Let's Say YES to Positive Beauty

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

It's kinda hard to understand that at this day and age, some companies are still not switching to sustainable packaging - which to me is as simple as a choice because there's a lot of options out there that are affordable, it's not always about costing. Aside from that, it boggles me how there's still Asian hate, racism, unbelievable standards in beauty. We are all beautiful, and Unilever Philippines is literally campaigning for "Positive Beauty" putting their words where their mouth is.

From hereon, Unilever Philippines is putting all their efforts in lowering their carbon footprint by starting with their products being packaged with less materials, more environmentally friendly way. Aside from that, they're holding a huge sale on popular shopping app SHOPEE at the Unilever Philippines official store. They're helping Shopee fund a non governmental organization called Mano Amano which caters educating and training individuals/entrepreneurs so they could change their lives by learning life skills. Proceeds of what you purchase from their store will go to this organization and help them get more people in the program. We also unboxed some items on video so go ahead and check out the video above. 


If you haven't downloaded the Shopee app, it's available at the Google Playstore and App Store. If you use POSITIVEBEAUTY on check out, you'll get additional 15% off your purchases. They're also selling some of it 70% off. Remember, it'll only be til the 19th so you've got a few days left! Go check out the flash deals too because some of the discounted products will also be listed there! You can help people just by purchasing :)


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