ZEINAB HARAKE Endorses Beautéderm Oral Care Line

Sunday, September 11, 2022

After recently garnering a whopping 13 Million subscribers on YouTube, and having a total of 50 Million followers on social media platforms, your favorite girl ZEINAB HARAKE is taking another feather on her hat as the newest endorser of Beautéderm Corporation's Oral Care Line. This includes Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste, Koreisu Family Toothpaste, Etre Claire Mouth Wash and Etre Claire Mouth Spray.


Beautéderm  CEO and President Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan says "I remember asking my team of who would be able to do this as I've got celebrities in the Beautéderm brand. She's different as she's an influencer and the task is to communicate the message of our oral care line to an even wider audience. I needed someone young and thought of getting her, I was impressed that in a single live video, they already garnered thousands of views. When I watched her, she's super natural, she's not fake and just do it as a task (because we all know they sometimes are). There really is a clamor for her, a lot of people have asked for her so we did it. Zeinab represents the youth, the Gen Z's, and she is the perfect fit for the brand."

Zeinab says "I am so happy that I get to be one of the babies of Ms. Rei Tan. I've seen how she takes care of the people who endorse Beautéderm and this is such an honor. I promise that I will take care of the trust they've given me and I love you! I'm pretty new in the industry, I make videos, I never imagined that my followers would grow this much, for all the work we do I am happy to be part of Beautéderm." 

She adds "I told Mama Rei my crushes, I love Marian Rivera, she's always been my peg. I would love to be with her and the others who are also part of Beautéderm. I got a little shy when Piolo Pascaul commented on one of my posts and said my signature line "ARAT NA!". I also would like to do events with Dingdong Dantes if possible, because only Beautéderm has made it possible with their endorsers. There's no network wars here."

Here's a portion of the press conference a few days ago

Zeinab Harake will also be appearing in the launch of BEAUTéDERM Ayala Mall Cloverleaf (Sunday 3PM) and will be appearing with Jelai Andres, Ruru Madrid, Bianca Umali, JC Santos and Boobay. There will also be a meet and greet session if you meet the required purchase. So if you're raring to see them in the flesh, the time is now! 

Congratulations to Beautéderm and Ms. Rei Tan. Also to ZEINAB HARAKE for conquering odds and now is reaping the fruits of her labor. She's a very nice lady who deserves the best things in life because she's worked hard for it.


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