Hannah Precillas Releases New EP and Carrier Single "Munting Hiling"

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Seeing Hannah Precillas now reminded me how talented the lass is. After shocking a whole lot of Pinoys via GMA's Bet Ng Bayan (Champion) and Indonesians in her stint at D'Academy wherein she got 3rd Place (out of 35 world class singers from around the world), she's now a certified recording artist and queen of drama soundtracks in the country. 

GMA and their social media platforms this week has been teasing all of us with a new single that's going to be released today, but that's not all of it. These are actually several songs made into an EP (Extended Play) Album and will include Hiram na Sandali, Awit Kay Inay, Sabi ko na nga Ba and this carrier single Munting Hiling which you can all stream on Spotify and other streaming sites. 

We also had a chat with her a couple days ago and touched on a few things about her. Here's part of that interview, so please, enjoy!


 Aside from that, Hannah revealed "I've loved the songs I did for Ika Anim na Utos and if ever I had to do one again, I'd be glad to. Right now, I spend a lot watching KDramas and I hope I get to see it in GMA and do songs for that as well. I'd want to hopefully do a duet with Julie Anne San Jose, and Kyline Alcantara for dance, we're all doing Tiktok these days and it's good to do that. I think my lucky charm is Bianca Umali, any series I've done with her is like magic, very teenager, but now she's a woman. I want to see her delve into those roles, a perfect theme song for that would be Hiram na Sandali. For a leading man, I'd like Kristoffer Martin to be it. Perhaps, Kyline can be also a great anti hero, that's if I'd be allowed to cast people for a series. I feel Kyline and I are fierce."

It's so magical that Hannah also has recorded these songs right at the comforts of her home and says "I've invested in recording and studio equipment so I would be able to do the same things in a professional studio, yes there are challenges like the regular rooster noise but I've learned to adapt and work during the pandemic. I do hope things would become normal soon so singers like me would be back on stage to perform for people, which I absolutely love.". No less than the master Vehnee Saturno also have written three of these songs. I've also had the chance to hear her sing during the blogcon and by the looks of it, we see a bright future for this powerful singer. I am in awe!


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