8K OLED PureSight Touchscreen so those clicks can happen when you need to. The Bowers & Wilkins branded soundbar system also bring a more immersive audio experience so if you need to present, watch movies, or listen to music, this can do the job. This costs Php 109,995 whic means it's an investment, if you need a device for work and play, and look good for that matter, the Yoga 9i should be on your list.

The Yoga Slim 7i Carbon makes those meticulous pros that look for form and function a little at ease. It might be 13 inches, but it's equipped with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 1260P processor which makes work tasks or editing a breeze. It's super light at 960 grams, uses magnesium alloy for its body plus carbon fiber which makes it easy to bring along if you're working remotely. It's got a 2.5K PureSight Display and a 90Hz refresh rate, those games you play every once in a while that needs better resources can be done without worries. It uses an Intel Iris Xe so if you're fond of watching dramas or editing videos, this can perform for long hours. It comes in Moon White and Cloud Grey colorway and costs Pho 77,995. If you're looking for a laptop for studying and casual gaming, this would fit you nicely.

If you fancy the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X, you've got enough power for content creation, audio processing in one unit. It's a monster equipped with an Intel Core i7-12700H Processor so you can run software without slowing down other things and finish the job early. It's a bigger rig at 14.5 inches, has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 with a 4G GDDR5 VRAM which you can use for heavy graphics and hungry apps. The 32GB LPDDR5 RAM and 1 TB PCIE SDD can get your projects stored, including photos, videos and documents without the need of other storage devices, as it is quite massive already. With the Lenovo X Power, your power use is efficient, something propreitary which you won't find in other brands. Those GPU and CPU needs will be managed, and you get the things done efficiently. I could see this be used by pros, who need 120Hz Refresh Rates, something Lenovo PureSight could only do (I'd be worried gamers would run out of it). It weighs 1.6KG, for what it can do that's still light. It costs Php 91,995 though which may be hefty for some, but it'll be worth the investment in the long run.

These are just some of the things that Lenovo has up their sleeves, who in the right mind would not want that? Uf you;re seriously considering to have one, check out as they have the features listed there. It is available in the Philippines now!