PayMaya Launches PLAYMAYA

Friday, May 14, 2021

Now it's become easier to actually play and conquer enemies online as fintech giant PayMaya just launched their newest innovation called PLAYMAYA.

Ms. Heidi Garayblas PayMaya Head of Wallet Partnerships says "We're excited to bring your gaming experience to a whole new level. With digital payment solutions, we've had millions use PayMaya to send money, buy groceries, food, transportation, and more. PayMaya has the best e-wallet experience through our network. This is why PayMaya continues to be the top rated e-wallet finance app in the App Store and Google Play. To continue our mission in game changing innovation, the Philippines is a nation of gamers and we've coped much as we were all stuck at home and now, 4 out of 5 Pinoys play mobile games or video games and they are spending for game purchases. In 2019, one of the world's biggest market is the Philippines. We want PayMaya to provide the best gaming products to all. We're going to level up your gaming experience with PLAYMAYA, on the play button, you can enter 290 gaming related products and offers, deals, perks, livestreams, and more all within the app! It won't be complete without a Balik Bayad promo, we're going to give you 50 percent cashback when you buy gaming credits and top ups. Mobile Legends, CODM, PubG, we're going to have a PlayMaya Tournament in partnership with REALME, giving you a chance to have P2Million worth of prizes per leg. This is Sign up with the PlayMaya feature, visit smart padala centers and scan the QR code on the poster and sign up for the tournament. Smart is also raffling off 30 diamonds to those who will get the GIGAGAMES99 inside the PayMaya app. PlayMaya will also have games available in the app. Gaming pins, live content, deals and better rewards now have PayMaya on their back, are you ready to level up your game with PLAYMAYA?"

Deals, rewards and content all in one place, that's PLAYMAYA. If you're good at it, go join the tournament with your friends and you could be the lucky winner of over Php 2 Million pesos! That's 50 percent cashbacks, win realme gadgets when you purchase ML products, and win diamonds on subscription to Smart.

PlayMaya is one of the most game changing innovation on our PayMaya app. It's now a one stop shop for all gamers without causing problems, it caters to serious gamers and casual gamers, and also for those who look foward for things to watch like games and tournaments all inside the app. The PLAYMAYA Tournament is one way also to showcase your talent against the best of the best in the Philippines. They partnered with Smart Padala who can get you registered in over 39 thousand Smart Padala centers.

Oh and yeah, they just got CONGTV to be their latest brand ambassador for PLAYMAYA. He says "I'm nervous, I'm in between two beautiful ladies. I'm very lazy, instead of jumping from one app to another, you have it all in PayMaya. It makes it all convenient. You still would be able to pay bills inside the app without the need to go out, I want all to be online in transactions, it's what I do now. I'm not a pro gamer, but as a streamer I don't really win, but I dress good, I make sure I entertain people. You have to be disciplined in all these things, and time management to make sure you win at the end of the day. Palakpak tenga ko eh! Samantalahin niyo, hindi araw araw ganito kasi opportunity to sa mga amateurs, sa PUBG, COD, ML, this is your chance to win games and get that crown, wala naman mawawal kung subukan niyo. This is big, and only PayMaya did it."

Ms. Heidi says "CONG has been loved by Filipino gamers, he established his own space together with team Payaman and he's very relatable. He's real and authentic, and we saw how he was able to level up in his gaming and how he conducts himself in his daily life. He will empower Filipino gamers with PLAYMAYA."

Go check it out on the PayMaya app today, and if you have time, they're still live playing on the PayMaya Facebook page with CONGTV and trashtalker Ghost Wrecker.


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