Get Indie DBTK Merch with Your ASUS VIVOBOOK Purchase

Monday, May 31, 2021

Hey guys and gals! Looks like the cool people over at ASUS Philippines is making your cool laptops become as cool as your outfits in a collaboration no one expected with Don't Blame The Kids Apparel Co. DBTK as known by many is a brand made locally by founders Emil and Vince Javier. Their artwork spawned a huge following because of the awesome designs, and has changed the way street wear is seen in this generation.

What's good is that in every purchase of ASUS Vivobook laptops like the ASUS Vivobook Flip, ASUS VivoBook S, ASUS Vivobook and ASUS Vivobook Gaming will get free limited edition DBTK® merchandise worth Php 3,000.  This will include a DBTK Shirt, a Laptop Mat and Sleeve, a Facemask and designer stickers packed in an exclusive ASUS DBTK Box. If you're more into design, presentations and marketing work, I suggest you get the Vivobook Flip. If you're more into hard office work like I am, get the VivoBook S series as it's designed for executives and work at home peeps. If you're into school work get the ASUS Vivobook and if you're more into gaming, get the ASUS Vivobook Gaming laptops. I'm enjoying my VivoBook S14 right now which I use for word processing, graphics and light gaming. 

If you fancy the lovely things they have with the laptops and the DBTK collection, visit their micro site which contains the fine print over at Go follow your passion and look for the right laptop for you, because honestly, I've never been so contented with what I chose, plus the designs from DBTK are sick! You should definitely check it out!


Young Professionals Spark Interest in Golden Haven Memorial Lots

Friday, May 28, 2021

The value of saving has been inculcated and passed on to the next generation and financial literacy has been increasingly taught to even a younger audience. Now, even millennials have become very conscious and know that while they're still young,  it's important to have investments at this day and age so when the time comes, they get to rest early, spend for not just the necessities but have the nicest things and get financial security not just for themselves, but for their entire family. Having that would mean they would be able to put a roof over their head, food on their table, and the ability to help others when they can.

Some people I know even went ahead and bought memorial lots from Golden Haven which is under Golden MV Holdings, Inc., a publicly listed company. With real estate, you can be assured property lots in the country would have an increase in value much like theirs who've been 20 percent up average year on year. They're also in 30 locations around the country and investments can easily be managed online these days. It's best for young individuals who want to grow their portfolio or start off with an investment that has been doing good these past few years. All you need is one valid government ID and the eagerness to work with professional marketing representatives from Golden Haven that will guide you through the process. 

As Red Rosales, the COO of Golden Haven says "We take pride in the aspects of our business; from the design of our parks, to what we offer our customers, we want to pay close attention to details to give timely and consistent service to our dear customers. We want to also enjoin young professionals to invest in Golden Haven's memorial lots so they too would be able to secure their future."

Maybe this is the sign you're looking for.

For those who don't know, Golden Haven Memorial Park is a part of Golden MV Holdings Inc. This is under the Villar group and is one of the largest real estate conglomerates in the Philippines.


Discovering Pop Icons of this Generation: PoPinoy

New and fresh content coming out of TV5 just isn't a surprise anymore, quite expected. I'm saying that because as I logged in on a zoom press conference a few days ago, the stars from other networks have converged on TV5 to make a one of a kind talent show called PoPinoy aimed to discover even more world class Filipinos, put them on stage and make it their way to stardom!

What's more interesting is the composition of mentors and judges which includes her Majesty Maja Salvador, King of RnB Jay-R, Viral Dance Sensation DJ Loonyo and Theatre Siren Kayla Rivera. You see, the folks responsible for these are Cignal, production house Archangel Media and communications company TNT. They know this industry front and back, so this would be like a reality show wherein we'll be following the contestants journey into stardom. In a way, if you get attached, we wouldn't be surprised. I felt all their excitement as stars on the show shared stories.

TV5 President and CEO Robert P. Galang says "Cignal and TV5 is commited to give you relevant and quality content that not only entertain, but to empower our kapatids. With TNT, we are launching this to showcase talented Filipinos around the world! We will be with them all the way, we hope you support the new show here on TV5!"

Mike Tuviera of Archangel Media says "I can't wait to open this nationwide. We are meeting more people, develop their skills and talent to make them the best performers and singers too." 

Jane Basas of Smart says "TNT has always championed pinoy talent and we always support it. We want to present them in a bigger platform so we are doing this nationwide. TV5 is the best partner as they share the same vision. We're glad to become part of the journey of our talents. They will also be TNT's ambassadors, we will bring them all over the Philippines. We'll have a TNT Pop Show that will also be hosted by Darren Espanto wherein we will have new guests that you will all love! I can't wait to see more of our Filipino talent and the winner of this show. TNT believes they have the same passion as ours to discover more talented Filipino youth hence this partnership." 

Hosting the show is Paolo Ballesteros and Maine Mendoza. Maine says "I have seen in Eat Bulaga the sheer amount of talent that Filipinos have... and it needed a platform so they too can be seen. This show will be different, because it is different! We're also going to tell their stories which would make their journey more interesting. There's lots of things you should look forward to in PoPinoy!" 

Maja Salvador adds "I am excited to work with these talented people. They made ways to really put us together and requested that we need to do this... and now this happened. This was just something off that awards night when I signaled that I wanted to work with them, remember that? Me managing talents is not a one man team, I have a lot of people who help me and it really is not my decision alone. We're going to judge and train them more in this competition, which is a bit difficult because it's not just a singing competition, everyone is going to audition and we have to see their potential. That part is going to be challenging."

You'll be seeing how they will discover the biggest PPop sensation, you'll be seeing the girl and boy groups on a primer this coming June 6th at 8PM, while the first episode will happen on June 13, Sunday at 7PM on TV5 and a catch up episode on Colours and on Cignal at around 9:30pm the same day. You can also watch it on the Cignal Play app so if you haven't downloaded that on your smartphone, maybe this is a good day to do it.

Discover world class talent in this joint, see you on Sunday ha?!


Cop Your Havaianas this Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Midyear Sale!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Now I'm sure a lot of you have your own precious Havaianas pair at home which you often use. I've always looked forward to MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) which happens every year but since the pandemic happened, I understood how hard that would be to do it. Although I've ruined a few, I still want my Havaianas and I am so glad it's available in Shopee. Shopee by the way is holding the annual 6.6 - 7.7 Mid Year Sale and if you're in the lookout for something that would "feet" your needs (see what I did there? Ha!), I'm here to tell you all about what I plan to buy from their official store. You see, Shopee will have tons of products be sold at 90% OFF, have free shipping vouchers and cash backs too. 

The Havaianas official store at will get some of their items follow suit. The disccount I've seen recently already had some of their products less 30% off, and if my hunch is right, I could get more of these items for less on the actual day itself. Not to mention save on shipping costs because they also have that on the app. 

If you see the photos above, I plan to get the Havaianas AEROGRAPHIC which has those high tech looking graphic that we often see in aerodynamic test ranges. I also liked how dark it is so I don't have to worry making a mess if I go to places that are muddy or wet. I'd probably also get the other two which are the Havaianas Slim Logo Metallic Flip Flops and the Havaianas Slim Neon Island Ballet Rose for my Mom and Sister. They're pretty fit to have these designs as it kinda represents their personality. Let's just say Mom's into loud prints, while my sister is into girly stuff. It'll surely fit them right.

Now don't go splurging on it right now, maybe add it to your cart and when the clock strikes 12am, go ahead and check out when you see those prices go down. It's what I do when there's something I need to buy on a regular basis. 

Who knows, you could save a ton out of this June/July! Thank me later!


Kenny Rogers Roasters Launch Delivery Site

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

People, I know you're still stuck at home and can't go out because of the pandemic. Now don't fret because we can still have the treats we love when we used to have on regular days because I've got news for you. Our friends from Kenny Rogers Roasters know you love their fluffy corny muffins, butter filled corn and carrots, and those lovely roasted chicken they're known for. So in this time and age that you can't go out and order on their restaurants, they've been working hard to make it easier for you to order food from the lovely restaurant.

They just launched, their official website created so that you won't have to go anywhere just to have good food. They recently had a very successful run of their BUY 1 TAKE 1 HALF DOZEN PROMO for orders made on May 17-23, but don't fret because they'll have more of these promotions soon so make sure to also official Facebook page and Instagram account because they do announce it there.

The website is also responsive so if you are visiting it with any other device like phones and tablets, you can navigate it easy and for gawd's sake, go get your favorites because it's easier now! Don't take my word for it, try it.


JOLLIBEE Sparks Hope In New Commercial

Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Looks like our friends from Jollibee are at it again with these commercials. If not shock, I'd expect people to always be extremes either to be romantic or cry. Not that we're surprised but this one is pretty special. This digital short was shot in New York and directed by award winner Law Chen (from Singapore). 

It's about a migrant family (year 2060) talking about the hardships and tribulations we've all encountered in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic has made businesses stop, work halted, people sent to hospitals as they get sick, and literally turned our lives upside down. They took a jab at being hopeful, what good this incident has made all of us. It made us see what is important, to become together as a family, to get back up and give ample attention to the things we took for granted. 

I totally agree, 2020 became the year of the family because we got closer, we looked out for each other and pretty much, it has made this pandemic a little bearable. We needed to survive and we had our family, not just to care, but be there for us on the most difficult times. 

Jollibee made me cry twice already, but I'll have that Champ tomorrow. I need to comfort myself now. Go watch it and see how you'll feel afterwards.



UNIQLO Turns 9 in the Philippines

Time flies and yes, UNIQLO Philippines has been in the country for 9 years now. For starters, our clothing and style has definitely changed brought about the brand's offerings, I can even tell you own one or more pieces from them right? Now, they've got 65 stores and you know you love every piece when you wear them. Heck I even got my UT shirts, classic short sleeve shirts, shorts, jackets all from the same place even if I planned to just browse and window shop before I entered LOL. 

Well here's the thing, they're bringing out more new styles like the U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Dry Color Crew Neck and V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirts, the Stretch Slim Fit Shorts, the women's Ultra Stretch Cropped Leggings Pants, U AIRism Cotton A Line Short Sleeve Long Dress. Shirt prices range from Php 245 - Php 590, while the shorts, leggings and dress cost Php 790 - Php 990. If you purchase clothing on May 28-30, they're feeling generous so they're giving away the coveted Airism Mask for FREE. You need to scan your app in store to get it though so make sure you download the app for it.

Other than that, there's a stamp collecting promo on the UNIQLO Flagship store at Glorietta 5. You can get passes for Anytime Fitness, Bo's Coffee or a Fully Booked discount card. If you complete the needed stamps, you'll get an exclusive Manila Tote Bag as well. You can bet on your horses and head on the flagship store if you want to avail this sweet deal. You can check the details on the official website or their social channels as claiming dates are different.

So, are you in the mood to shop? You bet yah!


Alert: Pizza Hut Does HOT DEALS 1+1

I call it my best friend, I call it my comfort food and yes, I can see why countless others would love something like this. Well, the secret is out and the staple snack, dinner or lunch treat from the folks at Pizza Hut is making their Large Pan Pizzas more affordable this season.

Start living hassle free by ordering now so you don't have to chop, sweat and cook your next meal as your family enjoys a treat for only Php 529. That price would get you not just one, but two large pizzas and a choice of flavors of Hawaiian, Pepperoni and Mushroom, Cheesy Garlic and BBQ Ham. You can also opt for an upgrade to other flavors like Veggie Lovers, Cheese Lovers and Pepperoni Lovers for 75 bucks/pizza. Get the other ones for Php 100 if you prefer to have Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, Bacon Cheeseburger, Bacon Margherita, Bacon Supreme and Cheese Supreme. If you want the Super Supreme, Chicken Supreme and Meat Lovers, you would need to shell out a little more like Php 150 so you can get lots more protein on your dough. You can also have it upgraded to stuffed crust, add sides, drinks, pasta, soup, as you will be informed of prices by the friendly people at 8911-1111. You can also order at

There's more offers you can get information about on their official Fb, Twitter and IG channels so make sure you're also following their verified pages.


Get TinyTAN Breathable Face Masks Through Globe Rewards

My fascination with KPOP is just starting; and just recently, BTS just released their newest single Butter under their HYBE label. This is their 9th English digital single, but second all English song which means they're catering to the international audience that have been their stern supporter all these years.

Part of that is the huge Globe Kmmunity which enjoys the lovely dance pop track and with the group celebrating milestones recently, they're upping the ante by giving in to their loyal subscribers. You see, at Globe, everyday is a reward and just today, I've heard Globe Rewards is going to give BTS fans a treat by doing a flash deal tomorrow at 3PM featuring the TinyTAN Breathable Face Masks. Thing is, there will only be a limited quantity of it available in exchange of 70 Globe reward points. Well don't fret if you run out of that because they also have masks from The Faceshop, vouchers for GMovies and Upstream which you can get for 10 points.

If you're feeling a little generous, you can also donate to your favorite charities that are also available in the Globe Rewards app, which you can download on Google Play or the App Store. You can also donate to local community pantries, medical charity organizations, get medical insurance, food and streaming vouchers just because you're a loyal Globe subscriber. They also have vouchers for their 3,000 strong partner establishments so you can save a lot when you're with the blue guys. 

You're now informed, so make sure you get those lovely masks tomorrow. It will run out fast, so make sure you have you apps downloaded and those Globe Rewards points ready to be spent. You wouldn't want to lose the opportunity to get merch like these, because it just doesn't come everyday. Good thing you have Globe rewards points to do this!


Hannah Precillas Releases New EP and Carrier Single "Munting Hiling"


Seeing Hannah Precillas now reminded me how talented the lass is. After shocking a whole lot of Pinoys via GMA's Bet Ng Bayan (Champion) and Indonesians in her stint at D'Academy wherein she got 3rd Place (out of 35 world class singers from around the world), she's now a certified recording artist and queen of drama soundtracks in the country. 

GMA and their social media platforms this week has been teasing all of us with a new single that's going to be released today, but that's not all of it. These are actually several songs made into an EP (Extended Play) Album and will include Hiram na Sandali, Awit Kay Inay, Sabi ko na nga Ba and this carrier single Munting Hiling which you can all stream on Spotify and other streaming sites. 

We also had a chat with her a couple days ago and touched on a few things about her. Here's part of that interview, so please, enjoy!


 Aside from that, Hannah revealed "I've loved the songs I did for Ika Anim na Utos and if ever I had to do one again, I'd be glad to. Right now, I spend a lot watching KDramas and I hope I get to see it in GMA and do songs for that as well. I'd want to hopefully do a duet with Julie Anne San Jose, and Kyline Alcantara for dance, we're all doing Tiktok these days and it's good to do that. I think my lucky charm is Bianca Umali, any series I've done with her is like magic, very teenager, but now she's a woman. I want to see her delve into those roles, a perfect theme song for that would be Hiram na Sandali. For a leading man, I'd like Kristoffer Martin to be it. Perhaps, Kyline can be also a great anti hero, that's if I'd be allowed to cast people for a series. I feel Kyline and I are fierce."

It's so magical that Hannah also has recorded these songs right at the comforts of her home and says "I've invested in recording and studio equipment so I would be able to do the same things in a professional studio, yes there are challenges like the regular rooster noise but I've learned to adapt and work during the pandemic. I do hope things would become normal soon so singers like me would be back on stage to perform for people, which I absolutely love.". No less than the master Vehnee Saturno also have written three of these songs. I've also had the chance to hear her sing during the blogcon and by the looks of it, we see a bright future for this powerful singer. I am in awe!


Daphne Oseña-Paez Does RECREATE on Cignal TV

Monday, May 24, 2021

photo from

I've known Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez for the longest time. Like you, I've watched her on several ABSCBN travel and lifestyle shows, F, Urban Zone, and tons more. She's a celebrity, yes, but she's very humble, family oriented (best Mom of her 3 girls!), a real stalwart of newborn health and a very hard working UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She's one of the bloggers I look up to (even if she ain't updating the site for quite a while), you can say I like everything about her and meeting her a few years ago while covering events was a surreal moment for me (I'm a fan boy yes, a proud one at that!).

Well, two days ago (May 22) they just premiered a new show called Recreate over at One News Channel on CignalTV. It's a lifestyle-public affairs oriented show that features artists from different fields. It will also talk about creative structures, spaces, design and how these people continued to thrive during the pandemic. Ms. Daphne shares "We called the show Recreate to capture the spirit of the creativity that drives people, communities, and places to adapt to change. I'm very excited about this! I'm sure you'll love the stories of how artists, creators and thinkers have used their talents and interests to adapt to what's happening now and in the future."

The first episode featured artisans from Betis, Pampanga who has made an industry on wood carving. Furniture, religious images, and the people made the place famous for it - and their talents were just amazing! I've been in that same place, even the church was something people around the world would marvel about. The second one will highlight the new art deco icon in Manila (a theater) which has yet to be opened. The future episodes will involve internationally renowned designers and directors who have made strides even during the coronavirus epidemic.

Recreate shows at 6:30PM every Saturday only on One News Channel which can be seen on Cignal TV CH 250 HD and CH 8 SD. You can also see it on Cignal Play which you can download off Google Play. It'll be so good to hear from the artists themselves, and of course, who wouldn't love to see their work!


Safe Homes with Verified Solane

I'm sure you've been cooking so much these days at home, it's beginning to be enjoyable. The pandemic got us all confined in our homes and whip up generations of the best dishes your family has been doing for years now. Together with that, it's quite important to have Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks available all the time so you can make meals available when needed, no matter how tough it gets everyday.

 Not all LPG tanks are created equal. Some come from unscrupulous individuals whom you sometimes don't even know where they source their tanks, if they do the needed upkeep to make sure what's refilled and being used in your homes isn't a ticking time bomb and fire hazard waiting to happen. If it's too rusty, with holes, leaking, or just about anybody's nightmare can happen, we're not sure we're getting the right one for the job because we're all clueless where it came from (especially if you're buying it from some weird place of course!). Unfortunately, there exist FAKE ones out there and if you're not careful, you might fall victim to these people who don't know how dangerous it is to handle. Til today, unattended stoves have been in the top causes of fire in the country and that accounts for a lot of homes and lives lost, brought out by illegal re-fillers who earn from it too. That's just not right.

Good LPG's like Verified Solane makes sure the process is documented, from production, refill, to delivery, everything that makes sure what you use at home is safe as it is inspected thoroughly. They also make sure that you get what you pay for in terms of weight indicated on the tank and not cheat you for what it's really worth. Verified Solane can now be ordered through or their phone numbers 8887-5555 for those who live in Metro Manila or their mobile number 0918-887-5555 which can service people who need it nationwide! It's delivered too by trusted drivers whom are trained to also make sure it is checked and installed properly. 

It would be lovely to have them especially if they're thinking about doing right, every time. 

It just makes sense.



CHRIS EVANS for “Live Smarter for a Better World”

Just got off the press conference of Chris Evans. The good looking guy has been on your timeline for a couple days now, and how do you feel seeing him talking in Filipino a couple of times and asking you to “Live Smarter for a Better World”? You see, SMART Communications aim to inspire people like you to commit to personal revolutions. It's like collective action, so we live like we're not just talk.

Chris Evans is the face of this campaign. The reveal was done over Twitter the other day by MVP Group head honcho Manny Pangilinan. He also appeared in the two minute commercial directed by Pascal Heiduk who has worked with Hugh Jackman and Lewis Hamilton and did ads for BMW, Montblanc and Mercedes Benz AMG.

What's cool with this campaign is that they want you to take action on your dreams and make a positive impact to society. They want to support efforts (just like they did in the past few years) especially those which encourage innovation, sustainability and help in nation building. They don't want you to just settle for "good", they want you to do "BETTER". Isn't that awesome?

Chris has supported various social causes including A STARTING POINT (NGO helping community leaders connect with technology), also Breast Cancer Care organizations, charities and other efforts. He's just looks, he's doing something, acting on it.

Darwin Flores VP and Head for Community Partnerships Smart Communications "It is in acting locally that we change the people around us. Connecting, working together, this is why this means more to us. We recognize that life is only one, human connections can be enabled by technology, it should be for all. At Smart, we have efforts and CSR programs across the country, not just help, but livelihood programs. Tech should enable you to fulfill what is important to you, to make sure there si food on the table, livelihood not just today, but the future. This should enable learning, within and outside the classrooms, it could be anywhere anytime, like with our school in a bag that has made smart communities. Food security, we realized the importance of our farmers, if they don't plant, we don't eat. It's why we buy from our local farmers, while getting quality products for our families. Simple solutions can make a difference. We can overcome things when we act together."

Ms. Jane J. Basas the SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart says “This is of course a collaboration with Chris, and we know how he captivated the world not just by being a hero but also in real life as he uses his influence in making a better world for all. In support of our campaign, we hope we get to inspire people to bring out inner hero to help change the world. It can be done with one positive action at a time. Social advocacy has been in our DNA, it has been in our goal to make Filipinos be connected more than ever. This same driving force that pushed us all these years. ”

 Mr. Alfredo S. Panlilio President and CEO of Smart adds “The pandemic made us all realize that we are all connected and how our actions have broader impact. Our “Live Smarter for a Better World”  campaign aims to create that spark in everyone so we can change the world for the better. We can't settle for good. This is one of our biggest initiatives. Smart intends to inspire people, ignite passion, to empower more Filipinos in their own way, that we can make a difference."


Chris says "Start off reading. It can do a lot. It was born in recognizing that there are proliferation of fake stuff, getting the people in office to directly communicate facts rather than fiction is important. This is where "A STARTING POINT" started. I can't wait to get out there because I've heard so much about the nice beaches, can't wait to visit and say hi!"

Smart has an open invitation to come to the country and perhaps, get to look around our beautiful islands (hopefully soon). If you haven't seen it yet, go visit Smart Communications FB, Twitter and IG accounts as it is all posted there. Chris Evans, Captain America, America's... good looking guy that does it all.


JC Santos and Janine Gutierrez Star in TBA Studios "DITO at DOON"

Theaters are opening and TBA Studios is going to have March memorable with a new movie called DITO at DOON directed by JP Habac. It's a movie about a chance romance between Len and Caloy played by the two artists, of which one is a Political Science grad while the other is a delivery guy. They met online and didn't quite end in good speaking terms.

Produer Mr. Vincent Nebrida says "We're very proud of this film shot during the pandemic. It feels good to watch and it's positive about the situation despite of these things."

Janine says "We've all been written as artists about things that are not even true. I've learned not to be judgemental because we don't know them which is part of what's spoken about in this film."

JC says "This is my first time working with her as lead actors, but we have worked in a project where Janine has guested. This is the first time we had a chance to talk, to get to know each other as a person. I really look at her as a person, I don't really do much on social media so I don't read much of what is said about me."

 Here's part of our interview on video:

 The cast includes Victor Anastacio, Yesh Burce and Janine's mom Ms. Lotlot de Leon. Dito at Doon will be shown on theaters nationwide. This is under WASD Films and TBA Studios. This is an interesting love story, will they end up together or be different people?

 Go watch it!



Redmi Note 10 Series Launched in the Philippines



The Redmi Note Series has done quite well in the mid range market and in the past, they've come out with very nice sales figures last November 2020 of over 140 Million units of smartphones. Continuing it today, they've gotten these handsets improve in taking photographs, videos, have bigger sensors and capacity while keeping it sleek and beautifully designed. Shock and awe when they announced it even had a monstrous 108 MP main camera with the Redmi Note 10 Pro. Aside from that, they also launched a couple more like the Redmi Note 10S, Redmi Note 10 and the Redmi Note 10 5G.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro has that beast of a camera plus a 6.67 inch AMOLED display that gets you the deepest blacks, vibrant colors all the time. Aside from that, it has an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP tele-macro lens and a 2MP for the depth so you can get those creamy bokehs to happen. The front cam has a 16MP lens which is more than enough for selfies, and would be so much for a simple zoom meeting. It also comes in Onyx Gray, Glacier Blue and Gradient Bronze colorways and up to octacore and 128 GB storage.

For the Redmi Note 10, they've got the colors Onyx Gray, Pebble White and Lake Green. They've got this in 8/128GB storage or lower, and a pretty nice 48MP camera. It also has a 8MP ultra wide, 2MP for macro and depth in the back. The front cam has 13MP which again, is more than enough for selfies. It also has a 5000 mAh battery and 33W fast charging. It also has a side mounted finger print scanner if you prefer opening it up or biometric security and runs with a huge Snapdragon 678 chipset on it.

Although the Redmi Note 10S has similarities with the Redmi Note 10 like the display, battery and 33W charging support, it still has a different set of camera because it has a 64MP main (quadcam with 8MP + 2MP + 2MP depth) and of course a Helio G95 chipset. It comes in 3 colorways namely Onyx Gray, Pebble White and Ocean Blue.

When they got to the Redmi Note 10 5G in the event, they mentioned it doesn't have an AMOLED for its display and instead, has a 6.5 inch 1080p LCD that has a refresh rate of 90Hz. It has a 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor that's got 5G in it. It's got 3 lenses at the back with a 48MP main one and 2MP + 2MP. The front cam carries an 8MP. They also have this in Onyx Gray, Glacier Blue and Gradient Bronze colorways so you have freedom to choose and personalize it. It's priced the same as the Redmi Note 10. 

As you can see, it's priced in dollars during the world launch, you might have to convert that to peso if you're really interested. So that's less than 10K for the Redmi Note 10 and the Redmi Note 10 5G, while the Redmi Note 10S costs around a little above 11K, and the Redmi Note 10 Pro cost a little above 13.5K pesos. 

Pretty good choices in the midrange market eh?



Undeniably one of the most watched KDrama in television and cable history and one of the most revered shows where Park Bo Gum stars is this one called "Encounter" which he stars with Song Hye Kyo. Well, it's going to be shown on TV5, Sari Sari Channel and on the Cignal Play App. Thing is, this is the Filipino adaptation and from the looks of it, it's going to have its own flavor as the ones reprising the role of Selene and Gino is Cristine Reyes and Diego Loyzaga.

For those who watched the Korean flick, they did some scenes in Cuba right? This time, since the constraints of the pandemic happened, they got scenic sunsets done in Ilocos Norte and Subic which made this even more interesting. The love story between a divorcee hotelier and a person who later they find out worked for her is going to get your frustrations worked up as they solve their relationship and her former husband's family. She's very successful, upon making a dying business evolve into an empire. It was so nice to see how Cristine and Diego portray their complicated characters as they are going to put their personal and Filipino flavor. This afternoon, we got to ask questions about the show and here's some of it on video:

Aside from Cristine and Diego, they will be flanked by a colorful ensemble cast which includes Kean Cipriano, Robert Seña, Maricel Morales, Yayo Aguila, Louise delos Reyes, Gardo Versoza, Isay Alvarez and more. ENCOUNTER will be shown every Saturday at 8PM and the catch up episodes will be the next day on Sari Sari channel. You can also download the Cignal Play App if you're elsewhere in the country and prefer to watch it streaming instead. 

This is also Diego Loyzaga's comeback after a long hiatus in show business. You might want to watch his star shine more.


Loved the Vitasoy Plus Milky

I've been addicted to Soy Milk which I often get from stores or the regular Taho man who frequent my neighborhood as he carries around several bottles together with the soy curds. Vita Soy has been very familiar to me especially the bottled ones which are available in supermarkets, those fridges just look so nice with them so I had to make sure I take them home for snacks and stuff. I don't usually think about the health benefits, but apparently there is. It's a good source of potassium and several vitamins and minerals. It's also as nutritious as cow's milk but it has lesser calories, so it's somehow a more nutritious version of it.

I tried the Vitasoy Plus Milky which is a new a product of Vitasoy-Universal Robina Corporation (VURC). It has a much cleaner, creamier consistency and flavor which I liken to milk as it is more neutral. I mixed it up with coffee and it didn't affect the flavor, in a sense, it actually enhanced it as it made it appear with some nutty notes, a thing I actually like to happen.


This actually is good for me since I don't have to add sugar, it has 2.4% per service so it's enough as it is for a drink. I even drink it up as is with ice and blitzed veggies so I have my daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, which you can do also for kids. It also contains very little saturated fat but more calcium, and overall, a pretty good alternative to usual cow's milk. It's pretty good for vegans and I've seen my friends enjoy this while watching movies rather than soda.

It's also best for anyone who's lactose intolerant, as it has none of that whatsoever. It's why I actually loved it, and along with that, a really nice alternative to overly sweet stuff I usually have during small snacks. Best of all, it's quite cheap at Php 85 which you can buy in leading groceries, Shopee and Lazada. If you want to know more about it, see or VitasoyPH on FB today!


Tech Accesory Brand VERTUX Now in the Philippines

Looks like we now have choices as far as computer accessories are concerned in the country as Dubai based gaming peripheral manufacturer finally stepped into Philippine shores today. Their design aesthetic is different, which is cool in my books and the devices are actually affordable. This is what they want to happen in the country, for you to get your desired keyboard, mice, headphones, cooling pads and headphone stands without actually breaking the bank. 

Vertux Philippines Country Manager Dimple Condes says “We want Vertux to elevate the experience of every Filipino gamer. We want to bring to the country accessories that last, and ones that are affordable so we could add value to consumers hard-earned money.  Right now, we have extended warranty for two years on all our devices.”

Currently, they have the Vertux Tantalum which is a high-performing mechanical keyboard, they also have Vertux Tungsten, Vertux RaidKey, which changes colors, but performs quite nice in gaming sessions. If you also prefer, there's the Vertux Vendetta which is a keyboard-mouse pack, it also has macro keys which you can program so you get to play without worrying what buttons to press and are comfortable with. They also have the Vertux Cobalt, Vertux Dominator and Drago, Vertux Sensei and the Vertux Glider if you prefer wired and wireless mice. Aside from that, you can up your game with the Vertex FluxPad which makes sliding off mousepads even better. They also have the Vertux Havana (which are high density speakers), Vertux Denali (a one touch mic) or the smaller form Vertux Malaga and Manila so you have awesome sound quality while playing. Or if you're a little too shy, get the Vertux Extent which is a headset, so those footsteps get heard well in the most crucial games.

If you want something fancy, get the Vertux Rumba wireless speakers if you're frequently outdoors since it is water resistant. Get teh other Vertux SonicThunder-50 if you prefer something that has subwoofers in a more cinematic/immersive setup. If it's too hot, get the Vertux Glare as this cooling pad would get your laptop in a safe temperature. Pretty good selections no?

If you want to check out these devices, you may visit Lazada, Zalora and the Grab app. You can also check for their complete line or Viber, FB or IG account so you get discounts every now and then.

Can't wait to try these out soon!


Ylona Garcia Outs New Single "ALL THAT"

Oooh this is interesting! Now I have seen her perform live, on TV, and even got to talk to her a couple of times during events. Ylona Garcia comes off as a very smart, intelligent, passionate lady. She's destined for greatness and hearing her new single "ALL THAT" this afternoon just made me shake my head a bit why she isn't in Hollywood or some other place greater because she's dang good in what she's doing now. 

ALL THAT reminds us of the horrible things we had in 2020, and why it's okay to actually leave those things behind. Picking up what's left of us and do more things, we're due for good, better things and we should be doing things towards that goal, NOW.

This is officially her debut single under PARADISE RISING, which is  a sister label of 88rising which is formed with their partnership with Globe. Under them, Ylona wishes to expand more of her music to a global audience. From the looks of it, they're not going to disappoint people because it honestly sounds so good. No wonder why she's gotten Gold a few years ago (when she was only 18). Paradise Rising is also focused on bringing Filipino talent on a global scale. She's perfect for this! 

She says "This song is a good reminder that you should be kinder and have a better your relationship with yourself. It gets you to have better relationships with people around you. You would need to leave all the toxicity behind, then start anew. It's how you could commit and find that new you!" and I totally agree.

To know more where this is heading, go check out PARADISE RISING on Facebook, IG and Twitter. They're good, and they're going places! Congrats Ylona!