Investing Through GInvest

Thursday, May 06, 2021


You've been working hard for the money and save in the bank, but is that enough? Have you ever wondered how easy it was to invest these days? No? Well let me tell you about GInvest.

GInvest is the investment feature on your GCash app. If you're transferring funds or doing transactions with it, you probably have seen this option already. Now how easy is it to grow your money? Well, that depends. My rule of thumb in investing is putting in funds that I don't necessarily need immediately. Is it possible that you could lose money in investing? Yes of course, but in this case, GInvest has some professional fund managers that do the legwork for you. This means, in some ways, risk is lessened than compared with regular stock market work. You just have to have the funds for it. 

Registration is easy as it includes a verified email address and a risk assessment questionnaire. It basically tells your fund managers how aggressive or safe you want to invest your money. Doing subscriptions (buying stocks) can cost as low as Php 50. As in any investment, returns are not guaranteed but if your fund manager is doing a good job, you'll see your funds flourish. I kinda already have mutual fund investments via banks and they're the same people that manages GInvest. What's good is that in GInvest, they don't have transaction fees and it's easy to understand. Beginners who would want to dip their hands into investments can do it now without dishing out much money for it. But again, if you have more subscriptions and the investments do well, you'll get more out of it. In this day and age, putting your money on banks and letting it sit for years isn't actually the wisest decision you would ever make. If I have invested early on I could have had even more earnings now because so far, I'm doing quite good. As a matter of fact, I'm actually pretty happy about it and I plan to actually have more subscriptions in the days to come now that people would have interest in investing through GCash and GInvest. 

Oh and before I do forget, if you want to know more about GInvest, they'll be having an event tomorrow at 8PM. Just visit the GCash Facebook page and watch their livestream. You can learn how to invest even if you're just starting. Watch here if you're a little lazy LOL!

I'll be there too so see you!


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